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February 16, 2012     The Perkins Journal
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February 16, 2012

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C2 - THE JOURNAL, Thursday, February 16, 2012 Entertai nrnent PICKS OF THE WEEK "Puss in Boots" (PG) -- Before you throw this one into the heap with the Shrek sequels, know that this could, by all accounts, be considered a successful spinoff. Antonio Banderas returns to voice the titular Puss, the suave, swash- buckling cat who eventu- ally befriends Shrek. This sto focuses on his back- ground, so the supporting career is meaty enough to cast and sagging quality of the Shrek franchise is thankfully absent, clearing the way. for family fun with a talking, dancing, sword- fighting cat. There isn,t one of those timeless Pixar-style narra- tives, but, Puss makes for a fine animated adventure. Humpty Dumpty (voiced by Zach Galifinakis) plays the cat's bumbling co-con- spirator, and Selma Hayek voices Softpaws, a fellow cat/thief who runs with idea of a feline femme fatale. "J. Edgar" (R) -- This bloated biopic comes off as more of a dispassionate history lesson than a delv- ing portrait of an enigmatic figure. Directed by Clint Eastwood with Leonard DiCaprio in the leading role, the film follows J. Edgar Hoover from his early 20s until he's way past 70, mostly focusing on his career. The performers labor under heavy servings of age-makeup, but there's little payoff in the long story of manipulation and paranoia. Elizabeth There are hints and little teasers of the personal drama of Hoover -- whom people still argue about to this day -- but no revelations. Hoover's fuel a whole film, but East- wood uses bits of Hoover's personal life to propel the drama, only to jump back to career highlights before anything comes to a head. "Martha Marcy May Mar- lene" (R) -- Newcomer Eliz- abeth Olsen plays Martha in this psychological thriller about a young woman who recently escaped a dangerous cult. Olsen's performance hits the mark, as Martha's paranoia and trauma keep her a complicated charac- ter. This is the big debut of Mary-Kate and Ashley's kid sister, as well as Sean Durkin, the writer/director. This film looks good on both of them. "Tower Heist" (PG-13) -- The Master of Modern Mediocrity, Brett Ratner, helms this slapstick comedy- action film that sets out to capture the hilarity of middle-class working stiffs trying to pull an outlandish caper on a wealthy Wall Street jerk. It's nice to see Eddie Murphy out of the fat suit and back in a con- OSU Wind Ensemble To Present Concert The Oklahoma State Uni- versity Wind Ensemble will present their first concert of the spring semester Thurs- day, February 23, 2012 at 8pm in the Seretean Center for the Performing Arts Concert Hall. Under the direction of Dr. Joseph Missal, the group is com- posed of the finest gradu- ate and undergraduate wind and percussion performers at the university. The Wind Ensemble is dedicated to the performance of finest wind literature regardless of period or disposition of instrumental forces. Special guest artist Dr. Jeffrey Loeffert, Assistant Professor of Saxophone, will join the group to perform Pulitzer Prize winning composer Karel Husa's Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble. Loeffert holds degrees from Michigan State University and North- western University. Repertoire also includes Flourishes and Meditations on a Renaissance Theme by Michael Gandolfi, Vienna Philharmonic Fanfare by Richard Strauss, Profana- tion from the Jeremiah Symphony by Leonard Ber- nstein, and Rolling Thunder by Henry Fillmore. Members of the Wind Ensemble will perform with the Dallas Wind Symphony in the Meyerson Center in Dallas in early March. Admission to the concert is $8 for adults and $6 for students and senior citi- zens. All proceeds benefit the OSU Department of Music. Olsen ventional comedic role as a small-time crook in an ensemble with Ben Stiller. This is still a Ratnor film, so the comedic talent is mostly put to work on slow and obvious dialogue, as well as a few silly reactions to dan- gerous stunts. Despite lack of comedic sizzle, at least things can't get too boring when cars flip, glass breaks and all manner of chase scenes take place. TV RELEASES "The Adventures of Tintin: Season Two" "Nurse Jackie: Season Three" "Matlock: The Seventh Season" "Hazel: The Complete Second Season" "Weeds: Season Seven" (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc. 'I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change' is a fun show By Kiara Ealy Romantic relationships aren't the easiest things to deal with, but neither is marriage. Raising chil- dren? Not quite so easy either. Then there are the tougher things to deal with like divorce and worst of all, losing the person you thought you would spend an eternity with. But this is not your typi- cal play about the journey of love. No, this is a musical about love with suggestive phrases and conversations that would definitely make your grandmother blush. You have been warned- this is not a show for people under 18. However, you have found the perfect musical if you can enjoy language suitable for adult ears and love being able to connect with a won- derful cast that reminds us of our everyday struggles with love. Sounds like something you would enjoy? Then welcome to Town and Gown Theatre's produc- tion of I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change. The musical, directed by Kyle Shifflett, begins with a man By LeeAnn Barton I was dwelling last week on growth...my growth actu- ally, but as you may have gathered from previous col- umns the sap in my veins regularly blurs the lines and lessons that separate me from my garden. My thought was how the silent, cold, often hard times of winter are perceived as a waiting period, something to be endured until the return of spring. When the weather warms and the days lengthen, green sprouts and sprouts and keeps going and we see things as growing. The truth is there are differ- ent types of growing--dif- ferent factors, different pur- poses and different results. Hydrogen, carbon and oxygen, taken from the air, are the three elements that plants need most. Boldly labeled on almost all fertil- izer, N-P-K nitrogen, phos- phorus and potassium are three major nutrients, each with a distinct function. But they are not the only nutri- ents that affect plant growth. l't CLASS SELF.STORAGE, NC ' O:Convdkdhcx:es ,, flool'l:)Ceilingmt ' Cete, rente & til00 Im00sll00 ,24/7 ACCeS Available *VIS/MC& j eentl00 etene w00,Jn00 emtal 417 W. Freeman I'erkim 547-800 or 1-800-397-8673 I I JJIl[llJI I I I I II I SPA DA 2012 Our Your 00,na. Working Close To Home Place your IRA in out kxy-owned blnk tqd keep yoer nem investnn at home - working in your local community. For over IIX) yem Pne Comny Bmik hm inveged in local familk. and businesse - growing communhies. You have a choice where your IRA dollars are invtnaed. Keep  working in YOUR ommnnily, Traditional and ROTH IRAs Great Rates and NO Feesl  Ika 20"2 $. Maw, ha, ki* OIg  lkl.'k 4 l T l,,. t y 3.'l , lfgtm , OK ms)JA v. woman prologue. From there, it moves on to Act I, which features various stages and perspectives of the dating game. There are no developed characters because every scene features a different scenario. The cast of I Love You ,You're Perfect, Now Change, keeps the play lively and the laughter roll- ing. The cast features the wonderful talents of Tracy Speed-Freeman, Lincoln Gibbs, Tim Hooker, Jason Kennedy, Valerie Kisling and Tiara Young. The music is directed by Cody Whit- tenberg with Gloria Short on the keyboard and Eric Reitan playing the violin. Act I ends with a wed- ding finally taking place after 10 scenes of dating. Although the couple has second thoughts, they come together and say "We Do," ending the scene and leaving the audience in anticipation for what happens in Act II. Act II is all about life after the bliss of dating and the honeymoon. The first couple of scenes in this act focus on trying to be a couple after kids come into the picture. However, the mood changes and things become a bit more humbling about half way through the act. From then on, the audience gets to see how you can love someone the same after 30 years of marriage. The only monologue in the musical is performed, confronting the hurt of starting over after a divorce. Scene 8, the most sentimental in my opinion, deals with two elderly people possibly finding love in each other. I Love You, You're Per- fect, Now Change will have you laughing until you cry. At other times, it will have you evaluating your own loves both of the past and present. Later scenes will make you wonder about the possibilities that lifelong love can bring. Through all the laughter and moments of pure heartbreak, I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change will take you on the emotional rollercoaster of what we call L-O-V-E. I Love You, You're Per- fect, Now Change will run at Stillwater's Town and Gown Theatre February 16-19. 547-2436 You Can Payne County Bank oW Us! Calcium and sulfur are also macronutrients and vital to all stages of plant growth. The function of these ele- ments in the growth cycle is an intricate miracle of interaction. From forming the core cells that give plants their green colorto building tissue so cells divide and grow each element plays an important role in healthy growth. The desired result of long term health is not as easy as sprinkling on a tablespoon of a beautifully labeled product. Similarly, swallowing an assortment of vitamins and dining on fast food does not a healthy body make. Fiber, roughage and many trace minerals can only be 'ingested through whole, often raw food. Salads, oatmeal, fresh fruit eaten on a regular basis provide building blocks of health that a tablet or liquid supple- ment cannot. How about rest? Insufficient sleep and rest leads to stress and other ailments. The winters, the droughts, the times we ache for spring to break--these are the times nutrients and circumstance grow strength. A dormant plant hasn't died when vis- ible growth comes to rest. In winter it metabolizes organic fertilizers to grow strong in the spring. We fidget and fret waiting for new direction or change, but our bodies and spirits need downtime to restore and strengthen themselves. When the sunny days lengthen and temperatures warm consistently, the first burst of energy or plant growth comes not from that day's nourishment, but from energy stored during dormancy. Feed/lag in the spring repleniss the energy that was spent on those first sprouts provides nutrients to lC'p those cells growing, dixdd- ing, healthy and green. --- Over the years I've learned to practice being at peace with the winters in my life--and it is best described as practice. Longing for spring warmth and activity to bring change to the air, that change comes with a hesitancy to move forward. I remind myself the key is to not rely solely on what I've stored, but to remem- ber to keep the nourishment coming...complete and in balance. Medicare Certified oJCAHO Accredited i .Hospital Based ) -RNs, Therapists, Aides  ), 405.742-5770,4 ) ""''e' q MOMM CAT'9 TIP OF THE MONTH: Two unaltered cats and all their descendents can theoretically number 420,000 in just 7 years. number 67,000 in just 6 years. PBCOUHT fiLL gl't::lYg00l00UT00g Vt:tCCIH00 t:tHP OTHI00R gI00RVICEq FEBRUARY 21, 2012 Call to set up your appointment! 2 Convenient Locations! s VE;LF, p, PERKINS  VETERINARY CLINIC 405-547-2442 11016 S. PERKINS RD. r CLINIC, PERKINS, OK PERKIN S ROAD ' PET CLINIC 405-624-3086 900 S. PERKINS RD. STILLwATER, OK