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January 4, 1973     The Perkins Journal
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January 4, 1973

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Much Accomplished Page 2 PUblication of the Oklahoma Wheat Quality Report, which we have distributed directly to customers and prospective cus- tomers overseas. Extensive work has been done this year at numerous fairs and shows. One of the big suc- cesses of our domestic promo- tion Program was the distribu- tion of some 40,000 "Special Wheat Recipe@, books at the Oklahoma City and Tulsa State Fairs. Requests for more than 2,000 on an individual basis ~v; bsen mailed out since the s. S~xthousand recipe forms on cheese-related wheat pro- ducts were distributed at the Cheese Festival in connection with OSU at Stfllwaler. The Oklahoma Baking Cham- Pion was crowned during the Oklahoma City Fair again this Year. Mrs. Masianka was chain- Non with her 14-layer cake. She used the same recipe as a Year ago and wasgiven perman- he~ Pssesston of the 40-inch h trophy, which has been 1sod each year ~ the contest The Oklahoma Success has been frequent and rewarding during the year as the Oklahoma Wheat Growers Association has moved forward with an extremely busy pro- gram. Our positive position on every major and most minor problems confronting Oklahoma wheat farmers has been well aired; response has often been even greater than our expecta- tions. The Association has and is on record where situations and conditions affect the present and future of Oklahoma farm- ers. Following is a llst of major activities and positions taken by the Oklahoma Wheat Growers Association in 1972. 1. RUSSIAN WHEAT SALE-- The sale of U. S. wheat, in- cluding that produced in Okla- homa, to Russia and the Re- public of China was favored. However, many trailing aspects of the sale and at least that por- tion of the maneuvering that af- fected wheat farmers have been U. S. Department of Agriculture. We are against any program or plan that would divide or sep- arate USDA programs. A cab- inet position for agriculture is a necessity and must be retaln- ed. 7. DOCK STRIKE--Growers oppose dock strikes, dock work stoppage or the threat of either or both because of the econom- ic loss to farmers, the possi- ble loss of overseas customers, and probable increased prices to consumers bothdomesticaUy and overseas. 8. SET ASIDE---A program for additional set-aside acres for payment was supported vig- orously for the 1971 crop. How- ever, this was turned down. At a later date, an effort was put forth on the 1972-73 crop to secure additional set aside acres with payment. This was accomplished for feed grain and wheat. started, seriously questioned. 9. ANNOUNCEMENT OF h~d .Cmmlse/on election was 2. WHEAT CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS---USDA was re- , u m I~strict No. 2 duringPAYMENT---The Oklahoma quested to announce rules and ~et.summer. Dean Carter, Ken- Growers have requested the U. regulations for all programs a WflseQ and R. A. Lot- S. Department of Agriculture well in advance ot seedingtime. ~h were the names that to figure certificate payments Past inequities could have been Were sent to Governor Hall, ~ on the dif~erence between the awided for Oklahoma wheat sel~t~ Mr. Lotspeich to serve loan rate and parity, which~rmers by early announce-. a .~Ve-Year term on the Cam- means following the ~ormulament of programs. This is nec- mlsskm. The selection was not that worked suecesMuUy for emmry since wheat forming is until October and wheat farmers through the not a season to season opera- zs tim first Commlsstoa years. This means the ahan-Uon, but represents planning ~our new member has donment of the program where- covering many years. ~n a~e~ Dean Carter served by the certificate is determin- Co abbreviated term when the ed by the national average wheat 10. ffTABILIZED PROPERTY ~'omndse/on was formed and price over a ffVe..monthperiod. TAXES---The Oklahoma Wheat ~rm se--rved a full five-year ~ls chanp has been requested Growers Association was nee "'" ~ hie t|mure, Mr. for the 1972 and 1973 crops and of the original farm organlza- ~Ca~mer served as a member of wilt be forcibly pushed fortlons that formed a coatlflon ofset Plains Wheat, Inc.,board future programs. This chanse supoorth~ State Questio~ No. ~ dlreetors and on several was requested becausethenew- 486 that proved popular enough Unlmrtaat committees and was er plan brought about the big- to pass as part of Urn November ~air~ of the Commias~ gest inequity affecting farmers 7 erection. Thisaetioa, dcetobe Years. thrWork that was started almost in the recmt mammouth sales, implemented by the 1972 Okla- 2. STRATEGIC RESERVES-- homa L4glslattwe. will stabilize -~rse Years ago with the Okla- On numerous occasions, the taxation oa property.'PmmswtU ~dmac Crporattoa C, ommlea/oa Growers have made It known he levied according to the actual other zrowm involvlng ~that they favor a atratnglc re- use of propertylnstuadofantlc- i~osed closing of the Kat7 serve equal to the domesticipeted use. Tnls was one of the .r~lr~d from Altue to Keyes, oonsumpt~ of wheat, coupledfew times whereby major farm a~commlselon has rema~ed with a requirement that it be organizations agreed on a spo- re- ve dur~ 1972. TherePs still completely Insulated from the ctflc program. ~uuclt to do and the outlook has market. A mild form of o0asum- 11. INVESTMENT CREDIT--- ~e been encourN~Ing, er protection is intended. We are seeking to retain in- in t~.- C~mmiss/onparttcipated 4. RETENTION OF OLD vestment credit on income tax- .-_ '~ world Trade Council in PARITY FORMULA---Much es. Tiffs will assist materially ~mnection with the State De- work has been done and muchIn keeph~ wheat farmers in Partment of Agriculture during more is planned to retain the Imsiness. We have never chang- activities in New Orleans, La. fore its injection into suchpro- situation. boTh/t:prved extremely valuable old method of figuring parity be- ed our staunch approach to this - tn Working contacts and grams as certificate payment. eventual trade relations. Any of the various new plans do 12. RAISING LOAN RATE-- Two trade teams from Japan not serve the best interest of Wheat Growers favor and are have visited Oklahoma during wheat farmers as well as does pushing for an increase in the the year. As guests of the Cam- the old formula. This is not the loan rate to at least 50 percent G~rrSS!on in cooperation with time for such changes, of parity. The present level is ,eat Pallns Wheat, Inc., We - 5. PAYMENT LIMITATION- 41 percent of parity. This is a ~r:DWheat Associates, :tSntd --Growers vigorously oppose"keep pace" program that can- , A, theteams,bothhigh level the oft-mentioned $20,0001imi- not be taken for granted. miividuals, were given the red ration on payments to farmers. Carpet treatment and the re- We support the plan that is al- 13. DAYLIGHT SAVINGTIME Sponse has been good. ready working and calls for--As has been our position in A tWO-man team from Nor- limitations to be set at$50,00@, years past, Growers support a way visited the state earlier _n which is a more realistic ap- program of shortening of day- tt~: Year. The last team to visit preach. Growers were sue- light saving time. We prorose state was from Korea and c:essiu[ in retention of thehigh- that daylight saving time should because of the t~otentml t~us~ er P.g~r~:~e~uitepowerfulpres- be used from Memorial Day through September 30 to bring hess these i~idixidua.s wc, r.~ gi- sures frc~m persons not proper- abet t naxtmu n efficieacv for yea the best treatmentpes;~ible, ly alia:he(; ,ith farmer prob- The Corn nission r'~ re:.ent'; Ictus. ",it:i~ our past histort of farmers, the entire h~ " *:P " " ..... aro r~d,~h~ter wheat .succe,,,ses h~ thi~ field, we will 14. BREAD AND FLOUI~ ,~ea at the Wh '' -. eat QualitvCoun-c:mtim~e seeking to retain the PRICES--Growers categoric- ~,~ as has been "" - ..... thecasefor higher figtn'e, ally oppose the proposed three o~vera/Years 6. PRESIDENT NIXON~S RE- to five cent increase in bread At the request of a large num- ORGANIZATION PLAN--Grow- prices and any, especially the her of PeOple, the Commission ers are opposed to any aanounc- 11 percent, increase in flour has been a participant in the ed plan that would do away with prices. The proposed increas- Oklahoma Weather Modification ~tg~,damat and has been repre- or supplant the powers of the es are unrealistic since there is --almost every meeting. WE I|UILD rne Commission has been a lpreaog~/a2 the continuation of a -~ to found research that | will bring about additional pro- * DROP HITCHES CABLE CORRAL CLIPS h,.~- ~ceeping quality ~s. mr hard red winter wheat. tet am, as desig.ed, will * PiCNiC TABLE HAROWAR - WaY from any research WELD4)N PiPE ~PS Pro~ress.Prgram that is currently in * PICKUP TOOL BOXES All in General Machine Work and Steel Fabrication of All Kin(h has been all, the Commission extremely active dur--- the Year and successes greatly OUtnumber fa the hUm .... ilures in ties. ~,uus fields of actlvi- 1107 $. Main Ph. 37S-3710 KJ~fisher, Okla. 737S0 Wheat Grower, January, 1973- 7 now only about three cents worth of wheat in a loaf of bread. We are against the wheat industry being used as a "whipping boy" to cover increases in other facets of the industry. We take our position since milling and baking prices never follow the up and down movement of wheat ---oRty the up movement. 15. SCABIES QUARANTINE --Growers oppose the scabies quarantine and support the pro- gram of Billy Ray Gowdy and the State Board of Agriculture of which he is president. The scabies program was overly exaggerated and was respon- sihle for losses of millions of dollars to wheat farmers. 16. BEEF IMPORTS--Okla- homa~s Wheat Growers are on record and will continue to op- pose any increase in the im- portation of beef. The organi- zation recommended releasing set aside acres for the pro.- ducthm of Livestock in an effort to curtail the need for imported beef. This would be a stabilizing factor for consumer prices of beef. 17. ADVANCED PAYMENTS --The Association has worked untiringly for advance payments for program participation in the past. All plans call for a con- tinuation of this program. 18. THE FAMILY FARM-- The Oklahoma Wheat Growers Association has always sup- ported the family farm ap- proach and will continue to do so. I am extremely proud and pleased that the accomplish- ments of the Oklahoma Wheat Growers Association can be as ~)rcefut and productive as you can note for the past year. We, you and me along with every farmer in Oklahoma and the nation, have a special challenge in 1973 to establish afarmpro- gram best suited for agricul- ture. We will continue to repre- sent the best interest of Okla- homa wheat farmers in every way possible. Earl Abernathy, President Oklahoma Wheat G~owers DRESS WHEAT NOW BULK & BAG FERTILIZER AGRICULTURAL CHEMICALS SEE US FOR YOUR ALFALFA WEAVEL CONTROL OCCIDENTAL CHEMICAL CO. OF TEXAS 408 Shepard, Box 579 Chickasha, Oklahoma 73018 Tel. (405) 224-2255 I m ~ .esmmlr~tllt ~ liD, IF01 TdqdNm 2 7 DT6 Co.men- Hitekkeck - Lucien - Gansel our LOCAL tel FEED SEED t30. hid - Olgi ll om II II