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January 14, 2016     The Perkins Journal
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January 14, 2016

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Thursday, January 14, 2016 |i klimC FAR S& PJ ERS PERKINS INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. MARY A. MORRIS, AGENT JOSHUA E. MORRIS, AGENT LANETTE PIERSON, AGENT 218 N Main P O Box 136 405-547-2971 Perkins, OK 74059 One of my favorite activities as a Community Develop- ment Educator in the Payne County Extension office is to host monthly programs for small business owners. Many, although certainly not all, of these bus'mess owners nan their businesses out of their homes. Some even vork for local non-profits. This is a very informal group of individuals who come together to network with each other, meet service providers in the community, and learn new things that might help their businesses. When I use the word "informal" I am referring to the fact that this is not a club where membership is required or dues are paid. Actually, these programs are completely free to attend. You don't even have to be a bus'mess owner. If you have an interest in the topic, you are invited. Each January, (this year on January 26) I like to start off the new year by hosting a free luncheon in which I provide a simple lunch, and attend- ees provide me a little bit of feedback about what kinds of programs they would like to see in the uw.xnning year. On themenu this year? I'mleaning heavily toward Frito Chili Pie. (It's been pretty cold out lately, and that sounds good to me!) As I mentioned, the only thing I ask in retum is that you share with me what kinds of ter, Instagram, and Pinterest. One of our favorite speakers, 26, at 12pm noon in the Payne educational programs Would She also has a retail website Amber Ritter, owner of Corn- County Extension office. The help your business in 2016. and maintains several blogs, puter iGeeks, spoke to on lunch is free, but I will need Lastyear, I got some wonderful Amanda' story is quite inspi- the topic of Spyware. Since an RSVP so that I can plan feedback that resulted in some rational. She even has a few this was our October pro ma, effectively.Call405-747-8320 outstandingpmgrarns, celebrities on her customer I titled it "Spyware is Spooky" orusetheemailaddressshown Last year the group definitely list--mostrecently,contempo- It reaUy is spooky how cyber- below. wanted to learn more about rary Christian recording artist, crooks can manage to get If you cannot attend on blogging for bus'mess, so our KariJobe. spywareontoourcornputers.I January 26, but would like first program in February was To market effectively in think my major take-way from to be on the email list that AndreaGravesfromtheRobert today's digital world, busi- Amber's presentation was: sends out notices of the pro- M.KerrFoodandAgProducts nesses have to take quality better passwords, grams, just sent me an email Center who spok# to us on that photos or have a professional One of the scarier things at suzette.barta@okstate.edu. topic. One thing I took away photographer on the payroll, about our digital society is I try not to bombard you with from Andrea's presentation Effective Facebook, Pinterest, identity theft. David Petermann emails -- usually one pro- was the need for "persever- and pagesdependon of LegalShield Associates, gram ann ent and one ance." It can be easy to get quality photos. Locally, I think spoke to us about this growing reminder per month. discouraged, but it's important that Robin Byrd, owner of I problem, and gave us a few The small business lunch to keep on blogging. ThinkSo Cupcakes in Perkins, tips to help protect ourselves, group generally meets on the Local succe ss story, Amanda does a greatjob with photos on What was completely new to 4th Tuesday of each month Moore, owner of Amanda her Facebook page. She came me was the growth of identity at noon at the Payne County Moore Designs, visited us in and spoke to our group in April, theft through health records. I Administration Building/ March to show us how one and this is where I learned hadnoidea. Extension office. You are most business could truly link var- about the nifty little phone app If you are interested in welcome to attend. ious forms of sodal media to called PicsArt. I love it! attending programs likeBest wishes for a happy and create an effective marketing This fall, we switched the in 2016, I encourage you to prosperous 2016 from the program. Amanda maintains focus of our programs to attend the annual planning PayneCountyOSUExtension accounts on Facebook, Twit- the concept of online safety, luncheon onTuesday,January office (and me.) People are interested in the mates along with watching the weather. Storms fascinate weather in your yard can help some bringing out closet Paul you achieve greater gardening Reveres. They alert others to success. Britannica defines be prepared. Many people's microclimate as the "climatic interest in the weather is limited condition of a relatively small to only whatever knowledge is area, within a few feet above necessary to can-y on a casual and below the Earth's surface conversation with a stranger, and within canopies of veg- Farmers seem to take a greater etation." The two phrases, interest in the weather, measur- "ahoveandbe/ow" and'h4r#h ing rainfall, watching for late canopies of vegetation" carry frosts, praying for rain. They the weight of working with are in the details of lifts definition. You can create weather for their livelihood or modify the micmclimates in depends on it. The fact is, your yard to benefit a particular weather befalls all of us. plant you want to grow or, with Understanding microcli- observation over a short time, use the information to choose limetocheckonaplant'sability to take into consideration was than a dormant plant. Forlhis plants that are akeady adapted to tolerate extremes; exWaor- the three week period in Octo- reason, protx 'soilslmcttreand to similar conditions, dinary weather may require her when the sun Imveledback drainage factor in an extension Gardeners know to check preparation.Yourgardenphnts to the sotahem skies. The beau- of the micr0climate. Some the ' one" for a specific plant, are relying on you to. consider fiful, dark green foliage was weeks the soil stays saturated A USDAZonereferstothe their needs and create an envi- exposed to sun for only a few with rain and hence the plant's hardiness or degree of cold a ronmentofhealthfortheml hours a day. This "window" cellsarefullofwater.Iftheplant plant can tolerate. Many books Track the sun through the ofsun, coupled with extremely remains in a boggy condition now give not only a tmrdiness seasons. As the sun moves warm wasenough forlong, roots will begin to rot. zone but also a heat zone, fora further north in the sky with the to canse the foliage to sunburn. Wind is the final piece of plants' tolerance to heat can be coming of spring often areas The plant paid the price for weathertoobservebeforeposi- as important to survival as their of your garden that remained my lack of observation and tioningplants.Somelreesbreak tolerance to cold Developed in shaded allwinter will fallinthe planning, in a strong winter wind while 1977 by the USDA, heatzones sunduringthestmamermonths. Alsoconsiderthefactthatlush olhersdonotmindwinterwind, are determined by the number Watchthesepattemsandnotice new leaves of spring are more but resent the hot, chyingwind of days in a given year that the not only where the summer susceptible to burning than of summer. Natural and man- climbs over eighty- sun falls, but the length of time they are later in the summer, made structures can become six degrees, and the intensity of the sun on The sun's trip to the northern windbreaks to the benefit or Bear in mind, aplant'stissue different areas ofthe yard. sky and a fluke day of 100 detriment of a plant. A solid is its conduit and reservoir I once planted a shade loving degrees in late April or early barrier can cause an eddy of for moisture without which rhododendron in the southeast May can spoil the looks of a sorts a few feet beyond the the plant cannot live. That canopy of a tree. The posi- plant through the summer, break. A permeablewindbreak moisture restxmds the same to tioning of the house and large Temperature isjust one factor such as another shrub or vine- temperaturechangesaswaterin neighboring shrubs protected affecting the plant's tissue, laden fence will slow the wind afreezerorateakettle.Takethe the plant from excess sun. It Moisture is the other. Actively enough to shelter tender plants grew and thrived. What l failed growing plants use more water in most locations. Will the Presidential Election Affect Investment Outlook? We're just a few weeks away fi'om the first caucoses and pri- manes, so presidential election season is in full swing. As a voter, you may be keenly inter- ested in the election process. But as an investor, should you be concerned? If you take a look back, you might be somewhat encour- aged over the prospects of the financial markets this year. In the last 12 presidential election years, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has been up nine times and down just three. So, election years must be good for the financial markets, right? Not necessarily. In every year, the markets are influenced by a varietyoffactors: interestrates, inflation, corporate profits, geopolitical events, economic growth, even the weather. And it's safe to say that 2016 will be no different. At this early stage of the year, one could say that some of these factors, such as continued low interest rates and a reasonably strong economy, might bode well for investors. But there's a lot of 2016 ahead of us - and it's notoriously difficult for any- body, even so-called experts, to acctmtely predict the market' s performance over a relatively short time, such as a year. Still, the market's history of pretty good results in pres- idential election years may not be entirely random. For one thing, the White House is never the only office being contested; elections are also held for every congressio- nal district and many seats in the Senate. Consequently, during these election years, campaigning often takes pre- cedence over legislating. This legislative inactivity tends to be welcomed by the financial markets, which generally dis- like surprises, big changes and new directions. However, you can't really count on past trends to pro- vide a certain road map for the year aheacl, in terms of the performance of the financial markets. As mentioned above, many factors influence this performance, and at lifts early stage in the year, we just can't predict which of these factors will take precedence. So, instead of worrying about things you can't con- trol, focus on those that you can. For starters, review your investment mix. Does it still properly reflect your goals, risk tolerance and time hori- zon? Over time, even if you haven't made many changes to yourportfolio, it can become "unbalanced." For example, if you own some stocks that have increased greatly in value over the years, these stocks may now be taking up a larger per- centage of your holdings than you had intended, bringing with them a higher degree of risk. Comequently, you might want to consider selling off some ofthese stocks and using the proceeds to fill in other gaps in your portfolio. On the other hand, if you think your mix ofinvestraents is not providing you with the reamas you need to help make progress toward your long- term objectives, you may need to add some vehicles that can provide you with more growth potential. After all, it's 2016 now, so whatever your age, you are another year closer to retirement. Will this year look like past presidential election years, as far as good returns from the stock market? No one can say for sure. But if you "vote" for smart investment moves, you won't be sorry. By Sharyl Pickens Everyone dreads calling the plumber...the rates are expensive, it usually involves a mess, and then there's, well, you know, THAT. Maybe you have never been handy with a wrench or a snake or maybe you are a pretty good handyman. From the kitchen sink to the toilet, from the leaky shower head to the pipes underneath your home, your peaceful Sunday aftemoon can be easily interrupted. AS a homeowner, you should know what you can handle and when you should call a professional. CLOGGED DRAINS OR TOILETS Maybe you're taking a shower or brushing your teeth. Maybe you've decided to wash the dog. Whatever it is you're doingin there, you want the water to go down the drain. And the toilet? WeU, that goes without saying. The first stepis to decide what caused the stop- page. Hair or grease? A match- box car? Maybe something worse? Whatever it might be...getting to the bottom of the cause is essential. Fortunately, most toilet clogs can be freed with your standard plunger. The clog in your drain will probably go on down with the assistance of a commercial grade drain cleaner. If the clog is stubbom after a few tries, it might be time to call the professionals. Don't use excessive drain cleaner, because you might damage the pipes or inhale more fumes than is safe. Professional plumbers have tools that you might not have access to - video cameras and snakes. Those folks can get to the root of the problem pretty easily. Then, freeing the clog is a piece of cake. BURST PIPE No matter the reason, a burst pipe can cause big damage if not corrected quickly. The best way to fix a burst pipe is with a C damp. First, mm off the water completely. Place a piece of robber over the exposed area of the pipe. Secure the mbber by placing a piece of wood on top and tightening down both pieces with a C clamp. Be sure to tighten the C clamp until both the piece of the wood and the rubber are secure. Typically, your fix will only be tempo- rary, but certainly better than the alternative. You might find the plumber will have to replace the pipe altogether. LraKY The funny thing about a little leak is just how annoying it can be! Certainly, major damage can develop from a minor leak, but the irritant is just the sound of the drip. The good news is, you don't need a plumbing PhD to fix most leaks. Grab your tool box and attack the problem! First, remove the handle by removing the screw that attaches it to the faucet. Try tightening the packing nut which is located at the base of the stem. Tighten this nut and then re-aitach the handle to the faucet and test to see if the leak is gone. If this simple process doesn't do the trick, you might be looking at replacing necessary parts such as washers or nuts, or it may be time to spring for a shiny new faucet. NO HOT WATER Nothing says "good mom- ing" like a cold shower! Mil- lions of people across the United States struggle with this issue daily. If your water heater is electric, some of the causes might be a tripped cir- cuit breaker, a bad thermostat, or a faulty heating element. Once you've gone through the trouble shooting routine, it's a good idea to replace those broken parts. Most plumbers have a broad knowledge of water heaters, and this might be a goodfime to make the call. SharylPickens is theBroker/ Owner of Metro First Realty. She may be reached at 405- 314-5437. 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