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January 27, 1977     The Perkins Journal
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January 27, 1977

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6-The Journal, Thursday, January 27, 1977 THIRD GRADERS COMPOSE OWN TEXTBOOKS When the third graders returned to school after the Christmas holidays, they found that their room had been flooded and all of their books had been ruined by the water. This didn't "dampen" the spirits of these kids; they pitched right in and wrote, illustrated, and bound story books of. their own. Here are a few stories from their books. Kermit, the Frog by Kathryn Ross One day a mother frog was about to have a baby. Her husband named him Fred. Fred was well trained and had very good manners, so his dad bought him a motorcycle. But one day he was speeding. A policeman stopped him and he got a ticket. But that was the last thing he ever did wrong. Then, after that he became President of the frogs, and. the people of the town named him Kermit, the Frog. The Fat Woman and The Thin Man by Cheri Duffle Once upon a time there was a fat woman and a thin man. They lived in a big brown house. One day the thin man brought home a dog and a cat. The fat woman was allergic to them. She yelled at him and then sneezed. They had a problem. So they thought and thought. Finally the thin man had an idea. He took the dog and the cat back and they lived happily ever after. p The Mouse's Hole by Lisa Shingleton Once there was a mouse named Tim. He had a family and their names were Sue, the Mother, Bob, the Baby, Fuzzy, the Baby's Brother, and Wuzzy, Fuzz's brother. One day when it was warm, Fuzzy and Wuzzy went to the woods to gather berries for supper. They went farther, and farther into the woods, but they didn't find any berries. When they went a little farther, they saw a hole. It looked like theirs at home, but they didn't know that the hole was their home. While Fuzzy and Wuzzy were at the hole, Bob, the baby, was in bed thinking of what he might do when he woke up. Finally he thought of something he would do. "I will play with my toys." Meanwhile back at the hole, Fuzzy and Wukzy decided to go in and there were Mamma Mouse, Daddy Mouse, and Baby Mouse. The Bouncing Spot by Todd Kucko Once there was a blue ball. It was always getting into trouble. Once he was bouncing and cracked a window. He said, "Oh, Oh." A man got a gun and almost shot him. Then he went into a restaurant and broke some glasses and plates and bowls and spilled soup all over the place. A policeman chased him. The ball got his gun and shot the policeman in the back. He got on his motorcycle and wrecked it. He had plastic surgery. When he got out of bed he was a bionic watermelon and was faster, stronger, and better than he was before. A Dog Without A Tail by Teresa Lile Once upon a time there was a dog. He had no tail. He was sad because all the other dogs had tails. He asked his mother if he could get a tail. His mother said, "Ask Old Owl." So the dog went to Old Owl. When he got there the owl said, "I don't know, ask Mr. Bear." So he went to Mr. Bear. When the got there Mr. Bear said, "I don't know; ask Rabbit. So he went to Rabbit. When he got there the Rabbit said, "I don't know. Ask the King of the Jungle. So he went to the King of the Jungle. The King of the Jungle said, "I know, go to the wishing well. So he went to the wishing well. He wished for a tail, and he got his tail. He lived happily ever after. The Little Star by John Vogt Once upon a time there was a little Star. He was called a comet. The other stars called him names until one day he vanished to Mars. And nobody ever called him names again. And he lived happily ever after. My Friend The Cat by Jamie Cundiff Once upon a time I went to my great, great grand- father's. He had some baby kittens. I took the cutest one home. I named him Elvis because he sang all .the time. One day we got a new puppy. He was a cute puppy. He started chasing and hurting Elvis and made him run away. I whipped the puppy because it was his fault that Elvis left me. Another cat came and she had kittens. Now I will have cats all the time. Get That Hot Rod by Jeff Watts Once there was a hot rod and a man who lived his hot rod. The man said, "My Hot Girls: [left to right] Ist row: Donna Dry, gim Dean, Cindy Fie Julie Payne, [2nd row] Gabrielle Sine, Karen Branstetter, Kristi Houck. Diana Herring, Kelle Scott, [3rd row] Mrs. Mitchell, Sherry Warden Brenda Elson, Carla Higgins, Loretts Savory, Tracey Field. 5th & 6th GRADE PLAY BASKETBALL AT TRYON The 5th and 6th grade classes enjoyed an exciting afternoon of basketball when they journed to Tryon to watch the 5th and 6th grade play. The girls won 19-12 with Final score Tryon 38, i%rkins Diana Herring scoring 8 37. High scorers with 10 points, Carla Higgins, 4 points each were Harlan points; Kelle Scott, 2 points; McKosato and Steve Shi- Julie Payne, 2 points; and nault. Craig Bradley scored 8 Tracey Field, 1 point, points. John Hoover, 3 The boys came within one points; Steve McDaniel, I point of winning their first point. game. The boys scored 13 by Mrs. Mitchell peinu in the feurth euner. Boys: [left to right] 1st row: Harlen McKosato, Mike Grass, Steve McDanieL Van Hawby, [2nd row] Victor Wall, Craig Bradley, Ryan Wilson, Randy Matt. Happy Smith. [3rd row] Jane Mitchell, Coach: Steve Wood, John Riley, John Hoover, Steve Shinault. Rod ought to have a name." So he named his car Jamie. It was the fastest car in Texas. The man who owned the car was a robber and he went to a bank and stole "$3,000. He took off and the police got him cornered and threw him in jail. The lucky policeman is Hubert and he gets the hot rod for a police car. The Ice Cream Island by Kim Berger A long long time ago there was a girl named Kathryn and she was stranded on an island. She liked to swim except she couldn't because the water was ice cream. She didn't have anything to eat so she ate the ice cream. She loved it, to, but if a plane came she couldn't get out deep enough to write S.O.S. because the ice cream was cold and if she got in the shallow ice cream she couldn't write S.O.S. One day a helicopter came by and she got out deep enough so theygot her. The Spoiled Hippo by Kathryn Ross Once there was a hippo and her name was Mary. She always made faces at the teachers. One day Mary and her brother, Pete, went to the zoo. They saw all kinds of animals. Then Mary said, "let's go see the alligators. "O.K." said Pete, and they went. But Mary got too close and fell in. The alligator ate her and didn't feel good for a week. Bubble Gum Kid by Colt Ferrell There is a town way down in the mountains. This is a small town. Once there was a kid. I did not know his name. He loves bubble gum. That explains everything. He was the Bubble Gum Kid. His real name was Bobby, and of course his mother called him Bobby, but everybody else called him Bubble Gum. He never liked gum. One time he went with his dad to the ranch and got some Big Red. He liked it so he lived happy ever after. The Two Fat Purple Pigs by Kathy Thompson Once upon a time, a mother pig went to market to buy some food. Meanwhile at home two fat pigs, or you can call them two very fat pigs were playing in the mud and the mother was on her way home in her car. Mother just got in. What a mess[! She said, "You just go to bed right this minute. 1 have to clean up this mess." Next day Mother Pig did not go anywhere because she did not want to clean the mess. The pigs went to a house they picked out and they found a house to play in the mud. But when they went home they cleaned up the mess all over again. SENIOR NEWS Seniors had a meeting last Friday, January 21, to decide on numerous subjects and to order Senior Announce. ments. We voted to sell T-shirts to other classes as a money- raising project. The T-shirts will have different inscrip- tions on them and will sell for $4.00. The class may also have their chosen colors. Everyone got into the spirit to be graduated as seniors picked out their style of announcements and Sen- ior Keys. Some students ordered Memory Books, Thank You notes and Appreciation gifts. Paper should be put out on porches at 12:30 p.m., Sunday, January 30, and the seniors will be by to pick them up at 1:00 p.m. Cimarron Laundromat 128 N. MAIN PERKINS Open 24 Hours A. R. Karnes 547.2692 Mrs. McGee's class received a January surprise from Mrs. Hallman's 3rd graders. The 3rd graders wrote January stories for Mrs. McGehee's children. Most of the stories were about snowmen, and the class enjoyed listening to them. Thank you 3rd graders/Left to right: Kerrie Shipley, Darrell Spears, Shauna Shirey, David Foster, and Johnny Hall. GRADE Mrs. Hallman Since the books we were using got wet when our room was flooded everyone had to move up to the next workbook in reading. Th- rough extra word drills we hope to make satisfactory progress. By sharing the materials we have left and making worksheets we are continuing our educational program. We appreciate the materials that the other teachers have shared with us. We had a language worksheet asking the stu- dents when they would like to go and what they would like to do in 1977. Their response was as follows: Wendell Hawxby would like to go to Texas and go swimming. He would like to learn to play baseball better. Bruce Moore would like to learn to read better and go to Texas. He'd like to visit his cousin. Scott Walker wants to learn to swim. He'd like to go to Arkansas. Burr Berger would like to go to Red River and ski. He wants to learn to play better football. Steve Gay would like to learn to fly. He would like to visit his uncle. Becky McCurley wants to play and travel in Oklahoma. She wants to make better grades. Louvenia Scott would like to go to Alaska and work. She was in Alaska when she was a baby. Brandon Hise and Johnny Bowyer would like to go to Alaska, also. They want to ski and play better football. Cory McDaniel would like to go skiing in Vail, Colorado. He likes football, too. Lori Vickers, Shawna James, and Leslie art, would like to go to Skate World and go skating. Shawna would like to get something to eat while she's there. She would like to learn to clean house and cook. Lon wants to learn to knit. Treva Fowler wants to go to Kansas. She would like to learn to cook. Terry Stafford would like to go to New York. He would like to learn to fly. Julie Lueas would like to go to Hawaii and dance. She is eager to learn more in 1977- Darrell Wilson wants to go fishing in Arkansas. He likes riding horses. Danny Smith wants to fly. He would like to take flying lessons. Richard Goforth would like to learn to ski. He doesn't have a special place he wants to go to learn. Mona Pool would like to go to Texas. She'd go to sleep when she gets there. SECOND & THIRD GRADES Mrs. Ewing We just finished an art lesson using circles and have them on the back bulletin board. We like it very much. We put a caption on it that says "Going in Circles", as that is what we've been I'd like to go to grandpa's house and ride horses. I'd like to learn to ride better. I'll be 8 in 1977. Melissa Strain I'll be 9--I would like to go to school and work and learn to write better. Jolinda Bostian I'll be eight. I'd like to go to Oklahoma City and visit my brother and his wife. I'd like to learn math better. Jean Manke I will be 9. I'd like to go to Filday, January 21, Silver Dollar City and ride  xm. for Orval the rides. I'd like to learn to drive nails better. Derek Herring I'II be 8. I'd like to go to Disney World and go to the spookhouse. I'd like to learn to do my spelling better. Suzann Casey I'll be 8 and l'd like to go to Hollywood and go fishing. I'd like to do better in math. Robin Matheson I'm going to be 9. I'd like to visit a museum and look at everything. I'd like to do better on all my papers. Leanna Biggs I'll be 9 and I'd like to go to Spain and play with my nephew. I'd like to learn to skate better. Lori Luster I'll be 8 and I'd like to go to Dallas; Texas and watch a football game. I'd like to learn to count and under- stand money better. Robert Mackey I will be 9. I'd like to go to Kansas and play with my cousins. I 'd like to learn how to learn better in 1977. Monica Gottfried I'll be 9. I'd like to go to Muskogee and visit my cousins. I'd like to learn science better. Deena Jo Hastings I will be 9 in 1977 and I'd like to go to Hawaii and New York. l'd like to dance in Hawaii and ride the subways in New York. I'd like to learn to be a better person.. Kim Houck I will be 9 years old in 1977. I would like to go to Arkansas and celebrate New Years. I would like to learn to do cursive writing better. ....... Inny Lowe Herald Funel Rites were Frid Funeral services at graveside for "Bawley" A. He: diod Wednesday, 1977 in the Stillwater GI{A\\; ESIDE H"LD 7OR HERALD 'ra cside services he,, at Elm Grove Verald, who died uay, January 19, Stillwater Municipal al at the age of 80. The Rev. Joe Stt pastor of the First Ass of God Church, officiated. Reavis Home was in charge arrangements. Mr. Herald was Indian Territory Perkins and Tryon 12. 1896. the son of Jol avd Geneva Bran[ aid. He attended Tryo:. and was a the I'crkins and u ltil m wing to 142. H s residence S. ern. He was married to Lee Vosburgh, July 7, at Sulphur. In working as a had been a foreman county and his last with the county was Stillwater barn. He worked for years. His parents, a brc two sisters preceded death. Survivors include his a s q, Frank of J aks; a daughter, qer.d of Portland, mr grandchildren and i eat-g "andchildren. A .',ster, Mrs. __ane f Oklahoma survives.  -o- doing since our basement ' Personal rooms wee flooded. Every- thing looks nice and we are Dinner guest, getting along OK. in the Wayne Allen In language we filled out a were Mr. little form about the new Mr. Jimmy Williams year and made some designs Antonio Texas; Mr. on the numbers 1977. Mrs. Men In , Will Harris, Hallman fixed it for us. The Sandra and Mike of ( form was: This is a new year. Se i It is 1977. How old will you rv ce Mrs. Virginia Gordon son Ricky and Mr. and be in 1977?--Where would Geo. E. Allen of you like to go in 1977?--What Nick L. Smith, whose and Mrs. Geo. would you like to do when parents are Mr. and Mrs. Perkins. , you get there?--What would Chester L. Smith of 510 S. you like to learn to do better Main, Perkins, Okla. has in 1977? received his first promotion Term|tG I'll be 9- I like to go to in the U.S. Air Force. Stillwater to the Club Scouts Smith, promoted to air- ROACHES. and learn basketball better. , man, recently completed ALl.OTHER PESTS Shawn McLemore training at Chanute AFB, I11. Free Estimates I'I1 be 9- I like to go see my He serves as a metal and inspection aunt and uncle in Calif. and SINCE 1932 visit their town and learn to" processing specialist at llome Owned & O do math better. George AFB, Calif., with a " TR'EE -& SHRUB Greg Rose unit, of the Tactical Air SPRAYING I'll be 8-I'd like to go to Command. LasVegas and go swimming Airman Smith is a 1976 A&M and learn to be a sheet metal graduate of Perkins High Termite Co worker. School. I 372.2526 Chet Cundiff I'll be 8-I'd like to go to six flags and play and eat and I'd like to learn to play football better. David Craycraft I'll be 9-I'd like to go to Colorado and go skiing and I'd like to learn reading even better. Corby Doyle I'll be 8--I'd like to go to Tulsa and go swimming and go to a show. I'd like to be a better swimmer. Russ Pace I'll be 9--I'd like to go to France and learn to speak French. I'd like to learn to race cars better with my brothers. Steven Nichols I'll be 9--I'd like to go to Skate World and skate. I'd like to learn how to play the piano. Jan Burden I'll be 9--I would like to go to school. I would like to work. I. would like to be better in math, reading, language and spelling. Allen Blevins I will be 9. I'd like to go to Hawaii and do everything there is to do. I'd like to learn to swim better and paint like I " ONE-DAY SIRVI-CE an artist. PICK-UP & DELIVERY , Lori Redus ffARDROB[ I w!!l be 9. I d like to go to Steve s concerts and watch CL[ANgRS ",l 2 him. I'd like to do better in ll4W.8thAVE. I math and at playing the Stiliw-ater piano. Pho. 372.7022 Stacey Grant lip ..... Remember When You Could buy Oood Old |' Fashioned Dry Smoked -._/L.. il Meats and sit down to a /.,r  II Fio,oful Meal of Smoked Foul" " and Pork? Well that's still possible at b) Cupid's Old Fashioned Meat ,._/'f(.' /7 Mark " /t Example: Try Our Own Hickory Dry Smoked Try these smoked items too,.. * Turkeys * Chicken * Beef Jetkey a Canadian Bacon HAMS Just "Save the Ham Hock for a big pot full of beans later." CUPID'S Old Fashioned Meat Across From City Holl in Perktn Open 8:30 o.m. 9p.m. Closed Wednmcly "Open Every Sunday 8:30 a.m. til 9 p.m.'