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February 15, 2001     The Perkins Journal
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February 15, 2001

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6B-THE PERKINS JOURNAL, Thursday, February 15, 2001 STILLWATER TYPEWRITER CO.,INC 9.95 SERVICES t863 PAYNE CO. YOUTH SERVICES 115.00 SERVICES 1864 SAC & FOX NATION JUVENILE 219.94 SERVICES 1865 GREEN, JOHN I. AND MAURISE M. 800.00 RENT 1866 IONEXTELECOMMUNICATIONS, INC 499.12 SERVICES 1867 CITY OFSTILLWATER . 50.46 SERVICES 1868 HICKERSON MECHANICAL SERVICE 176.00 REPAIRS ,166,9 POSTMASTER 3000.00 POSTAGE 1870 A & L JANITORIAL SERVICES 130.00 SERVICES 1871 A& LJANIlr'ORIALSERVICES 130.00 SERVICES 1872. QUALITY WATER SERVICES 30.60 SUPPLIES 1873 A & L JANITORIAL SERVICES 65.00 SERVICES 1874 QUALITY WATER SERVICES 54.45 SUPPLIES 1875 ACE HARDWARE 89.70 SUPPLIES t87.6 ACE HARDWARE 67.89 SUPPLIES i8"17. GRIMSLEY'S, INC. 184.70 SUPPLIES 1878WOOD & SONS PAVING 2400.68 SERVICES ~879MINERAL SOLUTIONS, INC. 2202.48 SUPPLIES 1880EMPIRE FINANCIALSERVICES,INC 5981.24 LEASE i881PAYNE CO. DISTRICT #3 62.75 REIMBURSEMENT 1882HUFFORD, MICHAEL B. 56.00 SERVICES i883ANSAN FIRE SAFETY CO., INC. 149.00 SERVICES 1884WALMART COMMUNITY BRC 9.94 SUPPLIES i885 WESTERN MECHANICAL, INC. 299.00 REPAIRS 188(~ CITY OF STILLWATER 2240.09 SERVICES i887SOUTHWESTERN BELL WIRELESS 30.54 SERVICES 188.8 HEW WASTE SYSTEMS, INC. 72,52 SERVICES i889PAGE PLUS, INC. 18~95 SERVICES HIGHWAY CASH ~78,KE'RNS ASPHALT, INC. 1183.16 ROCK ~g" AOUA PLEASURES 20.00 SUPPLIES 80 QUALITY FORD, INC. 223.84 SUPPLIES ~181STAPLES 155.96 SUPPLIES ~2 OKLA. CORRECTIONAL INDUSTRIES 342.50 SUPPLIES ~83 SUNBELT EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY 8430.00 SUPPLIES ~84 RAILROAD YARD 2258.10 SUPPLIES ~985SOUTHWESTERN BELLTELEPHONE 116.63 SERVICES {)~6 EMPIRE COMPANIES 1036.82LEASE ~7 CENTRAL OKLA. TELEPHONE CO. 18.95 SERVICES "~8 PAYNE CO. GENERAL FUND 17.20 REIMBURSEMENT ~9 CITY OF CUSHING 389.50 SERVICES 9~0 RELIANT ENERGYARKLA 472.81 SERVICES ~91 EMPIRE COMPANIES 615.00 LEASE ~92 T & W TIRE 3130.95 SUPPLIES ,9.93 BRIDGE AND HIGHWAY 7499.52 SUPPLIES ,9~4ATWOOD'S FARM PLAN 156.16 SUPPLIES 995 QUAPAW CO., INC. 340.35 ROCK (~6QUAPAW CO., INC. 290.02 ROCK WALMART COMMUNITY BRC 104.36 SUPPLIES 9~8 OKLA. CORRECTIONAL INDUSTRIES 332.50 SUPPLIES ~09 QUAPAW CO., INC. 82.81 ROCK lq00 PERKINS TAG AGENCY 64.00 SERVICES 1~01 - BOB BUNK OIL CO., INC. 301.80 SUPPLIES 1~02 PERRY TIRE & ALIGNMENT, INC. 1501.84 SUPPLIES ".1,003 PERRY TIRE & ALIGNMENT, INC. 151.00 SUPPLIES tO04STILLWATER CONCRETE AND 1675.00 SUPPLIES ~*005 STILLWATER NEWSPRESS 31.72 PUBLICATIONS ;t~06 BOB BURK OIL CO., INC. "-12.50 SUPPLIES ~,07BOB BUNK OIL CO., INC. 379.54 SUPPLIES ~08 NORTHERN EQUIPMENT 5767.50 RENTAL ~09 OKLA. NATURAL GAS 894.56 SERVICES ~t~10 CITY OF STILLWATER 239.11 SERVICES 1'011 EMPIRE COMPANIES 1230.00 LEASE ~)(~12 HYPERNETSOLUTIONS, INC. 10.92 SERVICES 13 EWING ELECTRIC CO. 600.00 SUPPLIES (~14DEARINGER PRINTING & TROPHY 365.00 SUPPLIES 1~15WELCH STATE BANK 1350.05 LEASE ~0~16 WELCH STATE BANK 1266.51 LEASE 1~17KOMATSU FINANCIAL 2165.70 LEASE I~It)0HOME NATIONAL BANK 2935.05 LEASE OF PRISONERiS 21 ICE 1041.50 SUPPLIES ~2E,GRIMSLEY'S, INC. 588.75 SUPPLIES DEPARTMENT ~29 MCWHIRT, ROBE~RTA 89.38 REIMBURSEMENT 230,AMERICARE COMPLETE CARE, INC. 930.00 PUBLICATIONS C. 24162.00 HAMMOCK, GAR Y W. 21360.00 BUR TON, JIMMY D. 19557.00 HARRIS, MARSHAD. 21726.32 CARPENTER, COLBY M. 427.00 * HARRISON, BRIAN J. 4000.32 * CARPENTER, LOWELL L. 19499.00 HA TFIELD, LINDA S. 25371.00 CARPENTER, RICHARD A. 18897.00 HA TFIELD, RANDY D. 15135.00 CA THEY, HERBERT E. 20739.00 HAUF , RAYMOND B. 24531.00 CA VE'I-F II, WILLIAM L. 6994.00 *." HA YHURST, JOHN G. 7643.68 * CA VETT, ZACHARY H. 1609.00 * HENSLEY , TERRI J. 3204.00 * CHEA THAM, AMY D. 5432.80 * HESSER, GLORIA A. 36012.00 CLARK, ALANA R. 37.50 * HESSER, SARAH M. 19881.00 HODGES, RETHA L. 18024.00 HESSER, SHIRLEY A. 23452.00 HOOTEN, DARREN L. 21525.00 HILL, MAR THA E. 23579.49 HOOTEN, JEREMY R. 19557.00 HINER, CARL C. 36012.00 HOOTEN, TAWNI R. 12384.20 MURPHY , WILLIAM L. 12649.83 * HOWELL, REBA J. 15172.38 NACK, DANIEL A. 6184.52 * HUCKEBY , ROY K. 10812.12 * NICHOLS, SHARON L. 24906.04 HUNZlKER, JIMMY L. 10263.20 * NIXON, CHRIST OPHER L. 23817.00 HUNZlKER, RUSTY C. 19884.00 NYBERG, JOHN B. 10823.04 * HUSTEDT DAVID L. 2574.00 * O'QUINN JR, RA YMOND R. 19561.00 JARDOT GLENDA L. 21444.1 1 ORGAN, AGNES E. 3750.00 * JENSEN, AMANDA B. 10556.00 * OSBORN, TONY L. 20579.00 JONES, JESSIE R. 28588.00 P ALMER, CHARLES R. 20377.00 JONES, JOHNIE L. 4827.01 * P ARKS, ROSE L. 2521.04 * KAISER, CARRIE G. 30.90 * P AYNE, NORMA L. 26617.83 KAISER, KA YLA R. 444.19 * PETERSEN, MICHAEL S. 20545.22 KING, NORA J. 2537.50 * POLF , DEWEY D. 19412.00 KITCHEL, LARR Y E. 22961.00 PRICE, JOSEPH H. 20142.00 KITTLE, BRIDGET E. 20919.00 PRICKETT , DONALD G. 4000.00" KNOX, HONER T W. 15015.08* RAKEY ,GLENNDORAA. 19458.00 KOENIG, JUDITH A. 3953.75 * RA THBUN, TONI SUE 17180.70 LAMBER T, LiSA S. 36012.00 RA .Y, DANIEL L. 6260.44 * LANE, LESTER F. 19948.22 REEVES, JUNE A. 18.00 * LANE,REESE M. 2835.00 * REID, HEA TH W. 15703.57 LANE, TAMARA J. 66.50 * RIBERA, KEVIN S. 2240.96 * LA VENDER, FLOYD W. 745.50 * RICORD, DA VID L. 15249.00 LA W, DONNA M. 5960.82 * RIGGS, HENR Y L. 24531.00 LITTLE SUN, VIRGINIA G 19769.00 ROBBINS, CAROL S. 20184.00 LITTLE, RA Y E. 4333.00 * ROBINSON, MIKE K. 20739.00 LOCKWOOD, ANGELA D. 16832.51 ROLLINS, DA VlD W. 20458.86 LONGAN, W ALTER L. 26016.00 RONSPIEZ, JEREMY A. 3204.00 * LOPP , DEBRA D. 15878.40 * ROSE, JACQUlE L. 22131.00 LOWE, EDWIN L. 19946.20 ROSS, CR YSTAL D. 19333.56 MANTELLINI, ROMY R, 6843.60 * ROSS, TERRI H. 18792.32 MANTLE, SHYLOWE A. 279.00 * RUSH, ANITA S. 22068.00 MARLIN, DONALD W. 416.50 * RUSSELL, GREGGOR Y R. 19769.00 MA TLOCK, JAMES L. 31668.00 SAHS, TERI M. 23919.00 MCBRIDE, LISA M. 17700.00 SA VORY, RACHELL D. 9222.52 * MCDANIEL, SCOTTY L, 3610.56 * SCHIEFFER, SHERRI D. 36012.00 MCDONALD,. JOSHUA E. 21.00 * SHELL, CHARLES E. 26016.00 MCF ARLAND, ROBERT A. 12008.58 SHENOLD, AMY L. 826.00 * MCHENDR Y, SHIRLEY A. 19324.14 * SHENOLD, DEE DEE A. 3622.50 * MCKINNIS, GARR Y K. 24531.00 elL VERS, JEREMY D. 2978.00" MCLAIN, NORA ELIZABETH 20696.00 SMITH, JOE D. 4973.60 * MEFFORD DECEASED, DA VID 355.08 * SMITH, PAULINE I. 252.00" MILLER, SCOTT R. 19499.02 SPIV A, DIANA L. 6680.08 * MINNEY , RAYMOND V. 17851.00 ST ADLER, BONITA J. 39225.00 MITCHELL, BERNICE C. 23285.25 * ST ANBERY, JOHN D. 1 1330.00" MOORE, KENNETH L. 19007.00 STEPHENS, JIMMIE L. 7026.47 * MORRIS, HENR Y A. 22827.00 STEPHENS, KIRSTEN L. 17813.00 STEVENS, AMY L. 17948.00 V ARNELL, DARRELL R. 20348.00 STEW ART, CORA LEE 23488.00 V AUGHAN, I;LORA BETH 22170.00 STIOKOFF , MISTY D. 469.00 * WlECZOREK, JASON L. 17003.16 ST OVER, RUTH M. 20523.67 WILLCOX, ROY A. 10159.66 * SUITT , SANDRA L. 8325.40 * WlLLER TON, KENNETH E. 32410.80 SW ANK, MARY JANE 20502.00 WILLIAMS, TAMI L. 18299.00SW ART, DANNY G. 18493.00 WILSON, DANNY K. 161 17,16 T AYLOR, DEBORAH G. 19167.00 WYNALDA, DA VlD W. 2651.10 * THOMPSON, R YAN A. 10094.80* YOUNG, FRED 13609.50 T OLES, TROY L. 21637.00 ZUNIGA, NIT A K. 3064.62 * TREA T, KRISTIN M. 8850.00 * V ANBUSKIRK, KELLY S. 16892.33 * Arthur made the motion to adjourn. Deedng seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deenng, aye. Motion carried. Shern Schieffer County Clerk traffic count. NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that authorizes use of said sales tax funds for the project Presented and approved this 22nd day of January, 2001. 2~.~ ~,METROCALL 101.31 SUPPLIES accordance with the Open Meeting Law. The following were present: Gloria L#3'~ "A T & T WIRELESS SERVICES 614.94 SERVICES Hesser, Chairperson; Jim Arthur, Vice-C, hairmafi; Bill Deering, Member; Sherri ~i:.OJ~ ..NA~U.RAL GAS ..... 1736.40 SERVICES Schieffer, County Cterk; Chade~;R(~g~s, Assistant District ~,~t0~. ..... ~ ...... ~3~. SOUTHWESTERN BELL YELLOW PAGE 168.00 SERVICES ~ "PITNEY BOWLS CREDIT CORI~ ....... 486.00 SERVICES The Chairperson called the meeting to order at 9i00 a.m. The meeting was 2~3~ OKLA. DEPT. OF HUMAN SERVICES 35.20 SERVICES opened with Prayer and Flag Salute. SERVICE FEE Resolution # 2001-07 Eseco Road (Harmony to Linwood) Crack Fill WHEREAS, Payne County passed a County Sales Tax with 5~ designated to be used for capital improvements on county WHEREAS, Payne County District 1 has chosen as a Eseco Road, west from Harmony to Linwood for crack filling and WHEREAS, this road is a major collector, bus route, mail route, II a high traffic count. NOW THEREFORE BE IT authorizes use of said sales tax funds for the project descnbed above. and approved this 22nd day of January, 2001. Resolutiot~ # 2001-08 Grandstaff (Linwood to SH18) Crack Fill WHEREAS, Payne County passed a County Sales Tax with 53 designated to be used for capital improvements on county WHEREAS, Payne County District 1 has chosen as a priority project 1 Grandstaff, west from Linwood to SIll8 for crack filling of asphalt and W HEREAS, this road is a major collector, bus route, high traffic count. NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Paynel authorizes use of said sales tax funds for the project described above. and approved this 22nd day of January, 2001. Adhur made the motion to approve the Resolution 05 thru 08 as Deering seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deedng, aye. Motion Hesser presented the 2001 Holiday Notice. Deenng supported sentence stating the Courthouse will be closed on the listed any other time. Deering referred to the recent closing the ice storm. Deedng made the motion to approve the remora statement from the Public Notice iThe Payne County Courthouse on the days listed above as Holidays and not on any other days weekends. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. carried. The Chairman presented Road name request: Applicant Road Name Location Betty Redford Dixon Place between Valley no maintenance; 9-18N-lW Major Road and Arthur made the motion to approve the Road name as presented. seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion carded. County Brooks Lane between Ridge, off 9th, no maintenance; 7-17N-5E County Pecan Street Kings's Hwy, no maintenance; 32-18N-5E Stiles Road an( Deering made the motion to approve the Road names. aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion carried. Deedng made the motion to establish the Payne County The Clerk presented cash appropriations as certified by the Treasurer. made the motion to approve the cash appropriations. Seconded Deering, aye; Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye. Motion carded. The Clerk presented transfers of appropriations. Distnct Attorney to Government, 241.22. Deering made the motion to approve the transfer, i seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye: Deering, aye. Motion carded. The Clerk presented Blanket purchase order for Distdct Attorney. the motion to accept blanket purchase order, seconded by Arthur. aye; Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye. Motion carried. 2~II~AMERICARE COMPLETE CARE, INC. 960.00 SERVICES The Clerk presented the monthly reports: Health Department, ~;FENTON OFFICE MART 9.12 SERVICES The 4731.19; Alcoholic Beverage Tax, 14500.06. Deering made the Payne County Beard of Commissioners met in a Regular Meeting, Monday, 2~ICOWBOY COPY 75.25 SUPPLIES January 22, 2001. Notice of the meeting was made by posting an agenda in approve the monthly reports. Motion was seconded by Arthur. Arthur, aye, Hesser, Aye. Motion carried. ~, PAYNE CO. HEALTH DEPT. 325.50 SUPPLIES Ms. Teresa Hopkins, StiUwater Medical Foundation, presented information to ~'~:10KIE INC. 83.90 SERVICES the Beard regarding the use of Automated External Deflbdllators. The information .3ATION provided insight on how AED are changing the way the medical profession and ~.~3 B & C BUSINESS PRODUCTS 78.17 SUPPLIES rescue personnel isresponding to cardiac arrest. Survival after cardiac arrest '.~4 SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE 41.19 SERVICES is rare without defibrillation within about six minutes. The American Heart ~RE Association is pro~noting the placement of defibrillators in high-traffic public ~5~,IDISTRICTATTORNEY'S COUNCIL 12300.00 PAYROLL sites. The Stillwater Medical Foundation has allocated $30,000 towards the placement of AED in key areas of Stillwater. Hopkins presented the Commission with the opportunity to accept the AED. They will also provide initial training for eight employees. Hesser stated this training would work with the CPR Training being Scheduled for Courthouse employees that have expressed in interest in being a part of a first response training. The stated they would take the matter under study. The Board reviewed Utility permit- ~' IKON OFFICE SOLUTIONS 230.00 MAINTENANCE 136" OKLA. NATURAL GAS 819.88 SERVICES ~i~'~ INTERNATIONAL ASSOC ATION OF 75.00 DUES ~138' SWANK, MARY JANE 195.00 LABOR Fifty-One East Water- 29-19N-3E; 1"/water line installed by trenching. Deering made the motion to approve for permit. Arthur seconded. Arthur, aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion carded. 5"DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S COUNCIL 6442.48 SERVICES COMMISSARY 18 POSTMASTER 33.00 POSTAGE ~NTS i(~3 LATHAM CONSTRUCTION 600.00 SUPPLIES ;$,4 SPEAR & MCCALEB CO., INC. 21316,00 SERVICES ~73 PHILFLEETADVANTAGE 128.86 SUPPLIES ~'~4 !RADIO SHACK 45.38SUPPLIES '~75,' WALMART COMMUNITY BRC 207.04 SUPPLIES ii$6 ~SOUTHWESTERN BELL WIRELESS 320,87 SERVICES 77 A T & T WIRELESS SERVICES60.63 SERVICES MANAGEMENT 137VARNELL, DARRELL R. 4.77 REIMBURSEMENT ',38 DAVIS SANITATION 300.00 SERVICES The Chairman presented a request to designate a loading zone for vendors. Boarddiscussed using the North parking lot drive. The Board agreed that restricting parking for loading was not feasible due to the shortage of parking places for business. Arthur requested the relocation of gate on McEIroy West of Redland Road. The gate is located between private property and OSU property. The section of hnual Salary Report 2000: road to be gated gives access to the spillway at Lake Cad Blackwell. Arthur * Denotes" Partial Year ADAMS, ALAN stated the road is not maintained. ' 795.76 * CLAN Y, VIVIAN I. 17705.85 ALLEN, LORI IA~ 17850.00 CLEMENT , WILLIAM C. 1686.00 * ALLEN, NELSON Rogers stated that McEIroy is a section line road. The property owners must |S~ 23817.00 COKE, P AMELA K. 1 1560.60 AMES, JIMMY ' petition the Board to close the nght-of-way and place in reserve status before IA.. 22170.00 CRAIG, GLENNA J. 30164.10 ANDERSON, HONER T public access can be denied. IE~,~,l~t~70.01 CRAMT ON, LARRY A' 4499.00 ARNOLD, LOYD ~D~.~,~.0"739.00 CRANFORD, DUSTIN L. 21741.00 AR THUR, JIMMIE Arthur presented right-of.way donation from Betty June Payne for Bridge Project IL-~.~2.5.00 CRA YCRAFT, DAVID L. 19557.00 BAGWELL, NOEL 160(047), Alrport Road east of Redlands Road. .92 acres; Sec 2-19N-1E. Arthur IF.*~4531.00 CROSS, DA VID L. 20739.00 BAGWELL, RHONDA made the motion to accept the nght-of-way donation. Deedng seconded. Arthur, IL,'~,0650.00 DAN TY, JOSHUA K. 18753.00 BARRETT , ARNOLD aye; Hesser, aye; Deering, aye. Motion carried. ~6014.68" DA SAMMIE D. 24059.00 BAR TLES, WSON [_4"~ZABETH A. 234;33 DEERING, BILL E. 39225.00 BAR TRAM, The Chairperson presented Resolutions for Sales Tax Projects: tr~,LY G. 23817.00 DEMAREE, KA THY S. 18793,00 BASTION, IP~FI|CK C. 4272.00 * DISEL, GEORGE E. 25520.00 BEKKELUND, Resolution # 2001-05 ~S~SAN E. 10400.00* DONEE, DA VID G. 4250.50 * BENSON, ~E1,AEL D. 21435~00 DR Y, LARRY G. 4467.00,* BIERMANN, Coyle Road (SH51 to SH33) IA~6ON A. 2488.56 EARNEST , ELVIS G. 3843.00 BIGGS, JANIS Crack Fill P~;458.50 * ELSON, GEORGE A. 7913.50" BILLINGsLEA, JOHN IW~!2'6616.00 EMMONS, BRADFORD E. 6237100 BLANKINSHIP , WHEREAS, Payne County passed a County Sales Tax with 53 percent I FI~,.~E. 23817.00 FIELD, DEBORAH J. 23748.00 BLASIER, ROCKY designated to be used for capital improvements on county roads, and It:ii~455.00- FLOWERS, CAROL L. 2439.50 * BORGEL T, MARY WHEREAS, Payne County Distdct 3 has chosen as a pdodty project 9 miles of IA:~!~2'.00* FOWLER, ER N E. 1400.00" BOWEN, CHER YL CoyleRoad, south from SH51to SH33 for crack filling of chip and seal surfacing, ILI',~0~495.00 FOX, P' AUL A. 238J7.00 BOWEN, CHRISTINA and WHEREAS, this road is a major collector, busroute, mailroute, andhas IA.~i7061.25 FRANK, JESSICA C. 273.00 BOWEN, KEITH a high traffic count. NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Payne County [R~','~O,?.28.00 GANNETT , LONZETTA P. 23575.86 BOYER, BEN authonzes use of said sales tax funds for the project deScribed above. Presented H~!~0142.00 GERMAN, JUDITH G. 136.01 * BOYER, RONNIE and approved this 22nd day of January, 2001. L;~3,364.92 * GIL, CA THY A. 820.62 * BRADLEY , A. A~LEN 280.01 * GILLESPIE, GLENN C. 15957.00 * BRADY , TINA Resolution # 2001-06 ~.',12806.82 * GIPSON, WILLIAM B. 19710.00 BRIDENSTINE, TOMMY W. 19557.01 GORDON, DORSEY 1". 563.50 * BRIGANCE, Norfolk Road (SH51 to SH33) ~RVINAJO17049;00 GRA Y, CHADJ. 168.00" BROCKAMP ,JOEL Crack Fill '10619.80 GREEN, CL YDE W. 26016.00 BROWN, ANGELA P.~1525.00 GRUSSING, LESA C. 280.00 * BROYLES, BRIGETT WHEREAS, Payne County passed a County Sales Tax with 53 percent IV[,6860.68 * GWlN, DANIELO. 23817.00 BRUNSTETER, MEUSSA designated to be used for capital improvements on county roads, and A" 22341.00 HAGLER, LONNIE L. 213~0.00 BR YAN, GEORGE WHEREAS, Payne County Distdct 1 has chosen as a pdodty project 9 miles of J;8789.00" HALL, CHERI L. 39225.00 BR YAN, TINA NorfolkRoed, south from SH51to SH3 for crack filllng of asphalt surfacing, and M~ 22827.00 HALL, MARK S. 25263.00 BUCHANAN, BROOKE WHEREAS, this road is a major collector, bus route, mail route, and has a high Thel011ow'mg i rcl se orders w~t~ approvec~ for payment: Approved 01/16/01 to 01/16/01 ...FY2000-2001 GENERAL FUND War# Issued To: Amount Reason Issued: 1890 AAAOFFICE SUPPLY 127.10 SUPPLIES 1891 PAGENET 51.80 SERVICES 1892 ~_IONEL HARRIS OIL.CO., INC. 549.64 SUPPLIES 1893 ACE HARDWARE 20.27 SUPPLIES 1894 NAPA AUTO PARTS 204.36 SUPPLIES 1895 J & B CLEANERS 623.75 SUPPLIES 1896 UNIFIRST 25.60 SUPPLIES 1897 B & C BUSINESS PRODUCTS 42.40 SUPPLIES 1898 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLY 304.00 SUPPLIES 1899 LIONEL HARRIS OIL CO., INC.83.48 SUPPLIES 1900 HYPERNET SOLUTIONS, INC. 28.90 SERVICES 1901 SOUTHWESTERN BELLWlRELESS 771.29 SERVICES 1902 XEROX CORPORATION 36.36 MAINTENANCE 1903 WARREN CLINIC, INC. 543.00 SUPPLIES 1904 STILLWATER RADIOLOGY, INC. 423.00 SUPPLIES 1905 CENTRAL DRUG 2970.68 SUPPLIES 1906 THOMPSEN D.D.S., JOHN A. 256.00 SUPPLIES 1907 OSU COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SRV 10720.00 PAYROLL 1908 ANDERSON, NATHAN G. 386.75 REIMBURSEMENT 1909 MACCO PROMOTIONS, INC. 332.89 SUPPLIES 1910 B & C BUSINESS PRODUCTS 47.22 SUPPLIES 1911 XEROX CORPORATION 132.00 MAINTENANCE 1912 XEROX CORPORATION 132.50 MAINTENANCE 1913 DOANES AGRICULTURAL REPORT 115.00 1914 MIDWEST PRINTERS 62.00 SUPPLIES 1915 DEARINGER PRINTING & TROPHY 37.50 SUPPLIES 1916 BOYER'S 66 SERVICE STATION 10.00 SUPPLIES 1917 BOYER'S 66 SERVICE STATION 50.18 SUPPLIES 1918 THYSSEN DOVER ELEVATOR, INC.150.00 SERVICES 1919 PERKINS JOURNAL 270.92SUPPLIES 1920 HICKERSON MECHANICAL SERVICE 88.00 SERVICES 1921 INDUSTRIAL CHEMIST, INC. 270.00 SERVICES 1922 THYSSEN DOVER ELEVATOR, INC. 150.00 SERVICES 1923 PERKINS JOURNAL 2.68 PUBLICATIONS 1924 CITY OF STILLWATER 4384.53 UTILITIES 1925 SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE 3972.76 1926 CANADIAN COUNTY JUVENILE 210.00 SERVICES i 1927 EASTERN OKLA. YOUTH 243.48 SERVICES 1928 CENTRAL OKLA. YOUTH ~ 266.76 SERVICES 1929 OKLA. NATURALGAS 5157.15 UTILITIES 1930 UNIFIRST 274.40 SUPPLIES 1931 LEKTRON INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY 68.25 SUPPLIES 1932 QUAPAW CO., INC. 3649.48 SUPPLIES 1933 STILLWATER MILLAGRI CENTER 6.65 SUPPLIES 1934 UNIFIRST 104.40 SUPPLIES 1935 CARRIER DITCHING & EXCAVATING 280.76 SERVICES 1936 SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE 47.95 SERVICES 1937 STEWART STONE, INC. 1512.02 SUPPLIES HIGHWAY CASH 1019QUAPAWCO., INC. 1719.05 SUPPLIES 1020SOONER RUBBER PRODUCTS 115.78 SUPPLIES 1021QUAPAW CO., INC. 1340.75 SUPPLIES 1022QUAPAW CO., INC. 1423.70 SUPPLIES 1023OLIVER ROOFING L.L.C. 318.00 REPAIRS 1024STEWART STONE, INC. 3095.51 SUPPLIES 1025STEWART STONE, INC. 5231.42 SUPPLIES 1026QUAPAW CO., INC. 235.12SUPPLIES 1027KINNuNEN SALES & RENTALS, INC 560.00 SERVICES 1028KINNuNEN SALES & RENTALS, INC 150.00 SERVICES 1029MIDWEsTERN EQUIPMENT 303.62 SUPPLIES 1030TCB OFFICE SUPPLY 120.14 SUPPLIES 1031AMERICAN WELDING SUPPLY 259.02 SUPPLIES 1032CIMARRON GLASS AND OVERHEAD 286.00 SUPPLIES 1033CIMARRON TRUCK PARTS, INC. 182.01 SUPPLIES 1034CROW-BURLINGAME CO. 167.13 SUPPLIES 1035CUSHING LUMBER CO. 202.98 SUPPLIES 1036DARR EQUIPMENT CO. 24.33 SUPPLIES 1037ENLOw TRACTOR CO. 313.12 SUPPLIES