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January 23, 1936     The Perkins Journal
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January 23, 1936

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Just one spoonful relicv GAS and chronic constipation. Sold by all druggists and drug department I" i ;+ q ,, DO you suffer burning, scanty OI too frequent urination; backachel headache, dizziness, loss of energy/ leg pains, swellings and pufnesE under the eyes? Are you tireda nerv- ous--4eel all unstrung and don'l know what is wrong? Then give some thought to your Iddneys.e sure they function proper- ly for functional kidney disorder per- mits excess waste to stay in the blood, and to poison and upset the whole wstem, Use D.m't Pills. Doan'a are for the lddneys only. They are recommended the world over. You can get the gen- uine, time-reded Doan's st any drug Itore. ........ IMPROVED UNIFORM INTERNATIONAL SUNDAY CHOOL Lesson By REV. P. B. FITZWAT]R. D. D., Member of Faculty, Moody Bibls Institute of Chicago. Western Newsoalaer Union. Lesson for January 26 JESUS DECLARES HIS PURPOSE LESSON TEXT--Luke 4:16-30. GOLDEN TEXT The Spirit of +the Lord is upon me. because he hath anointed me to preach the ospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the broken-hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recoverin of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord.--Luke 4:18, 19. PRIMARy TOPIC--Jesus Preaches to His Home Folks. JUNIOR TOPIC,--Jesus' First Sermon. INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR TOPIC--Choosing a Life Purpose. YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULT TOPIC---What Jesus Cam-to Do. I. Jesus in the Synagogue (v. 16). On the Sabbath he went Into the Synagogue according to his custom. He no doubt went that day with a new and definite purpose, but how re- freshing to know that tt was according to his habit. M.ny young people have been safeguarded from the pitfalls of the world because of the habit of read- Ing the Bible. praying and going to church. II. Jesus Reading the Scriptures (vv. 17-19). 1. The book handed to hlm (v. 17). It was not only his custom to attend the place of worshlp, but to take Dart in it. This prlvilege was not confined to the rabbis (Acts 13:15). Jesus, therefore, used the liberty accorded him. 2. The passage read (Isa. 61:1,2), It is not entirely clear as to whether this was, providentially, the Scripture reading for the day, or whether it was specifically chosen by him for that occflslon. 3. The content of the passage (vv. 18, 19). a. The mission of the Messiah iv. 18). (I) To preach the gospel to the poor. The good tidings which Jesus proclaimed are peculiarly welcome to the common people. By "poor" in this case is primarily meant those who were poor In spirit (Matt. 5:3). (2) To heal the broken-hearted. The gospel of Christ meets the needs of those whose hearts are crushed by the weigtt of their own sins or by a bur- den of sorrow ond disappointment. (3) To preach deliverance to the captives. This meant deliverance from the bondage of the Devil (John 8:36). (4) Recovering of sight to the blind. Christ did actually make those who were physically blind to see (John 9:6, 7) and also opened the eyes of those who were spiritually blind (I John 5:20). (5) To set at liberty them that are bruised. The power of Christ can free the most utterly hopeless ones. (6) To preach the acceptable year of the Lord. The primary allusion is to the year of Jubilee (Lev. 25:8-10). b. The special enduement of the Messiah (v. 18). He was the anointed one predicted by Isaiah, the Messiah. Ill. Jesus Expounding the Scrip- tures (vv. 20, 21). 1. He closed the book and sat down. It seems to have been the custom of the Jewish teachers to sit while teach- Ing. 2. "This day is this scripture ful- filled." This statement is no doubt but the gist of what he said. He thus de- clared that he was the Messiah. IV. Jesus' Reception by the People (vv. 22-30). The critical hour had come. The people were amazed. They admitted his gracious words but were unable to admit his claims. His reception was characterized by 1. Ignorant prejudice (v. 22). They said. "Is not thls Joseph's son?" as if to say, "This Is our fellow towns- men with whom we have been ac- quainted for years. Surely, he cannot be the Messiah." 2. Uxibeltef s to his supernatural power (v. 23). They challenged him to exhibit examples of divine power, 3. Personal Jealousy (v. 24). Jeal- ousy often prevents us from seelng the essential worth of men In our midst. Jesus adduced two outstanding ex- amples of the willingness of foreigners to believe God. a. Elijah was sent to a widow at Serepta (vv. 25, 26). Many wldows of Israel were pased by, doubtless be- cause they would not have received the pophet. b. Naaman, the foreigner, of the many lepers, was the one cleansed. (v. 27). 4. Violent hatred (vv. 28-30). This comparison of the Jews wlth foreign- ers so offended their pride that they tried to kill him. He showed them that just as Elijah had brought bless- ing to one who lived In Sidon, nd Elisha te one in Syria, while the people of Israel went on suffering, even so the Gentiles would receive the blessing of his saving power, while thaT, the chosen nation, would rafter in Unbelief. LEARNING TO READ IS FUN WHEN IT ISN'T A STRUGGLE " 'Flats fixed,' 'Cars washed here,' are words often learned by the wide-awake boy more easily than 'Once tlmre was a little red hen,'" sagely observes a writer in the Par- ents' Magazine, who admits that even In spite of all the advance there has been made in' teaching reading, there are still many children who find this a difficult subject and need help at home. To the parent who finds hiln- self bewildered by such a problem, the writer stresses the advisability of arousing the youngster's interest in things that he sees and knows about. "Take him out tn tim automobile and drive through some cross street where there is a stop sign," she sug- gests. "Put your foot on tile brake and stop so suddenly that Johnny asks why. Then show him the rea- son for doing so. In the same way draw up before a 'no parking' sign and cult his attention to It, then go on. You needn't talk about rending, but hi a few days as yon drive abont. It will be fairly certain that Johnny will be noticing stop' and 'no pal'l:.- Ing' signs. And those are just a,u ood words for today's child to ent his teeth on "is 'l see a eat.'" Thns is the boy tunght the rise of learning tO read rind xv]/en lie tinder- stands iis rise. his desire Io learn to read will be aroused. When it is. put Into his ('hubhy hand sonle such book as "Mr. Brown's Grocery Store." in which he wouhl see many a fanliliar word. Or yon might try ga.nles to help the young reader along. Still another way of approaehing learning to read is through rhymes. For the child who responds to the swing and d'mce of words there's no better book for him to learn to read froln than good old Mother Goose. The moral that adorns +the tale is to let the child whom you want to help learn to read take the initiative. you being at h'md ready to follow and gtve ntd when needed. If we are to take the autltor's word for it, learning to read is no struggle in the family wllere games, stnries. Inlps rind well-chosen I)ooks lnake the recognition of words easy and real fun, Pension Plan for Employees Announced by Wrigley Co. Recognizing the adwlntage and fairness of social security to work- ers and being in favor of un old age pension plan, the Win. Wrigley Jr. company, has annollnneed s. pen- sion plqn, for its employees, effec'tive at once. More than 1,300 employees qre affected by the move. Under tlle Wrigley phln tile com- pany and eml)loyees contribute for futiire service pension on a fifty-fifty basis. The plan provides for em- ployees to be retired :it the age of i sixty-five. 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