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January 5, 1967     The Perkins Journal
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January 5, 1967

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PAGR-FOI TRE PERKINS'$OURIAL . lit Published every Thursday by the PERKINS PUBLISHII'G COMPANY 133 S. Main Street Perkins, Okla. 74059 Louis G. O'Haver Hartand B. Welhr Daniel D. Draper Jr. Noel M. Corser lub Disney Chairman of the Board Co-Publisher and Editor Co-Publisher and Editor Production Advisor Society Editor and Office Mar: SUBSCRIPTION RATES $3.00a year in Payne, Lincoln and Logan Counties $4.00 a year if sent out of the above mentioned counties Second Class postage paid at Perkins, Oklahoma, 74059 EDITORIAL PLIGIIT OF THE SMALL BUSINESS MAN (Don MacLean in Washington Daily News, Tom BerryI says ACROSS 5. Viper 24. South 1. Etna 6. Frighten Ameri- 5. Inquires suddenly can 9. Biblical 7. Variety of river tower cabbage 25. Pig" 10. Not fresh 8. Vehicle for pert 12. Each coasting "6. Gar- 13. GroWs 9. Wager dener's white 1 I. S-shaped tool 14. High worm 28. Land- 15. Chinese 17. Iron or scape, communists steel 31. ,lusic :[ 6. Ant 18. Manganese: note 20. Warp-yarn sym. 34. Perform 39. Genus of 23. School 19. Wading 35. Measure of the Ill r subject bird  distance: 40. -- 1 ll 27. Slightest 20. Lofty"  India 41, Half eros 29. Right-hand mountain 36. An age ill 43 Frencl page 21. Chief deity: history river ,. 30. Appease Babyl. 37. Itaiimt  44. Con- , 32. Affirmative 22. Sheep's cry coin traction vote .... f , 35. Baking" 19. ......  IO chamler . 38. Etitle /. rand of bay window 44. Eagle's nail  | 45. Apologetic zt  )'//;, expresslort V/9 46. Sacred .'/ " 2a pictures 47. Negative 30 votes ,s 3 137 DOWN 1. Volcanic d2 rock 2. Cain'  brother 3. Blackbird -//: "q'I of Europe 't 4. Plait One sure way to deceive your- self is to think you are smarter than others.  If is not unusual now-a-days for respectable people to attend a fashionable party and hope they won't have to Visit with the host. Silence is the perfect re'fuse for one who has little confidence in himself. One of the own bullies, who had quite a gift of gab, got re- ligion, joined a church and start- ed preaching. One night some of his old buddies wanted him to go, to a honkey-tonk with them, but he wouldn't do it because he had to preach that night. His pals de- It wasa hilarious bit that Sen. Everett McKinley Dirksen (R.. Ill.) eided if he couldn't go with them md his willing slave, a Senate page boy, enacted on the Senate floor they would go to church. When the other day. Sen. Dirksen. the tousled-headed warrier, thinks that the sermon was about half over the'. small business men of the nation -- grocers, barbers, bakers, 'one of them hit him with a etc. --- are so busy filling out government forms and studying federal reg, dations that they have little time left to run their businesses. To illustrate, Sen. Dirksen appeared on the floor loaded down with fo rs. "This is part of the wage and hour act." Sen. Dirksen said "I ask the page boy to take one end of the folded document and tvalk with i it to the side door so we may see it fully extended. There. This is tomato, and he started preaching a little faster. Then another hit him in the mouth with a tomato. He stammered around a little and said. "If the congregation will take their hymn books, turn to the last page and sing the last Letter to the Editor A meeting of the school landlcent. Some 10,000 acres of'] lease holders was held in Cushing/was represented by this Tuesday night in the Vocational rvote was also asked for as tO !Agriculture Building. There were opinion of the lease holders approximately 60 lease holders ent concerning the sale of present One of the purposes of land. Of those voting 33 the meeting was brought about by favor of selling the land so:nething merchants must be familiar with to make sure they're not breaking the lawV' He then had the page boy stretch out the fair labor standards act, which is 93 pages long, or about 65 feet. After thor, the page boy returned and trudged wearily off with the end of a "Interpretative Bulletin on Overtime Compensation." The lad was almost out of sight as Sen. Dirksen explained that the bulletin meas- ,. ......... I n hei ht of Nia ara Falls  .... ro two women taming and! rues 19 feet more tha the g g tone sai " " " " I "d, Do you know that the  fahei tv : gpr o : sf:3 :!l  i :P':k; ?' Ta ei'd en: r s B emvt ned ahna( ! Wnsmei!:ao:i:fu-s:maate:disn  carpets of federal [orms lay in every direction. Sen. Dirksen waved ironing and everything else g forl a four-page report, "Authorization of Established Basic Rates for them. Now. me, I don't have time Computing Overtime Pay," which he spread himself as the page boy to get frustrated -- I'm too busy rested. There was an ll-page report that interprets the four:page , , , . r2ort. The page boy spread that across some empty desks. Sen.] Dh'ksen then dispatched the boy. in rapid order, with "Records to Russia, when she had us blind- beKept by Employers," "Amendment of Fulltime Students at Special Ed by the iron curtain so we many individuals who had gone opposed. The group verse of the last hymn, then we it o the school land offices after the opinion that grou; as will have a short prayer, and after makin,  a,intments and came localities shotilfl hold that there is going to be the dang- away eelng'as though they had and then combine in a state dest fight you ever saw." been thru a "house of mirrors" at effort to see if justice the carnival. No satisfaction arid very little information was ob- tained after having interviews with the commission officials. The group voted to send a delegation of 10 representatives to appear before the school land commission in protest to the recent increase n rent charged for the school land. It was also agreed that all lease holders desiring to go along would [done to lease holder and people of Oklahoma y the , Land Department. After  able vote each leasee tributed $'5:00 for penses fliat will be carry out the plans set the action of the..group. :.. Payment of the state carry a "grace stated in. the lease paragraph 12 "after Minimum Rates" and "Equal Pay for Equal Work." Finally, the lcouldn, t see, told us she could be welcomed, but the delegates of 30 days subsertt to -tage boy, gasping like a long-distance runner, returned to Sen whi ............ ,, ....... , .... , d oozen DKe the untied would speatt for the group. The of marling the noflee by Dh'kse3] grabbed the end of Hours WorKea, t'art 7t, ano stagger. St-" ...... ca" oown" ' the msle' t f ; sne had suen a terrific following delegates were elected mail. Thus it uld " ] tghtin'g machine It reminds me John Waldman and, Troy Bishop that /.ease hoId.Wi H * , ,, tt ' of ' " Gentlemen, just look at thxs, Sen. Dlrksen said. Small bumnes-] the hme I bought a n=,V ,,,tot Chaadler, Dick Fisher, Lee ay their lease if riot es, where the husband runs the shop and the wife does the books, lt'/ounds tl-mt were suv -y--%-U" Y't - i - ppe o el Stiles and Dr. H. H. Karsteter of 1. In previous Years cannot possibly cope with it. They take a chance, and when they,the best wolf killers i .... Cushing, Les Williams and Ablsent out much earlier. ' ;" * " fh . .  m court gel into trouble, they eall their senator or their representative, ty. I heard them ruskin so Blackbur of Yale, Russell West- the leasee time t ,Sen. Frank Lausche (D. Ore.) asked Dirksen if he could interpret[ unny horses just beforedlight fall of Perkins, R. hi. Tibbitt of]business hemiglt the forms himself and Dirksen stud' .... "I-t-'re,.v them'. Why; 7 ..... L.a"a as _seen" as ,t got hght enough /gra and Raymond" Rodgers of, with th,sehool Im trombones and 77 Philadelphia law "ers could not do it'" /a se; ,:16okel out in the -- 2ryon. befoore thefirst of the " > 'imd the jack rabbits were raStmU. Several lease holders that werelthe notices were Ins my wolf do** to death, unable to attend due to weather, , only a few days- work etc., may add their name to 11965 the grace peviod., the list by contacting any one of[ into 1967, as , onfir th:n old boy told me that since these delegates.  [Bellmen 'and cret bill collectors "have started Rent values were discussed and I ullard as per Phone'enve fretting tough with him and he has it was learned that some leases Sigred: started getting tough . too He s " ,, . - . had been increased over 800 per Okla. School Land rod, I now have three different files that I put my unpaid bills in. In the first file are bills I souid pay; in the seeand file are Bills I. might pay;. and in the third file are the bills that are doubt- fl. Yours, Tom Berry I I / The Bern.hardt' s STRODE Funeral Home -tillwater, Oklahoma Fr2-5550 U.S; Marines were ordered to Nicauragua; nuarz@, : President F. D. Roosevelt enunciaRd tile Four Freedomw uary 6, 1941. The first U.S. bank opened in Philadelphia, SanuaryT, i The first balloon flight across the English Channel was Blanchard and Jeffries, January 7, 1785. A tabulating machine was patented by Herman January 8, 1889. Photography (Daguerrotype) was first used January 9, U.& troops were ordered to China to 8uat, d railroads, u ary 9, 1912. The Lend-Lease bill was Introduced in 1941. The U.S. Army cntacted the moon by radar, 10,1946. Amelia EarhartPatnam starled a Sanuary I'I 1935. lttti lffltart completed fliSht from ErawaU'te, LOS De 8uafla ,mat