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January 14, 2016     The Perkins Journal
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January 14, 2016

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Church News THE PERKINS JOURNAL, Thursday, January 14, 2016 - A7 CHURCH continued from page A6 is revealed. 14 As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. 15 But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; 16 for it is written: "Be holy, because I am holy." Love=Obedience=Holiness=Love Just a quick comment or two....When we Love Jesus we agree to walk in obedience with Him. ,This way He knows we love Him, for He said...."If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching .... and then He said...My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him. He who does not love me will not obey my teaching (john 14:23-24) .... You see, when this marvelous thing of love happens in our hearts toward Jesus we have the desire to obey him ..... but yet another wonderful thing happens when we obey him....He said in verse 24... and WE (Jesus and God) will make our home with him!....With Who? With me! Yes, that's me and you or ANYONE else who loves and obeys....and that, my friends, is what Peter is talking about by being holy! "as obedient children" he says for us to be holy. Now isn't it amazing that when we become "Holy" or "set apart" or just plain different than the old self or the wofld....we also find more love! Later on, Peter, (in 1st Peter Chapter 1, verse 22) says... "Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for your brothers, love one another deeply, from the heart." Did you catch that? NOW that you have purified your- selves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for your brothers ....... WOW! When we obey we purify ourselves (become holy) and we have sincere love for our brothers! And Peter goes on to caution us to "Love one another deeply, from the heart!" Love= Obedience= Holiness= MORE LOVE! What a wonderful, never ending circle! Thank you Father, for being the love in us ! Come Visit us! We are located at 121 E. Stumbo Ave. here in Perkins. Sunday School 9:45am .... Worship ... 10:45am Wednesday evenings ... meal 6pm ... Bible classes 7pm ... Thursdays at 1 lam we meet and pray for our country. The intemet ..... "sneak a peek and peak your week.., www.perkcc.com Mehan Union Church All of us have attended a wedding or more, and always marvel at how beautiful the bride is. Our Sunday school lesson was from Songs of Solomon telling us about a beau- tiful bride. Christ calls the Church the bride of Christ- as members of His church are we trying to be beautiful for Him? Song of Solomon, a book in the Bible, is not very long - a good day Bible study. A celebration of love and commitment to Christ's church. Fill up your spare time with His word with praise and thanksgiving, so when adversity comes you can praise and thank Him anyways. We send out our prayers to those facing those days when you need strength and encouragement to find peace in the trials. Whatever the problems we're going thru, they didn't come to stay: they "came to pass." Praise and thanks, Lord F 4.,. Diamond Valley Community Church Sunday moming guest minister Jeff Renfro brought us God's message, The Bridge, from 1 Corinthians 9:16-22; Every Pair Comes With A Warranty Locolt'f Owned & Opemled i.~on Plons Time for NEW GLASSES? Buy 1 Complete Pair of Glasses and receive a FREE Frame from a select group of frames Save time and money when you buy from Reeser's. We will file your insurance/ Reeser's Eyewear 372-3370 103 W. 7ih Ave 601 W. 6111 Ave Mon-Fri 9-5 Sat 10-2 Philippians 2:3-8 and Romans 12:3. A Christian will either be a wall or a bridge. Wails are built to divide and keep people out, but more often to keep Jesus out. God would rather we build a bridge like Paul. He doesn't compromise his belief to help others, but he became all things to reach them. He went into the field and worked to share Jesus Christ; showing how our actions will bridge the gap. We must work to keep our spiritual pride from putting a wall up between us and unbelievers. After all what have we received that wasn't given to us? Tear down the walls by looking through our lives until all have been removed. Become a bridge builder. Never compare ourselves to others; honestly search our life, being sure there are no wails. Then let the Spirit of God help us to build our best bridge by: examining ourselves and becoming more humble: never thinking more of ourselves then we ought: growing spiritually. Prayer is the work of bridge building. Fellowship strengthens the bridge to the lost world. Finding and attending a church because we all need to fellowship of other Christians. Daily surrender to the Lord. God built a bridge to humanity through Jesus. Everyone has a purpose, ask the Lord to guide us into being a bridge building church and then watch the work that is completed Located at the corner of Diamond Valley Road and High- way 51, five miles east of Stillwater. We're a non-denom- inational congregation whose doors are open to anyone seeking to serve a loving God, salvation through Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit's guidance. Sunday School - 10:30am. Sunday Morning Service - 9:00am Wednesdays evening service - 7:00pro led by Pastor Quincy Morris. St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church By Fr. Ken Harder Today is the last day of the Christmas sdason. The Christmas season is the shortest one in the Church calendar. It rtms from Christmas Eve (in the evening) until the celebration of the Baptism of the Lord, a mere two weeks or so. The Christmas season celebrates the beginning mystery of the grand mystery of salvation. Christmas celebrates that God, in the person of His Son, came to live with us as one of us. Epiphany cele- brates that the God who is one of us came for all people, not just a select few. This was a new way of thinking, no other religion claimed that. The Baptism of the Lord celebrates a time, years later, when Jesus began his public ministry. Why is it included in the Christmas celebration? Even though the Baptism of the Lord occurred years after his birth, it actually marks the end of the private life began at his birth as the son of Mary and Joseph in Nazareth. From the time of his birth until his baptism, Jesus lived a life like yours and mine. He lived as a member of a family in a community. He learned carpentry from Joseph, he helped support his family. Tradi- tion has it that Joseph died sometime before Jesus began his public ministry; Jesus was the good son who looked after his mother. The private, or hidden years of Jesus are a lesson to us, that God is found in the very ordinary of human living. In other words, God is present in our ordinary, daily relationships and our task is to reveal him by displaying virtues founded on love in all that we do. In the Baptism of the Lord, everything changes in Jesus' life. Now he will begin to reveal himself as the promised savior. This public life of Jesus is what we celebrate in the church season we call Ordinary Time. Ordinary Time lasts from the Baptism of the Lord until Ash Wednesday. It resumes the Monday after Pentecost and continues until the First Sunday of Advent. In this time, we listen to Jesus' teaching and strive to leam more and more of what it means to be his disciples. Why did Jesus choose to be baptized, you might ask. Couldn't he have simply started preaching? On a practical level, his baptism by John was a public testimony of John that signaled others to follow Jesus. It was John recognizing Jesus' position as a teacher. Initially, Two Races Since some of us "Old Timers" can't "do it" any more, we tell stories about some of the things we did when we were young so that our grandchildren will have something to remember us by besides what we look like today and what we can't do anymore. Last week I told you about a Dust Bowl football game I played in, so please indulge me one more time, and let me tell you about two memorable races I ran in. All athletic teams run laps for conditioning, and I always enjoyed leading those laps for every team I played on. As a sophomore in high school in 1947, I knew nothing about track, but my math teacher was the track coach of our team. One week when we had a track meet coming up, he had several fellas entered in shorter distances and in field events, but he couldn't find anyone to run the longer races. He asked me if I would like to run the 880 in that meet. I asked him what an 880 was, and he said it was a half mile, two laps around the track. I said, "Sure, it sounds like fun." But, on the day of that meet, another one of those blinding dust storms rolled in, and sometimes visibility was limited to about 10 yards. Having played in that dust storm football game I told you about last week, I saw no problem in just running in this one. After running the first lap, I had no idea where the other runners were because of the dust, and I could not see the finish line until I got there. When I finished, I was told that I had won the race, and after that I never lost an 880 race in my district. The next year, after winning the race in my district, we went to Dallas for the regional meet and ran n the Southern Methodist University track. At the hotel the night before the meet, I saw a big picture of one of the guys I would be running against, and the article said he was one of the best runners in the state of Texas. It had been raining, and just as the meet was about to start, a torrential rain blew in and there was two inches of water covering the track, and it was held there by concrete curbing. They thought about rescheduling the meet, but decided to let it go on. They brought the SMU football team that was practicing on another field to come over and break holes in the concrete curbing to let some of the water drain off. Doak Walker, the captain of the team, was being hailed as the best player in college ball that year. He went on to star in pro-ball, and there is a trophy given in his name each year to the best running back in the league. I stood there in awe watching him swing that hammer and knock holes in that concrete curb. The track was still soggy when we ran on it. At the halfway point of the second lap of the nice, that Dallas guy passed me, and when he cut in front of me sharply, he spiked me in both knees and fell down. I went on to win that race and set a new regional record, and he went on to play quarterback for some pro-football team. I've carded black cinder residue in my knees ever since as proof of what happened. John protests. He knows who Jesus is and knows that Jesus' authority is far superior to his. Jesus responds with a phrase that needs thought to understand. He tells John to allow his baptism "to fulfill all righteousness." What does this mean? Righteousness is a word we must understand. It is to be just, to be right with others and right with God. Jesus himself is right with God his Father in a full and complete way. He accepts baptism that we too, might become right with God, to fulfill the righteousness of every person. In his baptism, Jesus accepts fully the mission for which he was born. He is now numbered among us sinners. His baptism by John is the acceptance of the baptism of passion and death. In baptism, Jesus now takes on the mission of salvation for us. His baptism gives rise to ours. In our baptism, the pouring of water makes us a holy people of God. In his baptism he who is the Holy One of God blesses the water that will make us holy. Today, we celebrate Jesus leaving his private life behind for our sake, let us learn to make our private lives holy for his sake. 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