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Perkins, Oklahoma
February 14, 1957     The Perkins Journal
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February 14, 1957

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1 57 I Thm'sday. February 1 1957 i sm .n by Mrs " rs Charlie t binl Clayton News I ....... of February. The contents of the mystery package was guessed by Ruth vzarr PDcs AND DKZaUOMA ZZ¢ ST---yott enjoy it house work. ]bekahs Have Cetfee Mr and Mrs LeRoy Kautz and A 'Tome as you are" coffee ¢zs of Nicoma Park were Satur- was held Monday evening in the ThOse spendi the weekend I Carme of Oklahoma City. Su with Mrs Nora Fulton were Mr I day, Mr and Mrs Verttn, ltltot and Mrs Louis Miller of AbLlene, I and sons were guests. Sunday Kansas, Mr and Mrs E D Math- I dinner was in, honor of Bill Car eson of R%zlsa, and Mrs Alvetal llle's birthday. ed to im. the school Mrs. Jennle usc Etherie. day guests of their parent, s, Mrs home of Mrs Jim Lacy. Hostesses i Fourteen members were present Maggie Kautz an Mr ar- Mrs were Mrs Lacy, Mrs Mary Ful- ; for 1957, Billie Rlngwal d is home from They were Mesdames Alpha Bur Roy Johnson. I ton and Mrs Grace Ausmus. coting ad'l' Mthe service. He is the. son of ton. Stella Nelson, Lodene Taylor Mrs Eva Frick called on Mrs I Cupcakes and coffee were sere I II III and visit- r azd. Mrs John Rmgwald. Donna Murlin, Lula Thompson, Hattie Nuss and Mrs Maggie ed to twenty Rebekahs and guests Ir Jl 11 • 1 ;he guestSl unnay visitors of Mr and Mrs Elsie Pock Ruth Etheridge, Sus- Kautz one afternoon last week. They were Vera Jones, Gertrude vmnrn KPVIVI .... ;, I Frank Busch were aul an d faro- 4o Nickels' Bessie Cole Florence Mrs Lawrence visited with Mrs' Savage, Libby Fraxddin, Eva v,v,,= v--A--,w, L.'thl fly of Cushing. Jewel, and faro- Nelson, lth Murlin, I)ollle Nel- Jake Schweikhar d one day last Woodrum, Nora Fulton, Carrie , h 8  il.y. of Perkins. and Mr and Mrs son Mary Nelson, Dorothy and week. {  Mary M.n.  Rick Assembly of God Church "- •  Siert of Ingalls u,do Ta-lor and the hostess Con atulations to Mr and etts, Del hla Jamlson, Lima Lee , • ........ • gr p --  JJunior Taylor and family The afternoon, was spent piec- Mrs Blankenship on the arrival McGuire, Agnes Sasser, Evelyn Evangelist, FLOYD TATE t MondaY[ ,came from Denver, Colo, to at- ing quilt blocks, of their new son. Mrs Blank-] Cruse, Maude Markee, Tessie N,C'i)[7 INz TI) Ct/-"DT (€.' ,n. l ten d the. funeral of Mrs Tay- The nexb meeting will be Feb- enship will be remembered as I Kane, Jane Gearheart, Ruby A1- z J v¥ 1=' JL-'II/UIILOO mr's Iat, ner, Frank Lae of ruary 21 with Alpha Burton as Nancy Boothe, daughter of Mr i bright, Winnie Moeer and the RERVICE A'P 7.4 EAC- EVENING  Chandler. Mrs Taylor re- hostes o and will meet in the -'- ......... I three hostesses.  ........................ • tu " o . an d zrs wayne oome. I rned home wth them for a High Prairie comunity buildtrtg. . I All proceeds went to the Re- ]5%........... t}']¢,A, ® i visit. D O West visited in the Roy i bekah and Odd Fellow youth XUVLJ=a vv =,-== t. Doyle Taylor of Tulsa was re- -- Bostian home Sunday. camu which is being built. , cent visitor of his parents, Mr Elm Grove I  - , ,. ....... . : __, _._ _ L_::- ,,, ....... -- .......  ----------- .... -- ..... - i :and Mrs Jim Taylor. I .,' •  The road runing east of Clay- Mrs. D. O. West i i  11. m : ton is get.ting a new coat of gra-I bee tr I 11  & " Mrs Gibson of Coyle was here iing coyotes. They have got twol I r'/ v77"'-) kiik    i ii Pi I1 ! } Friday afternoon and got somei wolves. I[  //.J" i., .J 1r1'-ili I Mn m m i LIL . i bantys I Those calling in the D. O.I | llW /,Jx- _jl/v_ . i i i i.-u .ii i ..... '.: John Barth a wife of Still West home last week on dzffere' nt / /111 k% - @|r|! 0 17.J /i i i i i r • • i i i i i R i water and frienn, Jack Carlile days were Mr and Mrs George  ;X)A..%l_j|==l'flv' nrm i irml NMLU Lhlg , I ., all of Stillwater visited Mrs Nottingham of Arkansas City, i / I /'/\\; " 1|1"  -  i i i i i/ iir :" " I I I. " ii Ili i m mimmm  IF' : Christme Bingaman Mr and Mrs ROy Dean Mr and, k 1 \\; p"  1  i i m • " t Paul Busch an d another driver I Mrs Frank Allison of Stillwater, i | for the Bray Oil Co left Sunday l Mr and Mrs Shelley of near i l afternoon for Shreveport La I Perkins, Mrs Maggie Kautz, Mrs  :::::,: ..... .  . - i Mrs Paul Busch re 'rts "herl Jake Schweikhard, Mr and Mrs' i ,m=,_ ""! .......  • I')--J D..l AL? 4"-- --J po " m ,, 1%tU[ DUU D .YZ • { father, Lew Cheney is recover-[ Jess Nottlngha .. __ ti 1! -- ,  1 f 111 M •   •   ,  ing from a head knjury in a MrsMathildaJonnsonanaMrsl i II IIr.d mjmj|r -j i[]i|Lr' , . . . ..J •  t .... ' ............ ave rented ai i= As=='ll m,===," " ==-'" wee[enea , :-, --'-'r | laczwell hospiTl  waler twOnr * 11 ma m --',.-=-, ''  • ' " in in town ' =  '  ' " =' .. ! Mr and Mrs BuSch an d M]c-I room and are say g J . • m .  • = . -.. . '! hael Busch of Rlpley and Mrs.[while working an at college. ]i Urlsp lenuer  JUlCy ArK, llaCK B:ngaman made a business trip] Mrs Dollie D. West returned to I  d =a Bags   11 • 0  Lbs  m usnmg Tmay. / her home in Oklahoma City after ! lllltJlill " 1  • B At WlllSl "1 "  11 : / spending a week'wlth her son, olmv  I  & H fllGl    " :i Mehan l D O West an d wife helping with 't- - ,,' •  ° " " ,- --, r * | " ; - I wee trlsp u wee[ ,enact IF''''----'" -" --6€ )?" ,.'',i ubmetwit MThe Mehan FarmcarrFridayWOmen's " Pfl qT Ii Lettuce 2 Heads 2 5€ Green 0nlon$ 00un¢" ; i Feoruary 8, for an' afternoon/ /UUi Ell 'k '' I meeting The meeting was cal-" l " 1" " li I .... '!: i led to order by the president De- t Ill I I..I. I . .. I !J" i votional was given by Mary Carl" WEHAVE INANEW CAROF|i I IP'TRlli I IllP I r.¢.   with prayer by Janie Baker.. POST. SIIDDPPED BY SANTAI ..................... I lINillt a=|IV l nttt i Flag Salute was led by Mrs. Eva " FE RAIL [i. - I ] rite Axtell Secretary, Mrs Rcaves These post are the o"ly pO I il t ,/r , irrrtt/Ir[] li= . A i g 1 - th a  read the report an d roll call on the market Guaranteed for " was answered by four memberse a newJ  35 ,.. II.r0zeg Pies 00erves 4/0blVelveta Che P.P. .... ,, ,,, , --'" ,'IS tD.aZ i member.  COME IN AND LET i The lesson on,ome Beauti-/I vroo i]U==ii i ,,,_1 , i f|cation was given by Mrs O C/'  UIL H dl IPEACH Ready to Bake .tlEI q Lb ln. • i Townsdin and Miss Jeffie Thorn- ]' 5 Lb. S to 20 Penny nals, box|tl -d-amii | levi/ T --- i-I!i-" • , , i o /€ o, eo-. - etfi -- I / .uaz .vv I • I  The next meeting will be with | |J| Sturgeon Bay ! Armour Star I • I i I I I  Mrs Bob Baker on March 8 with 1 Stronghold ring Shank fenee[m . Ii  ___ |*rrr''m  * . -.. lll][| Mrs Jane Baker as leader ] Staples, 4 Lb. - ,z ] Cherries PURE LARD Artt,uur teaay 1;o tsaKe t[ b ll Mrs Pearl Tietz moved to her[-- nol "9.50 ill " i / | I 9x12 Li eUm rBgs  [ farm in Mehan last week to make | -- |l! ! / i . i her home. " | NOW IS THE TIME to do that t [ / I__ _ _ lltl Wdsons t Mr an d Mrs Jim VanZandt and ) Spring remodelin We can I[i [ ICHERRY Ready to Bake .'1.'11:1 ! Vanita and Mr and Mrs O Carr|" make a TITLE 1 LOAN aadl 1 | ..  / VVV/ ..... ! visited last Wednesday evening[ recommend a reliable contract- Itl l 5 1 t  g / / Golden Brand With Mr and Mrs M C Kerr J, -r [][ X m I[ ]11  1 I.WANT.NT l i north of Stillwater. I  . I!I   m .    / / I s Paul Spiva entered thelsW LZK YOU if you DUYll  " I" 7"/ ,- / hi^ -l L h/t_ 8tlllwater hospital a day lastl of us --  &l t s__ -raG_ m .... n mn la t ) Week. I  WE LIKE YOU If you don't. IF] 1 IBEEFPIES Brown & serve /.'lfi unuu LU. £db I Mr and Mrs S R Patton visit-[t 1[ x n / . ed their aunt Mr and Mrs O • m |[ " m  I _ In..n,... i l,--'#'li $1 arr Friday evening. U Peeled " ) __ I l'gihlHi LUIIIU [i Kuners Fancy H Sunshine Hydrox W I .Ida Taylor Has Quilting Club i! [I I -- ] No 2/ • P H a. • • v,.- __ __ i t Mrs Ic Taylor was hostess for : y lllom • '" Ill°° "" the Pioneer Quilting elub in her [1 C0mpan , aloes z kmes 23c i and cards were preSentecl to Phone SZ Pexld'USl] Nabisco Premium 8 Pink Beauty il [ th°se with blrthdays in the m°nth l? ...... 'llll • Lb ---m  m. " No 1 T"ll---- I/tCrackers .ox mon Can 55C =i e " il! • .... .... 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