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February 23, 1984     The Perkins Journal
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February 23, 1984

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I PAGE 10 -- The Perldu Journal Thursday, February 23, 1984 The Natural Way Dr. Jeff Black Professor of Biology Oklahoma Baptist University t IIII I I Groundhog it is always exciting to meet a television star and last week in Tulsa I got to meet Kojak. He was get- ting ready for a series of guest television appear- ances on February 2 so I wasn't able to obtain a lengthy ' interview. His personal physician had also paid him a visit and the possibility of surgery was the chief topic of con- versation among his fans. But I was able to visit with his spokeswoman, Gwen Gallan(x Gwen is a very nice white-haired lady and a special friend Kojak's physician, the zoo veterinarian, is con- sidering some surgery that will remove the cause of Kojak's spring-time embarrassing behavior. Until Kojak's hormone level decreases, his be- havior improves, or sur- gery is performed; he is restricted to his quarters, except for February 2. Large squirrels like Ko- jak are called groundhogs, marmots or woodchucks. Woodchuck is the name preferred by mammalo- gists (people who study mammals) and comes from the Latin words of the Black family. Thus meaning 'Ynouse of the I was able to get a frank mountain." The common and truthful interview about Kojak. As is true with many stars, the truth about Ko- j ak dispelled several rumors and stories. I had name "groundhog" is ob- vious after watching one of these squat, waddling squirrels that live in the ground. Woodchucks are found throughout the always wondered where northern part of the Unit- Kojak got his nan Gwen ed States and range west- said that as a baby his ward to northeastern back was bald and Oklahom& Kojak came smooth and he was ira- from the Catoosa area. mediately called Kojak af- Woodchucks are large and ter the bald television heavy bodied, squirrels star. This was in the with a short, furry tail spring of 1983 and Kojak and powerful legs. Their had been dug out of the hair is thick, coarse and ground by a construction yellowish gray to dark crew. Now, you know that brown above and lighter I got to meet Kojak the below. Groundhogat the Tulsa Woodchucks are usually Zoo. found along the edge of Kojak has one big day forests, in brushy fen- every year when he is in cerows and on rocky ra- demand by every pho- vines and creek banks. I tographer, newspaper and have seen several along television station. Febru- limestone ledges where ary 2 or "Groundhog's they had dug dens Day" is Kojak Day! Sor- beneath the rocks. They ry, but Kojak doens't construct extensive un- come out of the ground on derground burrow sys- February 2 to look for his tems that may be 40 feet shadow and predict how long and 4 or 5 feet deep. Kojak--the gr. oundhog. pounds daily, make up the down. and the heart beats diet of woodchucks. They very slowly. They can be can also enjoy garden dug out of their nests crops and apples, much to during hibernation and the displeasure of the hu- handled withoug waking man gardener. Less than them up. Hibernation 1% of their diet is made probably starts in Novem- up of insects, snails and ber and lasts until Fehru- other small animals. Bird ary in Oklahom& eggs are occasionallyIt is always exciting to eaten, be walking near the Breeding starts as soon woods in the Oklahoma as woodchucks comes out of hibernation in the spring. This is probably from late January to March in northwestern Oklahoma. Cold weather such as we*experienced this year, can delay the start of breeding. Most woodchucks do not breed until they are two years old. There is only one lit- ter per female each year and the 2 to 6 naked and blind young are born from February to April. The gestation period lasts for 31 to 33 days. The young are weaned when about 4 weeks old and can live for 5 to 6 years in the wild. Woodchucks prepare for hibernation in the late summer by accumulating a large amount of body fat which will serve as energy while they are hibernat- ing. Woodchucks are mammals that truly hibernate. Their body Ozarks and hear the loud shrill alarm or warning whistle of a woodchuck. This alarm whistle also alerts other animals that an enemy or stranger is in the are& Bobcats, foxes, coyotes, weasels, raccoons, hawks, owls and snakes eat wood- chucks. It is usually the younger woodchucks that are eaten, while the older individuals become very smart and wary. The same animals that eat wood- chucks, also use wood- chuck burrows as own dens. Some like rabbits and opos- sums, use them while the woodchucks are still liv- ing ther At one time, wood- chucks were trapped for their fur which was used in cheap fur coats. Their hide was also used for patching leather, to cover many weeks of winter still There am always 'eral temperature drops, the ii' m i'KoJak eomts t entrances toa breathing rat ,, stows of his hole looking for tern, several of which are LOVE! In fact, Kojak was well-hidden and serve as so involved with this escape holes to jump into search that he was locked if they are pursued by behind bars when I visit- some predator. Entrances ed him. It seems that he can be over a foot wide was biting and grabbing and have a mound of dirt anything that might several feet across in front vaguely resemble a female of them. These dirt groundhog. And since he mounds serve as places has only been around hu- where the woodchuck can mann; legs, feet and arms sun, watch for enemies looked like groundhogs and use as a latrin There and were latched onto by is usually a nest used for this hormonally ira- young, sleeping or hiber- balanced rodent. I was nation in the burrow eye- glad that I was wearing tem. Nests are lined with my cowboy boots, dry leaves and grass. Gwen had taken Kojak Woodchucks are active to visit the juvenile treat- during the day, especially ment center two weeks early in the morning and ago and Kojak treated his late in the afternoon. Pod- audience to an X-rated pie studying woodchucks love affair with Gwen in Arkansas have disco- arm. One person in the an- vered that they are more dience remarked that active at night, especially there might be a lot of cra- during the mating season zy, ' vhitehaired" baby in February and March. woodchucks running Grasses and other GYMNASTICS K-5 The Perkins-2i-yon Com- munity Education Pro- gram will be offering classes in gymnastics for grades K-5. The first ses- sion of classes will begin March 13 and end April 5. The second session of classes will begin April 24 and end May 17. Classes will run from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday. Classes will meet in the Perkins-Tryon Middle School gym. The fee for this class will be $15.00 per child. The instructor will be Edee Bell. Edee was a gymnastic state champi- on for two years. Most re- cently she has been a gyumastics instructor for Tumble Town in Yale Edee and her assistants balls, and in making catcher's mitts. ..... The Oklahoma Wildlife Federation's "Wildlife Chef" cookbook has recipes for "Woodchuck Patties," "Sunday Wood- chuck," "Woodchuck 'Kabobs," and "Gaylord- style Groundhog." They describe woodchuck meat as fine-grained, dark and tasting like beaver. Young woodchucks have very tender meat, while older ones can be tough. Kojak better clean up his act or he might be turned into "Gaylord- style Groundhog." See you all next week! MI Club Meets in Evans Home The Mutual Improve- ment Club met Thursday evening, Feb. 16, in the home of Yvonne Evans. President, Pat Niles, presided over the busi- ness meeting. The progress report of the placing of the picture of Nina Wilhite in the library wss given by Flor- ence Holbrook and Carol Acuff. The project is com- ing along nicely. Billee Fisher proudly reported that she and Bill will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in July and that invitations will be extended. Florence introduced her cousin, era Lee McCall, who resides in Las Vegas, Nev. era Lee, who is a na- tive of Perkins and has hosts of friends and rela- tives in this area, has been visiting in the home of Fern Chrystal for the past four months. Yvonne then in- troduced her guest, Marge Monet, a very in- teresting and knowledge- able person, who has become deeply involved in spinning and weaving only this past year. She had previously knitted and crocheted, so her ta- lents are impressive. Marge passed around USED CARS 1981 Escort, 2 door. a,r & morel 35 MPG est SEE THIS! ......... $4500 1980 Chevy Citation, 2 door. auto.. power, air ............. $3250 1980 Olds Delta 88 Royale, 4 door. one owner, auto.. Dower, air, ONLY $5950 instructor. Pro-enrollment should be taken care of prior to classes beginning so we can have an idea of 1981 Fairmont Station Wagon, the number of instructors auto., power, air, cruise, tilt, that will be needed. AM/FM, real nice, one owner! For enrollment, please ONLY ................ $6500 contact Joe Hrencher, Community Education 1978 Mustang, 2 door. auto. power, am AM/FM Sharpone! . . $3950 Director, at 547-2255 or 1978 T-Bird, auto. power, air. 743-0010. NOW .......... $3500 many types of fleece and silk, some of which were wool boucle' imported from New Zealand, hand spun silk and cotton, raw linen and cotton, hand- spun corridale wool from Jack Crider's flock at Hillsdale, OK., suffolk wool from the Moffat sheep and mohair from angora goat. She also dis- played a hand knitted 100 per cent wool sweater. Marge bought the fleece for this sweater from Martha Clark's flock at Guthrie and handspun the wool. She explained the steps she takes to realize the finished gar- ment, first spinning the the handspun ported silks, flax. Her shop, Moser her home where s loom, two wheels and a various hands along with wooden kni! made by her Jim. She gave demonstration spinning wheel had imported Zealand. She is specialized field and the thoro.ughly Yvonne cious turtle cranberry- fleece to fill the bobbins punch and on her spinning wheel,guests, era putting the skeins on the Marge Moser, 18" niddy-noddy and Florence H leaving them there for 24 Fisher, Edna hours, then she washesElla B. the wool. It is then hung Acuff, Eloise up and stretched, withPat Niles, weights, until dry, after- which it is wrapped to measure to a yard length. She then knits the sweat- er, making her own pat- tern. When it is completed, she sizes it on a flat surface. The entire process takes three weeks or longer. Marge makes aighans, sweaters and various other items by order from son, Fern ita Holsingsr Barnes. The next be held on the home Chelney. "O- 1981 Fiat Spider 2000 ble, one owner with 21 tual redes! NICEST ONE TIVITY! NOW ONLY... INTRODUCTION TO THE BASIC MICROCOMPUTER The Perkins-Tryon Com- munity Education Pro- gram will be offering evening classes in "In- troduction to the Basic SPEClAL PRICE Micro-Computer." DOWN PAYMENT The class will be taught BALANCE by Mr. Joe Ford. The classes will meet every Monday and Wednesday 1978 T-Bird, V8, auto., air, cruise, tilt, stereo, bucket seats. low miles, EXTRA NICE!.. $3500 1977 LTD II, 4 power, a~r. extra ONLY 1978 Mustang T-Top, 6 power, a~r 1977 LTD Country Squire color clean, ONLY 1977 LTD Country Squire one! .... 1977 Buick Skylark, 2 clean! 1973 Vega Wagon ........ 1967 Olds 98, 4 door 1968 Ford Galaxie 500, door, almost new car! $5895 150 $5745 1984 ESCORT For Only 160,s per too. 48 Men. at 15.25 APR 1984 TEMPO For Only 1984 MUS For Onl 19438 DOWN PAYMENT 150 BALANCE $69~18 48 Men. at 15.21 ' THRU PREFERREDi:INANCII YOU CAN DRIVE A NEW LUXUI will keep the class ratio evening from 7:00 to 9:00 CROWN VICTORIA! around in a few weeks, plants, sometimes 1V= down to six students per p.m. beginning February SPECIAL PRICE $7150=1 84 For 20 and ending March 21. DOWN PAYMENT 150 per too. Only ~"" ' ' The cost will be $40.00 per BALANCE $7000 48 Mos at 15 25APR person. This will include a 48 Mos at 12% APR Old Fashioned text and necessary USEn lr~l~'lJ~ ,,, t , . -~ [1981F7002V2ton8.~d,ese =....,...t we r,x cars rot Keeps II .... ' : ' "5 materials. The class is , [ [ peeo ,anoem drag a,e.., ~ VIEAT limited to 10-20 students. :pgeSe2d Ch::Yr C:r0 poS:t, tSwdal~ow:8 !o: bvv~dYLSuCr~Sl~:ml:'ln h:eSld:::rc~'! ARKET , more advanced re,lee. ONLY $7600 .,L.=... ~ ' I ..... "i course in Programming in 1980 Chevy C20, 4 door. Crew Cab Let us repoir your car toddy, ] ] s~oeS.new $35.000MIcneltnONLybres 30.00U.., 224 N. Main 547-2266 BASIC Micros will begin aulo. power a r. ONLY $3500 and wdll even guorontee the work I ..... ' - i April 3 and run through 1980 Chevy C30, 1 ton w*th flatbed. 1ool , ............. nt,-,d.,~ n~xt ce,',',,r,,x. I ]~/a Pord Fe00 2 ton, 389. I1 .... Lean.... boxes, extra fuel tanks NOW ONLY$5950 co~i,N~o, ru.;.E.r~A,tsI engme. 100 gal. fuel. 16 a April 26 for those par- 1980 Chevy C20 auto power a~r one ........................... wdhdramond plate floor. 2spe~ ~r~ ~ ~r~ E;~I=~B~ ticipants of this introduc-owner $4950 ..... :~ .^ !e average rubber excellent f _ -_ : ___ _ ~- ...... 1980 P250 V4 Ton, v~ auto power a~r In excephonal cond~bon i tory course or for anyone l I _'i _ 35 tandem axle heavy duty fl( who has had some ex- See this one~ $5500 ," ' I .~i I 1979 F350. 1 Ion w,nch truck brakes fii.es are 40 to 60O/o~ , perience with the micro-[. .... " I ?LEAN ......... $6250 ready to work . =;,, computer. /, ~ I /~rff r/::)u qbU V~ auto. power I ...... # ~llqPd~lll=l~[ : -:, For further enrollment i ..... ,- 'I a,r $4400 III,,U)/uI1flll/, ' I i; ' " I 1978 Ford Courier, one owner 46000 I VAM :; ~l~J ~ ''~, ~r'~l~~-- Joeinfrmatin'HrencherCntaCtat 547-2255Mr" ~ ~ aaua, m,les' ONLY $3500 , . __ ~;'. i or 743-0100.o. . ........ 1981 Ford F2.50Super Cab, L w=MCAMV u INIITV IINU I TI IIV I ~~V~l~ too" vvB, Lanat, aulo., power, air, loaded, 33,000 miles 8= TRAILERS LB. NOW ............... $7950 [1982 Ford""F700, sleeper, fifth wheel, i~ (Reg. $1.69) ['--~ 132000 local, actual r'n,les ready to go to / ............... [ [work M,chehn t,res 5 speed tiansI ' --- - / lll:Vlgll '14 I 000 mJck new Spec,al th,SI , - , .. .... _...... ,.i , Lwoe 15,5oo =u ('@(IWId vit'Ir'irll~lAe I '41; Lo-~oy tandem axle tra,er. ,de-ador 1982 Bronco XLT4x4, i Cabbage Plants / ~"'" "''' ""~ ..v=.sms~ I backhoe hght dozer and other s, mdar power air captainS: "~ operations Th,s week-end only $4000 cruise ' tilt 22 000 act0 ! I LOGRI 4 FOF~,ID SEETLtIS(ONI Y ..... ".; , n Beef Gold Spot 4 x 4 $ ! ~" L~I b] : ,-- .... , 1982 Chevy C10 Silvera~ " Try UI BIOW,.. You'll Like k krvlel auto., power, air. ONLY ..... il 1980 Ford F150 4x4, For Your Convenience! 1024 N. Ltttle -- I speed ................... i I """" '"'"""..._...F,.,osotI..' 8 o.m.-8.4...o m . ~18/225-2131~''''"'lI~t'"'L"'M or i)!~'~i~ .... ~m !l t 1977 International Scout 4X"W 1984 F150 4x4 XLg anywhere......... Flares,de,;' [ LB. I GALLON ......... ' ' 405/372 1442 I CA/./. I )RtAll'lll APPOINTMENTS I " " auto, power, a)r, oaded, { Tel Free in OkJs. 8001722.5902. $16,050 ..............