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February 22, 1934     The Perkins Journal
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February 22, 1934

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THE PERKINS JOURNAL Perkins Journal Frosting First or Last Publiimd by the Journai PubNshing ( &apos;o E. M. Long, Edttor and Manager Entered as second class marl matter By MAE LOUISE FOSTER at the poatoffice at Perkins, Oklaht, nia under act of congress March 3rd, 1899 . by McOlure Newspltplr syndioate ................................................ ! WNU Service SIItlS(,RIPTION RATES ! In Payne, Lineoln and l.og - .]..tRLYr' queried Glenn, poking I -" red-thatched head around the an counties, 5|)t per year; ()tit  door of the tiny apartment which Alice side $1.00. [ shared with a girl friend. I "Perfectly punctual," Alice didn't Resolutions of Respect .... Minimum i look up. Bubbles seemed to burst In $1.00. Over 20 lines, 5 cents per line. I Glenn's heart and puff away his breath- All poetry aamepriee, i lag ae he watched her in that ridicu- lous frill of an apron, preparing din- " ' '" "' t nerfor him. I He hoped fervently that this one had Eye Can Adapt Itself to turned out as desired. Others, several Variation in Light Power i others, hadn't. Glenn loved that firm The truth of the statement that one little rounded chin, but Alice was quite does not see with the eyes but through the agency of the eyes Is explained by a writer In Hygela Health Magazine. The size of the retinal image of any object Is based on the visual angle which it subtends, so that a 4-inch ob. Ject at 50 Inches, a 6-Inch object at 100 inches and a 9-Inch object at 150 inches appear to have the same dimes. signs. This phenomenon is not yet ex- plalned. Also affecting the power of vision is the change of acuity, or clearness, with illumination. Wlly a person can see better with higher candle power Is also not explained by science, but tmewaen daylight and night the eye can adapt itself to a variation In light intensity ranging from 10,000 candle power to a millionth of 1 candle power. The difference in brightness between an object and its background, that is Its contrast, and the duration of ex- posure are also Important factors in determining visibility. Glare is pro- dueed by too great contrasts in illumi- nation. Summer daylight may reach 4,000 candle power without producing glare, with Its ensuing discomfort; but wen the various parts of the retina are unequally stimulated, as is the case when a strong automobile head- light Is seen at night, glare results. The mystery of the clairvoyant is, after a fabian, scientifically realized by the discovery that the x-rays are readily perceived through dosed eye- lids by the dark-adapted eye, and lead letters brought in contact with the closed lid are seen as black letters on a bright background. Guild of Pepperers Wan Adjunct of Spice Trade In proof of the great importance of the spice trade, I would point to the fct that one of the earliest of the city guilds was the pepperers, which was first heard of in 1180, says a writ- er in London Nineteenth Century and After. Thle guild, with the Ropers aml Apothecaries, nominated the offi- ces in charge of the king's beam. In 11145 the Guild of Pepperers was suc- ceeded by a fraternity which In 1378 be- came the Grocers' company. The word "grocer," to quote from an old work, "was a term distinguishing mer- chants of this society, in opposition to inferior retailers, for that they usu- ally sold in gross quantities, by great weights." Since spices constituted the com- modities in which they dealt, the word gradually acquired Its present mean- ins of an "inferior retailer" in spices. The weigh-house and public weighing were vested in the Grocers' company, a right which they retained until the Eighteenth century. The privilege of garbling or cleaning spices was also bestowed on the company, whose rep- resentatives were empowered to enter any shop or warehouse to view spices and drugs and to garble them. They were also empowered to con- flscate any spices that were being sold without being first cleaned by a get- belier "chosen, accepted and sworn for that purpose." The patron of the company was St. Anthony, in whose honor the fraternity attended a high mass annually. as firm as her chin. No amount of coaxing could change her determlna- tlon not to marry Glenn until she had learned to cook. Up until a year ago she didn't even have to comb her own hair. Then erash ! the family fortune vanished and much to her sm'prlse she found her- self holding a Job. Glenn had urged that if she'd marry him she'd find her. self cooking Just as she'd found her- self working. What If she said no this time--- Glenn's heart seemed to part in the center to let an ice-cube through. She couldn't Say no today because the com. pany was sending him to Argentina Sat, urday. He wouldn't be back for two years. Two long years without her? Imposslblel She must go with him. The salad was good. So wan the cold meat. The aparagus was scorched and after the first taste he neglected It. But the Jellied fruit and coffee proved in turn delicious and when Alice pro- duced a cake dotted thick with pecans, he leaned over and kissed her. "Per- fect," he declared, Whlch?" asked Alice, with a little smile that shouldn't have looked mold- ed, but did. "Both," he asserted, "and the next time you see me I'll have a marriage license in my pocket." Gathering his courage he explained quickly, "That export Job materialized unexpectedly. We are leaving for Argentina Saint- day." Alice ignored his remarks. Rippling a little laugh, she asked, "Didn't you like the asparagus?" "It wasn't bad," he said lightly, wishing he'd had sense enough to eat it. "Why worry about the sldedlsh? The rest was perfect." "The rest," replied Alice slowly, "came from tim delicatessen." Alice's mouth twisted. "Once." she said, "I overheard a conversation in which you declared can openers were the first step to tile dlvm'ce court. Re- member?" But Glenn wouldn't listen this time. llecaught liar hands tightly. "Just because this dinner went pbooey is no sign snottier will. Try again. Try now. This is a nmtrimouial crash, Let's lick It. Is a cake hard to make? ' "I never tried, but I'm sure they are, why?" "I,et's try one now and if it's okay, we'll say its written in the stars, all signs favorableand Mrs. Glenn will learn to cook in Argentina." They were In the kitchenette, ex- ploring shelves. "There," she checked carefully with the cookbook. "Now go away and don't colne back for all hour." "I'll go," he told her, stealing a flourdabbed kiss, "and get the license." All the way to the license bureau he was remembering cakes. Oaken his mother'd made. cakes he'd pilfered from pantry windows. He saw one lu a bakeshop window, three layers witb crinkled frosting. It looked com- plicated. He suddenly lmted all cakes. Back in front of the apartment he shifted from one foot to tim other. Half an hour more to wait. It couldn't do any lmrm to sniff outside the door. One sniff was enough. He opened the door, the oven, the windows. Then he carefully sealed the marriage license and put it in his pocket. "What s mess?" he groaned, survey- ing that thing which should lmve been a cake and was cinders all over the oven. He found a note on the table. "Glenn. des'." it read "the cookbook says it should bake forty minutes. I've set the alarm and am resting." Glenn snatched up the clock and praying she wouldn't notice set it back ten mlnutel. He swept the debris from the oven into a newspaper and dashed out. On the way to the bakeshop he tossed It behind a billboard. Half an hen r later he held his breath while Alice opened the oven door. There ou the rack was a three-layer cake with white crinkled frosting. "Perfect," he cried, holding her close. It was Saturday and they were standing on the top deck of a liner watching New York sag irregularly into haze-flung sunset. Glenn's arm was about her and her scarlet beret snutgled against hll shoulder. Fairy Tales People of ohlen times had little science and less Investigation, but they were rlcl in Imagination, and in Im- agination they flew. owned supernat- ural servants, and traversed great dis- tances easily, according to the Knick- erbocker press. The legends of wish- ins caps, invisible cloaks, magic rugs, seven-leagued boots and genii of the lamp we call fairy tales. None the leu. they were precursors of the age of practical magic in which we live. What ls man lmaglnlng now? None of the wonders suggested above, for most of these he has. and many nmre. The fairy tales of our times mirror a world In which war will be outmoded,. where the goods af this world will he so equally distributed as to make booms and panics impossible, where Jobs await all who are willing to work and where nobody toils to the detri- ment of his imalth and happiness, where nation has joined with nation in a great family of peoplei, "Glenn, dear." .he murmured in a 'fessilig-ul,' voive. "'You don't know how near I came to sl)oiliag tbat pretty crinkled frosting. The recipe didn't say whelher to pat It nn before baking or after and I ah-n,t di,in't pat it on. Wa.n't it qneer th*mh." she lidded, "that It .nee pill whii whorl 1 made choco ln t e Y' "1 saw that nw-C' ,he xhispered, "and bh] bocaH<o I vollldn't face you. :But if ytm'd t:Ik,, th::I mm.]l ro,ll)le to cover yollr ,,vil',' bJlllldory., well, I thought it,at if it di+[h'l: matter whether the ['l'()slhlg ,'1111)o firs! or ]flSi--" She (]idll't llnlt), ht' couldn't. Glenn's lips were agaln.t here. "Fraud," he wlii.pered. '*q--'W0 i'rtlHds," site whispered back. Greece Had First Stamps It appears that the Greeks invented tl modern adhesive postage stamp nine years before the issuance of Eug- land's penny l)htck, hitherto regarded as the first adhesive postage stamp, says the Detroit News. Hitherto the stamp was only known on cover and among t!e few that have been found the earliest date was De- cember 25, 1840. That the stamp was in existence before 1840 Is proved by the discov- ery among some old papers in Greece of a portion of a sheet, consisting of nine maml)S, bearing the manuscript lnscril)tion on the back with the date May 2, 1831, and the signature of the governor of I'oroa, where the state printing works v,,'ere situated at thai date. Starlings Numerous Althougt the starling wss not brought to tiffs conntry until 1S(). when it was introdaced into New York state, it has spread and mu!tiplied so rapidly that it is becoming a well- known resident of many of our mid- western states. It is about the size of a red-winged blm:kbird though stockier and possessed of a short, stub- by tail. In spring It is black, but when It molts its spring plumage the new feathers are tipped with white or buff which gives the bird a mottled appearance. Chinese Invented peghetti Macaroni. spaghetti am1 similar "pastes" are eonshiered by the gen- 'al pnbllc as a typists) and peculiarly Italian food. and Italy is prolmldy entitled to llW credit for her (,ally appreciation of lheh' virtues and hm' fidelity to them after adoption, but history credits thelr Invention to the (inese aud theh- F, Ilropeflll intro- duction to the (;crmans. Lonesome Spot FriendDon't you worry. Tomor- row ,vbcn yell give your spe(.(:h you will lmve all Intelligent men on your side. Candidate for Parliament--That Is what Is worTylng me. I would rather bey+, the luaJorlty.--Lustige Blatter, ]Berlin. Shoes Weather Prophets Because poorly tanned leather shrinks as the humidity Increases before a rain, shoe.q are true prophets of wet weath- er. As the slloes shrink, they pinch the wearer's feet. An authority says that the school of Involuntary weather prophets, who predict the approach of a storm because their feet liurt, could be eliminated ff the leather in their shoes was properly treated. When per- sons suffer bodily fatigue, mental irri- tability or general discomfm't without apparent cause, their shoes may be to blame. Ancestors of Whales According it) p:ttevutology, the an- castors of ")h:tte w,,r,, b(.asts of prey !Ivlng on lttnd. Perfume From Myrtle Leaven Only five omt(.e. of perfutae are ob- tained from ](,) pounds of myrtle leaves. Influenced by Altitude Birth, death and nlarriage rates are found to be influenc'ed by altitude. Fish Sense ()It(' t'lle :t fi'li i),)saesse which n|Plll (il),,+ I11)1. according h) experts, Is a lst,ral line running along bor/ slde of Ill+' l,ody v,'tiit'h apparently serve S fun('ii(,n ()f responding t<) reflected WaVe ill lhe water. Don't Sink In "I have said many wise. tblngs," said HI He, the sage of Chhtatown, "which my ancestors sId long ago, and ofte with no more practical effect than I can hope for from my own hamb]e hut per,i.tont remarks." Brazil in Tobacco Buslness With an annual productlon of about 200.000.000 pounds of leaf tobacco Brazil Is e,thnated to manufacture 7,00,000,000 elgarets and 17,600,000 pounds of smoking tobacco each year. "Banks" and "Bankers" Co]loqui:tily. Harrows and strips paralleling the co'tst of North Caro- Ilna are referred to as "l)anks." and residents of lhose Isolated bits of land are called "b:tnk+,rs." l-leadaches Neuralgia Neuritis Backache Rheumatism Lumbago Sciatica Muscular Pains Periodic Pains ,our medicine cabi- ?":'. N PILl LK:" l l I I Printing; Of All Kinds Neatly Done at the Journal Office I I I net, pocket, or hand-bag means ewer aches and pains. 25 for 25 cents 125 ]or $1.00 Ill _ li i1:. I11 I-! ' ANtl-PM00i Plll00 and get your money back. A package of Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills in #Iere00 Smiling Relief Most of your suffering from common every-day aches and pains is unnecessary and unwise. Unnecessary, because Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills relieve quiekly and without unpleasant after effects; unwise, because pain makes your physical condition worse instead of better. One pill usually brings relief in a few minutes. If you suffer from any of the disorders listed above, take Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills. If they do not give you greater relief in less time than anything else you have used, go to your druggist