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January 3, 1985     The Perkins Journal
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January 3, 1985

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the actual epecLfication baaed .met a percentage faa, cost plue fee or fixed pric, vonYungeln notd that thy vould submit written proposal to the Board for consideration. The Petkim journal Timedy, .January 3, 1 85 -- i*At, l:i The Board requested Jack Lawmaster, County Engineer to c~riteru tea Approved Purchase Orders - December 3, 1984 P&ISS ~ ~ OIP(~ O3111ZNXOI~ letter outlining written proposal for the Engineering IImJ~laz 8415e~om - Deoembet ), 1984 usa. ' Htgl~vay Dapt: 1550 Cushing Auto Shop safety tMSpection ~ cash Si00 County Board of COmmissioners met in a re.ruler Beating The Board tbled P.O. 1996 for further information. 1684 Joe [sco Tire Co. a~]aes " 135.13 ~eaber 3, 1984. Notice of the mstint was ~ae Dy peering 1807 OK RebutldePs ~lrts " 229;00 t room 101, Courthouse0 81illw~ter, OK on Friday, November The purch orders were approved as listed in the minutes 1924 Ahrbsrg El]ling sv~lie~ " lS0100 )4. The foll~ilW wore present t Kren Kay Nu 11adore, ]948 Mtdwes tern [qut ~tnt. . 768.50 ~! Kenneth W. ~lJon, Vic-Chelrnmn; Richard " .... ~rs~. Nelson made the motion to recess the regular meeting of the Board 1949 Wh0lesale Tire . " " 164155 8herrL SchAaffer~ County Clerk. of County Commiseioenr8 until 2:00 p.m. December 5th. Anderson 2016 01tmnn's Motors, lnc ~rts " ([) 7.68 ascended. Notion carried: Nelson, aye;Anderson, eye; Nullenoore, 2019 State Insurance Fund erie|urn " 363t.97 Cman carled the meeting to order at 9,00 a.la. aye. 2034 Kenneth Nelson tre~ll 0unty c0m 350.00 2035 Karan Rul laW0re , " 350.00 ellen presented the bid evaluation for bid Jlei-Piohp, for RECESSED I~ERTIMG- DECEMBER 5, 1905 2036 Richard Anderl0n " " 350.00 ct #3. Nelson recoammndIKI the lowest and best bid of oltamnns itoom 101 - 2:OO p.m. 1595 E1 00redo ROck Crusher Orsitar I~n ~y cash 3482.14 ~, Stlllwater. Nelson noted that the lm~est bid was Palmer 1919 Ch~pt0n Nets'isis NrtS " 33300.00 er, IlintOn, OK. Nelson noted that location of service was The Pyne County Board of Commissioners met in a recessed regular 2038 Patriots 80yer tr~vel ~eelth dept 75.02 aciding factor in ward'lng the bid to Oltmanns. There is sting at 2gO0 p.m. Wednesday, December 5th. Notice of the re.eating 983 Fenton'$ Office S~q)ly sup~ties " 1~5.32 $300.00 differnee in the bids. Anderson made the motion was mad t the regular meeting of December ~ ano an atno was 1800 ~,11es Nerk|ng PrOducts " " ~.54 cept the rec~ndtion e made for OltlmnnJ Motors in the posted t room 101, Courthouse, Stillwater, OK on Monday, December 1833 TG&Y " " 17.27 : of $12,694.75. Nelson seconded. Notion carried: Nelson, 3. The following were present: Rares gay Nullondor, Chairman; ]834 OK 0sOl try Printing " " 71.00 ~rson, aye; Nullendore, aye. Kenneth W. Nelson, Vice-Chairman; Shrri Schieffer, County Clerk. 1895 0eartnger Print|n9 plaque " 1~9.80 1918 5tt Ilwater Nevspressadvertising * , 9.80 eke O'Connor, S~th Department Administrator, presented the The Chairman called reconvened the meeting of December 3. The 2039 SM 8e11 Ye110~ Pages " " 0~.50 ecommendetion for Bid 0105 -Carpet ~ a/d el0~ - Stalk 2040 Xerox C0rporat~0n m~ntenence " 67.47 ~a~tion. o'Conner recommended the low bid for both, 0105 Chairman recessed the Coatission meeting and called the Public m's Mome Purntshing, Cushing, $934.55 and Bid 0106 Evns Uering to order. 2041 0~G utilities " 106.70 ~ociates, Ponc City, $1535.00. Nelson made th motion to 2042 AT&T set'vice " 240.82 : the recom~endtion s made. Anderon seconded. Notion The Chairman noted that the Public Hering was called for the purpose 2043 Xerox Corp0ratton mtnte~ence " 225.00 ;d: Nelson, aye;Anderson, aye; Nulladore, aye. Of creating a Rural Water District in Pyne and Pawnee Counties. 2044 SM 8ell Teleohone service " ~010.13 At the public hearing Nr. Don Wherry, City Nan afar for Yale, 2045 L~nda Anderson ~|ary " J~47.S0 " requested the petition to he tabled until such time 4 the rle Health 0apt: .lark presented Highway Cash for Decemeber: City Co~misioners have had an opportunity to review the petition 2046 ~Wert~en J0urn~l of Rutting s~bscrlptl0n 13,00 1,650.41 Tla 9,726.00 Tlb 1,450.00 and the beadageS which re set out. The Borfl greed to recess 2047 The Lee Colpamy ~rts ([) 78.70 74,465.58 T-3 27,599.00 T-7 4,969.65 until DeceBher 5. General FundS: 73.06 15,100.61 T4-2 855.70 4-T 41,189.16 2020 Stats Insurance Fund prg~tum 24,319.67 . The Chairman called on Mr. Dan Grips, Attorney for the Petitioners. 2021 State Insurance Fund " ~18~:(~ 1dr. Gripe stated that he met with the Yale City Commissioners and 2023 RCI T[lec0mmuntcatl0r4 airY|ca I~).S~ ~n made the motion to approve the highway cash for expenditure reached satisfactory agreement for IX Parties. The bound~,rzee 2024 ~d 6(11 TelephGne " 448.32 December Anderson seconded Motion carried: Nelson, of the proposed Rural Water District have been ammended to exclude 2025 lnternatt0M1 6us Nechtne ttntenence I~.00 Anderson, aye; Mullendore, aye. those areas which are in the City of Yale limits. The petition 1206 Cushing Auto Stop " 254,2~ legal description l mended to read as follows: 1412 Cushin9 Safety Lane servtce ([) 17.50 Chairman noted that the Board has received information from 1415 C.R. Anthony CO. gslform 180~,~00 rd, HeLl, Iad~ouisee, Frie~cich8, Inc about the lease program PAY)iS COUNTY 1914 Alexander KfG CO. sup911es ST.0fl, g developed by the Oklahoma Development Authority which would 1992 Dept of Human SeP~tce service 28.80 |~PPlemental to the State leasing pro~am for counties. They All of 8action 1,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,21,22,23,26,27,28,33,34 1993 AT&T lnfoelJtJo~ " " 1',~ eased the Board complete a questionnaire about eguipment the Township 19 North, Range 5 East, Payna County; 1994 Dan Schroeder " ([) 35,00~7.21 West half of Section 25 and IX of Section 35, Township 19 North 1850 Central 0rug" su~pi~as (E) 24~6n ty would be interested in leasing during 1905 and 1986. 1991 Ruth States travel Rnqe 5 E, Pyne County, lyirW North nd Heet of the Cimarron River/ 1995 Central 0~u~ " (() 11.8~ Robert Murphy, Sr. presented a Petition for Dissolution for *ammended from original petition 1746 Mid.st Prtflt/~ CO. " 239.90 e COunty Sewer District No. 1. Murphy stated that the Payne All of Sections 5,6,7,8,9,14,15,1~,22,22 and 2] Township 19 North, 1488 Business Rec0rds " 143~.~6 ty Sewer District tl conveyed and sold its sewerage system Range 6 East, Payne County; _ _ . _ 1996 Land Data Corp " 899~09 :he City of Stillwater in March, 1903. Murphy noted that there North half of Section 17 and 18, Township 19 marsh, Range East; 1997 Pitney BO~es refits1 126.75 ~o bonded indebtedness to be paid to any bond holder. The Board Pyne County; 1998 Lynn Downey trav~1 3,9? Directors have requested the dissolution of the District so * as aemended from original petition ' 1999 I~.C. H01stetn " .59~16 -~ay be relieved from responsibility. Anderson made the motion West hslf of Section 24, Township "19 North, Range 5 East; Pyne 2000 Rex t. H011and " 250.00 let a public hearing for December 17 at II:00 a.m.r to act upon County; 171 Mid~est Printing s~lles .17M;05 Petition for DiSsolution of Payne County Sewer District No. ~s amended from origlnel petition 1827 ~er's Janlt0rlal Set sef~Ica 1000.0Q Nelson seconded. Motion carried: Nelson, eye;Anderson, aye. 1929 The Alfred Agency ~I~ I~7~3.00 endore, aye PAWNEE COUNTY 1946 St~11weter NewspresS publlcottQ~ ~ 40.~3 2027 State Insurance Fund prwhJ 2333.88 Chsirman called on R~. Grace Thorpe to address the Board. MS. All of Section8 1,2,11,12,13,24,25 and 36 Township 20 North, Range 2005 Craftsl~ln ~ook CO, ~fluals 10.0~ LPS presented a petition signed by Senior Citizens requesting 3 East, Pawnee County 2002 OeNtl] Treat travel 15.40 County Commissioners to Pay the yearly assessment to COEDD. 2003 John 81]|If~lee " 18.7Q Thorpe, as spokeswoman, submitted to the Board that COEDD All of Sections 4,5,E,7,8,9,10,15,16,17,18, 19,29, 30,31, and 32 2004 garen Skinner " " '1,]0 'ides many services in the County including research and providing of Township 20 N range 6 east, Pawnee County )rmation MS Thorpe stated that they felt COEDD wasextremely ~,~A~/~J... )r an to the County and that Payne County should pay their The Chairman noted that all requirements have been dlsouaeed in 5nerrl Schlsffer--0~- "e to help keep the program functioning, the public hearing and ell are8 are in proper order. The Chair,s County Clark called the questions or comments from those present. There was lendore noted that Payne County is one of seven counties involved no redponse. the COEDD assessment. Because of revenue shortfalls during last two years, Payne County was unable to pay the assessment the amount of $2800.00. It is not mandated that COEDD receive funds. During budget shortfalls, they were temporarily from the budget. It was not the Board's intent to "iRate them permanently from the budget. Mullendore noted that the time COEDD was cut, they were contacted, it was the Board's ~rZtanding that the programs on going at that time would not ~ffect by the non-payment of the assessment Thorpe noted that as a citizen, she is requesting that every 0rt be made to pay the COEDD assessment to insure it's existnee. PrOVides many worthy projeots which reach every aspect Of the sty. John Severe was present to submit the rec~mendatl~t for Um a Gas Leae aid $ 102. Severe reconmended Northern Nlchigan, Michigan as the best bid.. It provides for 21.8755 royalty bonus payment for the N/2 of $628.88 per acre and the S/2 of ~0 per acre. Nelson made the motion crept the recommendation made. Anderson seconded. Motion carried: Nelson, aye;Anderson, ; MUllendore, aye. BOard expressed their appreciation t~ John Severe, Perln Dean~, Durham, Elms Barnes, Duane McVey and e. R. Clay for the and efforts spent on writing the bid specifications and in evaluation of the bids for the oil & gas lease. ~lerk noted that the County Officers, Rex Holland and Jorett and herself had contacted individuals about consulting :for County Computerization. The Committee submitted to the Guy Brusmlleyv ~biR~ tO work with the County. The Clark the Brummley had knOWledge and experience about the County He will charge on an hourly bases at a rate of $)2.00. landore noted that this was a professional service and bidding required. Nelson made the motion to accept the recommendtics r. Guy Brummley as computer consultant for Psyne County with to be paid fro~ the Revenue Sharing, Computer. Anderson Motion carried: Nelson, aye;Anderson, aye; Mullendore, Chairman called a recess at 10:40 a.m. The Chairman called ~eetin~ back to order at ll:00 a.m. The Chairman recessed regular meeting and called the public hearing to order. Chairman noted that a petition to Incorporate and organtse Water, Sewer, and Solid Waste Management District in Peyne PaWnee Counties w8 filed with the County by Cecil A. Plagor, N. Johnson and The Torn of I~ar~JBec. All neccessary *icattons and notices have been published. The Board received etter from the Water Resources Board stating that adequate water available for purchasing to the propose district. Mullendore that is was the Board's responsibility to determine if the water supply is inadequate. iel Gripe, Attorney for the petitioners was present to address BOard. Gripe noted the the current water supply is by a "Proflt rural water district which is inadequate. The water lity and pressure are substandard and service is not provided SW portion of the proposed district. ~ob Wherry, City Manager for Yale, was present. Mr. Wherry Ced a concern about the peitition on behalf of the Yale City Wherry noted that they were not opposed to the District, ~Ver, there are some overlapping areas with the Yale Rural Water 'Wherry noted the Yale City Commissioners will be meeting (Tuesday, December 4) to study the matter further. The Chairman adjourned the public hearing. The Chairman reconvened the regular meeting of the Board of County Cor~nissoners. Nelson made the motion to approve the petition requesting to "Incorporate and Organize Rural Water, Sewer, and Solid Waste Management District in Payn and Pawnee County, Oklahoma as submitted. Mullendore seconded. Motion carried: Nelson, aye; Mullendore, aye. Nelson made the motio;~ to approve sn Order Incorporating and Organizing Rural Water District No. 4. Mullendore seconded. Motion carried: Nelson, aye; Mullendore, eye. Nelson made the motion to adjourn. Nullendora seconded. Notion carried: Nelson, aye; Hullendore, aye. BRAZIELS EI OY CHRISTMAS GUESTS Christmas Day guesu ;n the home of Mack and Viol- Braziel were their two sons and m/"es: Jew/ and Maqgatet, Jem/Wayne and Lee Ann of the Shawnee area; Mike and De - ha, Lauten and Lisa of Weibton, and Lka's guest, Dwayne Danket of Wellsmn. A delicious meal was enjoyed at noon. Christmas presents were ex: chan .d and the afternoon was spent ball game. Three of Mack and Viola's gratld children are attending college: Laut~ at CSU, Lisa at OSU, Jetty Wayne ~tt Oscar Rose, and Lea Ann fi'eshman in high school at Bethei Public School. -0- PUlfl,ICATION OF ANNUAL ELECTION OF ,SCHOOL DISTRICT EI,ECTORS "o An Annual election of the School District Eleetors of the ...................................................................... ....................................... .................................. School District No .... .................... (name) Perkins High School Math Room & of ...................... .................... County, Oklahoma, will be held at ................. (place or pisces of elect~on) in said Di' t.riet on the ........... ............ day of ....................... . AHUARX ...................................... 198. . heginning at 7:(~) ..m. and closing at 7:00 p.m. The purpose of the election is to vote on the following indicated I~rOi)OS ition s: l. Menll r of B,, wd of Education. Office No .......... .5. ......... . .Memt r ,)f of Edueation. Office No .......... -- ....... (Notification and declaration a8 a eandidato for membership on the Board of Education must be made with the ('ounty Election l:k)ard between the hours of: a.m. on Ms.(lay, . ...... DECEMBER l0 19 84 Imonth) (day) and 5:00 p.m. on ,'edne day ............... ....................................... 1.2 .......................... 1984.) (month) (day) . .................... 1.0. ..................... Mill Local Support Levy. (number) ~e noted that the petitioners would be wxlling to eliminate that is presently served by the City of Yale They exclude E/2 24,25,1~-IgN-SE; that portion of 17 that lies the C~ty limits and 16, 21-19N-SE. ~Vore noted the Board should have exact legal descriptions of :Y Changes. tllendore recessed the PubLic Hearing until tk~Inendey. December 2:00 p.I. to give both c~m~erned l~Urtlea u opportunity to l~ticm of tim polpom~ district. Anderson made the to recess until 12/5/84 at 2:00 p.m. in room 101. Nelson Notion carried: Ikelaon, aye;Anderson, aye; Mullendore, li. ...................... 5. ..................... Mill Emergency Levy. (nun,l~uf) ...................... .5. ..................... Mill Building Levy. (numh~.rl ..................... ..................... Dispensing with School. reoonvened the regular ~eetin9 of the Board of County NOVEMBER 19 84 Dated this ... 5th day of .............................................................. .... o....o..o o..,..., oo.. ...o..~ .oo...o,.o..H Chairman noted Dr. Fye ~c~iston had provided the Board with. Imchenic81 engineering firms to cantca about the environment for the Courthouse: l) Collins, Sorer, Enginering, Boheirlman Engineering, OKC: 3) Frankfurt, Short aRC. 14~llendore noted that all Engineering firms were Frankfurt, Short and Bruze declined. Mr. L.L. 1gels, representing Collins, Steer wes present to address The representative from Determn, Scheirman wee not today, but will hopefully be present st the 12/17 meeting. Form to used for Annual Elections only. .............. o,'/-' o, ....................... called on Re.. VonTungeln. VonTungeln noted that they Present the study in two phases, the first being study (SEAL) system t an egreed ontrct price nd the second phase (Published in The Perkins Journal, Thursday, January 3, 1985 - 1 time) "/'//" Yt' v// w W "////?,/,m v//,u//,,///, e'/ ,, W e/// . Boy's a.d Men's , mmmml ." . . -- w ........ " I ]l w " Sr'nn , -llNrl;--' I, . _* Thermal Coveralls. I&l&Eili] MI, ill. T.A; Tk .mol . - . . Patterns ,I ~L,t~Lt~ xaa~,.xaaa~- "X" 111" all" sizes" .x--- -x-" * - ' UnAerwe r * . Rubber Boots . Corduroy .@. Have Amved dr in MEN'S . Cowboy Boot Ovegshoes . Caps & ... , .. I e ,. * Ca s e baker s 3tote Pink, Lavendat, Blue . COATS 5-Buclde Overshoes . Knit p @ :. and White ".'.,1-. 1)..1.1.1.. w_Ce Boots * ' Since 1907 __..-.. ,..r,,., .rr, oe,.o * , @PetKtns, uKtanoma . ,el ( UILII ,u . * .