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January 12, 1984     The Perkins Journal
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January 12, 1984

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The Perkins Journal Thursday, January 12, 1984 -- PAGE 7 & YOUR PROFESSION By Janet Reeder "I don't like being like everybody else," Coyle resident Kelly Donahue says, "I don't want to be JOURNAL VISITS just another face in the a crowd--but I don't want to do anything to draw attention to myself.' , Being an individual and being herself are two Janet Reeder conservation minded utility trucks have been pality between $50,000 animals has shifted re- areas the young woman my biggest changes to a number of converted to burn natural and $70,000 per year, cently from neighborhood emphasizes as very impor- family iscity operated vehicles. In gas while cruising. It's according to a trade pets and the ducks and tanttoher. local home- all, nine police cars, ten estimated the changeovers magazine article, chickens Mary kept duringOriginally from Minne- ' Reid said. sanitation trucks and five will save the local munici- The gelds are the the summer, to a terribly sota, Miss Donahue was pride Mary has in ....... ~ parents of a three year old large fourteen week oldraised in Colorado. She .... ne an l that l, )ve she ~ !li~ .... son, Cody. They are puppy named Gustable. Acame to Oklahoma when . ns are evidenced ~ ~ '~ expecting a child in June blue Great Dane, "Gus" her Denver based employ- ~ bout the Reid's ~ i I ~ and are hopeful of adding has become the pride and er selected her to transfer ~ ~ to Oklahoma City.to, open a ~ ulate and tastefully I i ~i rural home ~.~ ~ B a girl to the family. Mary joy of the family. Dearl laughs and adds, "Maybeabsolutely loves this dog," branch office. ' I was : ~i we'll get something a little she said. working for Westburne ......... R ~ m t m tied to a Perkins n i) !~ | / less ornery. Cody's just Born in Germany, Mary Drilling in Denver. When , Dead Reid, Mary ~ | I~ ornery." is the daughter of Beverly the oil business started Getting a job back up on the screen to make ,r husband through |~ ~/~ l~ In a more serious vein,Brewer of Norman. A down hill there, they corrections, is a simple matter for Kelly Donahue at ,rk with the City of I~ |~ ili- Mary said, "I wouldn't brother, Jon Brewer, also decided to open an office OSU's Printing Services. ter. A City emo ~ Ig i~:~ B give my family up for works for the City of in Oklahoma City," she for over seven II , I~ ~}~ anything." Asked to des- Stillwater and lives in the said. "We had the big rigs . ," , Mary was involved ~ J ~ ~ : ~ cribe herself, Mary said, Lost Creek area. and everybody went to Quick to describe her- ' There s a lot of women utility meters for ~ ~ ~ ~ lira ~t[i "When I'm pregnant, I do * * * * shallow drilling instead of self as "a city girl, Kelly out there working because Years before her ~ J J,LI ~ $~ things on impulse. Bast-EASYCHERRY deep well. So, they,, admits she doesn't missthey're bore_d at home. I t work with the ~ ~[ ~ ~ ~J :~i.~cally, I'm a happy person. CHEESECAKE eventually. ,, closed down, things like the his' her think rd be bored if" I had e Department. ~ ~ll ~[~ I~ ~t]~ ~ I have a great family."18 oz. pkg. of Cream she said. They offered., to .crime rate of the larger to sit at home.." she said." Y's pride extends~ ~ nJ ~ ~ ~ j Candidly, Mary admitted,Cheese move me back, but it just city. "I like living and Reflecting on the dilemma her conversation as q ~ ]JJ~ J J. mm "I get upset sometimes. I ll4oz, canofEagle didn't feel right, so Iworking in a small she feels many women ges from her home~d ~ |~] [] ~J[~ [] feel like I don t have Brand milk stayed." community like this. Still- face in choosing to be husband Dearl. As]~ ~J I ~ I enough patience. No dif-'/~ cup f real lemn juice Hearing about openings water--comp~ed to Den- employed outside the isor of the City of [Ira N ~ ferent than a lotof 1 can Cherry pie filling at OSU through a friend in ver is small. The city home she believes they ter Maintenance ~ [] ~ J~ / [] people." 1 tap. vanilla this area influenced Kelly kind of gets in your blood make a trade of their time ment, Dead is ~ ~ ~ _] ~ ~ Life for the homemaker Beat cheese until lightto remain in the state,somehow, Kelly implies,for a higher standard of :h?~es f~dke~Pm'mp~g n B n q ~, I soOf themuch,,,80,s Mary"is speededsays. SheuP Brandand fluffY.milk, Addblend Eaglewell. yearsRelying expenencen nearly, threewith known,and if youitS doWhatmiss,!tYU Vest wouldnliving" 't want"Maybe-to workthevas- Operating. In his Trying to help pose "Otto," the family s Great Dame longs for the activities of Stir in real lemon and Littleton Independent times, she says. The much, and they'd like to Uesrl has recently puppy, Mary Reid talks about her great love forsummer and expresses her vanilla, pour into graham Newspapers out of Little- ideal," she feels, "would work-at somet'hing they innovative and animals, and hopes she has for the pup's future, family's interest in old cracker crust. Top with pie ton, Colorado, she began be to live out in the liked better " she offers as RATION . fashioned activities she filling and chill about work in November of 1982 country and only mess desirable 'changes for feels are supportive ofthree hours, with Oklahoma State with the city when you had many working women. . |Y Janet Reeder CVEHCLUBMEETS Stillwater. family togetherness. "I * * * * University's PrintingServ- to or when you wanted to ' Miss Donahue's family )k A1Pftllnf] Mary Dodson gave the There was discussion of think more than anything, ices. As a phototypeset- go out on the town--paint claims both Colorado and ....... invocation when fifteenthe achievement Day our time as a family is in HOI~ DINNER ter, Kelly works with athe town red, is that what Minnesota as home. Her 11_ - members of the Cimarron luncheon for Friday, Jan- the summer. We're el- Simp'ty tuake a habur- sophisticated and special- they say. ' father, Gerald Donahue, A netp Valley EH club gathered uary 27. It was decidedways outdoors til late ger patty, slice some ized computer system that Kelly recognizes a d if- lives near Rochester, I~'w,~.,, at the Galen Holsinger that thegroup would send evening gardening and potatoes very thin and produces the copy for ference in the problems of Minnesota, where Kelly ,,.a~t ~ Lions Den at 12 noon, five members to be Foodthinks like that. If Cody carrots thin, add onion, if much of the university's working women depend- was born. Kelly's mother, k aro .... Tuesday, January 3, 1984. Hostesses for the day. had his choice, he d live you wish, salt and pepper printing needs, ing on whether they have Sharon Decker', husband owUna yo.u, ~ m Dora Mercer was the This event will be held at outside." to taste. Put all ingredi- Oklahoma is consider-the responsibility of chil- Jim, and a younger xs Iamlly, men .... hostess for the luncheon of the fairgrounds. The Reid family enjoys ents together in a piece of ably different than Den- dren or not. "Most of the brother, Matthew, 11, live ~rYOur frienas aria ham and black-eyed peas. Enrollment cards were fishing and camping andfoil. Wrap. Fix one forver, according to Kelly, working women are out at Frankt'own, Colorado, , anO see wne~n "'='~ oe~ not-- someone" Elsie. Grant furnished, both filled out for the upcoming has taken up the sport of each serving. Cook at 375 who visited family and there to just sur~,i've-- near Castle Rock. A li .... jalapeno and old fashaoned year and dues were 'three-wheeling.' Mary degrees for 1 hour. friends in Colorado over make ends meet,' she younger sister, Tracy, ~,hlttne ouraen ..y.~ cornbreads. The other collected. The Good Cheer and Dearl bowl regularly * * * * the holidays. "People out said. "Even if they have lives in Aurora and ~en, WhOSe. little members brought saladspurse was passed aroundin a league with good here take their time domg husbands " omm t h o ~t~, may lessen, and desserts. This tradi- and "loose change was friends Renee and RandyMEATBALLS IN SAUCE , " " " . c u as to er w rk in things,' she comments; For her, time away fromDenver. Another sister, ~,e pm.asures.you tional meal was held tocollected for' the flower Fowble. 1"~/2 to 2 lb. pkg. of "Visiting in Denver,' her home and other Julie,'is serving with the mote, whose little welcome in the new year fund Talking about her choice Hamburger Meat emd wishes you can ~ . Miss Donahue says, par-activities centering on the Army in Germany. r. Inez Barnes read versesThe monthly social was to work outside the home, Dried croutons or stuffing ticularly after having lived home, creates the biggest - - l~.u ..... from Corinthians and they held in the home of Cliff Mary said, "It s the way 1 can Golden Cream of there, "you get back into conflict as " a working A highlight of Kelly's "~ p cneermJJy our pertained to T.L.C. Theand Opal Olson. This was you prefer to live--. I'dMushroom Soup the old competitive spirit, women. "I find you don't recent trip to Colorado ~upat~ons to attend ,_ ." . flag salute was given and a' pot-luck meal at 6:30 love to stay home, but I I small can condensed There's a charge in thehave much time to do included a visit with her ~s, m one of the the Homemakers Creed p.m., Friday, January 6. can't afford to." A plus to milk air--and it's noticeable in anything when you're grandmother, Rebecca ~.esses aria. set~- was read. Mrs. Barnes -o- her, Mary says, are the2 T. worcheshire sauce the way people dress and working_ Then if you have Decker. "She's my sweet- ..u~mg little things also read a story about two ~hb~iy likes to do, tots that pertained to MEHAN MESSAGES hours both she and Dead1 T. Ketchup all." time, you're too tired,ie," .Kelly said. work. "We both work Pour a little at a time, ,, must u~e aone, is T L C B Florence Nettles eight to five. You justcondensed milk into ham. THINKING IT OVER aY~ .... .Y,Tender Loving Care forbeautiful week. Beginning don t find very many burger meatuntilitissoft AFTER C tRISTMAS PARODY seem to man The lesson was entitled It Ysure has been a couple that have the same but still stays together. It a_~aey avom uttleTextiles that included to think spring was here. I hours," Mary said. Being won't take the full can. ~s..ses, they mu~furnishings, curtains, and am sure everyone enjoyed only minutes apart across 'Then pat out 4 to 6 pattiesBy Zola Sample Santa s hannv Ho Ho with pies, pumpkin, apple ""~ oe aomg all T'was the day after Merry Ch~'i~'st~nas to all and mince and something ri~,h ......... drapers, upholstery, car. the warmed after the long town is nice too, she adds. and place stuffing or , to metr HIDruly ends ...... pets and rugs, electr~ cold. "The biggest problem I croutons in middle of Christmas and all thru the was getting dim to recall that looked like a keg of -- ; out n Is not blankets and pillows. Tl~sThere were 112 at face personally," Mary patties. Wrap meat house noise was echoing Mamma was in her robepunch. I knew in a minute .~ abstain fro. m was very ably rendered by church Sunday. It is so said, discussing her role around stuffing, from every kind of an and I in my loafers hadMY surmises had missed. ~worcls, sn.eermgMrs. Dodson. The mem- good to see everyone here as a working woman, "is Sauce--add worches- electrical device. . just settled'down among! felt kinds sneak ish bu! t'q=t,~ co " " , i.,~Y ntradict~on, bers answered roll call by to hear God's words, the guilt of not being able hire, ketchup and soup John was trying out his Christmas commotion hem my repose ~or what ~o"t~esemsncares;givinga stain removal We had two birthdays to be around Cody, as and ~/~ can water. Mix electrical train. The track when un drives the would Christmas Holiday .~,. t~,. actwe and hint. and two anniversaries,much as I feel I should. ' A well, pour over meatballs was all lain with excep- relatives ~robablv exnect- Without All Your Folk. I " .mnaness, not The cake and bread Happy Birthday to Karla new world has opened upin casserole dish. Bake at tional care making every- ing another feast. Tibet is shouted their names hug- passwe and inof-show was discussed and Shelton and Trisha Wag- as Cody has begun to 375 for one hour. one step high and beware, the way with folk I sprang ged each in turn for my ~io ~,~. ^ announced for Friday, her experience pre-school. * * * * The drone of Father sfrom the sofa to "quiet the gesters with co-operating g February 24. There are 15Congratulations go to J. A woman who treasures TERIYAKI SAUCE electric shaver had already bea~le I'd never heard ones. ~'RSE categories to enroll'.. Tl~.e C. and Betty Spiva anda half hour quiet time in V~ c~p soy s~uce been heard twice. Moth-such commotion, screams The table was spread, s co- "- group voted to p .a~mc~pate Carl and Grace McKnight the early morning, Mary % cup oil er's new blender seemed'and hilarius manuevers what a feast we enjoyed. I nmaer one in this county-wide event on their wedding anniver- watches the news and 2 T. molasses awfully nice, while Nan- A way to the kitchen' Ihad nothing to dread...I "" Hebrews 10:24.to be held at the Payneseries. . prepares herself for the~/~ t. dry mustard cy's electric typewriter flew like a flash knowing thanked C~d St. Nick for -o- County fair building inWe are praising the day ahead. She loves to//2 t. dry ginger was quite a surprise, full well to enlarge the tl~e spirit st unnstmas, ~or Lord that Diana Brakhage read and says cooking is Garlic salt - dash Toys were scattered, menu I tore onen ~he ice the babe that was born and Mrs Ron 'ANNOUNCE BIRTH OF has her neck and head one of her favorite spare Mix well and marinate Father hoped Mother box began to ~iefrost for long ago in the manger.. of Perkins are the SON brace off. Her healing has time activities. She fash- your favorite meat in this would appear in her newthe sun~n the heavens was Our Savior and Kmg. ~_of a son born Mr. and Mrs. Joe been a miracle. She still ions cloth picture frames sauce. Use leftover sauce robe and slippers to clear descendin~r The wind After all tl~e commotion January 6, 1984 at Alexander are the parents wears a support at times to as a hobby. A love for for basting, the debris so after dinner blew a blast like off the I slipped off to bed and e.r Medical Center. of a son, William Nathan- help her neck until she he could watch TV. north ~,~le then the visitors dreamed of a land where ~hed seven pounds ael, born January 4, 1984 gets stronger and her . The Christmas tree streamed in thru the wide everyone was happy. It ~nces. at 9-47 p.m. in the muscles gets limbered up. classrooms and it should stood all trimmed with onen door unloadin~ u~n,vas such a good dream I .. -o. Stillwater Medical Center. She wants to thank be here in two weeks. We' tinsel, all the beautiful us like a 'huge avalanche wanted it to last. When I DUNCE BIRTH OF He weighed six pounds, 12 everyone for their prayers want to thank everyone ROSA RAINS packages had suddenly I felt like I would swoon woke I thought I heard IRSTCHILD ounces and was 19Vffi and concern. TheLordhaswho has given to our CELEBRATES took flight. The tree sinstead I just sighed and someone call Dash away and Mrs. Robert incheslong. ~ sure taken good care ofbuilding fund and we BIRTHDAY drooping spsrit was sad- searched for a spoon. Dash away all, _The of Perkins are the A brother, Joey and her. Dianna Spiva and would accept and appreci- Open House was held dened with plight knowing LO, to my wondering eyel-lonuay m over ana oe , of a son, Robert sister, Dawn, welcomed Dianna Brakhage sang a ate all that anyone would Sunday afternoon in theit would be doomed for a did anpear...Aunt Mary glad you're not dead. He was born their brother home. special, ,,Standing, onwant to contribute, home of Mrs. Rosa Rainstrash pile sight. It hoped ~. , January 6, 1984 atMaternal grandmother Solid Rock and Soon The Lord s work keeps in honor of her 84th for a quick bonfire to. g, ~ " ~illwater Medicalis Mary Nelson of Perkins." and Very Soon" with Lori moving along. Monday, birthday, riddance. , - e~d weighed seven Joe and Carol Alexan- Dooley accompanying on January 16th at 7:30 willCoffee nd cake were There. was. much | ,' ]kT#~w~l~o~ v~ ,~, ~. u,~.~=~..~,Inm~t~#~ rr~o~ ii. ,tnreeounces. der, of California are the piano. Thanks girls it be a Baby Shower for served ',~those who cons~derwh~chpresentg, ]_ Jtv~ ~,~ u,~,~,~..~ ~v. .'rnal grandparents paternal grandparents, was great. Ryner and Terry Arthur at visited, lost or how somebody tire., w. ~ ,. ~ I~ A__ J_,_~ ,r~z ..... L~ ". and Mrs. Jim -o- Our business meeting the Mehan Union Fellow- Guests were daughter,Godmother could mal l irst United Metl~omst urel "g, Kansas City, :. was Sunday night. There ship Hall. Everyone is Barbara Farris of Mid- such a choice. Tom w~ f, _ -x and Mr. and Mrs. GIRL SCOUT was alot of business taken welcome, land, Tex., two sisters, delighted when he disco'. ~ 1005 E. Kirk - Perkins ,tcks, Denver Colo COOKIE ORDERS care of There are several on our Zora Barton, Norman, and ered his walking horse a~. ~_ prayer list. Connie Galls- Ida Cottman of Perkins. I was flabbergasted abo~ ~ Where God' word is taught and ~al grandl~arents January 14 thru 27, Some changes in teach- ......... s w ........ ht _nd vm Lovvorn, Still- Perkins area Gin ~coutsera and ushers. Bill Foote way has been sick and Ron Nieces, Mercedes Barta receiving mouthwash. E" ~ ..................... ~ - {# ~d Mr. and Mrs. will be taking orders for will be Assistant Superin- Galloway is to have and Erma Brixey, Perkins, en exchanges was expec ~ preached. Luke 8:4-8 ~ovvorn your 1984 G~rl Scout t n on for the ne " -- [ , Kansas e d. t xt threesurgery on his knee thatand Maedean Sewell, ed at a loss. The chlldr~ ~ _ _ _ -- o. cookies: The list this year months. Good to see thewas smashed several Tulsa. Other guests werewere hilarious from excib ~r, Sunday,Sundays Jan.Jan, 15,15. 19841984 -o- includes seven delicious ...........,- " ... months back. They were Mr. and Mrs. Chester ment and glee--scho qr ~ - _ _ _" .... v ~/~ ....... yuunger ,pe~pJe gettmg ~tlTER VISITS choices incmaing a Cheese involved hoping he wouldn t need Rains; Stillwater, and Mr. was out for a week. ~ Isaiah 49:1-6 O.~r of Perry cracker ,for those of you We are planning to start this surgery. They both and Mrs. Scott Sewell andTinsel and rihbon~ [~ : vmited in the that don t eat sweets. . a children s church with need our prayers and family of Perkins. wrapping paper and floe ~ ~ ......... of her fa The price of each box m rt" ther, Bill " _ -. Dianna , Brakhage in support. , In addition to the Open from cellar to loft. Z ~"Doe~ It Make Any Sense?" ] cl his family. $2. The majority of this charge. The exact date for Dianna Field s cousin is House, a birthday party carpet was all cluttere ~ " -o- money goes toward the ~tsrtin~ ~ n t m,.~ v~ local ...... o -~ ...... ~,~-. in need of our prayers was held in the home ofwith feathery stuff. Th ~ . support of the II k,o '~PURN H~X~ ' . . Wi ep you informed as against the cancer she has Mercedes Barta for her logs in the fireplace ha ~ ~_ an~ . v~n.~ .. council, its camps, and the ;, J'-"esses had. " aunts, Rosa Rains and Yesterday's festival ha ~ ~ TV Ch. 7, Mondays I0 am. :~;u Mrs,.. Ph'_di, p individual troops within Thebuillcling project is Dwight Field is going toZora Barton. A cake wasburned themselves ou ]F See on Perkhm Cable TV Oh. 7. M~ndsw, In. m ~r wisc h-.._e~ev__en__s the council. . _ moving right along. Thethe City for some tests and specially decorated forreached its high o.pes ~Bill Staey, Pastor Urae al~'~ve.._.~..'.~e_ We want to thang you painter has finished the needs our prayers., each of the ladies and abodtallthatwasLextw~ ~', " Pl~ ..... gA'Y~,~ ~her ~7_'_ "-~"~,the people of Perkins mr outside except for the LeAnn Eslinger s moth-everyone enjoyed the to feast and partake ( {~ _rnones: oUZ,,w~nrs, l~'rlmg your continuing suppert o! doors. He will be doing the er, Mrs. Elledge is birthday dinner. It was a ' Parsonage - 547-5177 in the "~'anl,n~,! mmn Girl Scouting. inside this week We needing our prayers for lovely partY,s l:iRnOVer turkey and dre~ ho . " g" ' " -~r "O -o. "" - ordered the carpet for the her eyes. The faint echo ,