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Perkins, Oklahoma
January 17, 1957     The Perkins Journal
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January 17, 1957

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x f mrsday, Jammry 17, 1957 VISIT PERKINS AND OOMA IN &apos;57--youl enjoy it THE PERKINS JOURNAL 1 I Hel t) Payne County Celebrate .+ Oklahoma's Semi-Centenial By Joining Payne County Historical Society Funds used to mark Historical sites in Payne County Send $2.00 for membership cards to BOX 207, STILLWATER 12:00 Newsroom 12:00 The President's larade (Man.) 12:20 Weatherman i2:30 Ray Mtlland Show t:00 Tom Paxton Show* 1:30 Tennessee Ernie 2:00 Matinee Theater s 3:00 Queen For A Day 3:45 Modern Remakes 4:00 It's A Great Life 4:30 Waterfront 5:00 Giant Kids Matinee* 6:00 Newsroom 6:15 Weatherman 6:25 Sports FRIDAY, J - 25 MONDAY, JAN. 21 6:30 Zddie Fish;.-" 6:30 Bhind Your 6:45 NBC News Telephone 7:00 Sheriff of Cv=Mse 6:45 NBC News / 7:30 State Trooper 7:00 Sir Lancelot 8:00 The Chevy Show 7:30 Stanley 9:00 Cavalcade of Sports 8:00 Twenty One 9:45 Bed Barber's Corner 8:30 Robert Montgomery 10:00 NewsoWeatlr-Spts, Presents* 10:30 TBA 9:30 Frontier 11:00 Tonight 10:00 News-Weather-Spts, 10:30 The InauguralBall SATURDAY, J.* 1. 20 11:00 Tonight 7:15 Test Pattern 7:30 Color Test TUESDAY, JAN. 22 7:45 Cartoons- Serial 6:30 Jonathan Winters 8:15 Terrytoon Theater Show 8:30 Sky King 0:46 NBC News 9:00 Howdy Doody 7:00 Big Surprise 9:30 I Married Joan 7:30 Noah's Ark. 10:00 Fury 8:00 Jane Wyman Show 10:30 Cowboy Theater 8:30 Circle Theater 11:30 Giant Kids Matinee 9:30 Man Called "X" 1:00 Creative Crafts 10:00 News-Weather-Spts. 1:30 Pro Basketball 10:30 Break the $250,000 Philo. vs. Ft. Wayne Rank 3:30 Now Showing 11:00 Toniglt ]'Hellzapoppln' " 6.'0" Big Red Shindig" WEDNESDAY, JAN,  5:30 Roy Rogers 6:30 Eddie Fisher 6:00 The People's Choice 6:45 NBC News 6:30 People Are Funny 7:00 Ozzie & Harriet 7:00 Perry Como Show" 7:30 Science Fiction 8:00 Caesar's Hour Theater S:O0 George Gobel Show g:00 Kraft Theater. g:30 Stars of the Grand 9:00 This Is Your Life Ole Opry 9:20 O. Henry Playhouse 10:00 News-Weather-Sphi 10:00 News-Weather.Spts 10:30 Your Hit Parade SUNDAY, JAN. 20 8:30 Color Test 9:00 This Is The Life 9:30 The Christopher, :0:00 ghurch Services 0:30 unday School 1:00 ?opular Science 1:15 :ndustry On Parade 11:30 Giant Kids Matinee 1:00 Open Window 1:30 Your Bible 2:00 Outlook 2:30 oo Parade 3:00 ride Wide World 4:30 aptain Gallant 5:00 eatherman 5:15 ewsroom 5:30 Londie 6:00 Tales of the 771h Bengal Lancers 6:30 Circus Boy 7:00 Steve Allen,Show 8:00 Alco Hour 9:00 Loretta Young Show 9:30 Code 3 10:0 Weatherman 0:15 Newsroom ]0:30 Sunday Night Show "Fighting Man of the Plains" DAYTIME MaN. THRU FRL 6:15 Test Pattern :30 Color Test 6:35 Oklahoma Farmer 6:50 weatherman l: hoape I Time 7:00 oday 7 : 0aa. in Oklahoma 7:30 y 7: T0day's Weather 8:00 IsnotY DUmpty 8:S0 T om Thumbnail xneatex 9:00 Home 10:00 The Price Is Right 10:00 lre Inauguration eremon/es (Man. 10:30 Truth or Conse. querces 11:00 Tic Tac Dough 11:00 A .InaISterlng Of ua and President's ...__ SlahlLn.) 10:30 Studio 57 11:00 Saturday Night Sho .10 Zt Could Be You 11:00 Tonight "Spiral Staircase'" -'am tL in color. ** Portton of programs telecast In coloz PmGAMS S TO CHANGE WrrHOUT NO'TZC t  T. V; PROGRAMS COURTESY OF DAVIS RADIO & T V Specializing in Radio and T. V. Repair " ---:-Also Sales and Service Perkins, Oklahoma " ."  "A-     -  .  .a     ..   dy, ,Ion. 20 11,45. The Guiding Light lrbarldoy N|gl J.- 0:00 Your Armed Forces 12:00 Amos "n Andy B:IS Jlil Corey Show 12;30 As The World Turns &00 Annia Ookfey &:30 Wodd Horizons h00 VIvion, Hor & 6:30 Sejt 9:00 Lamp Unto My Feet Eddie 7=00 Bob Cummings 930 Oklahoma City m 130 Hobse Patty 7;30 Climax Worip with Ray. 2:00 The Big Payoff iColorJ william Mitchel I. 2:30 Bob Crosby 8:30 Highway Pttol 3:00 IIghter Da 900 Tha tineuo 3:15 The Secret torm 930 Dr Cristian Calvin Pmdytsrion |0 UN In A41ion !30 Dr. Waldo Stephen 330 The Edge of Night 10:00 Weather. |046 Man to Man 4=00 Family Movie" Time Harry Volkmon }}:00 Le'e Take o Tdp 5:30 Newt, Oyde Davis I0;13 News. Mark Wea :11:30 Wild Bill Hickok $40 Weather, 126 Sorts, AI Fiozelw 1200 I kkle & Jerklo Ho Volkman 1030 Mystery Plcnflu :12:30 Mvie Time 5,45 Doug Edwarde. News II:00 Millio Dollr Me :1=3,O3:oO. AmtMll nDallarAnib Movie Mmy Nllkt, . 21 Fddey NIle. J. | 3.'30 News CJyde  600 Wild Bi$1 Hik 6:00 Superman ai46 Wether, HI/  Robin Hood 6:30 My Friend PIIcko vmKman Bwns & Atte 7:00 West Point SKy k00  730 Talent Scouts 7:30 Zane Grey 4"30 Mr. M.lkng Ik)ing g:" I Love Lucy 8:00 Ounch & Des Jlot  |:30 December 6dde B:30 Schlitz PIoloe 9:00 Studio One 9:00 Dr. Hndson's Jo S:00 ttiephcme Time, 10:00 Wecher, " A Pwer + 9:30 P..on to P.rtoa L41e + Herry Volknn I00 Weather 10;13 +Nev Mork Wewlr 4.3Q Prole Seretor Harry Volkmon 10;15 InoutJwol I11 !0:13 News Mark We T:00 Ed livn dmw I h00 :Mitlion Dkr Movie I 0:25 Sports AI I kzelwl 800 G E Thoutre 9:30 A Hi:tk Pmllmts Tuesday Night ' Je,  10:30 Mr ,lo and El 900 4,000 Challenge 6:00 Rtn Tin Tin II:O0 Millinn Dollar Mo 9:30 'S My ine? 6:30 N That'l[une Salvrday, J I0 Weather, . , "  Hm,4olkmoh + 7:00 Phil.Silvers ow 730 Cowboy Thrills l'O, News, Mor. eover 7:30 Tke Brothers 8;00 Folr Kno',v Best 8:15 Captain Kangaroo O illion, O't ovta a:30. Red Skwllon Show 9:30 Mighty Mouse + Playhouie +lorl  I0:00 Winky" Dtnk & YO Monday thru -Fr|dk W 900 $64 000 Question Jem 21-25 9:30 I Led Three Lives .10:30 Tales of =45 Morning Devotion |0+00+Waothlr. Texas Rangers . Harry Volkmon i 1:00 Cotain Midnight With Rev. W. T. Gib 10:13 News. Mark Weaver I}:30 Buffalo Bill. Jr. mare, Tobitha t2:00 Lone Ranger *S:SS Weather Reports, 10:25 Sports. &l Hozelwood 12:30 Farm Hour Lola Hall 10:30 To. T.ll the Truth 1:30 Hockey---New Yo 7:00 KWTV Farm Reporter I1:00 Million Dollar Movie at 6asian :15 Market R.porls 31 W.stem Trails :25 Weather Reports, W.detday Nlt, Jem23 5:00 Our Miss Brooks Lola Hall 600 die  Fglle 5:3QRusty Carson 7:30 Good Morning ,oW  630 Gibnt Step 6:00 ot+$he Clo :7:55 News. Dick Evm. " 7:00 Godrey Show 6,30 Th lucr. :'. 1:00 Cap.in Kangaroo lhQO Millionaire 7:0G+Jgck{ G41as0 S:30 Romper Room 030 I ve Got a Secret 8i0 Gale Storm :00 Garry Moore 9;00 201h Century Fox 8:30 Hey Jeanne '930 krthar Godfrey Time Hour 9:00 Gunsmoke M thru Th 10:00 W.othe, 9:30 Ford Theatre ^ __ Garry Moore F harry Volkmon I0:00" Playhouse 9<N--"\< u:D Strike It Rch 1013 News Mark Weaver Soon to Die with .:uO Valiant Lady 10:25 Big 9 Scoreboard Richard Bosehart, I,tl5 LOv- "'" = O I.ITe "10:30 You're on Your Own Anne Bancroft 4130 rch for Tomorrow I1:00 Mln DoNee Movie Ih30 Mystery Plaldu Monday--lO:30 o. m. to 2:0Q p.m., Inaugural Parade TELECASTING FROM THE WORLD'S TALLEST MAN-MADE STRUCTURE Young Farmer Reports By Richard Wells Sunday I interviewed Mr. Fay Haskett at his farm home. locat- and he is running low on stock water. As most of you know these conditions apply not only to Mr. Ha.kerr, but also to almost all of the farmerrs in the major drought disaster areas. The Hasketts have two separ- ate flocks of laying hens. From one flock they sell eggs to the ed in the heart of the Mehan tillwater Hatchery and from Valley. He has lived in o rnear I the other flock the Sell to pri- Payne County allot his life. He rate customers The are bu ing Y Y and Mrs. Haskett have two child- all of the feed for their flocks, ten. / Where as, in years of normal Mr. Haskett has two farms / rainfall they would be using home which, total 341 acres of land. l,gTown feed for at least part of He raises small grams, usually i their rations. This is another dis- hay, and beef cattle and have a advantage to having a drrought, fine poultry program. I but the onlY thing that you can Mr. Haskett has been in the sheep I do about it is to take good care business, but now has a be.eflo f the moisture you receive and prouuclng program, as in the i hope and pray that you get som past. He uses Hereford cattle with I more a combination small grain and i THURSDAY, JA'. 24 6:30 Dinah Shore 6:45 NBC News 7:00 Groucho Marx 7:30 Dragnet 8:00 Man Behind The Badge 8:30 Tennessee Er='e Ford Show hay crop, the native pasture didn' 9:00 Lux Video Tl::ater*i 10':C0 ew-Weati'r-Sps. t have a chance to grow much 10:30 Mystery P!z, yhouse 11:00 Tonight native pasture along with hay. The conditions have been so bad that he has been forced to sell some of his cattle. He didn't get enough moisture to raise a Mr. J. E. Allen of Stillwater was a wekend guest of Mr. and rs. Warner Acuff Mrs. Mary Laughlin had Sunday dinner wlth the Acuffs lr. and Mrs. Paul Baden and baby called in + 'he afternoon EXTRA SPECIAL Used Breakfast Set Table and four chairs $14.95 Close Out Prest0ne Anti Freeze Reg. $3.25 gal While it lasts $2.95 gal. HOLLYWOOD BEDS steel fralne, coil springs, Adjustable frame--%, : or full size $10.95 each VASSAR HARDWARE Phone 104 Perkins, Okla. 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