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January 5, 1984     The Perkins Journal
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January 5, 1984

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YOUR PROFESSION rhe Perkins Journal Thursday, January 5, 198~ -- PAGE 7 a a .( Cro ma Lyne NAL VISITS S Janet Reeder I'm really used to a II town. That s why I ary, will find the Sens forward to living in a large family relocating to Okla- city. 'Tm excited. homa City. There'll be a lot more to do Although Debbie has there," she said. "It'll enjoyed making Perkins just be another adven- she is looking ture." Perkins so well," native Debbie said Debbie was home, in Blytheville Her father Cain, wife Hattie grandparents, Mr Mrs. Jim England ar~ heville residents. Deb mother, Mrs. Ror makes her home ir City, Florida. ARe] to her mother b) le recently, Debbi~ "h's freezing dowr too, and was in the m Christmas Day." is married to an )rd, Ohio native she through friends while was stationed in leville with the Air Ken Sens is s nician with" Xerox He works :ly in the Stillwater The family came to ins a year and a half frt)m North Little An expected trans- the first of the possibly in Febru- Local homemaker, Debbie Sens, devotes her time and energy to her home and the Sens' son, Christopher, 2. God's Gifts are abundant are the bless- of the redeemed. gifts are abundant children. It would ~ar impossible to with any accuracy, teasings that befall 9he follower during of a year. Let try to fathom the of a loving God one entire family ~'. will be, for the searcher, no lack to praise the in reviewing the four seasons of you had abundant as one of and as an promise of scripture. "according to His riches in And how about abun- glory," (Ph 4:19) is an dant life? In the tenth integral part of the chapter of John, Jesus spiritual abundance God explains it as the reason offers. for His coming. It should And, perhaps most be yours to be cherished, valuable and most cher- Abundant grace that ished, by all believers, is allows you to always be that abundant entrance sufficient, abounding in Peter speaks of. An good works, particularly, entrance that will be is a great blessing from ministered abundantly above. "' into the everlasting An abundant power, kingdom of our Lord and "that worketh in us," Savior Jesus Christ." {2 allowing us to do far more Peter 1:11). than "we ask or think," (Epes. 3:20) is a gift from THE VERSE: God. And one we have Return unto thy rest, O cause to thank Him for my soul; for the Lord hath extending to us. dealt bountifully with That abundant supply thee. Psalm 116:7. that meets all your needs -o- Rack is Half of Half 125 S. Main - Perkins The Sens have one child, Christopher, who is two years old. "The one and only," his mother calls him. A robust fellow, Chris enjoys outdoor play particularly if it involves his dad and football. The family also enjoys fishing. "My husband likes bass," Debbie said. "I just try to catch anything I can get." Family unity for the Sens comes from, "keep- ing the lines open," Deb- bie says. "Communication is about the only thing you can do," she adds, to en- courage togetherness. She feels that the economy has created a shared problem area for today's families. "The economic situation of today is hard on all families," Debbie said. She cites the continuation of high interest rates as a factor that encourages today's family to "try to live more within their means. ' ' Describing her family as close, the local homema- ker said, "Just being together as a family unit keeps us strong." As for being a homemaker, Deb- bie said, "I love it." She thinks that traditional ideas about homemaking have changed consider- ably. "I don't think people look at it like they did. It's work--you have to work to keep a home and take care of a family. I really consider myself fortunate that I can stay home. Before Chris was born, I always worked," Debbie said. "Now, I have the opportunity to stay home and I really like it." Debbie has experience as a nurse's aide in nursing homes in Arkan- sas. She comments that if she should ever want to return to work, she would want to return to that work. "It's depressing some times--but it's rewarding," she said. "I've always felt that my goal in life was to help other people that couldn't help themselves. And, I get a lot of satisfaction from that work." An easy going woman who sees herself as "compassionate," and she says, laughing, "friendly," Debbie defin- itely doesn't feel that she is sacrificing a career. "I really don't. Some wo- men," she said, "they have to have their career. I'm pretty content being a homemaker, staying home with Chris. I enjoyed working when I worked." When Debbie can relax for awhile during her homemaking routine, she enjoys reading. "Just about anything," will hold her interest, though mys- teries, science fiction and "books about the medical profession" are of particu- lar interest Debbie says. As a hobby, Debbie pursues ceramics. She enjoys doing projects in her own home and clalm~ to have several greenware items awaiting her atten- tion. ONE CUP SALAD 1 cup raisins I cup chopped apples I cup chopped pecans I cup marshmallows I cup coconut i cup sour cream I cup crushed pineapple {drained) Combine all ingredients and store in refrigerator overnight. $$** TACO SALAD 1 V2 lbs. hamburger meat 2 pkgs. taco seasoning 1 can kidney beans 1 V~ lbs. Velveeta cheese 1 V2 cans Rotel 1 can cheddar cheese soup 1 large head of lettuce 1 large pkg. Dorito Nacho Cheese chips Brown and drain ham- burger meat; add taco seasoning according to pkg., add kidney beans and simmer 30 minutes or until desired thickness is obtained. In large pot melt velveeta cheese, add rotel and cheddar cheese soup. Chop lettuce. In plates put layer of chips, hamburger mix- ture, salad then cover with cheese. *Note leftover cheese mixture makes a good chip dip. CUBE STEAK DELIGHT 2 lbs. cube steak 2 cans cream of mushroom soup 1 ~/2 cans of water Flour and brown cube steak. Add water and mushroom soup. Simmer 1 Vz to 2 hours. LIGHT BAI"rER 3~ cup corn starch ~/~ cup flour I t. baking powder ~A t. salt % t. pepper ~/~ cup water 1 egg, slightly beaten In bowl stir together first five ingredients. Add water and egg. Stir until smooth. Pour oil into large skillet to depth of ~h inch. Heat over reed. heat to 375. Dip {4 cups) cut up vegetables--carrots, on- ion, zucchini or mush- rooms. Or lb. boneless skinless chicken breast, cut into 1" cubes. Add few at a time to oil. Fry 2 to 3 minutes. Turning only once, until golden brown and crisp. Drain on paper towel. Serves 4 to 6. SUGAR CREAM PIE ~A cup sugar 2 cups milk 1 stick of butter or margarine Heat to boiling, then add % cup of water and ~/~ cup corn starch. Mix, cool, and put into cooked pie crust. -O- medications account for TOOTH TRUTHS this. By Your dentist wants to Dr. John A. work with you to help Thompsen, Jr. D.M.D. maintain your beautiful Remember, most dental smile for a lifetime. problems can be avoided -o- and prevented by your TO OBSERVEGoLDEN good home care and WEDDING regular dental checkups. ANNIVERSARY Brush your teeth afterMr. and Mrs. Paul each meal, floss once a Weems will be celebrating day. their Golden Wedding Use a toothpaste with Anniversary, January 13, fluoride in it. 1984. Eat nutritious foods; The couple was married keep junk foods to at Stillwater by Rev. V. A. minimum; gooey goodiesDoty and have lived in the are baddies. Perkins area since then. Baby teeth are very Their children, John important; they should be Weems of Tryon and cared for just as adult YvonneSalsman, Glencoe, teeth are. and their families want to Gum disease, not toothtake this means to publicly decay, is the major cause thank them for their love, of adult tooth loss. encouragement and un- Nowadays, badly decay-derstanding. ed teeth can often be Due to Mrs. Weems' saved by performing root health there will not be a canal treatment, reception but friends are Dentistry is virtuallyinvited to send their good painless these days; wishes in the form of cards space-age equipment and and letters. A Perkins area woman has been given an appropriate nickname at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa. "Little walking miracle," is how Diana Brakhage is referred to by doctors and staff when she goes to St. Francis Ior her once-a-month check up. Thirteen weeks ago, on October 7, Diana Brak- hage was involved in an automobile accident on the way to her job as an assembly line supervisor with Mercury Marine in Stillwater. At the scene of the wreck, an unidentified man told others who had stopped that there was no pulse, that the victim was dead. Diana's nickname stems from her recovery at an unexpected rate from severe injuries that in- cluded a broken neck in two places, two broken ribs, shoulder damage, internal bleeding, a col- lapsed lung, a broken jaw, and a six inch cut at the temple which severed an artery. "I feel like the Glory of God is right here," Diana said, making a thumping noise against her chest, "this cast, this halo." Diana moves toward the coffee pot, somewhat stiff and acknowledging light- heartedly that the appara- tus does lend an air of a space age robot to her activities. When her hus- band Rod makes an attempt to relieve her of being a hostess, she becomes sufficiently insis- tant to allow him the ease of returning to a project in another room. "They gave me less than a five percent chance of living--and less than that of walking and talking," Diana says, discussing the initial diag- nosis. 'Tm really com- fortable. It looks worse than it is," the vivacious woman offers sympathetic onlookers. Diana feels that she has been spared a great deal of pain. The" halo and body cast, as a rule, involve critical ad justments that are painful. Diana has perfect align- ment of the vertibrae in her neck and no adjust- ments have b@en required. She is hopeful of having the body cast removed sOOn. "God has just been in control in just so many little things," Diana said. She e-plains that after having a team of thirty doctors "trying to put me together," she now has THINKING IT OVER "These are my fellows," Diana lJrsk~mffe says of Danny, II, and Wade, 7. "They were pretty scared tittle rascals at first," she said. "When I started getting up and fixing their breakfast, it kind of showed them I was going to be all right." been released by all but her neurosurgeon and oral surgeon. Actually Diana's dental condition was help- ed by the accident, she says. She was being treated prior to the wreck, but having to have her jaw set gave her a "perfect bite." "It's made me terribly gabby," Diana says of the ordeal. "I was not a talkative person--all I've done is talk. Even when I had my jaws wired shut, I was talking before people and giving my story." Diana has visited many area churches and organi- zations relating her testi- mony. "It feels wonder- ful," she says. "I just feel so good, so strong, so eager and enthusiastic. I'm not shy speaking. It's very hard to sit down, and to not overwhelm people. Washed anew is how I feel." Part. of the reason for Diana's increased person- al faith has come through an experience she had immediately following the wreck which she was to tell her husband about when she came to in the hospital a week to the day later. By her account, Diana recalled information" she could not have been aware of concerning the accident. And then she described to her husband, Rod, a wonderful walk across Heaven with Jesus that took place while her distorted body lay lifeless and pinned in the wreck- age. She talked with Jesus, she says, and she was taken to a spacious kitchen where her hus- band's mother sat basking in light praying. "I cannot believe how my wreck has touched so many lives," Diana said. "The Lord has really put a boldness in my life and a joy." The young woman feels "a new ministry of witnessing has been open- ed up" for her. She recalls how seriously she took life growing up. "Laughter just did not come easily for me," she said. "I haven't had any depression. 1 have never laughed so much in my life,': Diana said. "It hasn't affected my goals in life at all," Diana said. She plans to return to her work at Mercury Marine within six months of the October accident. Having worked the past eleven years without taking off, except briefly for the birth of her two boys, Diana misses work- ing. "All the time I was in the emergency room, I was'insisting that they call Mercury," she said, laughing. "I take a lot of pride in my work," Diana said, adding that she would be with Mercury eight years in January. "They have been super. They have just been so so terrific," she said of the people at Mercury. Eager to get back, Diana said, "I miss the noise and excitement that goes with that place daily." By spring, bets are a "little walking miracle" will be reassuming her supervising duties with a new fervor she has acquired for everything she says and does. -Oo learn to -- I hope By Zola Sample DECEMBER 1983 was a record breaking month in Oklahoma. Winter blew in before December 22 with a windchill below freezing. The entire area fell into a deepfreeze. Weather con- ditions have caused two hundred eighty deaths already. Road conditions are bad, and accidents reported all across coun- try. We, in this area, were not prepared for such severe weather. Gas bills soared, as did electricity. Water lines froze causing problems teo numerous too mention. We still have two more months of winter. You've heard the say- ing, "never throw away anything you might need later," or "you'll need it the next day?" Such was the case at this time. I made use of a kerosene heating stove I used in our hunting tent. I could never have the heart to get rid of it. It held too many memories. It always came in handy and performed perfectly. I have used it several times here in winter when pipes in close quarters froze. I was sure glad I still had it this winter. I, with help, have managed to keep the water flowing blind as I am with tears of anguish.. ..ha. ha. Brenda, my dog, has brought in two half grown rabbits for me to thaw She is a kind, sympathetic creature, a great watch seeing-eye helpmate. Sometime I will write an article about her. Brenda and I went for a walk this morning. We were having sort of a heat wave The temperature was 28. The cool, crisp air lifted our spirits. Mr. Crow called from the top of his angel tree, "Where have you been keeping yourself?" I had heard him several times close to the house. He was lonesome. He probably wondered what had happened to me and Brenda. One blue jay is still with us. He sounds at times like he is complain- ing about the weather He probably wishes he had gone south with his classmates. You see no stray dogs these days. This windchill is hard on domestic as well as wild animals. Could be a blessing in some ways when you consider the ticks, fleas and other insects. It will be a hardship on folk with fixed incomes to pay their utilities. Surely someway will be provided. The after Christmas sea- son will be hard enough to combat with taxes and food prices. But they say there is always a way but some ways have got folk guessing. Food prices are bound to soar for freezing temperatures have dipped deep into the southland. We will all have to learn to cope with all difficulties. Governor Nigh is begin- things, it seems. Try not to worry. I learned lately that stress is the number one killer, Then heart trouble, Cancer, and so on. Try to float on the windchill till the heatwave drifts by. We are a strong people, courageous and brave. I recollect riding horse- back across the very sight where Mannford is located in my teen years when I thought it was freezing cold. ha, ha. But never did I think it got this cold. We had never heard of windchill. This December has made history. It has never been this cold since they started recording in 1890. How about that? Have a Happy, Pros- perous New Year. -O- NOTICE Prepared Childbirth classes open to the public begin Tues. Jan. 10. Classes start at 7:30 p.m. Cost is $10 for entire 6 week series. Classes will be held each Tuesday at Cushing Regional Hospi- tal. Emphasis is placed on the Lamaze method of childbirth. For more infor- mation call 918-225-2915 ext 204 or 352-4100, -O- ZULA SPENT CHRISTMAS IN OKC Zula Henderson visited the family of her daughter, Margaret Coate in Okla- homa City for Christmas. It was good to see grand- daughter Patricia and her husband.