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January 19, 2012     The Perkins Journal
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January 19, 2012

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A4 - THE PERKINS JOURNAL, Thursday, January 19, 2012 Opinions Thank You! I would like to thank Pete Seikel and the city maintenance department for getting started on the re-painting of the cross walks on Main St. I have noticed the differences with some drivers that are actually stopping! I would also like to say thanks to those that participated in the donation drive arranged by the Perkins Vetefina Clinic, during December (photo this edilion ). I would also like to re-mind folks that Cats Are Treated Special is the only cat rescue and adop- tion in Perkins, andis not a part of the City of Perkins Animal Shelter. So if you Would care to make donations for an in-door b 'uilding, you may do so through deposit at Payne County Bank, or mailing to: 222 West Chantry St. Perkins, 74059. i was able to rescue 8 more cats in the past 2 weeks.They have been spayed/neutered, except for one little girl approximately 17 weeks old and pregnant. I think that is probably why she showed up in my yard after dark. Very tame and sweeL Call 547-1224 to adopt. Betty Ottaway Perkins Seeds of Change I was still in public school when a Supreme Court decision separated religious principles from education. School prayer, Bible reading and all instruction purported to have any type of religious connection were all banned from our nation's schools. Even the Ten Commandments, acknowledged by th F Supreme Court to be the foundation of law in the Western World, were eventually removed from public schools. Life itself has taught me that whenever you take a founda- tional truth out of an entire society, your agenda has got to be to replace the "old truth" with a "new truth." Appealing Jto'our intellect, wewere told the Constitution of the United States specifically calls for a,separation of church and state." ( point our framers obviously missed.) 'When the Bible (and God), etc., were removed from all education, we were told that the children won't miss a thing. They receive Bible training at both church and home. We understood the rationale. In 1957 massive educational reforms began and by 1963, the first significant downturn inlSAT total scores began to fall and we began to hear of the intentional "dumming down" of American school chil- d/en. As blatant sexuality found its way into middle school cur- riculum, we were told that not all children receive proper sexual training at home. Once again, we understood the rationale. Iremember thinking that"education" is taking my children away from me." ,The truths I was teaching at home and those they were learning at church were being undermined by what they were learning at school. Situation Ethics taught them that "there is a time to steal, a time to cheat, and a time to lie. They were taught that not every issue is black or white. Now there are shades of gray. Textbooks taught them that neither parents, or preachers and not even teachers know what is best for them. "Only YOU know what is best for YOU!" By golly, I was born and raised in this country and it juSt is NOT the same America which raised me. When the President of the United States goes to Turkey and says to tl people of the world that, "We do not consider ourselves a 'Christian nation, or Jewish nation, or Muslim nation." U l ,-- q!!ii!iii!!iiiiii TO SUBSCRIBE BY MAIL, fill out this form and mail with ii!iiiiiiiiii;!iiiii remittance to: The Perkins Journal, P.O. Box 667, liiiiii!i!iiiii! Perkins, OK 74059-0667 ;iiiii!iil;!ii!! liiiiiii!iiiiiiii Address City 6tateZip liiiiii!iliiiiiii! ii=!=iii!=!=i:i Rates: One year in Oklahoma.. $30 li00i00! One year out of state ...... $35 ::::::::::;:: BE A FRIEND, BUY A FRIEND a subscription and deduct $4 I ii iiii Off 1 rotes list al::e  you are a current id subscriber. ,iii Use the form above fur your"friend" and list your name here: |,iiii;:i! m n m m m m m By Superintendent Janet Barresi This week I marked my one-year anniversary since taking office as the,first new State Superintendent of Public Instruction in Oklahoma in 20 years. It's been an exciting year. But I can't taketoo much time to reminisce; I've got reforms to implement. As Indiana State Superintendent and my fellow Chiefs for Change member Tony Bennett says, "Fail- ure to implement is the graveyard of all reform." ( With that in mind, I'm moving fuIl-speed ahead with what I call my C 3 plan - a plan to continue work with all stakeholders to assure that each student in the state is college, career and citizen ready by the year 2020. The plan builds on an impressive suite of reforms He is NOT speaking for me! When he says, "We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values," I realize that we were raised in two differ- ent worlds. I have said all that to say this. Speaking with a Perkins teenager a few days ago, I said, '.iThe recent "Occupy" move- ment was made up of socialists. I am NOT happy that high school students are being taught to be socialists. She said, "Oh, I am not a socialist, I am a communist." Now when President Obama says he wants to fundamen- tally transform America, I really get it. The fundamental change Mr. O speaks of is here and those seeds of change which were in the air "have been planted." Fran Miller Perkins passed last year with the help of the governor and the State Legislature. These include a law to end the social promotion of students not reading on grade level by the end of third grade, a new A through F grading system for schools that will make it easier for parents and community members to know how their school is performing in terms of the measurable growth of its Students, and more educational choices fur parents. The C 3 plan builds also includes: The Teacher and Leader Effectiveness evaluation system recently approved by the state Board of Edu- cation, which will ensure an effective teacher in each classroom and an effective leader in each building; The transition to Oklahoma C 3 standards, which encompass Common Core Stale Standards it math and English and Oklahoma's recently updated Social Studies Standards; Achieving Classroom Excellence Standards, which require this year's graduating seniors to pass four of seven end-of-instruction tests to receive a high school diploma. This is a vital reform that will present clear evidence that those students who fulfill this require- ment have mastered academic content. The development of a new longitudinal student data system that will provide the backbone of showing Oklahoma students are prepared for college, career and life; And, the REAC3H Network, a grassrouts network pairing school districts together to share best practices as they enact reforms and transition to the Oklahoma C 3 standards. Ultimately, this is an empowerment agenda. Our goal is to empower students by preparing them to be successful in school, career and life, to empower parents by providing them with easy-to-understand information about their children and school, and to empower educators to reach their full potential by giving them a full range of tools for support. iiii!20000,ii!i/!ii00:i:i:i!ii00 iii/i:i00ii00 00ii!i!!00i00ii!ili!00i!iiii!i!ii0000!!i!!!ii!i00i!!i i,i , By Cecil Acuff .. If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck - it' s a duck! Not necessarily. It may just be Quackery; having the practices and pretensions of a Quack. It practices and pretends to be the real deal. There are no Caveat Emptors (let the buyer beware) or Disclosures. A Research Director who studies the Retail Indus- try calculates that in 2012 $2 billion in the gift card business will go unredeemed. It has always been such, but this is even an improvement. It has been .... calculated that since 2005, $41 billion has gone :: unredeemed. It isn't that people have improved their cleaning- out-drawers abilities; but Title IV of the Credit Card Accountability and Disclosure Act of 2009. Junk Fees are eliminated and expiration dates of less than 5 years have been voided. A value of $3.5 billion is lost because of expirations. Where does this money go? The answer depends on a patchwork of state laws. Certain states have removed unredeemed funds from their balance sheets and reclaimed the amounts as revenue. New York collected $9.6 million in unredeemed gift cards and returned only $2,150 to the rightful owners. Researchers believe that all this money is the con- sumers. The whole nature of gift cards is that the consumer gives money to retailers, asking them to hold it until the buyer is ready to use the product. Just because it has not been asked for in a certain length of time doesn't mean it's no longer the consumers. Oklahoma law prohibits expiration dates less' than 60 months from date of purchase. A gift card or certificate without expiration date is valid until redeemed or replaced. When consumers buy a gift card, they do so with the expectation that the recipient will receive something !neturn, They do not buy cards from a company as a charitable donation. Product mail-in rebates almost faded away sev- eral years ago when large companies said consum- ers hated the hassle. But now, perhaps due to the Recession, they're back. Sellers use variations of the traditional rebate promotion to lure frugal-minded consumers. But the incentive remains a trap because buyers judge a product's value based on the expecta- tion of receiving the rebate. Updated methods of claiming rebates make the process easier, but, the well documented truth - few consumers get around to claiming their money. They have that little round trinket labelled, TUIT. Sellers use rebates because they work, enticing buyers. They also know that it's good business when almost one-half lose or neglect cashing them. Consumer experts give tips for people who use rebates. 1) Ignore them. If their use is always a wor- risome chore, avoid the product." 2) File fast. Experts say it's not so much the hassle, but the procrasti- nation. 3) Read the fine print. 4) Get organized. If consumer Xy Wyer isn't one who marks calendars with dates, forget it. 5) Be aware of privacy issues. Personal information may be shared or sold to other companies. Also interesting, consumers may buy autos based on the best "Cash Back" offer. Sales Persons say, "Buy the Jalopy, Rio Grande, only $25,and get $995 cash back." It's always nice to have instant cash, but why not pay only $25,000, and keep the $995, isn't that more Instant? by the way, is not Instant an absolute word, or is it, Instant, more Instant, and most Instant? The inexpensive TV product says, a $69.95 value for only $19.95, plus shipping and handling. Expect 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. But, wait. There's more! Call in the next 10 minutes, and we'll double our offer. Must be nice to draw interest on the consum- er's money for a product that may cost little more than the shipping and handling. The Clothing Industry loves, "Buy one, get one Free." Do consumers reason, "I cannot do without 2 of those $400 suits," when actually, each suit is a $200 item.? In all of the above, there are no Disclaimers -no Explanations. Consumers should avoid the most tempting but potentially averse features of acqui- sitions. To wit; Impulse. Wait, Think; why is this  ad on this program? What audience is the target of this ad?