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January 5, 1967     The Perkins Journal
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January 5, 1967

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&apos; I'AGE VE  FERNS OUAL tbnner March of Dimes Poster Boy ........ Is Part of Twin Medical Problem 3 J denticaI twins are sup- pc:ed to be carbon copies of each other in every respect bu; twin brothers Joe!_and " Jeitrey Kirker, 6, New "'Stan-: i ron, Pa.,. have been cruelly different from birth. Joel, the older brother by five i minutes, was Imrn with an open spioe {spina bitida), a birth de- , feet that has paralyzed tiim from the waist down. At the l same spot on his back, Jeff has only a birthmark. "When Jeff doesn't feel well, i he gets two blisters on his birth- mark, otherwise he is a normal,  very active little boy," says his i mother. Mrs. Thomas Kirker. Understandably, the young Kirkers pose a medical puzzle. As their mother puts it, special- ists are "amazed that only one has the defect and not the other" ] or else are "quite lost for words'-' I to explain the crippling differ- , ences in'these identical twins. 1 Yet Mrs. Kirker says, "We feel we have a great deal to be ] thankful for because Joel is do- | ing well and we can lmpe for l even more improvement in the futlre." I)espite his physical handicap, Joe! gets around quite a bit. During January, 1966, he was Pennsylvania State Poster Boy for the March of Dimes camp- "T ' ' " "  ............ i hat s OK, Joel, even astronauts need help wtth their gear some- ,atgr tO ngtl[ Dlrn (lelec[s. 11)S ts "" '" ': - ; ......... ,,ll ttmes, says Jeff g,rker, 6, of New $tanfon, Pa, as he helps hi, 13leans lnat ,Joel iravete(l LllrOIll4 .. ..... ' ment,ca! twin Joel rote h,s br e$ a number of counties in his area I  " lind even appearetl on u tele- ,,, ...... , .,. ,, ........... ' thin, in Piltsburgh. I wmmut reneL tins pressure can re mvarmo, y takes ore In x, zmt all the other campers, one by Now as they watch the twins lead to permanent mental dam- pretending they're big leaguers age. blindness or even death. or playing togetlier on the hack- For Joel's parents, tim past yard slide, Mr. anti Mrs. Kirker six years have been times of great emotional anguish, to say re,thing of financial strain Mr. Kirker has worked for the Bell Telephone Corot)any since he graduated from McKeesport Technical High School in 1950. In addition to caring for the (win and keei)in; house, Mrs. Kirker seUs kitchenware to sup- p[ement her husbands Income and help with medical expenses. The Kirkers are deeply grateful to the local chapter of the March of Dimes which helped pay Joel's hospital bills and covers the cost of braces which must be changed perio<lieally. Brace or not. Joel loves it van al)preciate all the things Joel can do even thongh he wears braces slid uses a cone. They are thankful ftw the skilled wdi<'al care Joel received from the day of birth. \\;Vilhout that care. d,el might not be Mi',e to- dav. When Joel wa only one day old. his open spine was operated upon to give his m)inal cord some Irotection. While sm'geons coukl not restore the function of , "( nerves anti pmsc,cs, they (hi prevcn# further complicatlons "the most dangerous being infec- tions such as meningitis. Like many other victims of tpen spine. Joel also iad hy- when the family pile into their drocephalus ("water on the ] trailer and set out on a camping brain"). Dim,ors performed sev-] lrip, sornethhg all the Kir.kers eral operations to drain off thel enjoy. P/[sen they settle m a dammed-up fluid within the  eamlmite, the whole family brain and thus relieve pressure. I knows what to expect from Joel. Area Men In Service one. He loves to meet and chat with other people, even if it means climhing hills and fight- ing the underbrush every step of the way. The twins can take care of each other pretty well these days. Joel can put on his braee lor himself but sometimes Jeff helps him. Active. outgoing Jetf helps his quieter, more thought- ful brother in other ways. tot). A firm '3 think you'll like this. Joel." from Jeff often helps Joel make a decision in favor of places or things. This sort of fraternal influence leads Mrs. Kirker to tell friends that Joel's "twin brother is his therapist.'" By this time. the Kirkers know what Joel can do and they avoid overprotectiveness ' which couhl he harmful to lmth boys. His doctors hope that when Joel is about 14. surgery can be performed that will make the leg braces unne,,',' i Eden Chapel News JANIARy 5, Perkins : Area Ncw00 By Ruby Disney Dr. and Mrs. Ewing and faro- * ':: * ily spent Christmas holidays in Sunday dinner guests KeoKuk, Iowa with Mrs. Ewings sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Geoke and children. * ::: * . Mr and Mrs. John Huekabay of Missouri were visiting friends in Perkins. .-.': , * Nelson home were: Mrs. Thec, Mrs. Regina Theresa, Kay and Keith oil homa City, Mr. and Mrs. TiIman of Owasso, Mr. and Bill Hughes, Dayna and Perkins and the Pat and Kana, Mrs. Eli Mr and Mrs M. O Dumas and visited in the afternoon, Pat of Mt Iron, Minn. visited i * * * Dr and Mrs Ewing and other M ' s I r. and Mrs. Grady friends over the holiday' [spent Christmas, Sunday. * "': . }Monday in Medford, with Holiday guests at the StameY{Mrs "Leroy Warren .,a t {home were: Mr. and Mrs. DoyleIKatlay and Connie WI'en Molen, Stanley, Kirby and Logan'the week lof Fresno, Calif., Mr. and MrS.IGardner with Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and -Mrs. Wayne F laherty of Ir'ing, Txas, i Warre n and David visited Mr oie tcarson oi ew lOrK t, StV, Mrs Gra n-- "-- - "" ...... " .... "I ' " u ,artmer lrs. lenoa i,Kington oi lVll - , , : ]Francis Hunt and three daughter of Choctaw, Mr. and Mrs. Russell i Those spending New 'wnnkee Wisconsin, Mr and Mrs.!at the W. O. Ball home McGehee, Mickey and Cindy of iand Mrs. Ray Baggett, and Ponca City, Edgar Vanzandt,ters, Kay, Robin and Pat Larry, Jerry and Dan and Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Fisher and Mrs. Adrian, Stanley, and Grady Gardner and Kathy LaNita of Stillwater, Mr. and Connie Warren. Mrs. (lien Carson, Mr. and Mrs.' * * * Don Mercer and Debbie and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ba Cecil Henry of Perkins. Edmond, Kay Pat and ':: ':: ':: Gofford of Houston, Mrs. Holiday guests of Mr. and Mrs. iGardner, and Kathy and Merrcll Butler were: Mr. and Mrs.  Warren of Medford visited !Doyle Butler and children Bobby, home ot Mr. and Mrs Terry and Beverely of Stillwater. Stout Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Suderman ::, * . of Isbella. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Thomas of Durant, Mr. and Mrs. A Birthday di,lner was Jack Baker of Houston, Texa:s for Mrs. Edith Murlin and Mrs. Erma Shatter of Per-lit the ])o/no of /|r. and kins. (;rill: Jones, tawsts were: Mr. * * Nlrs. Ah'a Mtn'lin, Mr. and Christmas dinner guests of Mr. Earl XVriht and and Mrs. Charlie Gray of Still- water, were: Mr. and Mrs. Merrell tel', Bonny, Xh'. and Airs. Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Butler Shm'pton and family, and land children, Mr. and Mrs. John,and Mrs. Orvalec Borer iE. Suderman of Isbella and Mr fi, milv, Mrs Xhn.l; .... LX ,.t iand Mrs Chmlie Gaa5 " tel ,t "C tJ .......... v ," " " .... ' " ': 1 fi'om her son Mr, i Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lee Nel-{ Mrs' Don Murlin in son and Kana of Hart. Texas wishing her a Ilgappy visited this past week with lris * ' [parents Mr. and Mrs. Lee Roy: Sgt. and Mrs. Jim Potter :Nelson. Dorothy and Mary Jean irls called on Mr. and Mrs. i and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hughes. tMurlin Friday morning. By Donna Murlin Those slen(lin Stmdav with Mr. and Mrs. "Frank ]ha'to,l: were: Mr. and Mrs. Lee Dovh land boys, Mrs. Anita I lenson and I<latght(,r, Mr. and Mrs. VVaxno ih,rton and famih' and Ml', and tMrs. Joe burton." Monday visitors of hi,'. and Xls. I<,htl (),re,an were: Mr. al,d Dear Flabb Sergeant Suit I Xl,'s. I:,'ank Ililho,,se and grand- Dear Flal>l,v: fi,,d someor, e else. i da''ghter. 1 have this ln'<d)lem, lw(> dif-' Flal)l)v Rev. and Mrs. Van Nickels fercnt men are asking mc to mar- called on Mr. and M,;s. Max rvthem. Fred is handsome, dash- Nickels Mu,,(la and enii>yed log and r<),,lat/('. Joh,, is dcl)en- watchi,, thc lh)sc Pro'ado (,,, al>le and steady. Fred has a {color TV. ,sports car a,,d it rood suit, John I Mr and Mrs Eugene Rilh.v:: has a 12.000.{X} bank account and and family (,f Woodward ant owns a newsl)al)cr, which one .Xh'. a,,d "Mrs. Joe Etheridc shot,hi I marry?ll  Ispent Smtdav with Mr. and Nlrs. Sined Sam Wayne Tavl)r and famih'. Mr. and Mrs Charles Mm'lin l)ear Sam: of Bethany. spent Monday with, Tell them 1,,th to (,l lo.t and Curtis Electric Motor Sales & Service Mr. and .Mrs. Alva Murlin. I,ee .- Army Sergeant Major Donald ed affair. to the chief of staff of land Mrs. Edith Mt,rlin. Lela hi- G. Salt. {right), whose parents,' the A:my. vir. vnd Mrs. Raymond Lunday, l The conference, which included man ca]ed in the afternoon. ve m Yale Okla, is dmeussmg to t " , " " " p'es ranging from personnell . . : . " { Mrs. John Inman visited Wed- A, my policies and procedures;managemerit to uniform insignia, ,,esdav with Mr and M,-o affeefig enlisted personnel withwas held" at the Pentagon, Wasll-'x,:,, " . .. " .,. AMos , ,xnner of Stilhvatei ,(.:,:ant Major of the Army ington. D.C., from November 28- ' " " 'Dear Flabby. My wife complains all about my drinking Flabby, don't take me only drink scotch before dinner, and at parties. quit drinking scotch Dear Puzzled, t ides No. I advise Rum or Be.  lale t g3 t iilii  , BRADLEY'S Plumbing, & Air Condition Over 30 years in Stillwater A tl.am O. Wooldridge at the first:30, 1966. ! Mr. and Mrs. James Etheridge ,e:eants ma)or conference spon- I Sgt. Sult, who is serving withlvisitcd :Mr. and Mrs. Howardi| oto n me Army Head 1601 E. 6th II :" " " I quarters, Eighth U.S. Armyl|TA]leridg e Monday. I ii FR 2-4131 Sergeant Major Wooldridge,. in Korea, was last assigned at Ft. Ban-eft Needles siat Tuda STIIWATER ,vh ',VnS appoin,ed as the first Sill, Okla. " " '1 - 3W. 8th e, geant major of the Army this His wife. Jeannine. live at 5 mght with Mr aud Mrs. Ah'a FR  ' 21 2era, :erves as advisor on enlist-  Holly Lane, Stillwater, Okla. Murlbl and Let. -ll '}' t