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February 14, 1957     The Perkins Journal
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February 14, 1957

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i YHE PERKINS OURNAL ° VISIT PERKINS AND OKLAHOMA N &apos;57--you/ enjoy il Thm-sday, February 14, 1951 , t I .  A AT. J Correction ' . , _ , • --+ - ......  .................. O. E. Cawley 1 One of the names that appear- . D,,lb  A-I. ..... DI..,I.,. i The county health nurse was Ied in the news story in last weeks ' JLPUllk  /illk/IHS/l DIiIUIt;5 | here last Thursday and gave I Perkins Journ about the..recent I  • • •   i •  T.h  .! the thir polio shots to thase t promotion of Ted westxall toI+ II qlqll,llAl11qlld, b II I I ,,hl A" ' "J J'+'+' qlJl Jl i who had the second shot seven I vice-president in the Grace Ship- ,l | l-| | | • |_la • . [] • i I M -FJ  m m m mmm.m  *" - [ months ago or longer. She also t ping lanes, was in error andl--AAAqtJ ,m--.ALI. J,S z-ao i.., For !-'O | gave first shots to some who 1 should have read W. G. or Grover  ........ di d not know the service was+ er Westll instead of W. W. :2 Fresh  -- -- --" available. She will be back on Wesffall. , - I -,f   41= , L' I1 Cello f  t February 21. The Perkins Journal is sorry ?T.  • • • • •• •mm__1 ,f", , . ,F", , I I _ We have a roof on the new that this error occurred. Klpe ' ,D' t=qtJ  rt i  room adjoining the grade build- - ........ = .... trig. Three members of the 4H club entertned the Lions last Mort day evening. They each bare a speech tell- ing what they had done in 'club work. The entertainers+ were Bill Harshman, Clara Haxshman n]ld Loretta Walker. Loretta failed to tell her to- tal earnings in club work which was $1,678.19 and that she has been nominated to the 4H Hall of Fame. FIRST GRADE We have been making valen- tines and have some very pretty ones up in our room. Now each child is making their own vale entine boxes. Each chil d will be a +postman, when,+h+e brings his valentines and wilI put them in the proper mailbox. Today we had two films about the farm. One was A Year on the Farm, and the other was Farm Animals• These fit in nicely with our unit on the farm. We have decided to wait until after Valentine day to finish our farm books. Colds and bad weather have been interfering with our work. But most of the children axe back in school now, and we are all to get caught up with beck work. THIRD GRADE Everyone is quite excited over Valentine's day. We made valen- tines last week and decorated our bulletin board with them• We are learning to read a %heter. lr Cowley hung one outside for us. We have one inside that we can adjust to the temperature. We take turns reading the theremometer out side. setting the one inside, anc recording this on the calendar. (From Pa 1) age brackets, 5 to 7 grades and 8 grade on upto the age of 90 years. Names will be drawn to see who will play on each team. Preliminaries will be on Mon- day and Tuesday, and the finals will be Friday evening. The winning team will be awar de d a malt or milk shake. Remember, there is no age ll- mit, students, adults, l+aremts, grandparents are invite d to par° ticipate. If you Just want to watch door admission is 10f 15 and 25e. Young Farmer Reports By Richard Wells Gaylord Hanes fell victim to one of my interviews Saturday evening, and here is what I found out. The Hanes llve at the West end of French Street, and he is Extension Agronomist at AM College. Most f the farmers have no doubt read about or have worked with him in some way. The Hanes formerly lived in Stillwater. He says that they like Perkins (especially the people) much better than they expected. They have three children, two boys and one girl. Tide oldest child is in the third grade at Perkins. Oaylord says that in the future he plans to buy a farm. Not in a big way, Just big enough to keep his boys busy. Oaylords work takes him all over the state. Mainly he directs the educational program of im- proving fertility of our soil through out the state. His de- partment does this by actually growing different crops and pastures, using various amounts n kinds of fertilizers on obser- ] California Head I Red Lettuce 10c Potatoes 63c Bag tl -- • Grapefruit 2;a:b 85C Bottle oacli Best Maid Sweet  Cains Sunny Cup ' t i • 45c  Pickles Jar 39’ Coffee Lb. 73cl, Fr.eshFrozen .... "1• ' i _" _ _ O 10Oz 'g%A ! Sliced Calif. 00traw00errys gkg , c Fresh 1= • _ 1 e__ '1½ Lb Each It  CreamStyh Corn 2 C3a0n3s 25c Tomatoes 2 303 ?5  i Nabisco's Salted iS00ner's Waffle C.n,.- -, Crackers 26c 00Syrup 43 also write down the time an d ration plots• There are also Wt it on the paper clock The many other ways in whiel they ].a]h   T'.,'  coldest record we had las week educate the farmers and genera    --,   t Was at 9 a m X#onda- hon it public on the improved methods - .  , _ = - • •  • • J t was  degrees. e w'st+ o farmmg, t0unwy --.#  rot v . ". Friday at 12:50 with 71 degrebs. Mr Hnes thinks that new in-  =.. il ....... dustry in Oklahoma will help I . . " • s' "  -" - - stabilize the income of the ,snall ISupreme s flBetty Crocker and Pillsbury | ',  farmer who is not parttemarly | II [ skilled in any field other thar ' • Pk " " Pk ' ° ILL..._ 111  I F . be a w "n ! I I! ',.%'VJ I \\; line whereas they might not be t l  -- - II u  i\\; able to get a more sklUed job.! INa'll!iltttl Post's . . • r __ a -,- t II  ' Oaylord's opinion on the Soil I ;'1 | ",'t,, ' 1 \\; t,ge I B "7 ,  II m B•• •T Bank programasfarassoilim-Jll--l *-: • -•ll-L1 ' Pkg    i, 11 IVI I I K provement is concerned is this: I !... ! lew v,+,,,,& t'Kg  • qi i JiV]llLlli]lll He says that through the con-! ll,iCjJ I I  servation reserve portion of the I  . _ t + .... " • '  t • .w-- ---,, ,-," Soil Bank our soil can be im-t - . .- proved very much.  ! q' 'I'HI MILl•  Hanes has had a c,+olalnstant Maxwell House I Liquid ------- to observe many types of agrio J O 9 THAT TASTES ou,=+  <,o -,o t,d f'..£g..... 6 ,  1 [I __. 0 39 no J o ......... accompany them I asked hini, i +Uli -" i .Oil" JOY  ,-,.._.. UL{I oha:rh:izhdo4eeTw4heoyli v-"  Jar  B r = Cans Ut, ...,LIKE,,MILK.. • o.., help salve some °f these prohlemsil f'll • • • il'l = 1 "----"-- ---T----I ,+' such as marketing difficulties) " r such groups, that they were do- i I ' "- + t Ing fine work and that he|].am..== T Vf|R thought a lot of them ow-l" Dressed and  1_ - € Jr  , Ai It.i.llll ever, ,armere are lnividuallst+]+li41 lililrflilli ssea... ! ! ""Q ' and it would be a very difflcultl,+ll Ig m'-=?M -'• N . if not impossible, task to or-|' , dl, IVII tllm Drawn =aLe , , UIL%] scale  Iv I ++_..,,,+,-+ , . : ganl them o a large i "----'-- -- + . -++ - t+Ground Beef Lb 33d; t P " " }/t / ......... ---  , 1 , Sale Every Monday [ .......  - I -[ ; II Ch=les ..ore, o-. t li; •]I I L AI "J A b,o , ,,e sh<..i be i.mng ii 11 t. t. rana IL IIJ • "-i"  ' P -+- " .+-. " sh' """ng " I! I.a,u a,,, o -x,j, ........ - .... ,JL - l LustersHome TownDairy ' III I .,o.o+++o.,....oo+++. . Mar Food' Store " +w=_c,++.,+=:-+. !11 Del- l A+ND SAf[NGS y Y We Deliver ' ,. [ • l [l;] Phone 55 203 N, Y/am i Dai y li . I Visitors AlwaYs Welcome-- " I]l WE PAY CAvil FOR CREAM AND EGGS & Pecans I l)eWayne Lller, Owner Perkins, oo- I!i ,.,.,<.. Effective Friday and Saturday, February 15 al 16th, l? l ,,i -- ._- ..... - : - +, -+*----