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February 28, 1985     The Perkins Journal
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February 28, 1985

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:'::'~AGE, . 8 -- The Perkin, JoumJl "Thursday, February 28, 1988 0 ,~, ~ ~ / i .Once again this winter, Peter / .Was going to make his fortune t apping coyotes, bobcats, rac- beavers and muskrats. ,-As soon as the season opened, *be set out his trapline and :" faithfully checked the traps , every day. At least $100 worth ;of gasoline went into the old .truck as it made its way back and forth on the dirt roads, The Natural Way Dr. Jeff Black Professor Of Biology Oklahoma Baptist University of one of the world's oldest mammalian families. This fami- ly, the marsupials, or pouched mammals, stretches back in time to the days of the dinosaurs. Some scientists believe that mammals closely resembling opossums fed on the eggs of the gigantic dinosaurs and helped speed up the destruction {extinction) of the b;g creatures. Now 150 million years later, THINKING IT OVER . gardless of the weather or the opossums still manage to An Opposum , .t line of day. Then the season survive and explore garbage ended and it was time to take cans and get killed on the opossum skull. Opossums have behavior accompanied by a the pelts to a fur buyer and highways. 50 very sharp and dangerousmouth full of teeth and dripping :' ' ie!aim the monetary reward of a I wonder how many of you looking teeth. Fortunately the saliva from the mouth, is ' Winter's trapping. There was have closely looked at an brain accompanying the teeth is enough to make most animals, appointment in his eyes as he opossunL They have a long, very small or we would have a and especially man, leave an .... came home and showed me the scaley, nearly naked taft that dangerous beast roaming theopossum alon check. Even though the furs can be used for grasping. In forests of Oklahom& They eat almost any type of bring enough to cover ex- fact, the tail is capable of Opossums prefer to live in available food. The persimmon penses, Peter wasalreadyplan- holding the animal's entireforests andespeciallyinforests is a favorite fruit, but the ning for next winter. Judith and weight if necessary, but only for along streams. They are clumsy opossum rarely eats the seeds. I weren't disappointed because a short tim The tail is primari- diggers and try to find ready- Remains of toads, insects, the trapping had kept him busy ly used for balance as the made holes or live in sheltered snakes, rats, mice, seeds, birds, /and off the streets! opossum climbs trees. The spots such as hollow logs, frogs andeggshavebeenfound Peter wasn't able to catch oposSum is an excellent climber, brushpiles, rockpiles, under ex- in opossum feces and stomachs. very many big money animals but is most often observed on posed roots of trees and under They also like to eat dogfood .... such as raccoons and bobcats, the ground. They move with a buildings. Their dens are usual- and I have observed them February is the Shortest but he did get his share of op- possums. We would see the :lights on in the back building 4ate into the night as he skinn- ed and skinned opossums. But ,, they didn't make him wealthy as the highest price paid for a pelt . was $1.50! Apparently fur coats made from opossum fur are not demand. I have always been amazed by Opossum They are the sole sur- by Zola Sample February is the shortest month. It is always remembered because of that notorious little fellow--the Ground Hog. He is supposed to forecast the weath- er for six weeks beginning on February 2nd. Now that this is the last day of the month we are expected to have at least two more weeks of bad weather. Most of us may feel a bit happy about it, but handicapped peo- ple, wheel chair victims and the aged have a hard time entertain- ing themselves in extreme bad weather. However, spring will soon be opening up, for the owls are already preparing their nests and calling to their mates from their hollow tree. Robins will soon be hopping about with their ear to the ground, listen- ing for that earth worm to start his maneuvering below the soil. Green sprigs of grass will soon be coming up and early prairie flowers will quickly follow, bursting forth to spread their small pink and lavender blooms tucked close to the turf. It is a great time for school children to be out at recess to see what new things they can find to bring to their teacher. She may enjoy the great outdoors as much as the children. Everything comes to life at springtime when the earth is as fresh as new laundry ! 'In writing this article ahead of time for things have been quite complicated around my plantation for several weeks. Ci- ty water lines--the sewer to beat it all--flooded my three slow waddle and as a result are ly lined with leaves and grass, eating animals killed on the one of the most frequent These plants are picked up in highway. A dining opossum in t roadkills in Oklahom L the mouth and then moved from the highway will usually become Tracks of opossums are easi- the front feet to the back feet another highway statistic The ly identified because they have five toes on the front and hind feet. The inside toe of each hind foot is like a thumb and sep- arate from the rest of the toes. This 'bpposable" thumb is useful for grasping. and finally to the tail The tail is curled to hold a bundle of grass and leaves which can be carried to the den. Opossums are not aggressive and are largely active at night. They are usually silent, but can My students are always amaz- growl snarl and especially hiss viving North American member ed when they first look at an if disturbed. This hissing JOURNAL F(K)D COBANER Y Late winter and early spring are not the best times to have a column on salads, but on the , ty, and tastes good. It feels like you've really eaten a meal when you are through with a big steak or a half chicken. Remember this, if you can put a meat taste in the main courses, you can please 95 per- cent of the stomachs. With desserts, if you can add a chewy texture, or a creamy taste to the dissolving foods, you Yea crowd pleaser. Here is an example of what I mean. This potato salad has it all -- chunky, chewy, meaty and creamy! CHUNKY POTATO SALAD 2 cups potatoes (about 2 large or 3 medium-sized) 4 teaspoons onion-chive creamy salad dressing 2 teaspoons Bacos, or 1 slice crumbled, drained fried bacon 1/8 teaspoon black pepper Scrub potatoes, boil until done, refrigerate until cold. Peel dice to about threefourths inch square. Add onion-chive creamy dressing. Toss gently. Add Bacos or bacon and black pepper. Toss again. Refrigerate a few hours before serving. Maizes two to three servings. Is easily increased to fit the need of those around your table. XXX other hand, to prepare a well .: balanced meal, salads and vegetables are a must, and all ,good dietitions know that a meal is not balanced without the vegetable, either raw or '' cooked. You know best what appeals . to your brood, or if you are tak- ing a salad or vegetable to a , , family gathering or a P0thck / supper or some other occasion, you will have a feel for what you, as a cook, will feel comfor- ' table with. : . It always amazes me how a ..... potluck, or covered dish supper " :always turns out just right. We / gttended one recently and of all .... the different kinds of foods you Could ever imagine. We wanted oto contact everyone and have them provide us with a recipe :that we could share with others. i : ,The food was a gourmet's ,,, delightl That was no place for person on a diet, but just right for a harvest crew or work !igang! Those ladies were not , afraid to go all out in their , ,'cooking. And that is a problem. We CRUNCHY SALAD 1 head lettuce, shredded 2 carrots, shredded 1 jar sliced beet pickles 1 red onion, sliced thin 3 tablespoons sugar 2 cups real,mayonnaise , .know some people who are , ,. dainty gourmets, who are afraid, or else they don't know "how, to put their all in to squash in large baking dish. Cube both cheeses and place on top. In saucepan, melt margarine. Add bread crumbs and sprinkle crumb mixture over squash mixture. Bake at 350 degrees until cheese melts. {This dish could be considered a meat substitute and has all the characteristics of good eating, remember--chunky, chewy, meaty and creamy.) xxx Here is the way you could cook okra that would please even the most picky eater. OKRA ALAGOOD About 2 pounds okra, sliced one-fourth inch thick 1 onion, chopped 1 green pepper, chopped 1 stick butter 1 can stewed tomatoes 1 teaspoon Worsestershire sauce Salt and pepper 1 teaspoon garlic powder Potato chips, crushed Saute onion and green pepper in butter until tender. Add slic- ed okra. Add tomatoes, Worces- tershire sauce, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Simmer until okra is tender. If mixture is too thick, add more tomatoes, tomato juice or tomato sauce. Pour in casserole and top with crushed potato chips. Bake at 350 degrees one-half hour or un- til bubbly. (Wonder why a layer of thinly sliced rat cheese sup- porting the potato chips wouldn't be real good with this recipe?) XXX Here is a dandy recipe that would interest the most picky vegetable eater VEGETABLE CAKE 1 can mixed vegetables or 2 cups frozen 1 teaspoon sugar 3 slices bacon, fried crisp and diced or in big crumbles 2 tablespoons cooking oil 1 cup biscuit mix V2 cup corn bread mix 1 cups chicken broth or bouillon 1 egg /'/, preparing a big, beautiful dish something that a large crowd opossum is seldom harmful to man and most books state they will not eat chickens. Chicken people in Oklahoma have a dif- ferent idea on this subject and count the opossum as a major predator on caged poultry. If the hissing and an open mouth fail to frighten a poten- tial threat away, the opossum will usually not fight or run. In- stead it may fall over as if dead. This feat of ' laying ossum" is a successful defense unless the other animal is hungry. Such a lack of cooperation on the part of the opossum may discourage the enemy who loses interest and walks away. After a few minutes, the opossum comes back to life and slowly lifts its head for a look around. If the enemy is gone, the opossum shakes itself and waddles off to the nearest tree or hollow log. Some biologists think that an opossum actually "decides" to play dead while others believe they become frightened when confronted with an enemy and simply faint. This ' laying ossum" behavior is prohably a kind of shock reaction which the opossum cannot control Other mammals, birds, insects and reptiles can also ' lay ossurrL" Opossum do serve as a good source of food for predators such as bobcats and coyotes and are good meat for human animals as well All things taken into account, the opossum is a very interesting animal in Oklahoma. .... can ' ut away", so to speak. Most American people like hef- meals, If they eat a salad, Place shredded lettuce in 'they want it to have something large bowl Sprinkle sugar on =,::,chewy in it, like hunks ofonion. Layer\ingredients in cheese, or raw carrots, or order listed. "Do not stir. -o- GETTING READY! PRAGUE . Players who are going to play in the alumni even-odd football game May 10, are encouraged to be using the weight room at the high school "on Tuesday and Thursday nights. "O" to paper towels to blot dry. Sprinkle with sugar and bacon. Set aside. Combine biscuit and corn bread mixes with egg and broth. Grease a heavy skillet with oil and heat until very hot. Spread vegetables evenly in bottom of skillet. Pour batter over vegetables. Bake 45 minutes in 425 degree oven. Turn upside down onto serving plate. Cut into pie shaped wedges and serve with cheese sauce made by heating cheddar cheese soup and 1 cup milk. xxx Remember--is it chunky, chewy, meaty and creamy? Doesn't make any difference if it is vegetable, salad or main course if it is prepared under those conditions. Refrigerate and serve cold the next day. By Winnie Corley During the Depression, neighbors in our out-of-the-way community pooled car parts to keep two or three cars running. Some of us didn't even own a team to hitch to a wagon for transportation. What we did for entertainment, had to be within walking distanc A need for togetherness prompted organizing a com- munity singing, which met in the homes on Sunday evening. One evening, as the music of the Jerico Road' gained momen- tum, Lonnie's foot tapping rhythm became louder as the sole of his shoe came loose and flapped with the motion. All of a sudden he changed feet, with his PAT, PAT, PAT as he remark- ed, yeah, my wife told me to put my best foot forward tonight." Many times in my contact with school children, I have thought of Lonnie putting his best foot forward. For instance, while substituting as special education teacher a couple of years I immediately sensed that Gene didn't belong in special ed. So I asked him how he hap- pened to be there. Here is his story as he told it to ' Well until I got in sixth grade, I was just an ordinary student. I didn't get into any trouble, but worked as hard as I could, my grades were never better than B. In fact I was just theva Nobody ever even noticed me. 'Then one day some more boys and I skipped school. We went skating on thin ice, and fell through, and got into a lot of troubl We got sent to the office and our parents called in for a conference. "Right then I got the drift. Do your best and nobody notices. Do the wrong thing and you get plenty of attention." With a shrug, he continued, ' NelL I been doing the wrong thing ever since, and here I am." That is when I thought of Lonnie and the flapping shoe sole. Had Lonnie put his best foot forward in the first place as his wife told him, no one would have noticed him. What a shame Lonnie,as well as Gene, didn't think of some good means of attracting attention. Perhaps the fault is ours. Ac- cording to Dale Carnagie, what everyone wants more than anything is to be noticed--given a felling of importance. Maybe more people would put their best foot forward if someone noticed they had a better foot. Tony can't play ball lJut is a whiz scholastically. Kay is a wonderful forward on the basketball team. Jeff is a good singer. Norma is a top notch L erhaps beans. One excellent i: "cook we know fixes a tossed green salad by adding canned ..... ,brown beauty or chili beans and - dumps in a big sack .of Fritos and mixes it in right before set- ,, :ring it on the table. Same thing with dessert Folks like dessert with lots of cream, or if a pie or pudding, with large hunks of fruit--something to. chew on! And the favorite meat, in the midwest anyway, is steak and XXX SQUASH IN A DISH 7 or 8 yellow squash, in chunks 2 medium-size onions, in chunks % pound j alapeno pepper cheese pound Velveeta cheese Bread crumbs from 3 slices of bread 2 tablespoons margarine Boil onion. When onion is fried chicken because it isalmost done, add squash and 1 can cheddar cheese soup something folks can really get cook until tender. Drain cup milk their in, and it is greasy thoroug_ y. Place :onion and Drain vegetables; empty on- .IJlIIIIHIII / IIIII1[11 IIII .... IIII .. .... [II_.II[IHI Jl-- " ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .................... apartments and disaster. And answering the door bell has like a day. So must mind out and matter to articl February is prune your chard and from to plant toes, peas and tables. An some seeds these parts if be a success promising have the rigate on years I have cessful. have hampered guess my over, but I have have said I as everything me, with help every dog has say. I II take this thank all my sent me called long heard from friend and his and many other, Newspapers the news, as TV. I heard pupils as well. disappoint you ahead. I feel many friends God bless you hostess for can tal