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January 3, 1985     The Perkins Journal
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January 3, 1985

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PAGE l0 -- The Perkins Thursday, January 3, 1985 17640Jerry L. and Naomi A. 1 Mitchell, Ranch Acres Dev. INC., QCD, L56-573wo Ranch Acres Dev. 17641 Shirley H. Leisher, Kathleen Horton, QCD, See Doc. T019 NR002 E24. 17642 R.A. & Naomi Hoff- man, Charles Hoffman, REL, See Doc, T020 NR004 El5 17643 Internal Revenue Ser- vice, American Pump & Supp- ly Co.. ML. Doc, Fed Tax Lien. ] 7644 Internal Revenue Set-" vice, S&H Trucking, ML, Doc, Fed Tax Lien. 17045 Internal Revenue Ser- vice, Marion E. Weis, ML, Doc, Fed Tax Lien. 17646 Internal Revenue Ser- vice, Westoaks Investment Co., ML, Doc, Fed Tax Lien. 17647 Internal Revenue Ser- vice, Viola M, Wilkins, ML, Doc, Fed Tax Lien. 17648 Virginia T. Newell, Sears Roebuck & Co., M, BPW234 N155 E2 T019 NR002E13. 17649 Bessie and Chas. O. Kinzie, Billie J. and Patsy O. Lile, REL, BPS660 W1320 N, T018 NR002 E21. 17650 Catherine P. Eppler, Wil Mc Oil Corp., OGL, See Doc T018 NR004 El0. 17651 Albert & Elizabeth L. Rutledge, Wil Me Oil Corp., OGL, See Doc, T020 NR003 E27. 17652 Doris Payne, Wit Mc Oil Corp, OGL, NW4 SW4, T020 NR003 E27. 17655 Doris Payne, PUBLIC, D, Doc, Proof of death. 17654 Otto McGinty, Wil Mc Oil Corp., OGL, NE4 NE4, T018 NR004 El7. 17655 Clarence McGinty, Wil ~Mc Oil Corp., OGL, same as above. 17656 Paul T. & Juanita ~Schatz, Wil Mc Oil Corp., OGL, N2 N2 SW4 NE4, T018 NR004 El7. 17657 Delma I. Crozier, Wil Mc Oil Corp,. OGL, NE4 NE4, ~same as above. 17658 Letha 1. Smith, Wil ~Mc Oil Corp., OGI, same as ~abnve. 17659 A. Stanley and L. ~Dolores Bailey, Wil Mc Oil Corp., OGL, SE4, T019 NR001 w09 17660 Mortgage Clearing Corp, New York Guardian Mortgage, MSM, Doc, Assign~ merit of Mortgage. 17661 Barry Hubbard. Jack E, Bock, AL, W2 NE4, T019 NR005 E21. ! 7662 Barry Hubbard, Roland L. Meyer, AL. same as -above. 17663 Security Pacific Finance Corp., Jimmie S, Shields. REL. See Doc, McFarland Acres, 1 7664 Security Pacific 4'inance Corp., Raymond L. Bardo. REL. $2 SE4 SW4 SE4. T020 NR002 El4. 17665 J. H. Hutchison Inc,. W.B. Osborn. Jr,. AL. W2 SE4. T020 NR004 E28. 17666 J. H. Hutchison Inc., W.B. Osborn, Jr., AL. same as ~above. 17667 Clyde M. and Doris G. Evans, Wilshire Oil Co. Texas, OGL, See Doc, T017 NR005 E09. 17668 Bud Gambril, Viersen & Coehran. OGL. NE4, T020 NR002 El4. 17669 Henrietta B. Rider, Viersen & Cochran, OGL, W2NE4 "1"020 NR002 El4. 17670 Betty Forrand, Viersen & Cochran, OGL, N2 SW4 NE4. T020 NR002 E23. 17671 Larry R. & Pat Price, Viersen & Cochran, OGI, BPW569 $783. T020 NR003 E01. 17672 Energy Land Serv. Inc.. Deck Expl. Inc,, AL. See Doc, T019 NR006 E34. 17673 Marjorie Moore, OK Independent Expl Co., OGL, ' - 17703 Terry W. Myers, Ed- nette A. Hardick, WD, same as E2 SE4, "1"019 NR002 E32. wanna S. Myers, QCD, See Doc, above. 17674 Beulah Orndofff, OK Highland Add. 17733 James M. Deay, Jean- Independent Expi Co., OGL, 17704 Myron & Jo Ann nette A. Hardick, WD, same as E2 SE4, T019 NR002 E82. Roderick, Darrell L. & above. 17675 Bessie Devoir, Ruby Margaret Nelson, WD, W2 E2 17734 HLM Oil & Royalties Cooke, MD, See Doc T018 SE4 SW4, "1"020 NR002 E21. Inc., Serv Drilling, OGL, See NR005 E29. 17705 Petromurce Corp. Doc, T019 Nr001 W50. 17675 Bessie Devoir, Wanda Southport Expi Inc, AL, SW4 17735 James B. & Louise F. M. Devoir, MD, See Doc, same SW4, T018 NR006 E35. Kennedy, Paul N. & Paula R. as above. Daniels, MSM, BI Csh, 17676 Edna R. Riggle, 17706 First Natl B&T Co Thompson Add. PUBLIC, AFF, IA8 Bl7Csh,CUSHING, Charles L. & Leora 17756 Bruce Bonnett, First Highland Addition. J. Nugent, REL. BIS, L20--21 Natl B&T Co., MMIN, See 17677 William R. and Doris YLEOT. Doc, T018 Nr006 E22. M. Ellis, OKT Petl Co. Inc., 17707 First Natl B&T Co 17757AvantiEnergyCorp, F. OGL, NE4 NW4, T019 NR006CUSHING, Charles L. & Leora Howard Walsh, Jr., AL, $2 EIS. J. Nugent, REL, same as above. SE4, T019 NR001 E25. 17678 Bluesky O&G lnc, 17708 Charles L. & LeoraJ. 17787 Avanti Energy Corp, Fred B. Poland, AL, See Doc, Nugent, Robert J. & Dorothy L" Perry Energy Co lnc, AL, same T018 NR001 E01. Weeks, REL, same as above, as above. 17679 Bluesky O&G Inc., 17709 Charles L. & Leora J. 17758 Gary L. E~'r, Benton Jessica Lau, AL, See Doc, same Nugent, Orlando L. Brisco, Mineral Group Inc, AL, See as above. WD, same as above. Doc, T018 Nr005 El0. 17680 Continental Ill Natl 17710 Stillwater Ok COn-17739 Rolox of Tulsa Inc, B&T Co., Federal Deposit In- gregationJeh, Mehran Badiyan, Briercroft Serv Corp, MSM, surance Corp., MSMS, See Doc, REL, LI2 Swo, GraD Add. BPE446, 68344, T019 NR004 T019 NR002 Ell. 17711 W.D. & Hester ES0. 17681 D.C. Babcock, Mebane, Russell L. & Wanetta 17740 Eastwood Rentals Inc, Western Oil Resources Ltd., Layton, Eas, See Doc, T019 Cabs Barnett, ML, See Doc, MSMS, See Doc, T019 NR005 NR002 E06. T019 Nr006 El7. E29. ~ 17712 First Natl B&T Co El 17741 Bank of OK, W.J. 17682 Pennaco Drilling Pro- Reno, Ronald J. Brady, REL, Taylor, REL, See Doc, T018 gram 1982, Whitney Serv Inc., See Doc, T017 NR005 El6.NR006 El6. AL, N2 NE4, T018 NR001 17713 Rusty Kraybill Const 17742 Bank of OK, W.J. W25. Co.,JohnD. &CoonieR. Burd. Taylor, REL, See Doc, T018 17683 Pennaco Drilling Pro- Wd, LS0 B1 Swo, Eastridge. NR001 W24. gram 1982, Whimsy Serv Inc., 17714 John D. & Connie R. 17745 Roy Edwards & CO AL. same as above. Burd, Payne Co Mortgage Co Inc, PUBLIC, ROGL. See Doc, 17684 Pennaco Drilling Pro- Inc, M, same as above. T019 NR002 E05. gram 1982. Whimsy Serv. Inc., 17715 Payne Co Mortgage Co 17743 Roy B. Edwards Jr., AL, same as above. Inc., Fidelity Bank OKC, MSM, PUBLIC, ROGL, See Doc, 17685 Stiliwater Natl. B&T Lg0 BI Swo, Eastridge. -same as above. CO,, Bret D. and Stephanie D. 17716 Clifford L. Nealy,17745 Edwards Resources Co, Pickens, REL, BPN688, 12E63, _ Harper Oil CO, OGL, W2 SE4, PUBLIC, ROGL, See Doc, T019 NR001 El4. T018 NR001 W04. same as above. 17686 Central Rural Electric 17717 Karl O. & Kathy Nea- 17745 Hiawatha LTD Parm Coop., John T. Connors, REAS, ly, Harper Oil Co., OGL, same " 1981 -- 1, PUBLIC, ROGL, See See Doc, T019 NR001 El5.as above. Doc, same as above. 17687BretD.&StephanieD. 17718Lest~O.&WandaG. 17745 J. Triangle Inc. Pickens, Stillwater Natl B&T Skinner, Fed Land Bank PUBLIC, ROGL, See Doc, Co., M, BPN688, 12E31, T019 Wichita, M, E2 SW4, T019same as above. NR001 El4. NR005 El2. 17743 Stuart Enterprises 17688 Stillwater Natl B&T 17719 Payne Co Bank LTD, PUBLIC, ROGL, See Co., Fidelity Bank OKC, MSM. Perkins, OK State Dev Inc., Doc, same as above. same as above. REL, L17 B7 Pkn, Perkins Co 17743 Stauffer Chemical CO, 17689 Gene A. Cormany, Est 1. Geovest Energy Inc, ROGL, See Westfall Enterprises Inc., OGL, 17720 OK State Dev Inc.,Doc, same as above. See Doc, T017 NR003 El7.Melva J. Barker, WD, same as 17743Neomar Resources Inc, 17690 Elemer J. & Lavania above. PUBLIC, ROGL, See Doc, Jones, Bank of Cushing, M, 17721 Melva J. Barker, same as above. NW4, T017 NR005 El2. Farmers HomeAdminlstration, 17743 Regal USA INC, 17691 Payne Co Bank M, same as above. PUBLIC, ROGL, See Doc, Perkins, Lourn F. & Judith A. 17722 Stillwater Natl B&T same as above. Spillars, REL, BPN20, Co., O&E Properties, REL, See 17743 Atlantis Holdings Inc, 28W241, T017 NR005 El7. DOc, T019 NR002 E05. PUBLIC, See Doc, same as 17692 Lourn F. & Judith A. 17723 Dist Court Payne Co, above. Spillars, Joe L. & Margaret D. Utica Natl B&T Co., C, See 17743 Edwards & Leach Oil Hrencher, WD, BPN20, Doc, T019 NR002 E25. CO, PUBLIC, See Doc, same as 23W241, T017 NR03 El7. 17723 Dist Court Payne CO, above. 17693 Joe L. & Margaret O. Earth Energy Resources, C, See 17744 Stauffer Chemical Co, Hrencher, Payne Co Bank Doc, same as above. Geovest Energy Inc, MSMS, SE4 Perkins, M, same as above. 17724 Dwayne L. & Linda D. SW4, T018 NR001 W16. 17694 Stuart R. & GenettKeller. Stillwater S&L Asmc, M, 17745 TXO Prod Corp, Ap- Hershberger, Stillwater S&L LI5 B~Swo, Westpark Add.cot FinadeiJoint Venture, AL, Mmoc. M, B2L1-4Csh, Foster 17725 O&E Properties, SE4, T019 NR00I W17. Add. Stillwater S&L Assoc, M, See 17746 Robert E. & Imogene 17695 Raymond D. & NitaJ. Doc, University Est. French, Atlantic Richfield Co., Sharp, StillwaterS&LAssoc, M, 17726 O&E Properties, OGL, W2 NE4, T020 NR002 E2 W2 SE4 SE4, T019 NR002 Stillwater S&L Assoc, M, See EIg. E05. Doc, T019 NR002 E03. 17747 Leo G. & Lela Boyd, 17696 Raymond D. & NitaJ. 17727 O&E Properties, Atlantic Richfield Co., OGL, Sharp, Stillwater S&L Assoc, M, Stillwater Nati B&T Co, M, L9 same as above. LI] BSswo, Lakeshore Add. BI Swo, University Est. 17748 Ann M. Cramer, 17697 American Dev Co, 17728 O&E Properties, Atlantic Richfield Co., OGL, Stiliwater Natl B&T Co. M, L5 3tillwater Natl B&T CO., M, BPE.383 N540 E2, T020 NR002 B] Swo, Crestwood Est. See Doc, T019 NR002 E03.E23. 17698 American Dev CO, 17729 O&E Properties, 17749DonaldK.&IknmaK. Stillwater Nad B&T CO., M, Ll Stillwater Natl B&T Co., M, L9 Bunch, Atlantic Richfield CO., BI0 Swo. Crestwood Est. B1 Swo, University Est. OGL, See Doc, T020 NR002 17699 American Dev Co, 17780 Lewis Management El9. Stillwater Natl B&T Co.. M, Property Co., Southport Expi 17750 Edward Worden, Ll5 B1 Swo, Crestwood Est. Inc, OG1, See Doc, T019 Atlantic Richfield Co., OGL, 17700 Stillwater Natl B&T NR008 E17. E2 NE4, T020 NR002 El8. Co, Johnny W & Betty 17781 Williams Medical 17751First Caribbean Bank, Clingenpeel, REL, L8 B1 Gin, Laboratory, Market Supply Co, Gerald D. & Patricia K. Turn- Shell Add. WD, BML4-12Swo, OT, bow, MSM, See Doc, Assign 17701 Stillwater Natl B&T 17732 Oil West Supply Inc, Mortgage. Co, Thomas P & Dinah L. Har- May Energy, RML, N2 SW4,17752 Dist Court Payne Co, dy, REL. L45 B5 Swo, T017 NR004E12. Ray Bartram, D, See Doc, Lakeshore Est 8. 17733 Hazel G. Robison,Town Co Add 1. 17702 Cedar Oaks Est Apart- Jeanette A. Hardick, Wd, L4 17753MarthaR. MaD, Jerry ments, Robert O. Kerns. QCD, B5 Csh, Parkview Add. Mays, QCD, L5 Swo, O'Havers BLSWO, Cedar Oaks Est 17753 M. Alveta Johnston,Add. 17702 Cedar Oaks FASt Apart- Jeanette A. Hardick, WD, same 17754 Dist Court Payne Co, ments, Kendall E. Grindstaff, as above. Gertrude H. Nix, D, See Doc, QCD, same as above. 17733 Lloyd Johnston, Myers Subdivision. 17702 Cedar Oaks Est Apart- Jeanette A. Hardick, WD, same 17755 Don McHendry, ments. Marble J. Carpenter, Jr., as above. Albert F. & Ruby M. Furman, QCD, same as above. [7758 Velma L. Deay, Jean- AI, N2SW4, T020 NR002 E32. i I I I Ill I ON ACTIONS CASES HEARD C.D. 121,618 Logan -- Western Natural Resources Inc., for a location exception m drill a well at 165'fwl & 990'fnl of the w/2 ne of see. 17-15n-2w. Lopn Conn. ty, to test the Misener- Hunton. -- Recommended. C.D. 116,955 Creek--Freestone Resources Inc,, to est. 20-acre *pacing for 16 formations-the True Laymn through the 2nd Wilcox in the nw of 24-14n-ge, Creek Court- ty.-com, to Jan. 10. ~ C.V. 118,816 Cmek--R.D.T. Prop., for pool. !rag min.int, for 9 formations- eke taqnen through the Mira. in the n/2 nw of 36-19n-Ske, Creek Gounty. -- Ex~ to Report of Trial Lxaminer-Stricken. C.D. 1 IS,844 Creek- Okla. Gm & Oil Corp,, t9 extend & ~at. 40~a~e ~l *pa- lag for 1.9 formations.tins latyma thnm the Wile in ~0w of l$ and the 8/2 of .14a.ge, Creek County.- toj.n. 10. :" P.D. 1441N Noble--George Kahn Ol uin8 Co.. to vacate No. H761S which ordered plug- of wen., lew ug of pits and ~nup of debris to permit the of oe and p. I III I I wells in the e/2 of 2-21n.2w, Noble County.--Cont. to Feb. 19. P.D. 15730 Noble-Robert C. Brown, for an order requiring George Kahn Operating Co. to con~ruct four groundwater monitoring welh, run a dye test and complete a radioactive tracer study for the No. 1 DeVore in the ne se nw of 2-21n-2w, Noble County.- Cont. to Jan. 17. P.D. 15820 Payne-Dana Pelt. Corp., to dispose into the Ochelata 1000 to 1150', at rate of 400 bbls. dal. ly, with premure 500-, into the No.3 Lozier in the me se sw of $5-19n-4e, in the Butcher field of Payne County.- Remanded to Underground Injection Control. P.D. 15865 Noble- Energy Reserv~ Group Inc., for authority to use the No.1 Brown in the sw te of 21-24n-2w, Noble County, for dhq~ami of salt water into the Layton 3166' to 3575'. at rate of 500 bbh. daily, with premare 500-.--cont. to Dec. 19, C.D. 117.208 Creek-Philco Petr, Co., for pooling rain.int, for 8 formations-the Bartlesville through the Dutcher in the sw ne of S0-17n.ge, Creek Coun- ty. - Motion to Dismiss- Cont. to Jan. 2. I III IIII C.D. 121,215 General-Woods Petr. Corp., for an order finding that appli- cant is a financially solid and stable holder and granting an exception to Commission rules which require the est. of an escrow acct. in a financial in- stitution for funds which are directed to be paid under Com- mission pooling orders which cannot be paid because the per- sons entitled cannot be located or are unknown--Motion to Advance to Commission Docket- Stricken. ' P.D. 15868 Noble-- EnergyXRteserves Group Inc., for authority to use the No.I Brown in the sw se of 21-24n-2w, Noble County, fo? disposal of salt water into the Layton 3166 to 3575', at rate of 500 bbls. daily, with pressure 500-. -- Dismissed. C.D. 120,506 Creek-Okla. Petr. Manage- ment Corp., for a permit to drill an additional well in the se sw of 30-19n-7e, Creek County, t'o test the Lower Skinner- Motion for Order Directing Production of Documents--Cont. to Dec. 26. C.D. 121,444 Creek-Okla. Petr. Manage- ment, for a permit to drill an additional well in the ne nw of $1-19n-Te, Creek C~anty, to test the Lower Skinner. - Motion for Order Directing Production of 17756 Stillwater S&L Asmc, "BF~208, 71S20, T017 NR002 Energy Serv Inc, AL, See Doc, William M. Usher, REL, L18 L05. T018 NR002 EIS. B5Swo, Golf &CoCtub 2. 17767 Noel R. & Cora E. 17778BillJ. Brown, Phoenix Jacobs, All Owners, EAS, SFA, Energy Serv lnc, AL, NW4, 17757 Rusty Kraybill Const "1"017 NR002 E05. T018 NR002 EIg. Co, Stiilwater S&L Assoc, M, 17768 Elmer R. & Monta L.17779 BillJ. Brown, Phoenix See Doc, Westpark Add2. Brown, Jr., All Owners, F_AS, Energy Serv Inc, AL, same as 17758 Leslie F. &Jeanetta E. same as above, above. Heppei, John D. & Linda L. 17769 Stillwater Natl B&T17780 BillJ. Brown, Phoenix Langford, WD, L1 BI0 Swo, CO, Russell L. & Wanetta Energy Serv Inc, AL, See Doc, Surrey Hills Est 2. Layton, REL, W2 W2 SE4 T018 Nr002 EI8. 17759 John D. & Linda L.NE4, T019 NR002 E06. 17781 BillJ. Brown, Phoenix Langford, First Natl B&T Co 17770 Ahrberg Milling Co Energy Serv Inc., AL, NW4, Stillwater, M, same as above. Morrison, Russel L. & Wanet- T018 FIR002 EIS. 17760 Venture Drilling Co, ta Layton. REL, W2 W2 SE417782 BillJ. Brown, Phoenix Kinsmen Oil CO, AI, See Doc, NE4, T019 NR002 E06. Energy Serv Inc, AL, See Dnc, T017 NR004 E01. 17771 Ahrberg Milling Co T018 Nr002 El3. 17761 John M. and Betty V. Morrison, Rnssel L. & Wanet- 17783 Fed Natl Mortgage Knight, Jr., John R. Dryden, ta Layton, WD, See Dor, same Assoc, Secretary of Housing & REL, B24L5-6Swo, Lowrys Add as above. Urban D, MSM, Doc, T002 2. 17762 Geor~eJ. & Alfrieda P. 17772 Linda M. &James M. SR002 W02. Alien, Brent & Patti L. COp- 17784 First Natl B&T Co, Noeth, Oil Capitol Investment pock, QCD, B2 L9-10Swo, Col- Glen H. & Beverly A. Pickle, Club, WD, L12 BI4 Swo, lege Gardens 1. REL, W2 SES4, T018 NR004 Parkview Eat 2. 17778 Brent & Patti L. Cop- El0. 17763 Garfield Resourcespock, ThomasJ.&BarbaraV. 17785WiUiamM.&MaryE. Inc., Farmers State Bank, Hagen, WD, same as above.Usher, Kenney L. & Brenda A. MMIN. See Doc, T018 Nr004 17774 Russell L. & Wanetta Field Mds., WD, LIB BSSwo, E09. Layton, Robert R. & Sandra I Golf & CO Club 2. 17764 Garfield ResourcesErnst, WD, See Doc, T019 17786 Kenney L. & Brenda Inc., Farmers State Bank, Nr002 E06. A. Field, MDs, Stillwater Natl MMIN, NE4 NE4, same as 17775 Bradford K. & Melmas B&T Co, M, LI3 B5Swo. Golf above. Bockhorn, First Natl B&T Co & Country Club 2. 17765 Garfield ResourcesStillwater, M, LI4 B5Swo,17787 Pual W. & Diane Inc., Farmers State Bank, Westbrook Est 2. Newlin, First Natl B&T CO MMIN, NE4 NE4 T018 NR00417776 Bill J. Brown, Alex- Stillwater, M, LI B2Swo, Quail E09. ander Energy Group, AL, NE4, Ridge East. 17766 Noel R. & Cora E. T019 NR002 E34. 17788 Dist Court Payne CO, Iacobs. Rex D. Youngker, WD, 17777 Bill J. Brown, Phoenix A.J. Gazaway, D, See Doc, Col- lege Add. Marriage License Applications Bryan Hough, 18, Stillwater and Brenda Davis Dame, 18, Cushing. George Matthew Woods, 22, Broken Ar- row, and Carrie Anne Easley, 18, Stillwater. David Henry Hurt, 31, and Jannell Lee Taylor, 28, both of Perkins. Faron Alvin McKenney, 21, and Tammy Lee Wilson, 15, both of Yale. Richard Duane Lockhart, 82, and Susan Michele Andrews, 33 both of Ponca City. Gregory Lee Neely, 23, and Kari Lea Goff, 25, both of Dallas. l..on Howard Seiger, 28, and Melissa Sue Kelly, 20, both of Stillwater. David Scott Neal, 22, and Sue Ellen Hildebrandt, 26, both of Stillwater. John Buchanon Bradley, 24, and Angelia Marie Wilson, 21, both of Stillwater. December 20, 1984 C.D. 119,524 Oklahoma - Ratliff Expl. Co., for an order revoking drilling permit No. 07174929 issued to Buck & Mayo covering the No. 5-22 Rice well in the se se ne of sec. 33-14n-Sw, Oklahoma County, pending determination of application filed in C.D. No. 116,876.-~ont. to Jan. 21. C.D. 119,984 Pawnee-A&W Prod. Co., for pooling rain.int, for 9 formations-the Endicott through the Wilcox in the n/2 sw of sec. 1-22n-Se, Pawnee County. -- Recommended. CIVIL CASES FILED C-84-812 Bank of Oklahoma, trustee for Payne County Housing Finance Authority vs. James A. and Melinda J. camrell, money judgement on promiuary note and foreclosure $$5,104.08; Savage, O'Donnell, Scott and Szhlicta, Morgan and R~. C-84-818 Jon Emerson vs. State of Oklahoma. ex rei. Department of Public Safety, revocation of driver's license, Bernice Shedrick. C-84-814 Adz Carter vs. Wayne Kidd, rights to sell business $1000. C-84-815 Cushing Chiropratic Clinic vs. Pete International, services rendered $642. C-84-816 Ted Williams, T&K Building Systems vs. Henry Wells, H.E.W. Waste Systems, money judgement on deposit on building $4,923.15. Robert Murphy. C-84-817 Susane Elaine Randall vs. Herbert Ray Lewis. Jr., damages, property damage and punitive damage, $12,417.06. C-84-818 Bank of Cnshing vs. Perkins "Y" Livestock Auction, Inc., money judgement on promlssary note $42,506.19, Ahrberg and Meyers. C-84-819J. Whitney Leasing vs. Deborah Goodwin, money judgement on lease agree- ment for $25,052.00; Thomas Massey. C-840-820 In the matter of application of Suzanne Alley Wagner, change of name, Charles McBride. CHATTELS STILLWATER COMMUNITY BANK 004476 Randall Williams, Love's Carpet Cleaning, all carpet cleaning equipment. 004477 Gene Webb, Webb Roofing. II II l Ill l l fill C.D. 121.416 Noble-Wii-Ron Inc., for a then pits in the se se of 9-16n- le, Logan County. -- Cont. to Jan. location exception to drill a well 10. at 1450'fwl & 1540'fsl of the nw P.D. 15905 of sec. 17-21n-2w, Noble Coun- ty, to test the Layton. -Cont, to Kay-Striker Energy Corp., for Jan. 17, an exception to OCC-OGR rules 5-400 and 5-408 to allow an ex- C.D. 121,475 tension of time in which to test Logan--Rex. R. Monre, Jr,, for wells currently out of produc- pooling rain.int, for 13 lion in order to determine which formations-the Hogshooter wells are commercial on the through the 2nd Wilcox in the Hitch, Honk:k, Warren, Horkm e/2 swofsec, ll-16n-2w, Logan and Long leases in sec,'s 19,20 County. - Recommended. and 29-28n-Is, Kay County. - C.D. 121,476 Cont. to Feb. 5. Logan-Rex R. Moore Jr., for P.D. 15911 pooling rain,int, for 18 Logan-Sohio Petr, Co,, for an formations-the Hogshooter exception to OOC-OGR RUle through the 2nd Wilcox in the 5.404 to allow the No.2 Farris w/2swofsec. 11-16-2w, Lopn in the ne se of M-lSn-4w, County. - Recommended. Logan County, to he plugged C.D. 118,342 ~d,h cement so known fresh Oklahoma--Tenneco Oil CO., for a permit to authorize the No. 3-17 Wiima G. Roberts well in the ne ne of sec. 17-12n-2w, Oklahoma County, to produce at its most efficient rate in ac- cordance with Rule 2-105.- Dismissed. C.D. 120,038 Payne-- Viersen & Cochran, to est. 80-acre oil spacing for 12 formations.the Layton through the 2nd Wilcox in the se of sec. 12 and the e/2 of 13-20n-2e, and the s/2 of 7 and the w/2 of 18-20n-Se, Payne County.- Recommended. P.D. 15778 Lngan-Andco Inc., for con- strnction of eight off-site ear- BENEFICIAL FINANCE CO.--STILLWATER 004478 Billy F. and Sabra Lowe, one solar thermal system. 004479 Chris Hoffman, all household furniture. 004480 Leonard and Diana Skaggs, all household furniture. 004481 Phillip Rieman, all household furniture. 004482 Royce C, Bunch, all household furniture. 004488 Karl and Janet Borkard, all household furniture. 004484 Leota Morris, all household furniture. 004485 Steve Morton, all household furniture, 004490 Mack and Lynda Payne, all household furniture. 004491 Phyliss and Berry Rosson, all household furniture. 004492 Rebecca Crigger, all household furniture. STROUD NATIONAL BANK 004486 Jeffrey M. Cagey, computer and printer. 004487 George Worthy, cattle. PAYNE COUNTY BANK--PERKINS 004488 Tommy Battles, all auto body equipment. A-1 Inc.-- OKLAHOMA CITY 004489 Martin and Wanda Ann Montelongo, Jr., mobile home. STILLWATER NATIONAL BANK & TRUST COMPANY 004495 Oklahoma Housing Finance Authority, all property under mortgage. 004494 Terrace Apartments, property mortgage. FOOD PRO LEASING CO.--OKC 004495 Bob L. 3mith, DBA, restaurant equipment. FIRST NATIONAL BANK & TRUST CUSHING 004496 Curtis and Linda Mason, microwave, heater and all household goods. BANK OF CUSHING 004497 M. Dale Howard, boat and motor. 004498 Linda Lundy, furniture, stereo and television. water and oil and gas produc- ing horizons in the area will be protected. - Dismissed. P.D. 15921 Logan- Sohio Petr. CO.. to ex- empt the No.2 Farris in the c ne se of 31-15n-4w, Logan Coun- ty, from plugging requirements of OCC-OGR Rule 5-404,- Cont. to Jan. 10. December 21, 1984 C.D. 119,760 Noble- Bogert Oil CO., to est. 40-acre oil spacing for 18 formaiotns-the Winfield through the 2nd Wilcox in the ne of sec. 19 and the n/2 of 30-22n-2w, Noble County.- Recommended. C.D. 119,928 Oklahoma- Boswell Energy Corp., for a location exception to drill a well at 268'ml & 74'ewl of the ne ne of sec. 58-14n-Sw, Oklahoma County, to test 13 formations-the PErry through the 2nd Wilcox. - cont. to Jan. 11. C.D. 121,030 Oklahoma- Boswell Energy Corp., for pooling rain.int, for i I formations-the 2nd Wilcox through the Hunton in the s/2 ne of see. 15-18n-$w, Oklahoma County. -Cont. to Jan. 1 I. C,D. 121,051 Oklahoma - Boswell Energy Corp.. for a location exception to drill a well at 158'ml & 220'wel of the s/2 ne of sec. Ill I I I I Ill "17789 Dha Court Tulu Warren F. Young, NE4, Notice of Lis 17789 Gomaco Inc, MSMS, E2 Notice of Lis Penden. 17789 Dist Court G. Dean DoltS, MSM$ above. 17790 Donald W. & Carnes, Stillwater S&L M, L2 Bl-lSwo, 17791 James D. & Cooper. M, LI1 B2Swo, Shumard i Add. 17792 Emerson F. & Sutliff, Grace L. Dodson B2 Ll5-16Swo, Subdivision. 17792 Grace L. Grace L. Dodson, QCD, as above. 17798 John M. & Dodmn, Liberty Fed Assoc, M, same as above. 17794 Bruce E. Greenhagen, Sheila WD, LI7 BIOPIm, Est2. 17795 Sheila A. M, LI7 BI0 Pkn, 2. 17796 Capitol Well Serv Cuesta Energy Corp, Ml. SE4 SE4. "1"019 Npo~' 15-15n-Sw, Oklahoma County, to test 11 formations-the 2nd Wilcox through the Hunton. - Cont. to Jan. 11. C.D. 121,276 Payne-Cher Oil CO., Ltd., for a permit to drill an off-pattern well at 165'fd & 165'fel of the nw of sec. 21-19n-4e. Payne County, to test the Misener.- Recommended, C.D. 121,429 Creek- Frontier Energy Resources Inc., for an extension of 120 daD in which to drill a well in the ne tw of sec, 6-19n-Te, Creek County to test 13 formations-the Tonkawa through the 2nd Wik-ox. -- cont. Date Pending. C.D. 121,430 Creek -- Frontier Energy Resources Inc.. for an extemion of 120 daD in which to drill a well int he se sw of sec. 6-19n-Te, Creek County, to test 13 formations.the Tonkawa through the 2nd Wilcox.- Cont. Date Pending. C.D. 121,431 Pawnee-- Marvin C. Blubaugh, for pooling rain.int, for 16 formations-the Cleveland through the 2nd Wilcox in the ne nw of sec. 30-21n-6e, Pawnee County, -- Recommended. C.D. !'21,469 Payne--Southport Expl Inc., to est. 40-acre *pacing for 18 formations-the Tonkawa through the Arbuckle in the se 004499 William and Brenda Jr., living room mite. 004500 Larry Joe Johnson, mobile refrigerator, furniture and range. 004501 Robert E. Adair, refrigerator, gas range and FIRST NATIONAL BANK & TRUST--STW 004502 Frank and Anita fivestock and inventory fmtures and receivables at McDaniel's Perkins. 004508 Larry Tim and Millwee, furniture, fixtures and at place of business. 004504 Wayne Dotter, 004505 REN Corporation, contract with Vickers. TRICONTINENTAL LEASING CORP-- NEW JERSEY 004506 Parbhubhalr L. Patel, and printer. TRANSAMERICA FINANCIAL SERVICE-- CUSHING 004507 Raymond D. and hetta all household goods. FIRST BANK d 004508 Jame C. & Marsha piano, dishwasher and stereo. NEW BANK OFHCT.I PAWNEE -- Evctttt Ikrty, dent, ammunces throe, received pmmodom. Lewis been promoted from Cashier Pt ident and elected as a the Board. Morris McKill has promoted from Assistant to Cashier, and Donna Wheeler, time bank secretory and has been promoted to Cashier. Other officers include Mennem as E 'udve and Albert Hanlon aad Ma. Welker. Vice-President. fill -O" of sec. 18-19n-Se, ty. -- Reconnnended. C.D. 121,470 Payne- Southport Expl. to extend 40-acre s formations-the Ho through the of sec. 19 and the 20-19n-Be, Payne I Recommended. C.D. 121,471 Payne- Southport Expl. to extend 40-acre s formations-the through of sec. 20, nw of 28 29-19n-Se, Payne Recommended. C.D. 121,472 Payne- Southport Expl. to extend 40-acre formaitons-the through the Arbudde in n/w and sw of ~c Payne Count Recommended. C.D. 121,501 Noble - Cheyenne Energy Corp., for a ception to drill a well at & 990'fw| of the w/2 ne of 18-20n-lw, Noble test the Mis*. and Recommended. C.D. 121,641 Logan- Richard W. son, for a permit to drill ditionxl well in the w/~ sec. 11-15no4~V, to test the Dolomite, C.D. 121,642 Lngan-- Richard W. son, for a location drill a well at 660'fnl of the Logan County, to tat formations-the through the 2nd Recommended. C.D. 121,747 Oidahoma- Exok, Inc., location e~ to drill a' at 350'fwl & 5S0'fid in of 6-14n-3w, Oklahoma ty, to test Recommended.