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January 16, 1975     The Perkins Journal
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January 16, 1975

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12 - Tl~ Jommd. Tl~um~y. Juum, y 16, 1975 ~DAY -- JAN. 16 gVlUqU~ FRIDAY -- JAN. 17 EVlflqg~ 6AO 2.FBi. 4, 6, It, 9, 10- Na~ S - Tra~ w Cm~Mqm~Nm 4.ma s a 8. CmaIMOmm 1o. Jlmml Dam 7100 2 - Pepl Gem tgm Century 4. Sameedmd ~U s, L to. mO, t S*dm 6, 9- Mm~ - ~ FINl~ 7s30 2, 4 Ip adm emd Ibo Mint &00 2,4, 10-~1~ 8 - Mov~ - Wmmm 8 - Slz l~Btm l)dkx mm 6, 9. Itlm4e Ct4am Dream 9Je 2, 4, 10 - ~ Wmmm S. Ibu~ - (3dine Drama 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 - News 10130 2, 4 - Jelmn.v CmmR 8. Fill 6, 9. MevJe - TImlw 10- Wide Wedd '- CeomM 8. Mov~. C~me Drams 11,30 8. Wldo Wedd fa Ceamet 12,ee 2, 4. tad, Sp., 12J30 6-1bq*a 9- M,,~. Cemedy 12~30 8- Wide Weddtn CeamM 1,410 S. Mev~- Come~ 2,OO S - Mol4e - Cmmdy 3d0 S- M.~,- Comedy SATURDAY -- JAN. 18 gVENING 6,*O 4,t-Nmm S,6- ilmHn s.g=qh 10.14wnatm Wdk 4 - WU, WlJd Wedd ef .4~md8 MONDAY -- JAN. 20 EVENING &00 2-FBi 4, 6, S, 9, 10. lq~s 8. Tn~ w C~M,q~ 8. Thin 7AI0 8, 8, 10 - 6. 9. Gm,mete 2, 4 - M~vle r W~m $,8, !0. AJ~.I~ Pro Bowl 6, 9 - l~mde 6, 9- Ik~l~ 6,9-TeBo~ 10~0e 2, 4, 6, 9. News 10~30 2, 4- Jehnay ~ 6, 9 - Movie. C, mMdy 11,00 S, 8, 10 - News ll~10 S- Fl$1 S. P~r~y a6mm 12dl~ 2, 4 - Temmmw 1:h30 6- i'r.doet 1~0 2 - C.mUd C.mp~ TUEI~AY -- JAN. 31 6OO 2 - lPlil 4, 6, 8, 9, 10. News 8 Tmtke~ Cosmqwneee 6~0 4 - To Be Almalamd 5. Lm's ll~lm A Dml 10. Get Smart 7~00 2, 4 - Kdsm-12 8, 8, 10 - la'q~ Dalm 6, 9- GesdTIm~ S, L 10. Mm4e - lknmm 6, 9 MeAeSeH 9dl0 S, It, 10 - ~ Wdby 6, 9 - IImmd~y Jeam 10,00 :t,4,$, 6, 8, 9, 10- Now~ 2, 4. leba~ Ca,sea S.FIU 6. 9.Sem,~ 10 - Wide We~l 8.Pm7 Mgem itd6 2, 4 T~mm.mw 6-~ 1100 4 - T~d~u I~ Okblum~ S /gllem~ N'ght H Id I asses e Journal Family Grows kround The Farm InStil W foilowes:The Jurnal since Dec" 2 are as mondMatney'LewisKinzie'Briscoe. Dairy Device;', i add to their knowledge can do to qualify for the same amount Stiilwater: Jane Ferreli, Chandler: Lincoln County SO during, Oklahoma State ofmoney. Verlin Curtis, Mrs. Myral News, JuanitaGeorge. SYAllen University s Spring semester Veterans can obtain furtherBruner, Drew Boersma, Park Hill: Roy Rosson. when there will be 150 courses information by contacting Nina's Theodore Prickett, Ponca City: Mr. and Mrs. It rained Thursday ann organization caneu L)ai~ in 36 subject areas offered at Veterans Administration re-Stillwater Mobile Home, Mat- Delbert Carlile. sleeted Friday. Improvement Assoc.a ~ .... night andSaturday morning, presentatives Dung Smith ortie French, Stillwater Transfer Ripley: NephiHamilton, When dairies use pipeline association co-operat~ The recent increase in Glenn Robinson in the OSU and Storage, Marie Tipton,Grace Fowler. milking machines, the pipe helps the dairymen! veterans benefits makes even- Student Union Building base- Merl Lile, C. C. Mihura, Out of State: Dan LaFollet- line carries the milk directly records on the cows.~ Everett Stilly. re. Texas; Arthur Barjenbruck, into the tank instead of the dairy, we took sampl4 into,ing classeSnot onlymreforWrththe graduatelking mentRegistrationOr by callingfor377-0405.the spring Perkins: Mrs. C. A. Allison, Texas; Francis Pratt, Kansas; milk going into milker buckets. Saturday. :i student but alSO for the semester continues throughArthur M. Brown, George Capt. and Mrs. Don A. Lyons, This saves labor carrying the See you next week. beginning student. Friday, Jan. 10, and resumes Collins, Lanny L. Porter, Gall. gouisiana; Dan McGrew, milk, but makes it difficult to ~_~. , ,,. Leigh, Aaron Kint, BettyCalifornia; Mr. and Mrs. pat know how much milk each cow k erlcan vlew There are eight subject through the first two weeks of Branstetter, Jack Moser, C. Mooney, California; Mrs. is giving, i ~ ~'~ areas, including English, Art, school with a late fee being Accounting, Mathematics and charged. M. Savage, Roy Spillers, L.C. George Cherbonnier, Texas; An inventor designed a | Applied Behavioral Studies Admissions and registrar's Graves, Walter J. Schneider. Larry W. McDowell, Califor- device which takes out a small I ~i;lama~=-~ Education, which offer courses offices are open 8 a.m. to 5Tryon: Dollie Vassar, Rhea nia; D. L. Stansbury, Wyom- portion of each cow's milk and | ~ / on the freshman-SOphomore p.m., while the office forSharp. ing; John R. Brooks, Arizona; lets if drip into a cup which is | ~,. ~,~t level. More subject areas offer completing class schedules, in Coyle'. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd and Mrs. Clay Plymate, marked in pounds. | ~]['l'olt~'~,~l~ ~]~ courses on the junior-seniorthe basement of the student McHam, Wilma Smalley. Missouri. Also, samples can be taken I ~ ~, ~x,2~J/')~//~ level, union, is open 8:30 a.m. toCushing: Oliver Kinzie,I from the cup to find out how I ~ /t~\ ~J 2 A single veteran taking six4:30 p.m. All offices are closed - R ~ much butterfat is in each cow's | ~11 ,'~=:~ ~ t(~ hours is eligible for $135 per 12-1 for lunch. month, while a mal~ed Further information canbe AZOOK'S DRUG milk. After the-~unds of milk I ~k.~7 " ~'~ ,,re recorded and the sample | ~ veteran can receive $160 and a obtained by ,contacting the taken, the cup can be drained. [ ~1 I~ /~]~1 veteran with a wife and one OSU registrars office, White- A method used in some [ ~ ~/~ child will receive $182. Ahurst Hall, phone 372-6211, Stillwate dairies is recording theI (~ cff//j~]l[~t~l[ veteran taking graduate work ext. 7737. weights and taking butterfat I ~lP I~\x~'~ll~l'~*] 37'7-4445 samples one day each month. I Pest Control Good snacks are essential for Then the figures are multipli- [ There must ~ not a] ~e ~-.m~ n keeping children happy, develop- OPEN: eu ....... oy me nays m tha*t month to I ance..o[, fpower,., ou~ .a_.d "~ munzty o ower" not o~ liDS fltt rea mg good eating habits, providing find out how much the cow I .munny. o~ .power, no~ o,.~ ...... I tzed rwalrzes, but an Off{ q ..... daily food needs, maintaining MON-FRI. 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. gave mr mat monm. ] ized common peace~ .~ If creepy-crawlies inside the normal weight and helping to SAT.- 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Some dairymen are in an [ --Woodrow W~ house are one of your pet keep teeth healthy. SUN. - 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. peeves, here's a publication ' ...... I.I .... I It's called "Household Pest Control and prepared by Oklahoma State University extension entomologists Jerry Coakley and Ken Pinkston. Now available at all OSU Extension Centers in the state, the official designation of the four-page publication is OSU Extension Facts No. 7312. Sections of the publication are devoted to equipment for applying insecticides, insecti- cides formulations, control hints and safety tips and precautions. Control suggestions are given for insects that,bother food, those that attack fabrics and structures and those that make nuisances of themselves by biting and stinging. While most of the publicat- ion deals with using various percentages of scientific sounding chemicals, the last page shows the authors have a human touch. One of the controls they list for slugs and snails is a metaldehyde bald, but they a metaldehyde bait, but they add "stale beer has been reported to be effective against slugs." $75,000 Derby Set The Kansas Quarter Horse Ddrby will be held at Ruidoso Downs, starting with the 1975 season. The announcement was made jointly by AI Rosa, Ruidoso general manager, and Darrell Hare, president of the Kansas Quarter Horse Racing Associa- tion. WE An estimated purse of . $75,000 is a-'R-'-acl~ed to the first' staging of the Kansas Derby at Ruid0so. "We're delighted to add the Kansas Derby to our ~e" Wild ~ W]~IW~I~].GjAN" 22 three--year--old quarter horse 2, 4.g~qm~! schedule, and feel confident the S. Fu race will reflect considerable 6,~ta tl~ Fam~ ~ growth in the next few 8. Lawrmm Wdk 2.rE Y88t Ildl0 12d~ 4. M~-. Sds~ I~m 2~ mAX- JAN, Z9 2. Ol~lmss Femss 4,9- 6.wm s R klO ~,4. DIm~Imd S, Ih Is. SI= MJtm lk4m I~a 6,9-Din IUd~ :.,: ?dm ~, 4. M~Ulm aml Wlb 6,9- IthaMz 9...~ 2.Saa~al ad gaa / 4,6, 8, t, lit-Nowe 8. T, utl,.~~ 6,$O 4 - Tbs Now Ihtm Is itJ~t 8. ~s, eee Ih~sdd 1O- Tl, m Geed Oie ~ ldmk ?d0 2, 4 - Llttlo llmmo Q~ TI~ Pmldo S, & 1O - That's My ldmm 6, 9. Troy Ozbmla~l Dawn 8, It, 16 - Ammi~m l~dtNw Jd I, 4 - Lamm Tmm~ 6,9. Cmmat Itd0 S, 8, 10. MeW. Smpeaee 9AS 2, 4. tt,emedU 6, 9. Mmbm,t~ 10~0 2,4, S, 6,8,9, I0- lq1~'s 10tM ~,4 :Jdm~ Ca~ma S. lqli t,9.Ma~t~ -Cmm Duma Is. Wld, W~d Spa~ S, 8- Wldo Weald Spedd 2, 4.Tmmnm~ 6.1v,0m 2. Wlddt Camw Fw Me? S-tim years," Rosa said. The Kansas Derby replaces the Ruidoso Quarter Horse Derby. Nominations close March first with a " S250 payment. In order to participate in the Kansas Derby, owners must be members of the Kansas Quarter Horse Racing Associa- tioni".Membership dues of S10 should be mailed directly to the Kansas Quarter Horse Racing Association, P.O. ~OX 247, Derby, Kansas 67037. The trial entry fee for the Kansas Derby is $500. Supplemental nominations of S1,000 will be accepted by May 15. This doesn't include the S500 trial entry fee. The Kansas Derby. tentative- ly slated for May 25, is the first leg of Ruidoso's "triple crown" for three---year--olds. The second leg is the S300,000 (est.) Rainbow Derby, tenta- tively scheduled for July 6, and the $500,000 (est.) All--Ameri- can Derby, tentatively set for Aug. 24. Three.---year--olds are also eligible for another key event, the $75,000 (est.) World's Championship Classic at 440 yards. The tentative date of the Classic is July 27. Meax? M06T ~... Me MY m! Editor's Quote Book We can't all be Washin?.- tons, but tve can all be pa- triots and behave ourselves in a humane and Christian 1,A~ n n e r . ---Charles P. Browne iil MEXICAN VINE RIPE POUND CALIFORNIA POUND PKG. TEXAS RED EACH WEBSTERS KRAFt 8 46 OZ. CAN MORTON HOUSl~ BUSH'S 24 OZ. CAN WELCHS 20 OZ. JAR ALMA BRAND 13 OZ. JAR SHURFINE FROZEN SHURFINE FROZEN WItOLE KERNEL SHURFINE FROZEN YELLOW OR WHITE SHURFINE SHURFRESH SOUTHWEST LIQUID DETERGENT ,1o oz. PKG. 10 OZ. PKG. 10 OZ. PKGS. oz. BOTTLE REFRIGERATOR CAN 12 OZ. PKG. The 2Sth'al Lion Gott n Lions celebr Dur! charte Those Holsin R.V The anyon mid-y, Stillw; 24-25, Presid Tho: Gler a fund in me Resea, recent Call projec~ collecti studen state. ( On Jan High S Duri in Okl operati Reseat Northe Sinc~ Univer BOUNTY POUND 13 OZ. SPRAY CAN '--O 51 ROLLS GOLD SPOT U.S. CHOICE OR GOOD LB. I GRADE t SASh, LARGE FAMILY SIZE 48 OZ. JUG LB. II A sp meetin the Hii persom and pa solutio] Briel that th placed yeart childre PETER PIPER SLICED 2 SIZE CAN u.S. CHOICE OR GOOD SIRLOIN LB* 3 LB. CAN RODEO ALL MEAT 12 OZ. PKG. FRESH GROUND ENDS & PtECES 3 LB. PKG. OR MORE WE GLADLY ACCEPT FooD STAMPS Prff es Effective Jan 17-18 & 20 PHONE 547-2555 "Your Friendly S&H Stor e.'' PERKINS OKLAHOMA