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February 1, 1962     The Perkins Journal
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February 1, 1962

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'Newspapers are the world's mirrors' -- James ]is i2 E_YE_ ""'"'""c'"' "L"0"" f + .ooo 1 < Ii~#lff~ldj/llv'5''f'~WEQ / , mayed... Be strong and of good coUr-witil us is Jehovah Mr. and Mrs. Roland Sedowiky age, be not afraid nor dis- Editor and Publilherl I ~ ,J~I/~,CH'flNG PO, l/'-'~ I our God to help us, / | PubUihed every Thursday and entered as second clam matter at the| C(/fSY INr'7.AT/ON | --(II Chron. 32:7:8) Perkins, Oklahoma, Post Office, under the Act of Congress, March 3, / i It is good to remind our- selves of the strength that is 1897. ours. by affirming: "I am [~/.2,,,.~/0 /N /96/ ~ | strong with the strength of Subscription Rates. $2.00 a yeex In Payne, Lincolrt and Logan cotmt. I ~ ~..i God." As we hold to this we |u: $3.0Oa year if sent ~at of the above mentioned cotmties, ~ ..,~,~. '~f:4'~i find that we feel stronger and / )10p|l ll4: lS. Other di ors' ! THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1962 PAGE 6 About the only thing about Oklahoma's political situation I can figure out is, if you ain't running for some office, why, The Goals Are Tailormade ~o, you need to be investigated. You must be subversive. Pretty soon there's gonna be so many guys runnin' there won't be A club which is organized with no definite purpose in mincl, anybody left to do the chasin'. or an organizaton which has goals and purposes, but a member- Notice some of these politi- lhip too shiftless or too disinterested to carry them out, are use- (From the Industrial Press Service) cians are holding rallies all over the state. It's about time for the less nuisances. - While you're concentrating on the flight of the astronauts, take taxpayers to hold a rally, no- But Perkins has a need for an organization, a chamber of 60 seconds to read this and follow the flight of the dollar. In 1961, an body needs one worse. commerce, with goals and purposes clear cut and ready made. Ifincome of $12,510 was needed for a married couple with two children --Ben Gerdes in the Wellston the potential membership of such an organization is too lazy or to have the same purchasing power -- after Federal income and Soc- News. I disinterested to work together towards the goals, then we might ial Security taxes that a $5,000 income provided in 1939. The taxes as well roll up Main street, empty stores, business houses and all, lea| it in a time capsule, and bury it. Then, 50 years from now, our city cousins can dig up the capsule, open it and find out ex. actly what one of America's small towns looked like in its final litages of death 1~" resignation. Small towns ARE dying, throughout the country. And we'll bet that merchants who have given up the ghost in those towns all are crying the same words to the same tune: "Faster carl, Improved highways and big/city newlpaper, tad. Io and television advertising put me out of bulineu, I couldn't compete with the discount houses. I couldn't compete with the del~artment stores. I couldn't... I can't. ," On the other hand, many small towns are proving that they CAN make a go of it and prosper in todays changing times -- through alert, modern merchandising methods -- through lntelll- gent advertising- through united promotions and activities of the business district. Much of the credit for these success stories goes to the chamber of commerce.type organization in the towns. Rural Oklahoma is in a crit- on $5,000 in 1939 were $59, leaving $4,941. Out of a $12,510 income last year, taxes took $1,912. And because of today's higher prices, an- other $5,657 must be taken out of the remaining $10,598 to adjust it to the buying power of the 1939 dollars. Need any more ammunition to fight for tax reform? Source National Industrial Conference Board. Stop Si( ns Would Help Accidents, usually minor, and the "close calls" which occur frequently at residential area intersections point out the need for at least one east-west thorough street in Perkins. A few stop signs along one centrally-located east-west street (Thomas avenue probably would be the logical choice, since it in- tersects with the Main street traffic light) might save local resi- dents dented fenders and possible injury. The intersections are particularly dangerous on frosty winter mornings, when careless drivers (ourselves included) negledt to clean windshields properly. ical situation. They face one of their most important battles on reapportionment. Then for some reason, a few city folks come to the rural areas to put over their right-to-work issue. Then, lo and behold, here comes the labor unions to join the rural areas in the reapportion- ment fight, even though right to work forces find major sup- port here, Now comes the dem- ocratic party, which is primar- ily rural, to fight the right to work issue. The big city tv and newspaper editorialists are tak- ing advantage of this mess and plowing head on to apparent success in the reapportionment battle. --Bob Evans in the Dewey County News. ......... The additional stop signs also would be a boon when the fire Organizing a chamoer or commerce aces not, in ztsezz, guar-. . . : Editor J.W. Lawrence of the ....... alarm sounas. ~,s the situation stands now, volunteer firemen, aritee prosperity, success, or even cnange zor a town, or course; .... Landrum, S. C., Leader is re- , . spectators ann so on head for the fire station pell mell, coming but it s at least a stare. . - ported to have inserted the fol- sown every street in town and hoping for the best as they saillowing advertisement in his And right now, we're needing a start. across 6nregulated intersections, classified ad columns: "I will no longer be respon- sible for any debts incurred by Edmondson's 1962 Road Program Unveiled Robert orJohnF. Kennedy.' --Wayne Je~frles In the Dewey Herald-Record. Cove.nor J. Howard Edmond- bonds on the eastern turnpike, pike would come to $30 million,possible for a Governor taking "It would be extremely in- son unveiled his 1962 road pro-~trUCtniO796~ndoda~e f;rd~lZet-'This totals $189, million,' advantage of total road opport-teresting if we could hear the gram Saturday to editors at- " " $ " " the Governor safd, 'and when unities to have an $800 millionreactions of our founding ~=,,~,,,,~*"-"~-- ~,,~+~ ...... ~,,,u=~' ~,v~,,~,~,+~""Highway. contracts due to be an additional amount is added program in a four-year period fathers to our nation's steady . ...... let in 1962representanother for the road zmprovement Dart as the inter-st t n~r~rn ~ oI tne uKtanoma t-ress associat- $57 million ..~ .~^ ,_, .... , ...... _. . . a_e "-=Z: ...... swing toward the welfare state. ~; u~ ~*~e lul~u z~toCatlon projeczs, now oeing steppes up. with the They would be ashamed of the i!: ion in Oklahoma City. Bonds have already been sold the total program will approxi-possibility of economic growth,way we have stewarded our ~" The Governor said the 1962 on the $54 million southwesternmate $200 million, this could even go as high as a priceless heritage." iil .. turnpike which is now under 'Thus in 1962 we may have billion dollars, and without hay- ---Charles H. Warner in the i; program wouiei approach $200 way and the present estimates a $200 mill on road program foring to obligate the full faith_Brownton (Minn.) Bulletin, ; million, if the Turnpike Auth- on the proposed eastern turn- Oklahoma," the Governor add- and credit of the state of Okla- i 0rity issuccessful in selling Contracts now under con- ed. "This means itwould be horns." "The tongue weighs practi- :~ = rally .nothing. Yet it's surprising ~ o ~ o ,.:. o oi ~ how few people are able to hold z"T- ..... -~.,~-~-LI ~" o ........ . [ it." i V- ;: z ,.1 --H.w. Brueoke, in the Wau- " I ..... ~' ;; ...... ~-'--~=---'-'-~ IT/ | 'iN *,P~'~ig, "~1:~ =] J~*, t:i"" ,~:.I" flr~N I-" "There's nothing wrong with ; ~'~ ~ ~'~ ~i'~"l " l~ 7:~ ~ ~ ~ I ~: :' ' getsagdelected."plitical joke--unless it ~ w~--"17~7..:-~ . ...... -v. ..... c=_-- =i _ - , --June Kysilko in the Washing- -- u = ~:/~i . -- "- , ~, 7 L . ,, ~3 ;~" ,= ton (D. C,) Roll Call,