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January 5, 1984     The Perkins Journal
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January 5, 1984

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- rh,. u_Tn:i .Thered,y. Jon=W S,. ]se4 ., .* THE PERKINS JOURNAL rile Journal asks you- .,,,...,, ,,.. ,..,.o ,:,-. t From the Files tha E you Ih,,t Ofllce l~x 665. Perkias. Oklnhomn 74059 Telephone: 405-547-2411 I. i think . .,o..o ng for in 19847 .... _1~i''peneda'" up. 1 pi Mr. and Mrs. Frank an ance to recover)g that w I'a,.:, I.im'oln. Logan and Noble Counties 67 YEARS AGO Kirby of Lost Creek are serious injuries rea~e ..... ~ ~:).5i) per year plus5'7 tax [$9.97] t Wh t A P" Mary Ann Cole --- B " G m I the parents of a fine baby when he catapulted in~g ~m?et. ,,, ~ )kin..~13..')0 pcr year plu. 5' ~ tax [$14.17] J ing For in 19847 "Some more interest- J" er sin -- [From The Perkins Jour-boy born last week. horse and was throw~ ,,ah,,ma $16.50 per year : Rmmell Crensbaw -- ing and handsome think I've got every- nai, January 26, 1917 - 67 Little Marvin Bowyer is a fence post. His rein not om The economy to im- people to come to thing I need. I don't years ago] on the sick list with a cold has been slow [Year's I prove. A lot of the Perkins " know. The Commercial Club this week. complicated, and~frienJ JOURNAL EDITORIAL OPINION world crisis to resolve Amanda Reeder -- Steve Kamm -- held a meeting Saturday Mr. Burnett had a hoped the large~ules ~:r ,! themselvas--such as To make it to next year Nothing but the very night and discussed see-phone installed in his doctors can aid him ~t their de alcon .. a Fe r trol not the problems in Leban- Jacob Simpson"~ I best. If I have anything eral matters of interest, to house last week. recovery h to use on, etc.--all the places hope we have a good to do with it, I'll make Perkins. W. A. Knipe The Domestic Science The stork vzs]te~4 and w', m ) "- "'~ where we're trying tosummer and all the it thatway, discussed road improve-classes cured a cotton-tail he e of Mr. and|hemw,L m a, ffi#yl:ltl~l~F~ffi'=']~afh~' ". get into war. birdscome back Mike Tate --I hope ments, and Dr. Holbrookone day last week. They Tom Adams at Vin~eeD B~'.~ necess ram. Brakhage -- Dwight Wi~ns -- that I Lnish school-- noted bad conditions ofwould like to purchase a left a 5'/2 pound bab~ -in-~y What I'm really hopingNumber one is a closer maybe this summer, county roads, especiallyraccoon to try a new NOTICE -- Fral]e a for is to see a revival walk with God And Dan Tarkington -- between Perkins and the receipe. Perhaps they Eaton, hrsesb~e who The pendulum swinRs once again. An eleven year sweep across this financial stability Yeah. depot. L. C. Plat| discuss- could substitute a possum, blacksmithing of ~ll-[ivato .ikeover of state prisons by the ACLU and the federal - . courts may have ended with the ruling of appeal judge nation. And, I think it's Josh SimpsonJ- Oh, Wendell Fuller -- ed the river bridge and The Vinco Church met 2nd door north Of)lion and ~,,ay, who has declared the state prison system commg. I don't know. That's Same here. need for improvements, and a subscription was Garage. )5. Put y, ---- ,!Someone C,mstitutional, and being carried out to guarantee pl~nn Ciele -- "For hard. More allowance. -o- Shortage of public fundsstarted to employ a 30 YEARS your eig t hours of sleep at Elgin Patterson -- for improvements of roads full-time preacher for the hose rights. This decision is indication that federal court control one. ' (A new A better year in all and bridges was discuss-church that would live in [From The Perkin~zhile thinj ,)f an entire system is not necessarily the right control, motlter oz one month roads of my life. ed. the village. $200 was soon nai, January 14, 19~e people Judge Luther Bohanon has had a literal one-man oldtwihs.) t on The streets of Perkins promised and a house has years ago] ~ e ch ! dictate over Oklahoma prison systems during ~ time. were crowded last Satur-been donated for a pastor. Candidates for I~y. 9. Re ~l~)~,l.....Ok]ahomans would, p.robably admit that day. There was not Several of the ladies are queen and their spCt.aged. W: I p,',, .... ~nts were neeaea m the pri~n system, but another town in the county going to get busy and form are: Rosetta Brixe.yfl~13an be ~m~ie then millions and millions of dollars have been that did more business in an aid society to assist dyland Community;~! and t .-pent. methods changed, innovations created, new . ratio of size, than Perkins with finances. Holbrook, Washing~AII your prisons built, and the system stays much the onthatday. 52 YEAR ving Club; Julia ~.aY. -ares--overre, led and overburdened and the The two Payne County ~, z x~,.j~.., FFA; Edna is a Tall tamales and th~'ACLU still say they are mistreated and DOC'S COMMENTS representatives will intro- : Y%t~: ,h,nied their Constitutional fights. Oklahormms don't duce legislation to provide [From The Perkins Jour- BW:n~S M~IY~"l~n~iWfri ~tliz~k st). They feel they are being humane and fair. The .... , r a. for three regular terms of nai, January 14, 1932 - 52 Forrest Valley Club~ p,i.~oners .......... paint themselves into their corners and than orst. m my llIeume District Court in Stillwater .years ago] ,)mine me taxpayer mr oemg m that p~ent. Jamison, football; ~:~ instead of two terms now Will start uo hatchery _ __ Jenkins, Lions; Y], ---- Precious few have cried the cane for the common man . , . fixed by law. This will not Monday, January 18. Lacy, Women's Cou~ flyer~ )n the street, who abides by the law and is required to Dreaming of a White cember has been the worst nmghbor s ch]ldren have be so much inconvenienceBring egg....s on Saturday. Christian Church; ~ie houseat d~g deeper into his pocket to pay the bills of those who Christmas is the rule. in weather conditions that kept the walks clear and for farmers called upon to Customhatching-" $2.60-belle Redus, WMC;~njOvable ,lon't. Dreaming of a White is remembered in a left.a beautiful handmade serve on the juries Here- er tra of 128 ma Sue Smith, Perki~ t~vin . . . P y eggs. Club; Dons Splllers,~ne Hac ih)pefully the prison system is back in the hands of Christmas and New Year lifetime. The winter Chrmtmas card with a to|ore, the terms nave Perkins Hatchery, Phone . . s~ h,, professionals instead of the lawyers and judges. Let is the excention. But in storms have been nationsupply of good cigars, been in October and May, 60. bow: and Lets P'uon Val, ,, all h,.. a lesson that there ia a middle of the road even these times', exceptions wide with many strandedAlthough they manag.ed to the busiest times for the Two negro plays will be Westfall, FHA. The ~ it's a m n ,) )eratm rmons awa from home But do It all w~thout bemg l " g p ". ) are not unusual. Records Y . " .. ". ., " agriculture population,put on by the football boys will be chosen M~ke great in the weather for the everything is not bad in seen, IKnow wno mey are. Over 250 people were in of 1931, to purchase honor night January 18,[ you 'o ' . . (] month of December have the Cimarron Valley. WeFrank and Shan Mann, the Jorns & Thoroughmanjackets for the team. The program m the con~rticu a- , _ " = been broken and so have a have missed most of theages 10 and 12 years ofstore {r~ow P J's Flowers ne,ro debate is" l] tna,,, g tztled,building. ~ie ..~-' ' I ~m@~" ~ 4-~ ~l~&A~m lot of water lines, freezing rain, sleet and ice age and whose parents are and Gifts), at one time"Ghosts or No Ghosts" A carburetor rue ,e awa- : .AI~I,I,K)g ~ ~II~ ~J~l~l.- Utilitvn,~rsonnel nlum-covered highways so haz- Alvah and Norma Mann Saturday evening. The and is a comedy. "The and battery have!with Yhc v z--- , r . he 'v " r h bern, law enforcementardous m many parts of w h e, just ac oss t eguessing contest on theCoontown Millionaire," replaced on the o~iv and v officers have been working the country. Margaret street. I t~ proud o! hmiYr money contained in the and "Good Morning, truck and it is now re~ new re, "o'"h m ..... n - -- " o -- around the clock in an Coate who lives in Perkins gooo ne~g hers and t err glassbox, was adjudicated Judge" are both good, make fire runs, ~.~ 'J W o It May t~o cern: Laying on ner Ken|nor ........ n"~ we-~'~ =n ~--hin-has kids at 2:30 p.m. The guess clean comedy plays and Brown, fire chiefsai~ --- M,, da,,,rhter Linda )~a i~o..-;...,^ t.^.ezzort to xeep me ClUZens ~ u ,ha ~u~ ~ _. - , ~. --,, . ,.. -- ........... s ,,,,,m M,.,,,.~..m, ,Vho r,,o made it without trouble For tne rest two years, that won was made by will be presented immedi- Pet. Cecil Dod~ ,,. Crouch "ust haw"^" m- ' '- - : , J u~ Cu~COOCtOCa. n .... .,~o,,,h.o.la.~.oon everv workimr dav and. Ole Doc has not sent JohnnyScroggs at$31.95;ately after the debate.Atlanta, Ga., spe~_~-- ,hess memories of her Hearing stories of her :~'~v ...... ~.':" .......... " " n/ "l mad~ his Christmas cards and feel weeks visiting his p~ld :~a3de73tohwer she had :ehieldmhsoOoOdiinthr:tstShe made 33~heT]to; f=s unut~ ?:u~3s Uwa:hSout d~ay. embarrassed when so actuallyCaSh in$31.95.the HebXwonWaSa DickeyMr' andtookMrS.theirW.son,S, the Dewey Dodrills. [ --- -~ ........... u~. _ -- homes and business Daughter Mary Frances many are received. So .... $3.50 pair of shoes for his Wallace, to specialists in i am senmng morn ~o net tronmgs mat axle ..... " ....... a ., .~nu-%.,s To evervone, wishin~ each efforts. Oklahoma City for assist- 25 YEARS UOllty ( I ~omeumes we wonaer ~,-,=vo-:- o u~.,, ,. v ,, v )u )cause [ thought ztwould do ff only could get ....... Christmas dinner with all of you a Happy New Year " "1" " wnen tney eat and catcn a / wasMom. MomlsLdm mme to look that good .... thetrimmin-s overflowing with good i~-~'---~---~-~---" ~ [From The Perkin~ fir wh " t ,rue smep. m . R~ ms o jus passed today en health ha mess and awa'" the 10th of Deera Eatm- - rn b h My orchids for this week The Barracks have be , pp nal, January 8, 19~ ,,try " ,i. htof:kF~Pc~r_l~tLtego to these dedicated and warm and so far offered no prosperity. An effort was ~" yearsago] j ',. , ..... t~;~ .~. ~- ffP" professional'people They plumbing problems. The made to use the telephone It was a cold, col~ ~[~ | [te! a need m explaintier quutmg ann nuns-aeserve" mucn~ more.-- " ue-~" " for the rnur'~ser~ but found r (jC--cC"~) .~ ]~ ~_~- ~...~" in Perkins. Tempei~ ~k~ that my four daughters work that was done so all circuits busy in every ~ ~ dropped to 2 to 3I ~1~ loved theii" Granny dearly, beautifully .......... direction Sorry zero two nights inq ~ -- Morn could bake bread Walking over to Mrs. [ [ See b; the newspapers and 5 to 7 inches o~[~V didn't help matters~ -" =-- tizat melted in your mouth. Eaton's for a short visit. | [ where some members of The only time in United States history that the President Daytime tempel~rljCI She always told the Th,~ delivery boy that i rll | ii~ _~ , [ the legislature are sug- and Vice President were members of different political children that the raisins delivered the grocerias [ Ins roet-s I rner _ .................. estm~, and offerm reso- parties occurred when Thomas Jefferson, a Republican, stayed around 10~-- ---' were bugs and whenasked Honeysuckle by the [ I lutions for appointing a became Vice President under John Adams, a Federalist, degrees for severalI what made things taste so front door. | [ committee to be known as in 1797. This was the seco~ o+. .. ....... .... ' [ F dmt she st~rred It with her that s where we always mission to provide input to |'Ot~t. slept. THIS MOTHER'S PRAYER improve adequacy and Jack Floyd bro~ it you. think ,it OK,The list could go on and L.J. Pitts efficiency to improve [ [ ~ ~......---"'~. ~ ,,@e~@~ ~ I ~ I arm when a car@OlD, pit, ass print Lmdas men- on, but th?e area few l went to church this Sunday public confidence in state [ ~_.2 ~/jt/,4f..,/O ~(~.~! ~ ~~ - ~/~t/'/~(~ ~(y'~.-~T ~ J while he was chanl~ orms ~ntne paper., memort?s 0.I ttranamotaer There I bowed my head and prayed, government. From where I it,~rip,,.~-~,~.~/~.~/~k../l__, tire in front of G~,. Emma~mith taut I nola.aear in my ..... Ihave ~':~uu,--k:~'~-"-,~..u,,,, re~,,=-'k"" .... sit, it looks like the ~([fT, I-----,~.,,/- Cafe. His arm was ~N. |lust Box 77 heart, l,chertsh the tim~ I m,u-'~ "~ruu- " r.,,uw" .... ~,,t'^ p,m,~-~ -- ~ ..... vc ,.an.'*^ recalcitrant members who between the fend~...,._ Buffalo OK had wtth Grandmother ' went home wzthout mak ' " ' For any of them, Jesus, there s nothingI would trade. " - - The first president to accept his party's nomination with the wheel. Sever~lL "Memories of My She's one of a kind. I love Just help direct theft steps Dear Lord-- ing any effort to assist in a speech at the party convention was Franklin D. Rome- picked the car ul~ -o~.~ uranamother aria wi, miss you very Guide them from above solving state problems velt, who flew from Albany to Chicago in 1932.removed his arm .,, By Linda Crouch . much. . _ Let them know Your presence and feel your Heavenly already have such a was taken to a ~ne sme, o~ woo~ ournmg Your roving grana- Love "committee, the voters, and Florence Holbrook on a frosty cold morning, daughtei', Linda. " it's lartrer than they may C~t(~'W(~)]~ .._.._.~..~_._.~-..~ he will be back to ~ p .. The light !ro m ..the -0- < "I have a husband Father, whom, I love very much, think. ~luch more will be ACROSS 37 Poisionous S ~- o d ~ .L B 9 "/ 9 the station as usu~fU, ~itcl~en ana.sme, ot conee He needs Divine direction Lord and heard from them following) Regions "9 weed . ~ ~ H ~ ~ ~ f ~ ~ N few days. .~.~ 6 Sharp comer ~1 vr0run ~- - - so early in the morning. ==-~n ,~ ,~sa~', =,nrw'm ~rhans an angel s touch-- the first of the year when ] ,' .... 4 Po)d nohces ; .................... r-- r o ' 14 D,~x:l~to~7e 43 Totals 20 YEARS The bread that she d flake that t ..... Dear Sirs: Dear Jesus we were married young, school children are forced . .... 45 Greek fetter lal-~l#l~mm ~1 ,~l~l Imm , Idl astea so gram.. Please renew our sub- this You know is true-- to walk to school, teachers or L~,v,n,w 4" "' " - ...... [Fro~ ~em Th Perki~ .l'!ven t.hough some had scrip|ion to The Perkins l helieve our vows were blessed and being furloughed or lear- (obbr.) ~o -,~,o.~ mal~i~l~~~ 15. Otherwise 5~) ~rretia- ~/ 9 V g 3 3 d ~ nal, January 9, 19~ [[J Ir "PUGS m tt was me deer Journal for 1984 We came from Only You. ing the system for jobs16. Diplomocy -~-, ?~ ~ ~ w ~ q ~ ~ ~ ;~ years ago] i "~" ( I'd ever eaten. ....u.. -n'o-" "- " n"-'-- - offeringmore security,17 Ovum ........ ,^" .... 51 Splendor ; ?'/ " "-e 2~ (~~03 l)nggmg" ," potatoes while" -m,,3 "~ ~ -..'~ '="o ,y :~omem,ng Jim Graves ha~l dm s, n was comiw- ur,~about the people that live So Father, though my family strays enlarged classes with " . 54 ~roze~ mi,~., ~ , =c ~ , ~ ~, "1 ~r,'ngri " 55 Stain~ " " ~ ~ ~ _ ~ ~ elected president .~ 202 ,,~- . ?-v.. there and all the neighbor- and all directions they may take-- some possible consolida- ~ revo core ...... IglnlOl~l-Cl~l~lOl~l~l~IC~l Perkins Roundup Cl~ h -" urs truly, PI 22. Peruse ,.~w~ ~ "~. N N ~ W "~ )4 W ~noppmg jonnson el ]de|hem Jesus tmn, cuts m courses 24. Indion 1. Viper ~ Sandy Wells haS~ rerl gli:ssi .lu;:;e~i~nderstood hood neWo ~o7'~:: ~mhdr~Ui;:lines break--' offered and other things millet 2 Norrow ~' ~ ~ Soak,on selected to be the ~'Y' J'" "; " ns I James & LenaThomas For Lord, I know your power--ever faithful--everhindering the education of 26. DOctor (abbr.) roised strips 9. Clear Basketball queen,~._ Feeamg cmcKe , ~,., ro=.~ t, oli a=~o~ true-- our children. If, as some of 27. Germon 3 Plurol |0. Compound ~;rii!hoko~[e~de~/fi!fu~n~. ~ W~lp:lsPomm:~:ydtwhee'~l~fweliY:~?m: ihhyaett~!ge~olp~teoOr~nrS3rmlnd!!:i:~ Admirol ending ether attendants will be~ 29. Legend 4, High card 12. Employed Murlin, Patty Ev~ 13 P cture " 31. Drains 5. Vended " " Jody Nelson. i strength 6. By puzzle 33 Merge 7 Sene 18. Spaces Payne CountyJ ~. 35. Jumbled type 8' Aim 20. Trolley publishes their qt~ [[1 , 23 Distribute r i' r ' 1" / l'Y r'l 5 statement of $3,1~, ~' ["'[ I I I I,z I,S I I~ 28. oetry 43, which includes! 30 Toword I I I l I I I I l l J " I of $1,032,011.02; a~ 1's' , 1+ [ I she teredside deposits of $2,859,~ l l I I I 32. Worn spot n ,I ]m )[1~ zq 1 zo 2, 34 Discover I l [ I Tr i I Directors are D. C._~ " I" " I"l ]35 Nina Wilhite, and I~, |, ~ I 1i~, ~ - ].~o I 36, Perfect Freed. GalenC. Ho~ -" [ 1 [ 1 1 ] / 38. Socred is Cashier. i I n ...... . ,-,- w . ow 1 0 YEARS C -V'mm"l IV I" I r- 142 I I I m " I I I 44. Pouches .,~ I I I I I I [ 1 I 47 Compass [FromThe Perk iP i'v" I I I''r I''# I "'P Illlse I I po+nt : ] ] ~ ~ I m I 149 Corded fobric nal, January I0, I 1111"11 'i I 152. Pronoun years ago] i ~'~ - ~ 53 Ne~otive The P-T School! _ _L_L_I wo~d rehired Supt. Ceci~l , The Journal Staff - ,,, " ' ' ~ ' ' ....... ' DEwEyMAYOR-- RETIRESMayor John fOralsotheaskedcOmingschool yesti v~e,~,,~J~ BENNETT FRAN JANET EARLENE R. Smithson, M.D., an- to vote for the p~ BOB I~va~ LAND MILLER REEDER REID nounces he will not seek bond issue in Fell EVANS "~ ..... .... ~+ + re-election. He has served which will pro i - .... ~+i "~ 20 years as mayor and city physical educatio~ +: ~ councilman. He points out and seven classr~ ~ st st be constructed on I i the greate ep the town of the old CoS# ...... .... haShis takenadministrationfOrward underwas Building. i creating a city manager Kenny Nelson, Publt~her-Editor Manager/Editor Advertising Society Reporter/Writer Circulation _ I I II I I I ]1 IIIIIII II IJ I I ~ I I I III IIIII I II I position. The mayor said that Dewey was once in terrible debt. "This has all turned around with the hiring of Paul Allee as city manager," he said, point- ing out that there is now continuity to city govern- ment. Tryon co-captai~ named to Oklaho~ Slate football squP "honorable menti0 egory. Hollis Ward has i school board post Forrest Robint| 5.