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March 19, 1915     The Perkins Journal
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March 19, 1915

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/ THE PERKINS JOURNAL < CALOMEL WHEN BILIOUS? NO] STOP! ACTS LIKE OYNAMITE ON LIVER = I Guarantee "Dods0ns' Liver Tone" Will Give You the Best Liver and Bowel Cleansing You Ever Had--Doesn't Make You Sick] Stop using calomel! It makes you |Irk. Don't lose a day's work. If yoq feel lazy, sluggish, bilious or consti- pated, listen to me! Calomel is mercury or quicksilver which causes necrosis of the bones, Calomel, when it comes into contact with sour bile crashes into it. breaking It up. This is when you feel that aw- ful nausea and cramping. If you feel "'all knocked out," if -your liver is tor- pid an@ bowels constipated or you have headache, dizziness, coated tongue, if breath is bad or stomach sour Just try a spoonful of harmless Dodsoa's Liver Tone. Here's my guaxantee---Go to any drug store or dealer and get a 50-cent bottle of Dodson'a Liver Tone. Take a spoonful and if it doesn't straighten you right up and make you feel fine and vigorous I want you to go back to the store and get your money. Dod- son's Liver Tone is destroying the ~sale of calomel because it is real liver medicine; entirely vegetable therefore it cannot salivate or make you sick. I guarantee that one spoonful of Dodson's Liver Tone will put your sluggish liver to work and clean your bowels of ~hat sour bile and consti. pated waste which Is clogging your system and making you feel miserable. I guarantee that a bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone wilI keep your entire fam- ily feeling fine for months. Give it to your children. It 14t harmless; doesn't gripe and they like its pleasant taste "Steal or Kill7" Traffic in the downtown district of SL Louis was blocked for half an hour the other day when Frank Wilt, a ma- chinist out of work, paraded the streets wearing the follbwing sandwich sign: "Chief Young wants 300 more po- llcemen to stop the In'ereaslag crimes "'What slmll I do? "No work, no money, four mother- leas children to feed. "Shall I steal, commit highway rob- ]~ry or kill myself and children? "One thousand are in the same po- sitlon in this clty today: "Enormous luxury; enormous pov- erty. "What shall I do?" "The sign," said Witt in Jail, "was my only way of attracting attention in ~.e hope of getting a Job. I've tried everything else. My wife died re- cently." SAGE TEA DARKENS GRAY HAIR TO ANY SHADE. TRY IT[ Keep Your Locks Youthful, Dark, Glossy and Thick With Garden Sage and 8utphur. When you darken your hair with Bags Tea and Sulphur, no one can tell, because it's done so naturally, so evenly. Preparing this mixture, though, at home is mussy and trouble- mome. For 50 cents you can buy at any drug store the ready-to-use tonic called "Wyeth'a Sage and Sulphur Hair Remedy." You just dampen a sponge or soft brush with it and draw this through your hair. taking one small strand at a time. By morn- lag all gray hair disappears, and, after another application or two, your hair becomes beautifully darkened, glossy and luxuriant. You will also dis- cover dandruff is gone and hair has |topped failing. Gray, faded hair, though no die grace, is a sign of old age, and as we all desire a youthful and attractive ap- pearance, get busy at once with Wy- eth's Sage and Sulphur and look years 7ounger. Adv. The easiest thing in the world to make is a mistake. The next easiest Is trouble. [ 0 Cleanse Rusty rends 4ZO HANFORD'8 Bunches, Nail Wounds, Foot Rot IHade Since 18 . A.ybo Aboat it. - ma ~= = OR WRR~ ~||,~ae~ a. c. Hanford Mfg.C~ =rs,s sw, v aYRACU3~ N;Y. A Soluble An.fiseptic Powder to di.olved in water as needed For Douches , In the IDeal tr~tmenz of woman's il~, ~h as leu~orrhaes and Jn.flammatton; hot dmmhe~ of Paxtine are very efltcacqou~: ]go woman who has ever nsed~ medicau~a dou0hea will fail to appreciate the clean a~d ]Mmlthy condition Paxtine produces and ~ae p mm~Ptzelief from ~oreness and dlscomzort whl0h follows i~ use.This is because l~aztin8 ~ol~m~ses superior cle~nstuff, dl~n~ee~ ll~ and he.ling pro!~rtiea. ]~o~ ten yearS the Lydia E. l~L~kh~m Medicine Co. has rec- ~mmended Paxtine in their~ ]~lvatv correspondence with wo- men, which prbvea its super*- l ~ I~ ~le[ty. Women whO have veen,~ ~j[ "~ '- "worth its ~ileved say t ~ht in gold." At druggist~ The P ton Toilet Co B ston, Mas A Wrong Impression. A German looking for a person by the name of Dunn, who owed htm money, asked a young fellow near Sweeny's eating house where No. 66 Chathkm street was, as he "wished to find Mr. Dunn." The fellow told him to go into Sweeny's eating house and the man near the window was Mr. Dunn. '~he German went into the eating house and went up to a man who happened to be an Irishman. "Are you Dunn?" said the German. "Done?" said Pat. "By my soul, I have Just started." -- Philadelphia Record. Look, MotherI If tongue is coated, give "California Syrup of Figs." Children love this "fruit laxative,~ and nothing else cleanses the tender stomach, liver and bowels so nicely. A child simply ~ill not stop playing to empty the bowels, and the result is they become tightly clogged with waste, liver gets sluggish, stomach sours, then your little one becomes cross, half-sick, feverish, don't eat, sleep or act naturally, breath is bad, system full of cold, has sore throat, stomach-ache or diarrhoea. Listen, Mother! See if tongue is coated, then give a teaspoonful of "California Syrup of Figs," and in a few hours all the constipated waste, sour bile and undigested food passes out of the sys- tem, and you have a well child again. Millions of mothers give "California Syrup of Figs" because it is perfectly harmless; children love it, and it nev- er fails to act on the stomach, liver and bowels. Ask at the store for a 50-cent bottle of "California Syrup of Figs," which has full directions for babies, children of all ages and for grown-ups plainly printed on the bottle. Adv. Delivery. Church--I see the letter carriers in Portugal save themselves much walk- ing on Sunday by delivering letters at church. Gotham---But I should thing the de- livery of the letter carrier would in- terfere with that of the preacher. DRINK LOTS OF WATER TO FLUSH THE KIDNEYS Eat .Less Meat and Take Salts for Backache or Bladder Trouble--, NeUtralize Acids, J Uric acid in meat excites the kid- neys, they become overworked; get sluggish, ache, and feel like lumps of lead. The urine becomes cloudy; the bladder is irritated, and you may be obliged to seek relief two or three times during the night. When the kid- neys clog you must help them flush off the body's urlnous waste or you'll be a real sick person shortly. At-first you feel a dull misery in the kidney region, you suffer from backache, sick headache, dizziness, stomach gets sour, tongue coated and you feel rheumatio twinges when the weather is bad. Eat less meat, drink lots of water; also get from any pharmacist four ounces of Jad SaltS; take a table spoonful In a glass of water before breakfast for a few days and your kidneys will then act fine. This fa- mous salts ia made from the acid of grapes and lemon Juice, combined with lithla, and has been used for generations to clean clogged kidneys and stimulate them to normal activity, also to neutralize the acids in urine, so-it no longer ib a source of irrita- flea,~ thus ~ndlng bladder weakness. Jad Salts is inexpenslve, cannot In- Jurei makes a delightful eS"ervesaent lithla-water drlnk which evef#Yone should take now and. then to keep the kidneys clean and active. Druggists here say they sell lots of Jad Salts to folks who believe in overcoming kld- hey trouble while it ia only trouble.- Adv ~- How $he Levee Heel He--Yes; Ermynt~lde was born ov Apm, 2, " She--I~te--as usual! Never marry a Jealous woman. A ~lmost ~ .bad DAIRY AS FOUNDATION One Never-Failing Money-Making Resource on Dry Farm. New Settler Who Takes Herd of Milk. ing Cows With Him Can Start Steady Cash Income With First Day in His New Home. (l~v If. M. CO'I'TR]~H~I~.) Dairy is the one trover-failing money- making resource in dry land farming for tim family with little capital. The native wild grass is a dependable dairy feed. Kafir am~ sorghum, when given good treatment, never fail to produco feed crops. These sore feed crops make good si]age and for ten dollars outlay and his labor the dry lan4 farm. er can built a pit silo. Buyers of cream pay cash at the time of each purchase. The dry land farmer with a herd of good dairy cows receives a cash income every week through the year, whether the season is wet or dry. The new settler in a dry land coun- try who takes a herd of milking cows with him can go out the first morning he is in his new home and milk the cows while his wife is getting break- fast. t-re can separate the cream and begin a steady cash income with the first day in his new home. The regu- lax weekly return from the sale of cream enables the new settler to pay cash for his hodsehold supplies and he need not have store bills. The skim milk fed to hens and pigs adds to the profits. The countless losses and failures in dry land farming m the Southwest have come from attempts to make a living from exclusive" grain [arming and no stock. A careful dry land farmer in eastern Colorado raised six prolbtable crops of grain in 18 years. The 1914 grain crop is heavy through- out the Panhandle. The last generally good grain crop in that district was in 1908. The man who depends entire- ly upon raising grain finds the wait between crops too long. It is particu- larly hard when the new settler comes at the bpginning of a period of dry years. Where the main income is fur- nished by the dairy cows, the dry land farmer lives comfortably every year. He sows grain only in those seasons when there is ample moisture and~ the money that the gra.in brings is a sur- plus that can be used for investment. When the dry land farmer has sub flcient capital and ts not oblliged to have a weekly or monthly income, beef cattle, horses and mules are money- makers. Beef cattle can be finished to top the market on silage made from kafir or sorghum fed with kafir or mile grain and cottonseed meal. The gains are more rapid than the usual gains made in the corn bell When you think of dry land farm- ing think of dairying. When you move to a dry land farm take ten to twenty good dairy cows with you. Make your malg crops feed crops for the dairy cows. Store the surplus in cheap pit silos. Take good care of the cows and of the cream. You will prosper. HOLDING MOISTURE IN SOILS 'Thorough Soil Mulch of Two to Three Inches Should Be Emp(oyed to Pre- vent Evaporation. Once making a reservoir for gath- ering the rainfall quickly and thor- oughly by deep tillage, the dry farm- er must plan how best to conserve this moisture and how to most eco- nomically use It. First should be con- sidered the prevention of the evapo- ration of soil moisture. This means a thorough soil mulch of two or three inches through the growing of culti- vated forage crops to the greatest pos- sible extent or the proper handling o~ summer-tilled land. A sufficiently deep sell mulch to protect the soil moisture during peri- ods of severe drought cannot be made on shallow-tilled land. Cultivated crops must hold first place on the drier lands because of the fact that their growing permits the savlng of moisture to the soil. Very little crops should be grown on these lands that do not permit of inter- tillage. SELLING EGGS FOR HATCHING One Should Observe Carefully Methods Followed at Good Breed- Ing Farm and Follow Them. If you are selling eggs for hatching a visit to the best breeding farm you can easily reach will pay well. Ob- servXo closely the methods followed there and then improve on them all you can.- Always ship eggs in baskets or car- tons made for the purpose and never in dirty old boxes packed in sawdust or bran. The pullets do not need a ne.~t egg as a pattern, but one or two dummies placed in the nest will show them where they ought to lay. Oyster shells ground fine are excel- lent for supplying lime. A pound of shells contains enough lime to thor- oughly coat seven dozen eggs. When the nests are put in order for the winter, sprinkle ashes into the material and put a couple of moth balls in as well. These tend to dls. courage mites and *lee. Souring Cream. Do you have trouble with cream souring easily? Remember thls4~lght cream sour~ sooner than thick cream And thick cream ~kes firmer butter than thin'cream, every ttmL TAKES OFF DANDRUFF HAIR STOPS FALLING Glrlsl Try Thisl Makes Hair Thick, Glossy, Fluffy, Beautiful--No More Itching Scalp. WHthin ten minutes after an appli- cation of Danderine you cannot find a single trace of dandruff or falling hair and your scalp will not itch, but what will please you most will be after a few weeks' use, when you see new hair, fine and downy at first yes--but really new hair--growmg all over the scalp. A little Danderine immediately dou- bles the beauty of your hair. No dif- ferences how dull, faded, brittle and scraggy, just moisten a cloth with Danderine and carefully draw it through your hair, taking one small strand at a time. The effect is amaz- ing your hair will be light, fluffy and wavy, and have au appearance of abundance; an incomparable luster, softness and luxuriance. Get a 25 cent bottle of Knowlton's Danderlne from any store, and prove thet your hair is as pretty and soft as any--that it has been neglected or injured by careless treatment--that's all--you surely can have beautiful hair and lots of it if you will just try a lit- tle Danderine. Adv. Unchivalrou~ Two farmers, attired in corduroys and gaiters, were strolling through a picture gallery, where they looked, and apparently felt, decidedly out of place. But at last they brought up before a picture which really seemed to please them--a portralt of a lovely girl with a particularly ugly bulldog. "This is something nice, Dick," said one. "What is it called?" Dick referred to the catalogue. "'Beauty a~d the Beast,' " he said. The other man looked closer at the bulldog. "Ah!" he sighed, appreciatively, "he Is a beauty, too ! "--London Tit-Bits. Too Long, Bacon~In a costly watch that has been made for exhibition purposes there is a wheel that makes a revolu- Lion but once In four years, operating a dial that shows the years, months and days. Egbert--Never do in South America. They could never wait four years for a revolution down there. I All for Pleasure. "When I got married my wife said she would go to the end of the world with me." "A noble sentiment." "But I found out later that she means the Paris end." One of the greatest satisfactions of this life is-to have the money when the collector calls.---Toledo Blade. The bashful lover is yust as liable to make a domineering husband as the fresh guy. CAN NOT BE MADE TO ORDER Man Who Knows Points Out That Scientific Discoveries Are Not Manufactured. "There is a widespread but errone- ous belief in official circles, and among wealthy philanthropists," writes Sir Ray Lankester in the London Daily Telegraph, "to the effect that you can hire a scientific discoverer and then say to kim 'Di:~cover me this' or 'Dis- cover me that' (naming to him a pos- sible and greatly desired piece of new knowledge), and that he will there- upon proceed right away to make the discovery which you want. . . But valuable and important scientific dis- covery cannot be produced directly in response to orders given and money expended. "You cannot manufacture scientific discovery li~ke soap. The great diffi- culty, in the first place, is to catch that rare and evasive creature a scientific discoverer--and when you have found him you have to humor him and let him do as he fancies. Then he will discover things, but prabaMy not the things which either you or he wanted or expected." New Cancer Serum. The results of the work of nearly a year by physicians, surgeons and labor- atory staff of the General Memorial hospital of New York, tending to show the success of a new cancer serum, ave expected to be published soon in an official report of the medical board of the institution to announcements made today. The report will contain the name of the discoverer of the new serum, its composition, the details of the preliminary laboratory work and the individual medical histories of the patients so far treated in the hospital. The announcements forecast this re- port as one of the most important con- tributions to science emanating from the medical professions in this coun- try. The serum is used by injection. The cancerous growths break down, disintegrate and disappear, it is as- serted. A True Bourbom In the unregenerate past. when our fair land lay in drunken stupor under the heel of the demon rum, a teacher of chemistry in one of the southern colleges was quizzing his class on the subject of the preceding lecture, which was "water," and happened to call up- on a student from Kentucky, one John- son. "Johnson," he said, "name the prin- cipal properties of water." "Well, sir," said Johnson, briskly and confidently, "it's poisonous."--- New York Evening P/est. The Worm Turns. Hubby--You're not the cook my mother was. Wife---For which you should he thaa, kful. Your father died of dyspep- sia, you know. One touch of staring fever would be a welcome relief. A man with horse sense is the hard- est to drive. NEW The New Claimed, Large Another of the determine tbe class of extremely tions built destructible and bombard them. It is in life if lack the strength %via. In the stomach can be corrects assistance of It tones. five ly digested, st sent coursing The proper notice the first as loss of heartburn, constipation ter's Stomach conquer them. ters and prol, Take a see that the broken. TRACTS Gratifying Prog! by Those lng Malaria, to ceptlble, has rentable disease mosquito and natural tion ex~aeriments It was that the malaria in the human subject. The final ttons has been hitherto waste have been tire. A lng sickness, and thus been In such areas been the with enlarged evidences of ing, that can ting modern Mrs. Styles, her go so fast klns; you ute ago. Jenkins--WhY ~ your husband, "My husband? out ten minutes TIp The had to put up since the wax The Walter --Yes, sir, and Tatler. The devil man goes to can use him the Vt?ha' importance--if any---is :there " in the Mineral Content of food? Listen then, to a well-known physician:-- "Unfortunately for the well-being and health of the individual and the human race, the manufacture of foods has been tending more and more to isolation of chemical .entities; and our modem mr' hods of 'refining', 'purify- ing' and 'improving' the foada which Nature so abund- andy furnishes, deprive tho natural, wholesome food roducts of most of their mineral constituents and there- y reduce their real food values to a minimum. ' 'he human organism receives but a small fraction of the nutritive minerals which Nature evidently intend- ed it to have, and the inevitable resuh is Mineral Starva- tion and its dire consequences in the shape of Malnutri- tion, General Debility, Anemia, Indigestion,Tuberculosis, Rachitis, Gout, Carcinoma, Diabetes, Nephritis, Decayed Teeth, and other modern diseases." t The recognition of these facts led, about twe,nW years perfecting of a food extraordinarily rich in those mineral mentioned above, and which are so necessary for maintenance of body, nerves and brain. That food is g --a food containing all the nutriment of wheat "and barley, phosphorus, iron, lime, sulphur, etc of these grains. Easy of digestion, nourishing, economical, delicious--this food, daily ration, has proved its worth to thousands. --sold