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January 16, 1975     The Perkins Journal
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January 16, 1975

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omn ['[ w O=ncoordobthesetor=r :=entem e o andadtheArForceAca__ehabtatveSelcesthsweesucce u C'rn',suensattheeementa''"'''unor Fin of er ends am'Perks [] Farmers and ranchers in Payne Declaration Individual examination will reimburse applicants for production He listed "land damage, crop damaee, 1 County, who sustained production or be made of each application to determine expenses which went into damaged or iivestock loss and fence d_..__o..arna~a" ~a~.... m l physical losses as a result of the severe date of the disaster occurence and type of destroyed crop and livestock enterprises, comlno' ~ under the FHA's ........... intore.t l storms and flooding which struck during emergency loan benefits for which the but not to produce new crops during [] October 31, 1974, through November 7, applicant is eligible. 1075. Repayment terms depend on the Adding a personal observation, [] 1974, may be eligible to receive an purposes for which the loan is used and Pittman said, "We ve went from drought 1 emergency loan from the Farmers HomeFarm emergency loans may include the applicant's payment ability. No loan to floods last year." The effects of this [] Administration according to Richard S. funds to repair or restore damaged farm may exceed the actual loss sustained, he onslaught of weather caused problems for [] . Pittman, county supervisor. property as well as reimburse applicants notes. Payne County cattlemen, wheat growers, l l Th .......................... .... h.. t. .......... -..on o. for expenses already incurred for suchPittman adds that "the heaviest and diarymen 1 l ............. purposes Loans based on qualifying damage tn Payne County was along the l emergency loan to assist mere m . , " , , . r ..... Als ....... l l ....... for production losses may mcluoe tunas to Llmarron ~tver " o me rrtA has been involved in l l recovering tram metr toss may appty _ " anoth w ...... - er ater promem m rayne t.ounty [] such a loan at the Farmers Home ...... [] Administration county office at 800 East ..... 7--me lac~ otwater. 6th St In Stlllwater, says Pittman ,, "" " " " | r r f~ r Pittman observes that over a $1 I1 D saste G ants O e ed I Emer enc 1 ..... million in rural water district loans ' are g y nan apptlcattons may De ...... out at resent The local branch of the received throu h ar Disaster grants may be available to Apphcatlons should be made lmmedl- P ' I g M ch 3, 1975 for . . F " " t~hvsical losses and thro,,oh A,,,,.~, 9a those who received damage to their ately, she added. : HA has also helped the clties of Perkins [] 197"5 for nroduction l'n~o'~"*~'~-~sT~;~,,",',~' residence due to heavy rain and flooding In other news from her staff, Nora and Yale with water-sewer loans. ~~ ......... ,h ....... ~ ~uu~w~ut.:~"-~ .............. s --, Oct. 31, 1974 through Nov. 2, 1974, said West, eligibility supervisor, said that one The FHA is" under the federal = " Maxine Garrison, county administratorestimate should be obtained by home auspicious of the Department of .......... for the Department of Institutions, Social owners who received less than $500 in Aariculture o-Bn.--- n o a L tes should be solicited for In related news this week, Sen. Henry v~t~aa vli~lll, nrincinal cancellation Annlicants will not ......... . ....... Bellman s office notified The Journal that I~ r r. --. ~," rr- ., Anyone wno received damage snoulo damage amounting to more man ~atm ,ha r~,~..~,..~,.. ,.~ w..,,~ino .,,a ~h.na ne reqmrea to prove mat mey are uname contact her office, room 209 in the ~'e a .... " ..... v ............... b - -- ~a3p~o?cao~njng, iCushing, recentl, visited with Governor-Elect David L Boren at the tat esbtt ~j rn Jh; i; i~irt~d, ipi~= da: :loS;eshere as ;~; .~h~; s efo r i ~u r tSht~lrl w aJ~rr m tin nPh C: ~:~a~jtngr ~}~ nC h?ii J~a: e ~i;~lit;~nrer: DcoeuVne~ePs men t h &d J;: t efdo / hfl=; dddi~:;J g , 1 contact the ISRS Ira Gay ...... g the 1975 session of the Oklahoma Legislature. Rep. Manning __:~" .~. assistance. ~'.t ernor-r.lect -oren concerning~ matters of interest to persons in his. legislative These loan applications will be taken nmu. office. Payne, Dewey and MaJor" - ~_ou,u~r" .... :.~.. (l hoto courtesy at Governor-Elect David L. Boren) under the termsof a Presidential were namedinthe news release. i"l.,Ir- County Offtctals'" Recteve" Pa] Htkes" ll llL_ Elected Payne County officials received Mildred Storks; Country Treasurer will receive a $100 monthly allowance. [" -- Illllllll ~ l ~ l~, l d ~ l :J0 percent salary increase as of Jan. 1, Wilma Ryan; Sheriff Frank Phillips; and The elected county officials will not be [ /I I ! / roll i l _ d deputy officials, including employees County Commissioners Ulysses Cruzan, due another salary increase for another [ i /I Ii,,,aP l/I Ill I of the Highway Department and Bob White, and Orval Mayfield all four years. [ J~ .row / .mi I~b,, I ! ~ 1 1 ll~ ~ ~ excepting the Sheriff's deputies, received received the 20 percent increase. ThisBecause the sheriff's deputies receive [ /v 1 / ! I Ig" I l lI~' a $2.5 monthly salary increase, according increased their salaries from $771.25 to salaries which are based on the sheriff's -- --.,.-.---,m-.- ....... to theCourtClerk'soffice. $925.50. salary, they will not receive the $25 | The 1974 le islature set u the salary monthly increase. Instead, the under- |B ........... t,,, _ t", .... ~- .... g t~ . . tp ..... County Commissioners also receive asheriff received up to 90 percent of the txt 1ewi It'a ne u~n mcreases last May to go rata ertect me . . L ng the News, Needs, Problems and Progress o y w first c~fthe~ velar lqT5 travel allowance for the extra mdeage sheriff's salary and the other deputies L~O~ .._ , ......... - ........ J ........ necessary in the performance of their job. receive within , 80 per cent of' his salary. =. 15, No. 3, Thursda,, laNuar, "16 1975 Perkins Pa,,ne Count,, Oklahoma 74059 County Cierk Linda Allensworth; Court Cruzan and White will receive a $200 Their salaries, then, increase when the ,,r~ x ..... r p p .... r x~ ', , " Clerk Rose Jarvis; CountyAssessor monthly travel allowance, and Mayfieid sheriff's does. t " Sp d $545 P g 74 Brazil Exchange Student State en s er Person Dt/rin ' i Attends Carney Classes The State Government of Oklahoma itJis~cub:ieCat~Ounn:t~nP~a~tSJ::toeri::pe~de pubLCce:af:tYer:ldovd:fmenSt, len~t:raJ ~hTJsScto~d:;Jsta%dntthe2rJtcch;;~e;~~ spent approximately $545 in fiscal 1974 Y e~ . g g , g ~ . for each man woman and child living in largest category in Fiscal 1974 was judiciary, industrial development and public: Oklahoma legislators and other nomalsvet cold us Education, which accounted for 40 re ulatory sermces State officials should also find the "~u" " " Y " but "I like it ..... the State, according to a report j t - " , g " . ........ .., , ........ i !" cn aretwo rcent of State s endm The next One im arrant feature of State tinanee punncation usetm ": - estimates that published by The Kerr Foundation, Inc. pe P " g. * P _ _ _ olo Braz a ion discussed in the ubllcatton is the Co les of the pubhcatlon may be ~", . ilexchange student Jose ~ The report, a sequel to a similar largest function wastransport t" , " ' p " " ." . . .P'.. . ." " . ~.,, ~gmstaSun. Filho. of Guarulh,_.._~, arazn, ~ publicatt'on last year, is entitled.~ "1974 which .absrbed 18 percent of State relationship, between, appropriations, and obtameo at no charge oy_.eont.actt_ng ~ne. ~H:mgh!s first day of classes at ~ Oklahoma State Expenditures In Brief, A expenditures. . expenditures. During Fiscal 1974, Kerr Founda.!lona:!2o~ Fidelity Plaza m ,gn acnooi last Mond The other et ht functional cate ones, a roprlattons accounted for a httle more Utlanoma t.lty,/Jloz |i~.._~ . . , ay. ~ Description of Oklahoma State Govern- . . "g g PP ,gn SChool Junior ts ranked In size from iar est to smallest than one quarterof total State ~e ..... " one of 400 ~ ment Expenditures By Function In The g , . ..... ,, tram I~ls school I n 97 " were healthservices, social services, ex endttures The remalnderoftne tunas ~: ~: ~l~nd~. ~ "n Brazi~who ~ Fiscal Year E dedJune30, 1 4. " " " P " J~rrv g~il~ll~r uetwee ,,= ---- ,~=m=ms~t ,. gr ]~L~.~. n three and s:-"- ~ were allocated through such means as H ~ ~][#mted States. ,~ monms ~ ~,,.,l~,s~,~l r-I,~o,di.=S~r~ss~ ~, | ,,~ m,~'}][~ earmarking taxes, regulations concerning I1 t' U["s }our of the U.S will 1 ........ ~ OtL~IIUUI IV-It=LI I~UIII I~ .]1 (ll I /-UP the use of Federal funds, and laws = s ,,. * " .--:mice ~ controlling the use of other non-tax Inlurea uurlng ~ [IJ W~a~~ hehJmOn ~acat,on' from, The Payne County Election Board mill building fund levy, which is used tc recei"ts i ~lFn'.~ means attendUJ. ~rsshtm.' office at the County Courthouse in buy newequipmentor.tomakenecessary W~'rner explained that the colorful-- - _. fit rttgn School wh~= ,. ~ ~t ~ Stillwater was open from 8 a.m. Monday repairs; and the rive mill emergency.tevy, 24-paRe publication is designed so that it = m o n st r m ] o n ._ t~ |~e in English s- -" ''~- ne wm ~ through 5 n m Wednesday for neonle which is actually a normal operating levy. ,,,~:, ~,~ ,,,.,~ ,1 i ," a " "o "- ~t, . about [notes. Throughout . ." ~. - r--r . . .... : ...... b: ~u.Aor an,. semor hl~,h .~ ~1" 1,000 nuno t~ ...... ~ wishing to file for school board offices. These three levies come ula ford vote " _ , ff~r :l onthe :xchan;e=';;aon~:re ~ Perkins-Tryon School Board officesevery year and they are very i'mportant to =||| ='loses Prominent area farmer, Jerry Sadler, g sing to Filho. g ' ~ Nos. 1 and 5 were open for filing and the o,-eration of the school, according to t ~ ~ was seriously injureo wnile aemonstrat- [ ~ ~Y having a command of the ierkins-Tryon School District electors Sch(~ Superintendent Cecil Acuff. _ _ m.g the operattonof ahydrauhc lift to a . ~ mn ua meno aaturoay, Jan 11 g ge from ci will vote on these two offices, along with " ' ..|high school in Braz:S,e~,~t..e t.kat ~ three school operating levies, Jan 28,lnfact, state aid and federal funds for Sadler was under intensive care at the - rnno no es " ut ro rtion Baptist Memorial Hospital for two days ~" ~, ~ r and refine hi ' P from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. vocational rograms are c p po - . . . . ~. ~ "~:~:~ing here. s English ablhty~ The three millalze levies to be voted on ateiv as IPal districts cut support for The Carney school closed its doors after the hft, which he was attempting to ~ the ue " - ~ iv s uden s and teachers a fix, fell on his face [md broke his nose and ,-. g stofMr and~ .... ~ are the l0 mill local support levy; the five their school. Tuesdaytog e t t ~g~|ot Carney accora:~'u~nine ~ chan'ce torecover from what appears to cheekbone, according to his father, t Diane Exchange aurnaIPht Ya the u u tde t Palmer Sadler a arney Junior class ~ ~oC ' . , , be a serlo s fl ep m c YSo;;oaLthn:tTiloSC~s =iCa:ilel le Man Receives Nomination .g;: :~t~p:~t~d htul~:JtOC;thdschLq hiJU~a~lten~:~ sbhCfwreh:sh~Jin~d P~: =~ when the ...... g -- and five teachers were absent Monday,raise the lift, so that when it fell his friend ~ |~l[~o their na,:.~..,_."t_c ota enough .~flidalrllt One Yale man was among 39 selection process. Each of the academies Jan 13, with bad colds, according to was able to raise it off him and rush him erna r ~-uts participation in" "~"~'=~'===' ..... ' .... o ~ ~(~ tional e,~/.__ -- " Oklahomans nominated for appointmentwdl conduct further competmve testmgHioh School Princinal Charles Bundy to the Stdlwater Municipal Hospital. ,~an e st ..... ~ r . . . t [~" . g udents Jose Sergio lgleslas Filho, I5-yearold to the mthtary academies by Sen. Henry before makmg final appomtments for Friday, Jan. 10, few students were sick Sadler is doing well and was taken from ~. ~lltrc.h, Filho will to~ ....... exchange student from Guaruihos, Bellman. R-Oklahoma, it was learned this classes starting next June or July. but the cold weather over the weekendintensive care the morning of Monday, g,:~ gl~ m America ..~-' ";' umer tsrazu Brazil, receives expert, held in biology week. Nominations were made for the U.S. took its toll on Carnev citizens Monday, Jan. 13. I and San ~"-'~f.tur of Los from standinal Dan Robinson and Diane Jim S Shaull of Route 1, Yale was Military (Army) Academy in New York,52 students staved home and ihe schoolThe doctors are still not sure if sur cry ~tianClSCo O 1 ~ -- " " ' -- g ! B. ] ~g home. etore Hawkins at Carney High School. nominated to the U.S. Air Force Academy the U.S. Naval Academy in Maryland, decided to close until Monday, Jan 20will be necessary. ~. ~ ~lc' " g to the U S ..... obinson and Miss Ha klns are Juniors " y " y. All t d t ry, j " y ry' " " | ~- ~-i~rk' Washineton" -~nasneen In at the school while Filho will be ajtmior at Bellman made the nominations on the candidates for the schools attend for hiRh and senior high school will stayhave mailed him a card to express their r;" ~~J~'~exas enroutet~to Oida' ". ~-., ann the school for the three months he is in recommendation of academy selection four-years and receive a college degree home to help prevent further spreading of wishes for his speedy recovery and return r ~" ]~! ':';'.';r;.-.-.-.-.-. ....... the IJ'nited States: boards which he appomted to aid m the pl s panlor officer commissions, the flu. to Perkins. homa. " " " " u ..... ) P- ~ ~ :i:~. ........ =================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================== I;i- ............................ - ..................................................................... "'"'''" .......................................................................................................................... "''''''" ............ "'"':" ........................................................................................................................................... ! _ ~i ":**_:i There's not too many ll-year-olds who Exttibiting a little courage of their in Medi-Care statutes enabled them toIn the 1920s another father, F. Scott cleanliness/Worry ' about efficien- i can smile while spending Thanksgiving own, the Bawlings placed their faith in a receive aid under "that program for Fitzgerald, wrote his 1 l-year-old cy(Worry about horsemanship.., i f~ ~-,]l !~i away from home. surrounded by kidney transplant for Tammy. Tammy's dialysis, daughter Scotty, "Things to worry about: Things not to worry about: Don't i " I[ :[:i strangers in an Oklahoma City hospital"Six weeks ago she had the Sadrifiee is a word reserved for saints Worry about courage/Worry about worry about popular opinion/Don t worry : ~l iii: and waiting for eight rounds of surgery transplant," says her father, the janitor and parents. " about dolls/Don't worry about the i ~" ~ t i!!i before Christmas. for the Carney school system. And sacrifice has been a willing and past/Don't worry about the future/Don't : ! ~i: But Tammy Bowling of Carney did. "Twelve hours after the transplant a unspoken commodity around the Bowling ~ worry about growing up/Don't worry ! ~ IS| !~! Not only has she smiled, but she hasclot formed and the kidney had to be household, about anybody getting ahead of i o ~[ ~ ~ become a profile in courage that post removed," he adds. Bowling, who lived in Marshall until ~ you/Don t worry about triumph/Don't i ~ ~[ iili dated John Kennedy's book by that title. The transplanting and then the last August, gave up a job with an worry about failure unless it comes i ~.~ ~l !i:i Three years ago Tommy's doctors removal meant that within a 24 hour insurance company to take the janitor job ~ through your own fault... : "% ...... A ~ " ' ~ ~] :::: found that her chrome kidney mfectlons period Tammy underwent two bouts ofm Carney. . - . nd there s been a little failure for : W ~[ !~! were being caused by an improperly major surgery. Added to this she had six He modestly ducks the question of why ~ Tammy, but it didn't come "through her i if' [[ ~] ~: - tilted bladder. The villainous bladder other operations while at the hospital he moved to Carney, by saying, "I took ~ own fault.' Tommy has been held back a ! =1 ge~'] ~ link ' os required major surgery to correct its during the six week period because-her this job so I could be with her (Tommy) year in school because of her constant i ~. ~ ~ ~'ro ~|1~ placement. Hopes were high that small veins closed off and clotted when about 24 hours a day." hospitalization, i u'~l: ~ #~ ' correcting the bladder position would the doctors tried to insert the tubes for He smiles the smile of a father, and -- There's been the yesterday's filled : J| , ' -- ~ y i ,[. o ur a o alleviate further problems, dialysis -- which is a process of purifying leaves the question at that. ~ with aeonv : ~. ~ By L~ "" ~'~ But nature had already set its course her blood. Bowling's face shows deep lines that There's'beenthe yesterday's filled and both of Tammy's kidneys were ' Dialysis treatment itself has been one coincide with what he and Tammy have ~ with carino from r~orqe that Tamm~ has ',';' !ii~ deteriorated by the bladder before it was of the major expenses incurred by thebeen through. But there's no complaints. ~ never meta v-- r ~ !~i ,11 i:!i aayesult ,Tammy lost her fam!ly., _ ..... He's happy that he has Tommy to worry ~ The ca\rney Cub Scouts raised $40 to ~'i :~: y g t y r. "we nave ro take ~ammy to me city on anout, heln with Tommy's medical ernenses; a :::: ,~ iiii TO correct this, the doctors had to Tuesdays and Fridays eve~ week for Tommy herself is like the old saying c~h~t,h o,..~:~,,-, n~r'W,,U,~=n donated $45 ~ "3 ~:ii remove both of her malfunctioning dialysis," Bowling notes, about little girls --- "sugar and spice and ~ t'o" thee" ca~'~lset''an'~d a nu'tn'~ber-"o"f "~rouns "~!~ i:~! k!dneys and.TammY had to undergo . Tammy recewes dta!ysts at the everythmg nice." ... ....... from Chandler came to her aid. ~' r ~ :::: otatysts on a ~toney machine, veteran's Administration Hospital on an She s got the blue eyes of an O~tanoma c.. ... T2....., .... ,-~e-a*,, is n,,*h;-,, *-- :r~ :::: pied with' the ktdn~ problems has out-patient basis from the Children s lake, the yellow hair of Payne County,-~e~ ulw=~ .ye~ ~ utu~g~)- ~id worry about~ ~ ~.~ ~s i!i! been a series of bouts with high blood Memorial Hospital in Oklahoma City. wheat and a disarrrdng smile. " hospitalization [or defective kidneys, , tat, :::: pressure where her parents, Mr. and Transportation costs for the BawlingsShe s shy, like all 11-year-old girls and Tammy Bowling still smiles, happy to be , And tomorrow?. ~.[ :.:: Mrs. Lloy~ Bowhng, have had to set up for their bt-weekly trips are the major talks with her chin on her chest, speaking back in Carney Grade School where her Anyone with a smile hke Tommy ~1 ":': all n" " " ..... " ' *;~ ~, :::: , tght to bnng her ~ood pressure expense they are presently faced wlth. her truth qmetly like the tnscnptmn music teaeber, Mrs. Betty Roper, Is certainly d~n t have to, worry ~t ..~ ~!! under control. ~ Bowling notes that in July 1974 change Desiderata calls for. toaehlq her to read music and strum the tomorrow,~ec~ that smile is the kifl/t 10., ;~Y.~:~::.'.'~-'..'o~ ...... ~ - , aut~ that has toppled thrones. :&:: ................................. -~ ................................................. :,-.,.....'........,-.,....~..~.......,....,~.,..-......, .......:~..:..~....ss..:............:..~.-xt~...;.~:.......~:~.:.:.:.s:...:~.~...~.....~...........~:::~.........~...-, ,,......,, ............. ..x..~..,...:...x,......v .... :~:.~.~%~.~ R~:~,~ ,~ ~.~