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January 12, 1984     The Perkins Journal
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January 12, 1984

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) val and t~ ) even ! The Perkins Journal T~ursday, January 12, liJ~ -- PAt~' 3 I Viola Oliver, preceded him Thoughts and Things indeath. Surviving are hie wife, from The Iourna! Staff Ruth, of the home; three sons, PFC James Oliver, stationed at Fort Carson, Sam fried/breasted 30- day, the following letter' Colo., Tommy and Charles 40 daft" and sometimeswas stuck under the door" STILES SERVICES i special little twins : .. " HELD SATURDAY of the home, and a 'a and Clayton Cicle' more which would have Dear Bob: I see you most st ~o ..... ' been 240 a week or moreevery day and I think Longtime law enforce-daugliter, Terri, also the 1 .u ,rag great. They than 12,000 net year This every day you have lostment officer and retired home. t.o oe growing so times 21 ~'ears wouid be more pounds. What kind dairy farmer Lee Ray Also surviving are three tt s quite an experi- .)~9 ~ J of diet are you on9 WhyStiles Sr. died at the age of brothers, Joseph and )etng a new mother, " ....... - - not "-'~'-" ---~ ..... -- tZ_ 85 in the Cushing Regional Henry Oliver, both of Next to his wife(?) and namely: if "Moe" could ---- Ld~'ICl iJ, x.t, .y~ux lllt~llti IUr h~g to my friend .._ breakfast, lunch and din- Hospital, Thursday, Janu- Stillwater, and John eli- chfldren(?), nothing iswrest loo.~e from his ...m not so sure " ner for several days De ary 5, 1984 ver, Cushing. Also, three more dear to a man thanabductors and get away, stlu convinced that The incubator Jennifer you exercise9 And how Stiles suffered a stroke sisters, Clara Vine of his hunting dog. A man his great sense of "home- at a time' is the got for Christmas has ion~, have - ou'been on this two weeks earlier. Oklahoma City, Ann Clif- and his dog has long been ward bound" would ~t way to start a [ proved every bit as die~'and h~w much weight Services were held ton of Norman, and the theme of books, spring him onto the trail r. J interesting as I felt it have you lost~ You lookSaturday, January 7 in the Juanita EvanS.o.OfStroud. articles, poems, and me- back home These dogs .... nave an uncanny nome- . .... lble trouble. I've would, good: Signed, A Fat Church of the Brethren, lion pictures. In fact, two - " ...... Moe, a blonde Labra- ltai! my life. Ask my Everyday she goes to Friend.' west of Cushing, with the BATHTUB LISTENING of the greatest motion wara" o~ound" instinct ...... nor ltetnever, exercisea I think we turt)ed ~e barn to gather eggs.Even though it is not ReD. Rhymer Cox officia- CENTER pictures ever produced in TT,I,~o, l.Ah srA trans- champmnshlp behavmr ............... ed c ~cent.enough so that Six come to the i,tcnensigned, the letter deserves ting. PERRY---Mrs. Nancy my opinion were "Old ported great distances :du#l~::e ~:a~rst~t~s could feel comfort- and two go to the an answer. I've been on a Interment, under the Zavodny of Perry Elemen- Yeller' and the 'Rin Tin from their areas of ITM 'onsulting with Morn incubator. That was notdiet over a year and it is direction of Davis Funeral tary school, has designed Tin" series, familiarity, they have the Ihearl'rending s~ry in Fish some of the special anything we agreed on, it the Diet ~Center plan Home, was in Fairlawn a carpeted bathtub listen- Last week, Bill Hicks, intelligence, the innern Fowl with BW. of taking care of two was an idea she come upmostly, with a little of my Cemetery. ing center, designed toone of the arch's premier instinct, and drive to , me. . with on her own. own ideas thrown in. I Stiles was born Feb. 9,teach kindergarten stu-dog trainers and handlers somehow go back home. sore,; q~vidence .ff mistreat- s weather iswonder- . The firsteggs are due to weighed 220 pounds when1898, on the family dents vocabulary building, of Labrador Retrievers and They also, apparently, ment lticks said. ~ wasn't afraid the hatch in about two weeks. I started, and today I homestead west of Cush-They listen to such things Golden Retrievers, called sense when they are in There was great rejoic- nat's still hanging I m wondering if she has weigh 156 pounds, whiching on S.H. 33, the son of as "Star Wars" to help and said: "My young, unaccustomed company ing in the Hicks household d would cut my line, decided where to put the is a reduction of 64 George W. and Alice build their vocabulary,blonde, Labrador RetrieD- and strange people. This tha! night with the return out by the pon~ I'm"hatchlings. ,. , pounds. I do approximate- Stiles. ~ er, "Moe" has apparently telegraphs a message toof' Moe. ' lor.summer, tiring I recently sweet-tamealy 30 minutes of exercises He attended schools in ........ been stolen. He is missing get loose. - - - - ~re ot this sunshine Monnie into taking theeach morning, without fA;I the area. ~ STATE i and it appears the chain Friday afternoon a The monthly supper | . o ..... nks for lunch Liz.two-week old calf out of These are simple exercises At the age of 20, he and which tied him was cut.neighbor of the Hicks, meeting of the Sanborn .mncy restaurants the garage. :~omenow tBasically, the Diet Cen- the former Mary Jane He was taken between 7 Norma Brock, noticed a Chapter, Izaak Walton have anything on have a sneaking suspicion ter plan stresses much Smyrl were married in ISENATE I a.m. and 3 P.m." blonde Lab coming down League, is scheduled ...........I'm about to be inundated protein' (chicken," fish," Perkins on February 10, Bill had owned "Moe" the road and that the dog Monday evening, January --Jane~ wlm nne-leamerea ............ i. .... ~ ~ 1918. They were married for a little over a year. went into Hicks, yard. She 16, at the clubhouse on .... friends. ~:l~a~ce"~o~= ve'geta~ies: nearly 60 years when she "Moe" was a descendant coaxed "Moe into his Sanborn Lake. Members ~, Fallen, who until --Fran topped off with fresh died on May 4, 1977 in of the world-renowned pen, which was not easy, are encouraged to bring L)y was associated . """" . salads and fruits. It asks Cushing. Kellogg retriever line of but finally accomplished, covered dish, a guest, a,,d ~re Holland House we ve mentlonea our for drastic reductions inAfter their marriage, By Senator Shedrick ]~ the Dakotas. These dogs"Moe had done it. He attend. The supper :~om- ant in Stillwater in a~et a few times wnen we ~o,~ m,~-t fat~ ~nd they moved to the family are regarded as top-of-the- had alluded his captors, mences at 6:30 p.m. The s capacities over a need something ~ fill greases, sweets, and homestead, west of Cush- By Senator Shedriek line in their field They got on the home road and road into Sanborn Lake is ar tenur some s ace. USUally In our e, estimated P starcheswhich is some- ing in an area still referred Saying Oklahoma was have performed notably all returned to his home. now passable. Apprecia- :OOked more than column, but when_ _we thm~:"- w~"^ a,~, ,~a~^^-.., ,~,- to as "Stiles Hill." He not meant to achieve only over the world and always Hicks' ace-in-the-hole had tion is expressed to John ~O chickens there,came to work the other middle school health clas- lived on the homestead average goals, but excep- take top honors in been played by "Moe Floyd of the Stillwater Friday, January 13 thru Thursday, Jan. 19~_ ses. The quantity isplace for the next 65 years, tional ones, Governor competition and dog and, triumphantly,he Parks and Recreation ~]Nh J ,] ~ ,i ,~'v's. Mz,s ample and the secret is The family had been inGeorge Nigh opened the shows, came back home. Department and the office ':~ , ',l I t~ 1 | | [ kl3~2-~ ~ ~ elimination of sugars, the dairy farming business 1984 regular session of the Hicks had already "Moe ' was extremely of Stillwater City Engi- Ultl~,~.~aa .... ! I grease and starches to for many years and his son Oklahoma Legislature inswung into action to shy, hungry, and showedneer. .- . nnMON [ ANGEL R [ enhance a body chemistry and grandson are still in an address to a joint exercise every option and ......... _ .............. _ _ _ ~.W VALe.' ......... , that gets the most foodthe business, living in the gathering of legislators at avenue ,.to bring about- - ~- - _. - - ~ - - - "1 [ [ quality out of the food you immediate area. the State Capitol in "Moe s return. He had Sh Open 7:15 [ Open 7:15 [ eat and get it on through In addition to his Oklahoma City. And, as is contacted area media, Think ! ows at 7"30" 9"30 [ Shows 7:30; 9:30 [ the body and out withoutfarming and dairy opera-required of a governor by veterinarians, the Hu- ~at. Sat. and'Sun. [ l~at. sat. and Sun. [ depositing a lot of fat. lion, Stiles was Deputy the State Constitution, the mane Society, and various ~pen 1:30. Shows at ] ~n !~37.~.~.~ J Eight glasses of water a Sheriff for Payne CountyGovernor offered his rec- individuals, including ~hows'at 1:45; 3:45 . day is a must. in the Cushing area ommendations for the neighbors. What amount- .... " ' The Metropolitan Lifebeginning in 1941 under coming year s budget, ed to an "Area-wide m l[ 'tV'~'~ ~ ~" ~'~~'~s ]~ Insurance C" weight then Sheriff Emil Schroe" While the Oklahma Alert" had gneut" Ahec d -- " ' - ~ 7 |, I ~ ~ -- ~ " m ...... ~ ~ chart says for my height der. He resigned 17 years Constitution does require With the passing of and build I should weigh later when Sehroeder wasthe Governor to submit a Wednesday and Thurs- SACRED GROUND PG I between 150 and 160 defeated by Charlie Few-balanced budget recom- day, hopes for "Moes" .................. [ pounds. I'm right where I ler. He then took a mendation. Governor Nigh return dwindled. Hicks _ _ [ should be for the first time position with the Cushing went beyond-this requisite had an ace-in-the-hole. Open 7:15 [ in my life. The last time I Police Department for two by outlining a multiyear -o- Shows at 7:30; 9:30 [ weighed 156 pounds was years before retiring, balanced budget package I Mat. Sat. and Sun. [ on my way up probabilnYStiles was a member of which includes continued .... Open 1:30 ] about the fifth grade " the First Christianreductions and revenuesome equalization in the Every January, Amerzcans are ,.~ Shows at1:45:3:45 ,/ elementary school. It is Church. enhancement, cost of motor vehicle [. h ............ difficult for me to everIn addition to his wife, The major features oflicenseThe tagS.enactment of this aced wit gathering income tax ~L.']] 3] m~" [ ~] w~'~.(~2"~ IN, remember when I weighed he was preceded in deat~ tb, e,chiel~e~.~'@ ,uro~ plum would generate $76 mformatmn. Our computer et,~Pl,- , I "| under 200 pounds. My by a son, Dean Stiles, gram were based on two ~UIdlJISN g | .... I blood pressure is now Surviving are three major points: (1} the millin for state use in theservice can provide.y.ou a print IMPACTIMPAT-I HOT DOG R[ nrmal'Ijustabutfailed sns' Lae Ray Stiles Jr'' current fiscal year 11984) current fiscal year andHO DOGR out of.hi an insurance examination west of Cushing; Bob appropriations be reduced $355 million for Fiscal ]. your medicine or ~. Oven 7:15 ]Open 7:15 [ over a year ago because of Stiles of Seattle, Wash.; an additional $153 million inYearour1985"tax base,The increases ~h~ Shows'7".30 and 9:30 [ dangerously high bl.ood Don Stiles of St. Joseph, {cuts which will range coupled prescription pure _hases over the M~'--~ Mat. Sat. and Sun. J pressure and poor physical Me.; two daughters, Mrs. from 5.5 to 10.7 percent); would,With furtheras thereductinSgovernor past. year. This m a valuable . Open 1:30 [ Open 1:30 [ condition. . . _ Edwin (Gladys) Lawson of and (2) the enactment of said, keep Oklahoma serwce'--not only for preparing Shows at 1:45; 3:45 _l we recommend it. It Ponca City, and Mrs. Jack revenue-raising measures ~" costs very little except (Mary) Kendrick of Cush-this yearandnext. , striving for excellence, .... 3 ~,l,,~ No,,~ o, ~77 willpower and determina- ing. Under the Governor s even in this era of your income tax but health ''~mkk-W~~~7~f~LIM 372-37~ m~ tion. It is more difficult on Also surviving are 16 plan, an omnibus budget autonomy. I hope that. Itt TM ~ltl~/Ig,lblg ~1 t'~gl:~ [ your friends who fear for grandchildren and 16 reduction bill similar to each of you enjoyed a safe insurance claims. 6OTH DRIVE-INS CLOSED I your health than it is for great-grandchildren, last year s Senate Bill No. and happy holiday season. Orandsons were would be enacted by,look forward to working Our Computer Service yourself. Bob bearers. February 1, 1984. This bill with each of you in 1984. -o- would reduce the current I am always available to * fiscal years budget $153 anyone who might have a lS FREE! " ~ OLIVER SERVICES million--$126million from question or comment (Please give us one day to prepare HELD THURSDAY the General Fund and $27 regarding any issues we your print out.) , , , Graveside services for million from the Depart- may handle at the State ~) "~"i| 7 ...... James WilliamOliver, 53,ment of Human Services.Capitol. My address is: Pe kins were held at the NationalIn addition, a tax Senator Bernice Shedrick, .,-~)~ ~ Cemetery in Fort Gibson, increase package begin-Room 426, State Capitol, r ,~ ..... Thursday, January 5, ning March I, 1984 is Oklahoma City, OK 73105, IJ |~._ :~ 1984. He died Decembercalled f0r under the or P. O. Box 843, Phone: 547-2079 uru 30, 1983, at Bunch. Governor s proposal. The StiUwater, OK 74076. My Emergency Number: 547-5069 telephone number in According to a family increases would include a Oklahoma City is (405) Perkins, Oklahoma member, it is thought 1~ per cent raise in the state's general sales tax (1 524-0126, Extension 572; - - _, _ m - ,~ -= ........ 202 South Main Perkins Member F.D.I.C. ............. -- - m ....... With our specialized savings, C.D.'s, Money Market, and I.R.A. accounts we can help you reach your investment goals. Let one of our trained professionals help you Oliver froze to death after his wood stove went out during the extremely cold weather. Robbins Funeral Home of Stilwell was in charge of arrangements The son of John and Anna Oliver, he was born Nov. 18, 1930, at Tryon. Oliver was raised around the Perkins area and at the age Of 18 joined the U.S. Army. He retired in 1968 at the age of 38, with the rank of sergeant. His parents and a sister, , Quahty Chekci in Stillwater (405) 743- cent permanent and % cent temporary to lapse in 4500. December 1985); the JAN removal of sales tax ~ .......... ~_ i I III iiiii i exemptions on beer, to- bacco and cigarettes, and a similar increase in the alcohol excise tax; and a 3.42 cents per gallon increase in the fuel use tax on gasoline and diesel fuel There are those who would also like to consider removal of some sales tax exemptions as well as II DAIRY FOODS Enid, Okla. _ _ m llm mum n m -- ! \ GOLD SPOT DAilY PRODUCTS 633 N. Husband Stillwater I I II LI 3n.i210 ONE GROUP Ship ht Shore and Devon Blouses, Suits, off e i " " ENTIRE STOCK LADLES off' I ONE RACK of off I I 1907" Perkins, Oklahoma ONE RACK OFF BOYS Corduroy Wtour Shirts Knit II I I MEN'S Wool Shirts Flannel Shirts LONG SLEEVE II I I III I All Sizes BOYS THERMAL Coveralls IALL SIZES IN REGULAR ( 1898 Mso Lee Riders Black Lee's Corduroy [ MEN'S LEE RIDER SIZES