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February 9, 1984     The Perkins Journal
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February 9, 1984

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PAGE 2 -- The Perkins Journal Thursday, February 9, 1984 THE PERKINS JOURNAL ' Robert L. and Yvonne M. Evans, Owners-Publishers The Journal asks you-- Published each Thursday at 133 S. Main Street Post Office Box 665, Perkins, Oklahoma 74059 Telephone: 405-547-2411 USPS 428040 How will you sign your Valentine? SUBSCRIPTION PRICES l~yne, Lincoln, Logan and Noble Counties ,, $9.50 per year plus 5% tax [$9.97] Ek~hem in Okla. $13.50 per year plus 5% tax [$14.17] Outside Oklahoma $16.50 per year . JOURNAL EDITORIAL OPINION a The Stlllwatar Chamber of Commerce, the largest such organization in this area, had set up a commit- tee to begin working five years ahead on the 100th anniversary Celebration of the Run or Opening of the Territory. Of course, Stfllwater and Perkins are a part of this historic occasion. The Journal would like to encourage the various organizations, such as the Chamber of Commerce, DOC'S COMMENTS Jaycees, Lions, ladies clubs and fraternal organiza- tions each appoint one or two members to serve on the Centennial Planning Commission. They could You have found the Chad Collum -- Perfect Valentine for Your love. your Sweetheart. How Riehie Blubaugh -- will you sign it? Oh, boy. I can't think. Michelle Harris - Let her do it. Sincerely. Darcee Blnbaugh -- Mike Brown -- To Love you Mommy and my love. Daddy. Brandon Stump -- I Denise Lawson -- don't know. To my Your friend. sweetheart. Haley Waleneiak -- Josh Stump -- Dear I love you. Sweetheart. , Dondi Lawson -- I Mark Harris -- like you. Happy Valentine's Day. Mail filled with suggestions From the Files 52 YEARS AGO 30 YEARS 67 YEARS AGO (From The Perkins (From The Journal, February 25, Journal, 1932 - 52 Years Ago) 1954 - 30 Years (From The Perkins The Commercial Club of The Payne Journal, March 2, 1917 - Perkins has surveyed the velopment 67 Years A_go) unemployment situation met at Yale and There will be a meeting here in Perkins and find the at the Odd Fellows Hall conditions are much bet- highway project March 10, at 2:30 p.m. for ter than a year ago at this priority for the purpose of discussing time The club has a small also plan to make l the Farm Loan Act and to sum of money for cases of the Keystone take steps to organize a urgent necessity. Rev. struction Federal Loan Association Demotes and W. N. Bak- Pryor to look at at Perkins. er have charge of this dustry. The Vinco church mere-fund. Frank Eaton berg hired Mr. Huff of Kie- Anthony Fulton and for as their pastor for the Keith Crabs had a minor trouble with his next twelve months. The collision on Perkins Main rotting, and I ladies aid has been busy Street when Keith wasbrought two this week cleaning up the backing from the curb. pr fsssors from parsonage and Mr. Huff is The Commercial Club to inspect his expected to be with us in held their regular bi- and then the very near futur monthly dinner at thecellar to see J. N. Butler purchased a Methodist church, andwere stored. select some goals to have ready for the year long By Dec Bonner highly decorated tags for foods, relief for the myraid jersey cow of George Hol- gave retiring editor Miller ready for the Centennial, and then strive to have them ready to go. It's Friday and a beau- the old 1974 baby con- of achse and pains, advice land last week. a vote of appreciation, and celebration, I Hopefully, the establishment of a museum would be on dressing to appeal to Clyde Boomer, who is met the new editors, ed with a ps top priority. A historical society is already chartered Valleytiful daywith in thelotsCimarronof sun- tinantalagent saidbUt thai lovelYmust tagbe the opposite sex, invita, attending Guthrie Busi- Marshal Warren Coopercases of home and is awaiting some activities to get it off the ground shine. Groundhog Day satisfied with another tions to join the ' inglee ' ness College, was homereminds owners of chick- had it in a wash and functioning, ens to have them penned, 5 dozen bottle The city government and business community can passed smoothly but with small sticker for the upper club, chewing gum spiked last week sick. . a so afford to get heavily.involved in th.e Centennial mixed emotions and Hghthand corner of the with nicotine to help in an John Shaw who has up because gardens are pounds of cracla predictions of'an early oldtag. And on top f all effort .to quit smo "king, re- been attending business starting to grow. . group graciousl3 obsm mn6b. If liandled props'fly, the city would spring. Sounds good, but that they kept that insur- quest for sUpport for pro- " college at Guthrie" hasac- Mayor Stumbo reports by hospitality, ( benefit financially from increased sales tax, and the we must remember that once notice which we are grams spending tax- cepted a position in the that the latest water sam- sat down to talk business establishments from increased business activity from the tourist trade. The Centennial Commission could also coordinate activities with Guthrie, Stillwater, Cushing and Chandler to assure all bases are covered. It is just five years away, and time to get started. February is still ahead supposed to have in the payerb money whichwillFirst State Bank at pie sent to the health potato with a couple of blue glove compartment at all pay back great dividands Guthrie. department shows Per-12:30, I northers hanging around times Now, the only thing in a couple of years. George Cats bought a king water is fit to drink anothe :a in Siberia just waiting for we have to offer is an in- Wonder if the Orient'snew buggy Saturday. without boiling, and some more things to get right for a surance policy and card of "Year of the Rat" is --.--- when we finial move toward Oklahoma. identification showing spreading their influence labors, they all As we grow older frus-that the required insur- to the United States? / that my system! trations bear down a little ance is in effect. Thenew But there are a few T 4A' G OUND-H06 Ihaveforgettent harder with deeper cuts law says that is not good bright spots. Reported MU T IAVE A BtG ] of those rofes that's designed to be enough, tax receipts show/ng an 25Y] AR bothersome. Early Febru- The mail was filled with increase in funds to pay art mail call adds to the helpful suggestions on the bills for the month of (From The ) On March 1, another metropolitan afternoon newspaper will hit the dust as the Oklahoma City Times is buried. OPUBCO has been fighting circulation blues on the Times for several years, calling in all kinds of experts and strategists to see if they could reverse the declining Circulation trend. The best money could buy could not change the readtng habttsof Okla- homans, and the Times will be put to rest. This picture is common across the land as after- noon newspapers become collector's items in metropolitan areas. There are several reasons touted about by the experts, but mostly it relates to reading habits. Americans are inclined to read hard news in the morning, and .watch TV, listen to radio, run errands, play sports, attend meetings, or just sit down and read magazines, such as hobby or sports maga- zines, in the evening. Even Congress has cooperated by playing with Daylight Savings time to benefit the sportsmen and hobbyists by providing more daylight in the evening. Another thing is that some metropolitan news- paper empires try to operate both morning and afternoon operations, and the afternoon newspaper is actually a repeat of the morning product. Even though they provide a separate and distinct editori- al staff, the production and sales staff are the same, and the news presentation is usually warmed over from that morning. An exception to this is in Tulsa, where the Tribune is owned independently from the Tulsa World, even though they both own stock in a common production department. The Tribune is having some problems holding their afternoon reading audience and has the lesser of the two cir- culation figures in the Tulsa market, but it is a very healthy afternoon daily newspaper. The lesser market areas, such as Peyne County, are having no problems finding support for the afternoon editions. It is a different market setup and they serve different purposes by handling mostly local news, while the big city dailies are charged with present- ing all the state and world news in a much larger circulation area. Weekly newspapers are staying healthy, and specialized publications and magazines are more healthy than ever. So, one can bid a fond farewell to the metropoli- tan afternoon daily newspapers. If you are a news- paper reader, you will miss it. If you weren't, it doesn't make much difference anyway. CITY HALL MOVES OPENS PRACTICE SELLING --The city PAWNEE--Dr. M. R. hall has temporarily Arthurs has opened a moved from its old quart- medical office located ers while the town board near their new home They is in the process of taking had a medical practice in bids for remodeling the Pawnee before moving to old facility. El Reno in 1979. -O- , The Journal Staff - -O= BOB YVONNE EVANS EVANS Publlslmr-~ditor Manager/Editor I discomfort. A notice was supplement policies for February, unemployment Journal, received from the Oklaho- medicare recipients from is down, inflation is the OtJT TO 1959 - 25 Years ma Tax Commission tell- 65 to 75 years of age and lowest in decades, we have Lu C A Funeral ing us that it was time to I am close to 83. Help is our 1984 spring garden 1 held for John purchase a new tag foroffered in birth control, and seed catalogs and Vinco. )le Roaring Betsy.' For sex rejuvenation, dieting there's the anticipation of Funeral several years, we looked and medicines to increase receiving annual pay- _ -" held for Tommiel forward to one of those the appetite for good ments on several million of Perkins. dollars that we.may have . -- La n nce ' Nab,... I'm not even wor- "float, , ried abottt what will be : ff, he and Jack The Poet's Corner said to the first officer / ENWAmNG F0R it in the door, it H)~A 5 HOURS NOtq! that asks to see my insur- go. Noticed once certification. On se moving in cond thought it would not this week. be honest to say that I through the SNOW AND OLE MAN WINTER ' not concerned about what I By Opal Kautz Putman he may say when I can paint at Wirz Snow here! Show therel not produce one. was $5.50 per Snow everywhere In call my years that I can remember This week while brows- Ira Burton's There never was such cold December. ing around the barracks I too fat to ran across a couple of edi- ~- - ~-" -" at the Ice covered our streets back in the year tions of the "Eye Opener." ~ ........ Market. Mr. January, 1949 The Eye-Opener was a ale seven ddlerences in lhe second p,cture. Can you spot them 9 ten year old Not so wild and cold but publication published by .. ..... ..... ........ ....... .. ............... weighed 14451 For three weeks time. the inmates of Big Mack brought before the riot about ten Top was 20 No school today years Rex Fletcher ton said that Our city streets are slick Snow and ice frozen together was editor and Ray H. time in 76 year# As hard as stone bricks. Pag Warden. Rex was a had a cow too fat very interesting person, top price Cars sliding cross-wise Inhis column d February For Sale- Fir On roads and streets 1971 he said an under- ACROSS 32 Port of to be quarter inch A car ride like today cover agent was a female 1 High plateau 34 Dreodful $3.95 per piece 5. Persia 35 Act Is far from a treat, spy. He described homi- 9. Smooths 36. Molten rock Lumber tide as one person killing ] ]. Metric 38 High priest measure 39 Vipers 20 YE Ole Man Winter has outstayed another and described Assess 41 Prefix, The welcome some for him had four typ of homicide as 13. Killer whole distant (From The By staying too long felonious, excusable, 16. Contend 42. Guides And acting wild and bad. justifiable, andpraisewor- ,7 Kind of 44 Goddess Journal cheese of peace - 20 Years Ago.) tby. He says further, 'bf Eclomotion 46 Slave 20 Plant 47 Italian Eual IT'S UP TO YOU course, it doesn make 21 Self community ~-'~"~ Soluhon Copied much difference to the 22. UndergroundDOWN 7 Zodiac sign retiring after workers 1. Distribute 8 Require 20 years (Submitted by Florence Sewell, Midwest City) guy who gets killed what 24. Greek letter 2 Avo,d I0 In like Have you made someone happy type of homicide he was 26. Restrain3 Sixty years old manner The Loyal or made someone sad the victim of as the clan- 27. Egyptian4. Indefinite I1. A ContinentMoose is now river article (abbr.) What have you done with the day that you had?sificationisnmmly forths 29. Bind 5 Pronoun 14 Mole sheep ganized in the advantsge of lawyers."30. Block birds 6. Resounds 15 Foshionable Stfllwater area. z E"" 7 18. Reason God gave it to you to do just as you would, And a chaperone is a __ __ 20 Continued The new story ing the mail for Did you do what was wished, or do what was good? son who never made the -- 23 Hard shelled team, but is in there inter- -- fruit Drive Did you hand out a smile, or just give a frown? ceptingpasses. Tioboys -- --" 25 Molt drink 28. Finishes Did you lift someone up, or push someone down? were out playin when a zr- -- 30. Stirs up Crab8 reportS, very pretty little girl __ 31. Soak already mail( 33 A happening Did you lighten some load, or some progress impede? walked by. OIIO said~ '~y, ~ 34 Delete towards the Did you look for a rose, or just gather a weed? when I get big enough to 37. Toword goaL stop hating girls, she's the -- sheltered --~ __ side 10 YEARS What did you do with your beautiful day, one 111 stop hating 39 Like --- --- 40 Yes (Sp.) (From The God gave it to you, did you throw it away? first." Wonder what be- 43 Prefix, -o- came of Rex Fletcher? -- -- owoy from Journal, ArrivedercL -- __ Note of scole 1974 - I0 Years. T.C. ' Doc" Bonner . -- __ Highway of Highway ' ' Perkins seems BENNETT LIL JANET " EARLENE DEB ins to an and LAND Md)ANIEL REEDER REID MILLER- tion road .... .' !, down in stall regular patrons e lay on ., bond issue : ...." junior high :..