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March 15, 1984     The Perkins Journal
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March 15, 1984

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The Natural Way Dr. Jeff Black Professor of Biolosy Oklahoma kptist University SNAKE I went this from the flea to the grocery People asked me snakes. Warm people get- to clean their enjoy nature about an of thoughts about snakes. frequently forming a called "Black Exter- Judith would but not silent partner COmes to snakes, We get from people us to rid their and woods of they live close take it up with Peter Their will- to hunt snakes is to of fishing on the land and the of the land- pay them with to fish. My work for pen- Work for fishing them snake sticks, to hold the and fishing poles. rid an area of but usual- a dent in the have very snakes in Oklahoma, so the snakes they non-poisonous released in area away from Is one very small many people their yards or late and ,fre- this snake baby cop- and bring it to This tom- a copper- it poisonous the Prairie Snake. Its scien- {Diadophis arnyi Ken- as long as itself. Ringnecks rare- 12 inches in are as big as a pen- are one of the snakes in of Oklahoma, L often by nature. aCtive at night Prowl in search is another of us don't They are most In the early spring when they are found during the day un- der rocks or boards on grassy and wooded hill- sides or in yards. Later in the year they move to low- er areas where they crawl into cracks and crevices to reach moisture as the soil Iries. Large numbers of ring- necks are sometimes found under the same rock or board and some biolo- gists think they follow each other to these sites by use of smell. In Kan- sas, Dr. Henry Fitch esti- mated that there were 719 to 1,849 Prairie Ringnecks per every 2V2 acres of land. Prairie Ringnecks are small dark gray snakes with a narrow band or ring of orange just behind the head. This neck ring may he continuous or broken as it circles the neck. It is this ring that gives the snake its common name of ringneck. The Prairie Ringneck is also noted for a yellow to orange belly color with tiny black half- circles scattered the full length. The underside of the tail is bright red. When disturbed or han-' cued, a ringneck tightly coils its body, buries its head under coils, and coils and raises the taft to ex- pose the bright red under color. This behavior has earned the ringneck the nickname of "corkscrew snake." The brightly colored and coiled taft may serve to distract birds that eat ringnecks into at- tacking the brightly colored tail rather than the head or body. This would give the snake a better chance of surviving an attack. Bright red colors in the animal world are also signals that an animal is poisonous or doesn't taste good, which may explain why some animals leave the ringneck alone when it raises its brightly decorated tail into the air. The small size of the ringneck's mouth makes it difficult to inflict an inju- ry and it usually does not attempt to bite when han- dled. There is some specu- lation that this tiny snake has a weak venom which is harmless to man, but would stun an earthworm or insect. One biologist reported a burning sensa- tion after being bitten by a ringneck. Ringnecks can also de- fend themselves by thrashing around vigorously and discharg- N Cook: Reba Plunkett Hayter kinds of soft cream Sandwiches banana splits soft drinks malts #1 seller deluxe cheeseburger game room call in orders welcome Men -Sat. Breal(fast! o a.m.-9 a.m. . hours: lon.-Thurs. u a.m.-9 p.m. Fri. & Sat. a.m.-10 p.m. Sun. D.m.-9 p.m. 143 Main Perkins Tim Porki Journal Thurmiay, March 15, 1984 -- PAGE 9 ALUMNI TO BUILD SCHOOL AUDITORIUM TECUMSEH -- The alumni association met with the school board to ask them if they would ac- Kevin McNew, a junior at pip High, was emriotufly in- cept a $1000,000 building jured during spring break. He is at Chlldren Memeri- to be used by the associa- al Hospital, Room 404. The student body and faculty tion for their annual meet- wish h/m a spesdy . , . . ing once a year, and the school the remainder of A big thank you to the Payne County Hmtofi- the year. The building (125 cal Society for their donation of ' ittle 'Ibm and Fats," a publication of interact by Alvin Mitchell The x 80 would also be a col- publication of this book was sponsored by the Society letting point for storing and premnted by them to the library, and displaying school memorabilia. The spokes- man said they would build Middle School CaUfurnla teste are eched- it at the high school, or for March 28 and 29. ,,, "anywhere you want it." -O- A Ring Neck Snake THORPE STAMP TO GOLDEN ARCHES STEAM, GAS _ BE RELEASED ARRIVE ENGINE SHOW ing a foul-smeUing sub- One to seven eggs are laid been known to live for 15 - YALE -- May 25 is the- CHANDLER -- The fa- SCHEDULED stance from glands at the by each female in late years, release date for a Jim mous golden arches have PAWNEE -- A bi_gh- base of the tail which can June to early July. The S Thorpe commemorative come to Lincoln County. light at this year's Okla- be smeared on the animal eggs are white with yellow The next time you turn stamp. Ray Blozis, The official opening of homa Steam Thresher handling them. Thisterri- ends or entirely yellow, over a board or rock and WashingtonD. C.,special McDonald's at Wellston, Association show on July ble smelling substance is Young usually hatch from see a tiny snake with an stamp director conducted located on the Turner 27, 28, and 29, will be the difficult to remove and the eggs in about twoorange ring around its a recent meeting in Yale, Turnpike, was Saturday, National Meeting of the makes one wish they had months, neck, don't grabyourhoe and a half-hour official March 10.. There is Early Day Gas Engine not handled a ringneckIf you have a "pet" or shovel. Instead say program to be held in Yale another McDonald's on and Tractor Association. snake, ringneck snake in your "hello" to the harmless on that date, was planned, the Turner Turnpike at Ordinarily all engines are Another means of backyard, it may he the Prairie Ringneck Snake, It will be held during an Bristow, The Welleton in- steam operated, but this defense is for the ringneck same ringneck you seeone of the most common all day celebration and ob- stallation employs 75, 35 year the gas engine seg- to fake death and remain year after year. They have small Oklahoma snakes,servance, full time. ment will be featured also. motionless on its back. , : ' Some predatorswillnotM b k at th the dire c0nsequences of lyisGoldthwait's, First eat a dead or non-moving animal andwillthusleave any new oo s arrive e i heir mother'a} acts, You Have to Find Him; Flowero In the Attic, Pc- , other mysteries are: a "dead ringneck alone. Perkins Library on the Wind, and If Dominoes; Hard Line-- This small snake has There be Thorns; the Best Lt. Powder, in charge of many ways to defend it-AT THE LIBRARY Norah Lofts brings Mary finding people and captur- Seller--,Berlin Game by Missing Person s Bureau, self because it is eaten by We have sort of a con- and Joseph to life; You ing their language and Deighton--strong and has a new partner--a other snakes and birds. Biting, discharging musk, glomeration we want to Can't ?o Home Again-- worlds in a special way; compelling thriller filled woman; Sirens--by Lust- faking death and display- cover this week, it may Wolfe s classic; Quo AND--The Tie That with suspense; Dancing bader, the writer of The ing the brightly-coloredseem a "hodge-podge", Vadis--Sienkiewicz-- Binds; a History of Car- Girls and Other Stories Nlnja; A Man Con- tail are defenses used by but we hope there is some- Nero and the Christians ney, OK by Corley--from by Atwood--men and demned--includes an the ringneck. Apparently thing here to catch your in one of the most inspir- the beginning to now in women in the 0's andassassination attempt on one typeofdefenseworks attention: Some new ing books ever written; poetry and narrative their miscommunication; an oil millionaire, an against one kind of enemy, hardbound books from Kantor's Andemonville-- form. Mary Stewart's 4th in her armed robbery, and a bru- while a second behavior or Avalon Books are Fear in in depth novel of the Civil Fiction to be enjoyed: Athurian legends is The tat murder on the Detec- a combination of be- the Night--mystery with War prisoner of war camp; Trade Wind by Kaye-- Wicked Day--plots andtive Inspector s daily haviors works against romance in a "Now" set- -. ....... snlendid historical novel counterplots of the tragic crime list; and a couple of . dames nones rne trim - last part of Arthur'sRegency romances; others, tmg, three romances-- Rea Li,,o .... of love and death m exot- F" - ............... reign; Richard the Lion- Match of the Season by Most ringnecks we have light to Romance,Gold- of WorH We. zT m Zanzibar just before the en Summer; and Nurse in ,. -- " .......... 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These are reported to eat soft-bodied experimental selections to #3--bursting with incredi- trade; the popular trilogy ble, sensational, enter- about children hidden Shield of Three Lions; bring yours along next insects, salamanders,see if they will be used, raining and educational away from the world and spoken of as one of the Thursday morning at 9:30 best mysteries read late- to share with us. small frogs, small lizards and if so, we may pur- facts; Murphy Must Have and even other small chase more later of this Been a Mother--another .............. snakes. They sometimes type. of Bloomingdale's warm- regurgitate recently swat- Recent donations not hearted, funny look at lowed earthworms whenpreviously owned by the they are handled. If Sever- Library are: Evergreen by raising 10 children; How I I I To Talk So Kids 'Will .... al ringnscks have been col- Plain--epic novel of an Listen & Listen So Kids letted and put in a cloth immigrant Polish girl who Will Talk--art of corn- sack or jar together, they goes from rags to riches; municating successfully or years, you've filled sometimes regurgitate The Other Side of theand effectively with youn- your evenings with earthworm remains that Ralnbow--Mel Torme's ger persons; Here's Erma: nighttime community are smeared on each other, story of one of the most the Bombecking of news. This makes all the snakes talented and tormented America--describing the smell like earthworms and performers of our time, techniques, barbed with And now, there is The they attempt to eat each Judy Garland; The and ability to coin humor Daily Report Business other, sometimes success- Navigator--Morris from the dross of every- Diga t, a newweekly fully. These snakes rely West's adventure of aday life; Diabetic Candy, newspaper created for heavily on their sense of sailor so haunted by a Cookie and Dessert those important hours smell to locate food. legendary Pacific island, Courtship between he sacrifices everything in Cookbook--from Choco- between 9-5. late Banana Mousse to \ males and females has not his quest to find it; Lud- Caramel Custard Cups for Digest will be on been described, but takes lum's The Holcroft those who usually don't your desk every place in the late spring, Covenant--a vast plan to dare; Vacation--over 350 Thursday morning with usually from May to June ruthlessly reshape the in Oklahoma. Male ring- world must be stopped; offbeat and out-of-the- your coffee and the way holidays around the morning mail. necks have bumps {tuber- The Second Deadly Sinworld for the active ties) on each side of their by Sanders--greed andtraveler; The World It will be with you anal openings. 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Don Juan of Austria; America's Western ad- Lady of Quality--Heyer's venture; Submarines-- T H E D A I LY R E P'O R T romantic Regency novel; from 1917 U-boats to ........ ' My Lord John, also by nuclear warcraft; and this Heyer, but a deeply extremely importantnew researched fictional re- addition: E'ue Highways, telling of the times of a Journey to America Richard II and the House by William Least Heat of Lancaster from 1393 to Moon, who explores the 1435 AD.; How Far to Bethlehem in which unsung side of America, BUILDING SALE O es, I would like Io read a newspaper dealing with business trends and events as they 30x50x12 $4,555. happen in the Payne County area. Please send me ' $7972. r,. Dally Ripe, Business Digest tO examine free 40x75x14 "T" ~ 50x100x16 ......... $14,556. so.,o.. ( ...... ) ........... Name Phone F.O.B. OKLAHOMA CITY ('lmmedk te AOdr.s, --For Informoflon Contact- zip BOB @ LAMBERT CONSTRUCTION CO. 11S W. 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