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Perkins, Oklahoma
January 23, 1936     The Perkins Journal
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January 23, 1936

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THE PERKINS JOURNAL ..... I OUR COMIC SECTION FINNEY OF THE FORCE I I I! J ! THE FEATHERHEADS B, O,bo=e Continuous Performance Western NewspJper U.Ioll, SURE SIGN "How's your husband's golf game?" =If it's as bad as his disposition ltely, it must be pretty bad." A Novelty Lady (after tramp finished eatlng) It'e merely a suggestion. The wood lille Is in the back yard. Tramp--You don't say. What a splendid place for a woodpile.--Mn- gold Beason. Experienced The mighty engines of the lter throbbed ceaselessly. The eMef engi seer wiped t perspiring forehead as be scowled at the pale-faced young man with the oil cam =Look here," he gro;vle "you aren't helping me much with these engines, yet I understand you know something about the game." "So I do," stammered the other, "but on a smaller scale, you know." "What's your usual job?" "Watch repairing." More Substantial A planter in Alabama hadn't seen one of his former workers for a year, until he saw him in Montgomery one Saturday. "Well, well!" the planter exclaimed. "What are you doing now, Uncle Mose?" "Ah's done gone to preachln'," the venerable negro replied. "What ! You preaching?" "Yes, suh l" " "Well, well I Do you use notes?" "No, suh I At de lust Ah used dem; but now Ah has to have cash I" A Good Bad Break Mary--So you bought a new fur coat after all I thought you said your hus- band couldn't 2tfford It this year. Joan--So I did, but we had a stroke of luck. My husband broke his leg, and the insurance company paid him $100. OFF COLOR Mr. MoneybagsHow do you know Mills has lost money? His Wife--Because Mrs. Mills has Just had her dog's coat dyed to ntch her last season's furs. A Good Stunt The flyer on a speed dash was forced down and landed, unhurt, in s tree. As he clambered down he was met by h farmer. "Sorry if ,I disturbed you," said the airman. "I was trying for a record.' "Well, you made it, all right," an- swered the farmer. "You're the first man around here who ever climbed down a tree without first llmblnl up It." Crocheted Potholders in a Lantern Design By GRANDMOTHER CLARK Potholders are necessary in every kitchen so why not make them at- tractive when you do make them? These potholders are crocheted with heavy stying crochet cotton forming Jap lanterns and in colors red, green, yellow. The design Is the same on all three but the colors are reversed, giving a very attractive and pleasing effect. The finished holders measure 6 inches each. No padding Is re- quired if made with heavy cotton. The instructions for making this set, No. 732, will be mailed to you for 10 cents. Instructions with material will be mailed for 40 cents. Address Home Craft Co., Dept. B, Nineteenth and St. Louis Ave., St. Louis, Me. Inclose a stamped ad- dressed envelope for reply when writing for any information. Progress Made in Berlin Preparatory to Olympics The Olympic games will take place In the 300-acre Relchssportfield situ- ated in the west end of Berlin. The huge stadium, which is 85 per cent completed, has seats for 100,(D0 spectators The stadium arena con- tains a running track 400 meters long. 'lhe swimming stadium con- tains  65-1654oot pool, a large restaurant overlooking the pool. The Dietrlch-Eckert open-air the- ater in the form of a Greek bowl will be used for dramatic productions and assemblies. The Olympic bell which will peal to open the games is of steel and weighs 16 tons. It was removed from Its casting last August. The sitar on the stadium tower will be lighted ,* on August 1, of this year, by the Olympic fire, the flame of which will be brought from the site of the original Olympic games by 3,000 runners who will travel in relays.--Washington Star. The Real Test Little Horace was wearing hls frst pair of real pants. He felt that at last he was a man among men. He strutted up and down and finally he went up to his mother and asked: "Muvver, can I call pa Bill now ?"--Pattfinder. Truth at Last Film Star--Yes, I said I wanted a home with at least ten children. Friend--My dear, what makes you say such foollsh things? Fllm Star--The publicity depart- ment.--Film Fun. Better Cho|ce Judge--You can take your choice. $10 or ten days. Prisoner--l'll take the money, your honor. Guilty, Without a Doubt " had the right of way, yet you say I was to blame for this smashup." "You certainly were." "Why, officer T' "Because his father is mayor, his brother is chief of police, and I'm to marry his slster."--Stray Stories. Keep the temperature of the room In which house plants are grown at 60 or 65 degrees. They do not thrl in a room that is too warm. S $ $ Sprinkle a cake with coraatare before icing to prevent Icing runnin off. S S S To clean a white fur carriage robe heat sawdust in the oven and whm very hot rub well into the fur. eral applications may be necessar before it is ciean. Brush in tl open air until all the sawdust i r moved. $ $ $ Before washing colored handka- chiefs for the first time soak them for ten minutes in a basin of eol water to which a tablespoon of tm pentine has been added. @ Asoolated Newsaper.--YrU eek-vtoe. Week' Supply of Potum Free Read the offer made by the Posture Company in another part of thii per. They will send a full week's sup- ply of health giving Posture free tit anyone who writes for it.Adv. Try Bouquets Throwing mud at a good malt soils your own hands. Don't Guess But Know Whether the "Pain" Remedy You Use is SAFE? Don't Entrust Your Own or Your Family's Well- Being to Unknown Preparations r[HE person to ask whether the preparation you or your family are taking for the relief of headaches is SAFE to use regularly is your family doctor. Ask him particularly about Genuine BAYER ASPIRIN. He will tell you that before the discovery of Bayer Aspirin most "pain" remedies were advised against by physicians as bad for the stomach and, often, for the heart. Which is food for thought if you seek quick, safe relief. Scientists rate Bayer Aspirin among the fastest melhods yet dis- covered for the relief of headaches and the pains of rheumatism, neu- ritis and neuralgia. And the experi- ence of millions of users has proved it safe for the average person to use regularly. In your own interest re- member this. You can get Genuine Bayer Aspirin at any drug store -- simply by asking for it by its full name, BAYER ASPIRIN. Make it a point to do this -- and see that you get what you want. Bayer. Aspirin QUITE PROPER "You alwed that young man to kiss you. Tlmt was very lnd2screet." "Not at all. I had looked up his financial stmding." No Regret* *'I'm sorryI quite forgot your par. ty the other evening 1" "Oh, weren't you therel"---tra Storlee Magazine. WRIGILEY'$