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March 19, 1915     The Perkins Journal
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March 19, 1915

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Wants evely person who LIDS or EYE Di$ffA$E$ to write ~n" information. 0k'Pdt~Y, gml~dS, GUarapteed pure; 4oc lb zo lb. lot= 35c, lbs. ar over 3oc lb. prepaid." BRITAIN WOULD STARV[ I]FRIV]/INY NEW ORDER TO COUNCIL PRO. POSES SEIZURE OF ALL FOOD SHIPMENTS. IN RETALIATION FOR SUBMARINES Confiscation Part of Program America Greatiy Displeased Over England's Uncompromising Stand. Washington.--Great Britain's order in council, explaining her embargo on all neutral countries was received with such evident disappointment by high officials of the Un'/ted States govern. ment that a strong protest agains% its terms was considered in official quar- ters as certain to be made soon. Senator Hoke Smith, who saw Presi. dent Wilson, said afterwards that the British order in council was "high handed and utterly intolerable". The arrival of the British order to- gether with news of the fiat rejection by Great Britain and her allies of the informal proposals of the United States for the abandonment by Germany of her submarine warfare if England per- mltted food stuffs to go to the Civilian population of enemy countries, de- stroyed the hopes of President Wilson aud his advisers for the early improve- ment of conditions for the neutral commerce of the world. Germany had accepted practically all the American suggestions. Without Precedent. Officials declined to comment to any extent on the British order but their displeasure over its contents was ap- parent. It was pointed out there was no precedent for Great Drltain's ac- tion. Summed up, officials interpreted the British order as meaning that without enforcing a blockade on the German coast Itself but by stopping American ships anywhere on the high seas, car- goes destined for Germany would be taken into prize courts for intermin- able litigation. Cruiser Dresden I! Sunk London.--The sinking of the German cruiser Dresden near the Juan Ferna~ dez islands has been officially an. nounced by the admIrality, So has been ended ~he career of the second of Germany's original sea raid, ere, which, with the cruiser Emden. destroyed several months ago, sent to the bottom of the sea so many of the allies' vessels. Several times the Dres. den has been engaged, yet escaped, and it took three of Great Britain's sea ~ghters to corner and sink her. The admiralty's statement follows: "On March 14 at 9 a. m. H. M. S. Glasgow, Captain John Luce R. N. H hi. auxiliary cruiser Orama, Captain Iohn Seagrave, R. N and H. M. S. Kent, Captain John D. Allen, C. B R. N caught the Dresden near Jua~ Fernandez islands. "An action ensued and after five min- utes fighting the Dresden hauled down ~er colors and displayed the white flag. ]he was much damaged and set on fire, end after she had been burning for mine time her magazine exploded and she sank." MRRAHZA BOWS TO PRES. WILSON &bandone His Blockade of the Port of Progreao. Washington.--General Carranza ban abandoned his blockade of the port of Progreso on urgent representations by the United States. The gunboat Zara. goza has been called off and two Ameri. ~an ships laden with sisal for the United States were cleared Saturday without InterJerence. Rear Admiral Caperton. commanding ~he Amerlcan fleet in Mexican waters, reported the raising of the blockade and reported that the Zaragoza has re- turned to Vera Cruz. The admiral's dispatches crossed a sew note, sent by President Wilson on Fcs way to Carranza giving notice that the United States was determined to ~ise the blockade and if necessary use the cruiser Des Moines to do so. The seriousness of the situation ~rowing out of the blockade of Pro. greso was pointed out by Secretary Houston of the department of agricul- ture who advised the president that 200,000,000 pounds of twine are used each year in the Untied States in bind- Mg grain, flax'and corn crops, and that Dine-tenths of the supply is made from Disal grown in Yucatan and exl)orted through Progreso. It became known that last week the Mexican gunboat had stopped one American ship with a shot across her cows, had held up another and had In- terfered with British shipping. Telegrams from manufacturers and farmers in the grain growing states pouring into the White House and the state departmen~ pointed out that un- less sisal were obtained through Pro- greso the harvesting of this year's grain crop by the usual methods would be embarrassed and would have to be done almost gntirely by hand. Secre- tory Houston said the situation was a very serious one for the grain states. "Pape's Oiapepsin" settles sour gassy stomachs in Five minutes--Time It] You don't want a slow remedy when your stomach is bad--or an uncertain one---or a harmful one--your stomach is too valuable; you mustn't injure it. Papa's Diapepsin is noted for its speed in giving relief; its harmless- ness; its certain unfailing action in regulating sick, sour, gassy stomachs. Its millions of cures in indigestion, dyspepsia, gastritis and other stomach troubles has made it famous the world over. Keep-this perfect stomach doctor in your home---keep it handy--get a large fifty-cent case from any dealer and then if anyone should eat something which doesn't agree with them; if what they eat lays like lead, ferments and sours and forms gas; causes head- ache, dizziness and nausea; eructa- tions of acid and undigested food~ remember as soon as Papa's Dlapepsin comes in contact with the stomach all such distress vanishes. Its prompt- ness, certainty and ease in overcoming the worst stomach disorders is a reve- lation to those who try it.---Adv. It Pays to Pray, and Advertise. "Do you believe in the efficacy of prayer?" asked the new minister. "You bet!" triumphantly replied Sam Stinger, the enterprising real estate dealer. "Why, at the prayer meeting last Thursday night, I prayed loud and long for blessings on our progressive little city, incideutally mentioning a few of the advantages it possesses for profitable investments, and next morn- ing I sold four lots in my new Sky High addition to a stranger who had happened to drop in at the services!" --Kansas City Star. THE PROFESSOR'S STATEMENT. Prof. Aug. F. W. Schmitz, Thomas, Okla writes: "I was troubled with Backache for about twenty-five years. When told I had Bright's Disease in its last stages, I tried Dodd'a Kid- ney Pills. After using two boxes I was somewhat re- lieved and I stop- ped the treatment. In the spring of the next year l had another at- Prof. Schmltz. tack. I went for Dodd'e Kidney Pills and they relieved me a~ain. I used three boxes. That is now three years ago and my Back- ache has not returned in Its severity, and by using another two boxes a lit. tie later on, the pain left altogether and I have had no trouble since. You may use my statement. I recommend Dodd's Kidney Pills when and whet. ever I can." Dodd's Kidney Pills. 50c. per box at your ~dealer or Dodd's Medi- cine Co Buffalo, N. Y.---Adv. Its Only Meaning. Uncle Roger had been po'ly for some time, and had tried with alacrity every sort of patent medicine he could secure. An old acquaintance hailed him with: "Hello, uncle. How are you'all now- adays ?" "How is I? W'y, bawss, re' mos'ly six taunts a meal's vittles ain' mean nuflln' t' me, 'scusin' someptn tuh take medicine attar! "--Judge. SAGE TEA AND SULPHUR DARKENS YOUR GRAY HAIR Look Years Youngerl Try Grandma's Recipe of Sage and Sulphur and Nobody Will Know. Almost everyone knows that Sage Tea and Sulphur properly compound- ed, brings back the natural color and lustre to the hair when faded, streaked or gray; also ends dandruff, itching scalp and stops falling hair. Years ago the only way to get this mixture was to make it at home, which is mussy and troublesome. Nowadays we simply ask at any drug store for "Wyeth's Sage and Sul- phur Hair Remedy." You will get a largo bottle for about 50 cents. Every- body uses this old, famous xeclpe, be. cause no one can possibly tell that you darkened your hair, as It does it so naturally and evenly. You dampen a sponge or soft brush with it and draw this through your hair, taking one small strand at a time; by morn- Lug the gray hair disappears, and after another application or two, your hair becomes beautifully dark, thick and glossy and you look years younger. Adv. Too Muoh Singing. Bill--I see a clock built by a Cali- fornia electrician plays a different tune on a series of pipes for every hour. Jill--That ~ay be all right for a man to sing at his work, but when It comes to a clock I draw the line. Beautiful, clear white' clothes delights the laundress who uses Red Cross Ball Blue. All grocers. Ado, Analyze the contents of your cup of sorrow and you'll be surprised at the happiness found therein. To cool s burn apply Hanford's Bal: 6am, Adv. / The small hours are responsible for many a large head.---Columbia State, CAS Lady Tells Det of Ten Year Of Suffering Which Now Lies Behind Her. Wallace, Vs.--Mrs. Mary Vest, of this town, says: "About ten years ago, I had very poor health, and for five years it steadily got worse. I could not stand on my feet. I got so I could only drag about in the room. Most of the time I was not able to do my work. I had terrible bearing-down pains, my back ached all the time and was very weak. I could scarcely carry anything and suffered agony when I lifted anything. The muscles in my abdomen were so weak I could scarcely lift myself up straight, and I thought I would surely grow crooked. I had difficulty in walking, it was so painful. I suffered in hips and back and could hardly rs~se up at all. At times, I couldn't sit on the chair--would have to lie down. I was in such agony. I ust sat around and cried. At this time, about five years ago, I began to take Cardui, at my mother's insistence. After two or three weeks' use I saw an improvement. The pains got less gradually until they disap- peared. In two months I could walk without pain and could do most of my work. For about three years my im- provement was steady and continued until I had back my health and strength. The cure has been permanent, for I have been in good health for the past two years, due to my having taken Cardui, which affected the cure." All druggists sell Cardui. Try iL-- Adv. GUNNING FOR THE AIRSHIPS Modern Warfare Has Developed New Field That Calls for Scientific M arksmanship, The advent of the aeroplane and the airship has introduced a hard prob. lem for the rifleman whose duty it is to bring down hostile craft of this kind, says Popular Mechanics. Even with its enormous speed the bullet discharged by a modern rifle is not fast enough for the ~teroplane, as has been discovered in the European war, but the expert riflemen who are con- stantly on the watch for hostile air craft are fast learning the require- ments for hitting these swiftly moving targets. He no longer aims at an aeroplane when trying to bring it down, but at a point about six lengths ahead of the machine. The airman running the hostile craft also knows this and, when under fire, seldom flies far in a straight line if he can help it, but follows a zigzag course. The Zeppelin is a much slower-mov- ing craft and can be "plugged" about the center of the envelope if the rifle- man aims at its nose. Fiction and Reality. It is a simple truth to say that many things happen in fiction which would be quite impossible in fact, as any censor knows. It is in failing to dis. ttngutsh between these two that many artists and most c~tics blunder and this error is in effect the same as that of the ambitious actor who. having once to play the part, for the first time. of an intoxicated ruffian in v certain melodrama, went to a neigh. boring tavern and intoxicated himself. He thought that this would storm the house, but on the contrary he w~ Im. mediately fired by the management fez a fool--and rightly.--F. H. Martin, Iv the Book Buyer. Couldn't ~Get It. "I like this quaint little mountal~ village of yours, waiter. I suppose ] can get plenty of oxygen hera?" "No, sir: we've got local option."--- Sacred Heart Review. CHILDREN SHOWED IT Effect of Their Warm Drink m the Morning. "A year ago I wa~ a wreck from co$ fee drinking and was on the point of giving up my position in the sehoo~ room because of nervousness. "I was telling a friend about it and she said, 'We drink nothing at meal time but Posture, 'and it is such a com- fort to have something we can enjoy drinking with the children.' "I was astonished that she would allow the children to drink any kind of coffee, but she said Posture was not coffee, but a most healthful drink for children as well as for older ones, and that the condition of both the chil- dren andadults showed that to be a fact. "I was in despair and determined to give Posture a trial, following the directions carefully. It was a decided success and I was completely won by its rich delicious flavor. "In a short time I noticed a decided improvement in my condition and kept growing better month after month, until now I am healthy, and do my work in the school room with ease and pleasure. I would not rettu~ to nerve- destroying coffee for any money." Name given by Posture Co Battle Creek, Mich. Read "The Road to Wellvllle," in pkgs. Posture comes in two forms: Regular Posture---must be well boiled. 15c and 25c packages. Instant Posture--is a soluble pow- der. A teaspoonful dissolves quickly i~ a cup of hot water and, with cream and sugar, makes a dellelous beverage Instantly. 30e and 50c tins. Both kinds are equally delicious and eoet per Cup about the same. "There'~ a Reason" For Posture. --sold by Grocers. I OF VEAL AND CHICKEN ONE OF THE BEST OF ALL THE ACCEPTED SALADS, Whether Made of Leftovers or the Fresh Material, There Are Cer- tain Rules Whlch the House. wife Must Observe, Unless the salad is to be made of leftovers, the chicken should be as. pea~,~]?y boiled, carefully seasoned ~ila ~vking and allowed to cool in the' water in which it is cooked. A generous piece of veal may be cooked at the same time w~th the chicken, or cold veal can be warmed over in the chicken broth or in hot salt water, to which a few chicken bones have beer added. It also should be allowed to stand in the water in which it has been heated until cold, then cut np into even dice and used the same as chicken. Where a large quantity of salad is to be made one good elze chicken, freshly cooked, as a basis with an addition of veal and as much more canned chicken as is necessary to make up the amount required, will be found an economy of both money and labor. In boiling a chicken for salad, put into a kettle of boiling water, add a chopped onion, a couple of sticks of celery or a half teaspoonful of celery salt, a couple of bay leaves, a table. spoonful of chopped carrot and a doze~ peppercorns. Just a tiny bit of fat salt pork may be added if de. sired. Let the contents of the kettle boll rapidly five m~nutes, then push back where the water will only sim- mer, until the chicken is tender. Cooked in this way the dark meat wilt be almost as light colored aa the white. Now let the chicken cool In the wa- ter in which it has been cooked. It is well to cook both chicken and veal the day before the salad is to be used.' When ready to make the salad, re- move the flesh from the bones, re. Jectlng all th~ skin and fat, cut the meat into dlce and measure. Add a~ much or half as much as veal, as de~ sired. If the salad is not to be serve@ immediately, sprinkle the meat with a little'lemon Juice and set away in cold place Cut into dice enough crisp white celery to make about two-thirds the quantity of meat, and have ready a good mayonnaise. At serving time, mix with meat and over each quart of the mixture sprinkle a teaspoonful of salt and half a teaspoonfuJ of pepper. Moisten with some of the broth in which the chicken was cooked (for a dry salad is an abomination), and enough mayonnaise to coat every piece. Mix thoroughly but lightly and turn into salad bowl lined with let, tuce leaves or on a platter where the leaves have been made into little cups, each suffclent to hold a helping of the salad. This looks pretty and makes the serving easier. Spread a little more mayonnaise on top of each service and garnish with stuffed olives or the little sweet red canned peppers and celery tips. A quarter pound of almonds blanched and quar- tered may be added to each pint of chicken and veal, if you desire some. thing especially nice for a wedding or other entertainment. Rice Croquettes. Cook one-half cup of rice with one, half cup of boiling water in double boil- er until water has been taken up into the rice. Then add one cup~! of boil. ing hot milk and cook until the rice k~ soft. Add the rice after taking from the fire, one-half teaspoon salt, the yolks of two eggs and a small piece of butter. Set aside in spoonfuls to cool, then shape to the fancy and roll in the whites of egg and crumbs nnd fry in deep fat. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve with orange marmalade or plain with lamb and curry sauce. Jelly Whip, Dissolve one package of gelat~ In a cupful of cold water. Add to that two cupfuls of sugar and one quart ot boiling water. Divide the mixture into three parts, in one of which place marshmallows and white grapes, in the second one put pineapple and oranges and in the third nuts. Fill individual glasses with different mix. lures and serve them with whipped cream. Decorate with preserved cher- ries, candied orange peel and nuts. Fish Chowder. Fish chowder can be made from two cupfuls of halibut (left-over fish), one quart of milk. two tablespoonfuls but. tar, pinch of salt and pepper. Let come to a boil, slice in three cold boiled potatoes and one chopped onion. Cook five minutes. Makes a delicious soup. Lemon Hard Sauce. Cream two tablespoonfuls of butter until soft, add one tablespoonful of lemon Juice and a little nutmeg, then beat in ~nough sifted confectioner's sugar to make a light, fluffy mass. Let it harden a little before serving. Sultana Rice. Boil a teacupful of rice. When done and well drained add a teacupful of washed and picked sultanas, a table. spoonful of butter and two of brown sugar. Stir together. Place in a steamer and cook for 30 minutes. Serve very hot with hot golden sirup. First Aid for the Cream. When the cream is doubtful and there is no other to be secured ~smd it must be used a pinch of soda will keep it from ourdlLu~ even in hot ooffee. ue in grocer, try Received W.d,Pm~ Ever Happen ~Blll~It is said rate operations in the a watch that sells for Jill--Well. there that when one has low is trying to make DO NOT To Use Cuticura Babbes. A hot bath with gentle application of meat at once relieve, sleep and point, '~o at eczema[ rashes, tationa of infants in eevcrc cases. Sample each free bY Address postcard Boston. Sold A Mrs. Bacon---I thing is all right. A man about with revolver. Mr. Bacon--How law passed to about with You amtt at a roll will last on the Buy matedailt ma~e boe~ds, out-door Ask your dealer for They are reasonabte behind them. Ceaeral