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March 15, 2001     The Perkins Journal
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March 15, 2001

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2A-THE PERKINS JOURNAL, Thursday, March 15, 2001 \1 This week's guest columnist: Dan Johnson President, Perkins Chamber of Commerce Celebrate Change In the first scene of the western movie "Chisum", an exchange between actors John Wayne and Ben Johnson reminds me of what must be going through the minds of many folks in and around Perkins. Ben Johnson's character opines on the various signs of "progress" in their area of Lincoln County, New Mexico Terri- tory. He sums up his thoughts with the phrase, "Too many changes," to which Wayne's character John Chisum responds, "Well, things usually change for the better." Yes, we have seen a lot of changes over the past few years. But like John Chisum, I think they are changes for the better. I don't think anyone would trade back our asphalt streets for dirt, nor our private telephone lines for Lois Taylor's switchboard. (And per- sonally, I like cab tractors a lot better than open-tops. Thank good- ness for change!) Property owners who take real pride in the appearance of their buildings; individuals from diverse backgrounds who come and work together to further the common goal of promoting Perkins; school kids who say with an emphatic smile "I'm from Perkins"; these are the kinds of changes we've seen. These are changes for the better." The opinions expressed by guest columnists are not necessarily those of this newspaper, management and staff. Ill Pohcy Statement The Perkins Journal will accept letters to the editor regarding political elections up until the issue which is published just prior to said election. Under this policy, letters will be acceptedregarding the April 3 municipal election for the March 22 issue, but not the March 29 issue. 7[,e dse tion deck-- In my youth, I regarded the universe as an open book, printed in the language of physical equations, whereas now it appears to me as a text written in invisible ink, of which in our rare moments of grace we are able to decipher a small fragment. Arthur Koestler, 1905-1983 (USPS #42.8040) The Perkins Journal is published every Thursday and entered as periodical postage paid at Perkins, OK 74059-0040 by Pomegranate, Inc., P.O. Box 40, 111 E. Stumbo, Perkins, OK 74059-0040. Phone or FAX 405/547.2411 e-mail: theperkinsjournal @ provalue.net Cindy and Keith Sheets-Publishers Rick Lomenick-Assistant Editor Becky Brake-Staff Writer/Editor The publishers are soley responsible 'for content and any errors will be promptly corrected when brought to the attention of the publishers. OFFICE HOURS: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday and Friday: By appointment Send changes of address to: The Perkins Journal P.O. Box 40 Perkins, OK 74059-0040 ALL CONTENTS COPYRIGHTED 2000 MEMBER: Perkins Chamber of Commerce Perkins Main Street, Inc. Oklahoma Press Association National Newspaper Association OIU.AHOIM PIREU AnocII~OII mm.i lUPi eSTATE FAIR OF OKLAHOMA rIlIIIlIlIlIlIlIl~ SUBSCRIBE BY MAIL, just fill out this form and mail with I remittance to: ... The Perkins Journal "' 111 E. Stumbo P.O. Box 40 Perkins, OK 74059-0040 I Name, , , I Address City State__Zip Rates: One year In Oklahoma...$28 One year out of etate...$32 BE A FRIEND, BUY A FRIEND a subscription and deduct $4 off of the rates listed above if you are a current paid subscriber. Use the form above for your "friend" and list your Iname here: LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~ Okay, all of you people who have helpfully pointed out that I neglected to continue a couple of stories from last week's front page can cease and desist now. I had all of the pages but four finished and safely saved early last Wednesday morning. Then, at about 2 a.m., my software pro- gram crashed and took those four pages with it. You guessed it - the continuation of the city council and school board stories were on one of those pages. By the time I rebuilt those four pages from scratch, it was after 4 a.m. and my brain connections weren't quite connecting so I left a few imporfant things out. (The answers to last week's crossword puzzle are included this week, too.) At least I know that you are reading the paper... -A- We have also had quite a few comments about our new "Perkins...Home of..." box on the front page, too. It's not any kind of a contest, just our way of recognizing people who do a lot for our town, but who rarely get their name in the paper. We have a lot of wonderfully giving people in this town, so if you aren't acquainted with the person whose name is in that box, please ask around and find out who they are. We have had an increase in articles and photos that have been sent via e-mail. I hope this is a trend that continues. If you do send an article to us in this way, please save it as "Word for Macs" or "Rich Text." Our Macs don't like PC's much and sometimes refuse to read or even open files saved in other formats. If you have questions, please call us or e-mail us at: theperkinsjournal @provalue.net "A- I have to pat my niece, Carol, on the back for just a minute. The kids and I went, to Hutchinson, Kansas last weekend for the Kansas State High School Basketball Tournament. We caught the final game, which Cami and her team participated in. Her team, the Southwestern Heights Mustangs (rfiy alma mater too), was 25-0 going into this game, I believe. A large crowd from back home was there to support the girls, and nearly two whole rows of the stadium was occupied by my family, who were there to cheer on Cami and the team. It was a great game, a real nail-biter all the way to the last few seconds. The Mustangs didn't win, but they played great. Cami was high scorer for the tournament, and was noted as best player, too, I believe. She did great. That's not all, though. Her younger sister, Taly, who is a fresh- man, also made the varsity squad and played in the tournament as well. I was very proud of her - it n ust have been hard for a fresh- man to play in such a pressure-filled setting. They are both great girls, and I was happy to have been able to attend the game. A weekly column by Rick Lomenick Journal Assistant Editor We've all heard the clich6 that "Practice makes perfect." I'm not sure if I exactly fit into that category, but the past two weekends have helped me to become better. I joined a group of fellow basketball referees from this area in officiating a couple of huge tournaments. One was at Oklahoma State University and the other at the Garfield County Fairgrounds in Enid. For the record, I called 25 games, which had modified rules and court sizes. In addition to making a few extra dollars, it gave me an opportu- nity to work on my mechanics plus work with some more experi- enced for additional O.J.T. (on-the-job training). It was great! It also enabled me to get better acquainted with these colleagues who wear the striped shirts. For example, we were in Enid last weekend. The tournament was played on six courts, which were about two-thirds regulation size. Because the courts were close together, there were times I got to watch others work. They, in turn, observed my techniques and offered some good constructive criticism that I was able to apply in subsequent games. That sure helped my confidence level. Plus, we had our opportunities to talk and get to know the human side of each other. I feel I've gained several more friends. And with that, I'll probably be quick to defend them when sarcastic and derogatory remarks are made about them next season. It is almost like talking about a family member. After working these two tournaments, I'm even gladder that I too am a part of this sort of f[aternity. You ought to be a part of it too. + , , , * * Next week's edition of The Journal is one you won't want to miss. We'll publish the answers to questions sent to the three mayor candidates. Each candidate was sent a questionnaire with detailed questions about issues pertaining to Perkins. There were guidelines set to make this endeavor as fair as possible. Many of the questions spe- cifically pinpoint issues residents have been talking about. This should be a great tool is helping voters decide who they think should serve as mayor. Some of you probably have a pretty good idea who you are going to vote for now. But we encourage you to reserve your right to change your mind after reading the responses. We all have our personal opinions about those running. But we should strongly take into consideration their platforms. And don't hesitate to ask them your own questions either. Make sure you have the information you want before casting your ballot on April 3. II Publication deadline Please note that deadlines for display and classified advertising, and articles is 6 p.m. each Monday. Please fax, e-mail, or drop your items by the office by that time for publication in that week's issue. For more information, call 405-547-2411. WV~ ., :+i i:iii+ -: ............ Iii TO We welcome letters to the editor. All letters must telephone number for verification of the writer number won't be published). Please keep The editor reserves the right to reject any letter that] libelous or in bad taste. Letter to Editor: We are about to witness the execution of Timothy This act is a tragedy. The tragedy is not as to should or should not die. The tragedy is that the constitutional and yet it will occur. Federal Judge Richard Matsch violated Article Amendment of the Constitution of the United the trial in Colorado with a jury other than from the trict of Oklahoma. The trial was illegal and, meaningless. It should be remembered that a federal power to amend the Constitution, Judge Matsch the Constitution. The pity is that no media outrage was the procedure should follow the It is a sad day when one individual is allowed document and no one cares. Sincerely, Richard G. Murray To The Editor, I have holes in my clothes and holes in the walls old house,..but I give what I have to my fellow too have holes in their clothes, why?., because My family shops at the Salvation Army I give what I have to support my community, The ceiling in my bathroom has fallin in from will probably never get fixed...but ! give to my have food, why?..because I care. I work two too. I am working hard to reach my dream, but dreams to help others, to give to the erations of my family grew up in, this community do not respond,..why? I plan many small events in hopes of getting munity involved in helping good justifiable causes. respond., why? Why is it that when a person Is they have to others, the response is back and don't get involved themselves. Wh, tunities are so great to be a worth people and organizations in need, no one is that the people who really sincerely care are their efforts, and get the title.."sucker". Why is it a [ of people in this community don't support them personally...why? Why is it that members can only get support from ties, when the entire purpose is for an individual in munity? Why is it that local churches refuse to members in fear of embarrassment? Aren't tians supposed to be there and reach out to their church and/or faith? Isn't that what, were built upon? People say they ing sausage and cookies that they like, but there people and organizations in this community people don't care to hear about. Everyone talks bringing this community together, to help support organizations, etc., yet, the one's talking the reach out..why? There are still yet a small few that sincerely care i ously try to help people others just judge others..why? If you were the were the one needing your fellow neighbor expect them to be there for you? Would you? Just always remember this, there is nothing worse! crite. What goes Yours should be too. Why isn't it? ..why?. Name withheld by request To the Editor: I have arrived to the conclusion that U.S. similation policy are seriously flawed and in need used to be of this mind, but after moving time in South Texas, and looking at the big picture, I an activist in the movement to reduce U.S, immi Consider this: each year the U.S.A. takes legal immigrants. The majority of the million sen simply on the basis of being relatives of country (that's called nepotism in other walks legal immigrants, there are illegal immigrants and (children born to illegal immigrants who are granted automatic citizenship). The U.S.A. takes grants than any other country in the world. The truth is there are just too many" try to assimilate them properly and the present number of problems. It depresses wages for cans (including many minorities) and widens the gap and poor. It leads to school overcrowding, an sured and an increase in welfare payments. And leading to the balkanization of the U.S.A. bocaus grants are not assimilating-many don't really Americans and even if they their home country citizenship. r tdical Hispanic movement seeking to secede Now you don't hear much about this in the fact, they try to censor the truth, and anybody who migration policy is insulted or ignored. Big labor) and ethnic activists (seeking political power) high immigration levels, regardless nary Americans. And both the Republican and il See Letters - page 3B