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March 15, 1984     The Perkins Journal
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March 15, 1984

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Thoughts and Things ER from The Journal Staff 'firsts' do do in a short sever- a period. I had my ride, my first thestate of Wis- my first visit to a lounge which was its good food good cocktails but our reason for going to the variety serve and not type of food we would to order whatever preferred. Also first pickled giz- you like pickled you'd enjoy the pickling mix- same); my first Clam Chow- clam chowder told what accent we to Oklahoma before the Thanks to the U.S. e mother and baby returned Postal system I am stay- home from thehospital, ing very busy these days. So she21 have to wait to Guthrie decided before see him in about six Christmas to add another months when he's broke in route and renumber some real good. of the others and I just get To get someplace quick, that done and now Still- flying is the way to go. We water decides to follow truly enjoyed our trip on suit. Only I think Still- American Airlines and water must be trying to hope to do more get one up on Guthrie be- --Yvonne cause Guthrie's changes ....only effected a couple of - The open house hosted the routes. But Stillwater by the Stillwater Holiday is redoing them all. Being Inn last Saturday evening responsible for these was well attended and af- changes on two papers forded visitors an opportU- and being ready for the nity to meet Sloan deadlines can sometimes Rainwater of Jonesboro, make me a little on edge. Arkansas, the franchise But It1 just take one day holder. There are eight at a time and see it all Holiday Inn franchises through. owned by the Arkansas --Earlene corporation. - " " " --Land My favorite holiday is .... just around the corn ...St. their Nor- I have about discovered Patrick's Day. Yes, you ac- just how flexible I can could say I've some Irish but they make my .schedule. Now, I in my blood because I have need to remember when to a natural 'gift of gab' and Theeat. Things like that. I am a q_ine o' blarney' to boot! pret- adjusting to some newI sure have been taking a of snow, but the working hours and though lot of kidding from family fields, etc. had at it has sort of felt like and friends on my collec- six inches and teaching an old dog newtion of Irish music: groups drifts. It was a tricks,' I am pleased to not like The Chieftans, De cold, kind of a be working such late night Danaan, Dexy's Midnight C01d while all the hours. Runners, and the like. OK. was shining It has affected my writ- So I like old fiddle songs All the above I ing schedule, but justthat make you tap your were short about anything does, so feet and dance a little aSthis was strictly that isn't new. I only ira- jig...could be I'm part trip and not for aging that I am, from time leprechaun! getting totime, organized, ltreal- I can't say I've been bookkeep- ly is quite an illusion, having the 'luck of the etc, of the One yellow crocus has Irish' lately. Sometimes I we pur- shown itself. I hope to be think if it weren't for i. The sub- surprised by the rest after tough luck' l'd have no l lists, advertising Sunday's rain and the luck at all! etc. are so projected warming trend. I'm still thrilled to be a greater than we en- I always thought theypart of the Evans' staff in our weekly bloomed through the during this, my second newspaper snow. But, I will pass on week on the job, but I do that we are still any more of that stuff, as hope after getting our new all will oc- it is too closeto some fish- project off the ground {the small offices ining weather. Evans' new business paper I would like to welcome for Payne County called breciated the all of the new personnel at the Daily Report Business continuing the Journal and with Digest) that the pace will Evans Publications. Aslow down around here without us for a and for my sis- talented lot from my ob- somewhat. Not only has all of Enid who servation, and just some the staff been hard at it, home fires goingnice people. I wish you the but Yvonne and Bob are and Eric, our best! And for the redhead even hustling tool Should had planned to that does such a diligent you see smoke coming Dakota on her job of wading through my from The Journal office weekly copy, particularly, this week, don't call the I wish for stamina. Fire Department...It'sjnst member of our but the One of the more reward- the Evans' gang burning l't cooperate un- ing events of my pastthe midnight oil! Happy The baby ar- week has been realizing I St. Paddy's to ya', faith butasitwas have perhaps found and begorra! Take a another avid conversation- minute this week to smell no VISI- allowed and she alist. I am delighted, the shamrocks --Janet --Kathleen had to return 202 South Main Perkins Member F.D.I.C. Our own on-premise computer and Operator, Wilma Dry, are just one more reason that we're able to provide you With the best banking service available. Everyone seems to be talking about how the state legislature could really afford to cut back on spending.., just as long as it affects someone else I guess I fell into that category this week as I started my scavenger hunt for an Oklahoma Income Tax Form. Having just come from the onery state of Texas where a person doeen have to file a state form-- state taxes aren't even withheld from your pay them--I'm still a little confused. O.K., so banks and post offices only carry federal forms; it's really not their responsibility anyway. If Oklahoma really needs money, why is it so hard to find the form to give it to them? And why, oh, why are we using two colors of ink! If you've ever had a busi- ness card or a wedding invitation printed you know it is much more expensive. I heard a rumor that the Public Library actually had these rare documents and that for a price, a person could photocopy a version to fill out that the state would accept. I went to the Stillwater Library thinking I could get a form on my way to the doctor .... I was so thrilled with the copy the library aide sold me that I was home busily dividing my Oklahoma and Texas incomes before I realized she had given me the fed- era] form. I thought about writing to the I.R.S., as I still have time for the state to send me a form in the mail. I wanted to include my frustrated comments, but I really didn think an unsigned letter would do any good. Petitions are out of the question, too. I don't think I could get too many people their real names to sign a petition addressed to the I.R.S. --Deb SCHOOL BONDS PASS MANNFORD -- A $590,000 school bond for a gym and classrooms passed with 70 percent of the voters giving the/r ap- proval. The State Senate, this week, approved legislation calling for a 2.42 -nt-per gallon increase in the state's gasoline tax. Under the proposal, House Bill No. 1424, the tax rate for all types of motor fuel would be nine cents per gallon. The bill presently pro- vides two cents of the increase will be appor- tioned four ways--70 per- cent to the State Highway Construction and Main- tenance Fund; 22 percent to the counties for roads minus .33 percent to the State Auditor and Inspec- tor; 5 percent will be dedi- cated to cities and towns; and 3 percent would be 0 directed to the Oklahoma Tax Commission. The County Bridge Improve mant Fund would receive the remaining .42 cents of the new tax. The County Bridge Pro- gram has been a very suc- cessful program and without the passage of HB 1424 there are no con- siderations for continuing the binding of this prc gram. In fact, few people realize we did NOT fund the program this year due to lack of funds. Payne and Lincoln Counties together have shared some $1,288,000 in bridge project allocations since the inception of this act. To sit idly by and allow a program such as this to go unfunded, in my opinion, would be irresponsible. The Perkins Jonmsl Thursday, Msrch 15, 1984 -- PAGE 3 The majority of the ..... Senior Citizen revenue the new tax would raise is dedicated to the. News state's highway construc- Seventy-five turned out t/on aud malntemmce fund for Monday Night mtmic. to enable Oklahoma to i with mu imm were on : hand. dollars in federal matching Plenty of cookies, coffee, t ' funds. In fact, it has been and tea were served by estimated the state could Opal Redus and Georgia lose more than $287 mil- Burnett. lion in federal dollars by We want to send a get the end of Fiscal Year well wish to all our sick 1987, if new revenue to the folks. We miss the Department of Transpor Don forget Pot Luck, tation is not provided for Wednesday. Gospel Sing- this purpose. It seems a ing, Thursday night. little foolish to not invest Birthday Dinner, Friday. one dollar to get an addi- Friday is also election of tional four dollars from officers. the federal government which we are entitled to receive. Should we not claim what is rightfully NOTICE TO our money under the fed- ELEMENTARY eral sharing plan, these monies can be claimed by Howard Bnn d a, PARENTS other states who will make played his award winning turkey callers at the recent Joe Hrencher, principal the 1 to 4 match, state convention, of Perkins Elementary, I think most everyoneA visit to the annual young poult; a pneumonia- announced this week that who has had the opportu- convention of the 0kla- like disease is fatalCalifornia Achievement nit)' to tour our state homa Chapter, NationalA gobbler regards him- Tests (C.A.T.) will be recently would agree our Wild Turkey Federation in self as king of the forest given next week, March county roads and bridges, Shawnee last Saturday,fowl. The hoot of an owl 19 thru 23 to the K thru and to a lesser degree, our was an enlightening ex- will produce a gobbling fifth grade students. state highways and city perience, challenge from a tom as he Parents are encoureged streets, need constant One of the nation's top seeks to tell one and all his to have their children eat attention to remain in regularly and get plenty of good repair. In fact, the turkey callers and manu- territory is all his. facturer of some of the A mature tom will have sleep during the testing estimate of some 400 best handcrafted turkey his own harem of hens. He week, which will reflect bridges in critical neekt of callers, Howard Dullard, will go from one ridge to with best test scores. repair or replacement and was present, dispensing another every day during more than 4,600 miles of turkey lore "do's" and the mating season, seek- inadequate state roads is "don'ts" relative to the ing the hens. One injection Grimes Named quite alarming. This mes bird. Dullard owns a of sperm per hen is suffi- Nat'l Award ure would do much for key caller manufacturing dent for fertilization of the those causes, if passed center in Ozark, Missouri, eggs for the entire mating Winner into law. just south of Springfield, period. The United States Another considerationwhich, incidentally, is not Most flocks of turkeysAchievement Academy of mine in voting for the far from some of Ameri- have about a 5 50 ratio of announced today that { passage of House Bill No. ca's prime wild turkey toms and hens. If an older Bobbly L. Grimes has 1424 was that it would habitat, the Ozark moun- tom is harvested, another been named a 1984 Unit- free state funds thattain range of southern one is always standing by ed States National Award might have gone to the Missouri and northern Ar- in the wings to emerge as winner in History and Transportation Depart- kansas, the dominant tom. Government. ment for use in other vital Dullard makes a variety Dullard said there were Bobby, who attends P- areas of state funding of callers, most of them several ways to prepare a T High School was nomi- such as education, cedar-wood related. His wild turkey for the table, nated for this National Much as we would like , ,, elp, yelp, yelp, caller of "Baked turkey with wine Award by Allan French, a to say otherwise, the the cedar box type is and butter basting is real- history teacher and coach recently enacted tam- popular, while a "gobble, ly delicious," he said. at P-T. He will appear in I porary sales tax increase gobble, gobble, "cedar box "Also fried turkey breast the United States will not be a budgetary shaken with the left hand ! cooked in butter is great. Achievement Academy cure-all program. In fact, has an award winner. I Smoked turkey, cook,ed Official Yearbook, pub- it is barely a stay-even "We ve been manufac- ! slowly, is a real treat.' lished annually. project. Unfortunately, turingcalleresince1970," From the eggs and Bobby is the mm of J. R. deficiencies will still have Dullard said. "All are nests to the table, this en- and Linda Grimes, Per- to be fought and when the handmade and we have thusiastic authority on kins. Heis the grandson of sales tax lapses, our fund- clients throughout the wild turkeys would be the Letha Grimes, Perkins ing problems will oncecountry." gentleman most of his and Doris Morris of Vici, again be complex. But As awalkingencyclope listeners last Saturday Ok." "shoring up" state agen- dig on wild turkeys, Bul- would like to accompany -o, cies where we cen--as HB lard likes to commence on a turkey hunt. i/-- " 1424 does for the Trans- with the nests and eggs: HIS address is: Howard portation Department, (1) The wild turkey hen Bullard, 1105 E. Georgia, have a which has been cut some will lay 12-15 eggs in the Ozark, Missouri 65721. I l |e weekend "'I $60 million the last two nest; she begins laying ............... years--will enable us to eggs around April 1. temporarily prevent fur- (2) The incubation peri-! ther cuts in educatiowod is 29 days with the Even if House Bill No. hatch ff around the mid- ' J' 1424 is passed into law, die of June (only about which is by no means half of the eggs hatch). DEL-MAR'S FOOD STORE assured, Oklahoma will (3) From birth, it is sur- still place in the lower 25 rival with th- young HAS A FRESH percent of states in terms poults with predators of per gallon tax on motor {coon, skunk, bobcat) fueL Currently, Oklahoma around; only half the is next to last in gasoline hatch grows to maturity. DAY-LIGHT DO-NUTS DELIVERED tax, ahead only of Texas, (4) Cold, damp weather FRESH TUE.-SAT. which is considering a five is the worst enemy of the .,, , cent-per-gallon increase. L ........... When Texas enacts their fivecent increase, we will L ' once again be dead last among the states in the tofall in amount of gasoline tax we pay. with a So, again, the story is not one of Oklahoma's- legislators greedily increasing taxes at every turn. It is, instead, one of necessarily expanding our tax base, which has been narrowed in recent years and in some cases such as , ! the gasoline tax, has not been raised since 1941. Our tax base has been tied to the roller coaster incli- nations of the oil and gas First it takes a jeweler who is willing to give you industry for a long time. his undivided attention.., to guide you through the During this period we whole exciting adventure of choosing your ring from have passed tax la wide variety of beautiful designs. relief measures. We must now take the responsibil- Then it takes a beautiful ring, made with the kind of ity for supporting the careful craftsmanship you can trust to last a lifetime. sevicas and programs our That's why we're proud to bring you citizens desire .... ArtCarved, the name that stands for I am always available to anyone who might have a. a 130 year tradition.ofexc lence. question or comment Come in soon-and fall in love regm ling any issues all over again--witha may handle at the State wedding ring by/ 4 RV Capitol. My address is: Senator Bernice Sbedricl am % Room 426, State Capitol, Oklahoma City, OK ll.|IMI 73105, or P.O. Box 843, Obll El'lOM] L Ui r Stillwat~r, OK 74/)76. My telephone number in Okla- 'homa City is (405) i 524-0126, Extmmtm 572; .... fin Stillwater, (405} 743-4500.