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March 19, 1915     The Perkins Journal
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March 19, 1915

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THE PERKINS JOURNAL ;H ILLS from Poor Ap- Bloat- Dyspepsia, Constipation you benefited by system has be- Nature needs right away. The over 60 years as the real Try a bottle. has our pri. ' Over neck. of Sloan's the pain really wonderful Sloan's acts. No [ on light IF" bone sad at once. Kilk ACTUAL COST OF GOOD ROAD Varlou Methods of Financing Road .Building and Retiring Debts Dis- cussed by Expert on Subject. While it is frequently easy for a county to issue bonds and borrow money for improving the local high- ways, the raising of the money to re- tire those bonds at maturity is often not so simple. Many counties, in bor- rowing money for bonds, figure that the amount of money raised repre- sents the total cost of the road, for~ getting that the road must be main- tained and repaired if, at the end of the term of the bonds, the county is to have anything to show' for its invest- ment. The question of financing county road building is discussed fully in De- partment of Agriculture Bulletin No. 136, entitled "Highway Bonds," which is written by the office of public roads in collaboration with James W. Glover, professor of mathematics and insur- ance, University of Michigan. In this bulletin the authors discuss fully the various methods of financing road building and retiring debts for road construction, and also deal frankly with the actual total cost of a road during the life of the bonds. On the total cost of a road, the authors cite the following two examples as afford- ing at least a basis for estimating the total minimum cost of a mile of road: Bituminous macadam: Cost of con- struetton ($10,500) under 5 per cent serial bond with interest for 20 years, $16,012.50. Cost of annual repair and maintenance ($600) for 20 years, $12,- 000. Total cost for 20 years, $28,012~50. Brick: Cost of construction ($18,500) under 5 per cent serial bond with in. terest for 20 years, $26.426.73. Cost of annual repair and maintenance ($300) for 20 years, $6,000. Total cost for 20 years, $32,426.73. The authors point out that the ac- tual cost of building and maintaining h my a specific highway can be determined V feet ,ur L~ only after the character and volume lm t~cn ten of traffic and actual wear and tear asy. I t~t~uk nent~ I have have been studied for a series of dQLI~, 2~ in stamp= fro" a BOTTLE S|oan, Inc. Philadelphia, Ps. SmLV .tmr I BlsskloO Pills. Low- tS, roUablo; profsrmd hip rt~en, because they ore othw vmmlsU fail, booklet and testlmonlaba Pills $i.00 Pllts 4.0e Good Road In North Carolina. best. Is due to over Ill ~ rams e dY. order ( GM X OhI~. lip Mrs, Bertle Brlxie of is the only woman the only woman in shut up other womo Onkers Statesman. Mothers every botUe o| for emd see that U; would be glad of Pose as a retired on half pay. Balsam on hand for two sets of hour. to Suffer brave enough to or headache, or in addition, ur- look outl fix your sick fall into the trouble before you live more your kidneys Pills, you can and avoid ~ell, Case A. Lewd, St Law- Okla says: "I in misery an4 the said I had ca- of the bladder. he gave me The endured is be- and secretions bad shape. I a lot of weight. On a neighbor's I took Dean's Pills and they me to good r. B~ CALOMEL SICKENS[ IT SALIVATES! DON'T STAY BILIOUS, CONaTIPATED I Guarantee "Dodson's Liver Tone" Will Give You the Best Liver and Bowel Cleansing You Ever Had--Don't Lose a Day's Workl Calomel makes you sick; you lose a day's work. Calomel is quicksilver and it salivates; calomel injures your liver. If you are bilious, feel lazy, sluggish and all knocked out, if your bowels are constipated and your head aches or stomach is sour, just take a spoon- ful of harmless Dodson's Liver Tone instead of using sickening, salivating Calomel. Dodson's Liver Tone is real liver medicine. You'll know it next morning because you will wake up feeling fine, your liver will be work- ing, your headache and dizziness gone, your stomach will be sweet and your bowels regular. You will feel like working. You'll be cheerful; full of vigor and ambition. Your drugl~ist or dealer sells you a 50-cent bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone under my personal guarantee that it will clean your sluggish liver better than nasty calomel; it won't make you sick and you can eat anything you want without being salivated. Your druggist guarantees that each spoonful will start your liver, clean your bowels and straighten you up by morning or you can have your money back. Chil- dren gladly take Dodson's Liver Tone because it is pleasant tastlng and doesn't gripe or cramp or make them sick. I am selling millions of bottles of Dodson's Liver Tone to people who have found that this pleasant, vege- table, liver medicine takes the place of dangerous calomel. Buy one bottle on my sound, reliable guarantee. Ask your druggist or storekeeper about me. Adaptability. "Why don't you knit something for the war sufferers?" "I am knitting something," replied young Mrs. Torkins. "What is it." "Well. I thought they were going to be mittens, but I forgot to put the thumbs in, so I'll have to make them a pair of socks." KIDNEYS CLOG UP FROM EATING TOO MUCH MEAT Take Tablespoonful of Salts If Back Hurts or Bladder Bothers---Meat Forms Uric Acid. We are a nation of meat eaters and our blood is filled with uric acid, says a well-known authority, who warns us to be constantly on guard against kid- ney trouble. The kidneys do their utmost to free the blood of this irritating acid, but become weak from the overwork; they get sluggish; the eliminative tis- sues clog and thus the waste is re- talned in the blood to poison the en- tire system. When your kidneys ache and feel llke lumps of lead, and you have sting- ing pains in the back or the urine is cloudy, full of sediment, or the blad- der is irritable, obliging you to seek relief during the night; when you have severe headaches, nervous and dizzy spells, sleeplessness, acid stomach or rheumatism in bad weather, get from your pharmacist about four ounces of Jad Salts; take a tablespoonful In a glass of water before breakfast each morning and in a few days your kid- neys will act fine. This famous salts is made from the acid of grapes and lemon juice, combined with lithia, and has been used for generations to flush and stimulate clogged kidneys, to neu- tralize the acids in urine so it is no longer a source of irritation, thus end- ing urinary and bladder disorders. Jad Salts i inexpensive and cannot injure; makers a delightful efferves- cent lithla-water drink, and nobody can make a mistake by taking a little occasionally to keep the kidneys clean and active.--Adv. A Good HearL "George, Where are your school years. The figures quoted above, of books?" course, will not apply to ordinary mac- "W]leh n notices appeared that books adam, gravel or clay roads, but in were wanted for the wounded, I gave all these case the interest on the mine to them.'---Humorstlcke IAsty bonds must be met, and there musi(Prague). be expenditnres to maintain them tn condition. The poorer the drainage IPree to Our Reader= Write Murine Eye Remedy Co ChieaKo, is@ and the less permanent the character ~page Illustrated Eye Book Free. Write all of the road foundation, the greater about your Eye 'l~rouble and they will advise to the Proper Application of the Murins Submerged Timber. The strength of ~ hemlock stick a foot square that had been in water for almost forty years was recently test- ed in the 600,000-pound testing ma- chine at Rensselaer Polytechnic insti- tute at Troy, in New York. The tim- ber, which was 16 feet 9 inches long, had formed part of one of the piers of the Congress street bridge at Troy. When the pler broke down after the flood in the spring of 1913. the timber was turned over to one of the mate- rial-testlng laboratories of the Insti- Th~ Shot That Missed. In controversy it is better to be In- tellectually honest than to be consis- tent. :, In an ecclesiastical discussion that occurred at one of the general assem- blies of the Presbyterian church in the must be the percentage that repa/r Eye Remedies in Your Special CaM. Your costs will bear to the first cost. Sim- ilarly, the question of whether the actual surfacing is designed to with. stand the character of traffic and weather to which it is subjected also has an important bearing on what it will cost the county to keep the road in such shape that when the bonds are paid the locality still will have a valu- able property to show as a result of Its borrowing and repayment. Most Helpful Slang. One of the most helpful signs of the present time i the attitude of the farmer and the business man towards greater permanency in building and improvements. This is seen in road bmilding, in the very widespread use of concrete on the larm and in the tendency towards fireproof buildings in all of the small cities. Truly there are some places where concrete can be used to good advantage on your far~ Good Road Benefits, Good roads broaden our sympathy, lessen distance and increase our use- fulness. Bring Market Nearer. The good road brings the market nearer to you. Profit in Stock Feeding. Much of the profits of stock feeding will depend upon the kinds of feed you have at hand and the quality of the animals kept through the winter. Straw for Bedding. Straw for bedding animals should be safely housed in the barn and not allowed to go to waste in the ~tack. Benefit of an Incubator. In handling an ln~ubator th9 Pe~ versity of a hen's nature does not haVe to be reckoned with. ) Druggist will tell you that Murlne Relieves Bore Eyes, Strengthens We~k Eyes. Doesn't Smart, 8oothes Eye Pain, and sells for 50e. Try It in Your Eyes and in Baby's Eye8 for Bcal~ Eye~Ids and Oranul~tion, Adv. Approval. "You approve of your wife's public speaking ?" "Yes," replied Mr, Meekton. "I'd rather she told her views about eco- nomnlcs and sociology to the throng than ha~e her handing them out to me as little bedtime stories." Every Household Needs It. For cuts, burns s'prains and bruises, Hartford's Balsam of Myrrh should give quick relief. These may happen any day in any home and the prudent housewife will always keep a bottle on hand. Adv. Her Narrow Escape. He--I'd no idea you would accept me the first time I proposed. She---And did you think I would the second time? He---Oh, there would have been no second time Smile, smile, beautiful clear white elothes. Red Cross Ball Blue, American ~a@e, therefore best. All grocers. Adv. It isn't always the promising young man that fulfills the promise.--Dese- ret News. A~k anybody about it--Hanford's Balsam. Adv. A model wife is one who isn't pat- terned after a model. Jl~lUS@ Of thOl@ and Catarrhal Cured by Pe-ru-n8 ~A cold is acute cntarrh Yerun'a is a recognized iI~nae~d ,for catarrh. United States Doctor Krebs was press- ing his antagonist, Doctor Breckin- ridge, hard with his authorities, and at last, as the New York Times relates, AFFLICTED PEOPLE came down on him with this: "And now I will proceed to quote Breckin- ridge against Breckinridge." ~Vithout rising from his seat, Doctor Breckinridge instantly retorted, "And you could not possibly cite an author- ity that would have less we ght with me!" No Change. Police Magistrate--So you belong to the Smith tribe, eh? What's your full name ? Prisoner--John Smith, your honor. Same as when I'm sober. -- TAKE NOTICE -- Most Important discovery of modern tlm~: el,err,- Galvanic-Rings. A harmless and drngless remedy. Guaranteed. for Rheumatism, Neura1~I&, AcheS. Pains, Indisestlon.Female Troubles, ~sema~ Net~ vousness, ~tomaeh, Bowel, Kidney Tronble, et~ Composed of ~leetre-Posltive and Negative metals. When worn on the fln~erS producing a mild eurren~ of electricity thrOugh the body, ~hich purifies thu blood, stre~t~hens the nerves and muscleS, indsoe~ sweet, refreshing sleep, improves thu appetUe expels disease from the bony. Mr. John H. Grist, Austin, Tez wrlte~: "Can dis- tinctly feel the current. Banished Neuralgic-Rheu- matism fret2 me. They are a boon to humanJLtT, Indeed. I heartier recommend them." Mr. J. A. Hughes, Red Level, Ala : "rosette-Gal- vanic-Rings cured Rheumatism [ had forty years and now helping my wife." Mr. J.M. Clark, Crawfordvllle, On RA: "Haven't had[ any symptoms of rheumatism since wea~ins them." For full particulars, explaining the manner In wi~d el~ nitrogen and oxygen are produced frOm ecpper ann sine and converted into electricity; how electricity* nnd carbonic ~.ases affect the system; free tria~ offer, other tesumonial and bank guarantee, write M. E, BOGLE. AUSTIN, TEXAS North D oa Wh t and For haw e I~ acres and ~U acres farm laZ~ for sale, price ~ and $26 per acre, on easy terse; located on tht~ New Rockford-Montana line of tke Gt. Northern and east of Wilton on Northern i Pacific. BISMARCK aaALTY CO Bh~mar~l~ N. D~ Really Reliable. "Is your maid trustworthy?" "Trustworthy? Why, I even give her the key to the bread box!" tute. It was kept in the open air for three months, and then placed in Thoseof Middle Age Especially. a dry room for a little more than nine months. When placed in the testing When you have found no remedy for the horrors that machine, the calumn failed under a oppress you during change of life, when through the long load of 384,000 pounds; that is. the hours of the day it seems as though your back would breal long-submerged wood showed an ulti- when your head aches constantly, you are nervous, de- mate strength of 2,670 pounds to the pressed and suffer from those dread!ulbearing down pains, square inch. In the opinion of Prof. T. R. Lawson, who conducted the test, don t forget that Lydia E. Pinkham s Vegetable Compound the remarkable strength of this piece is the safest and surest remedy, and has carried hundreds of hemlock seems to show that be. ing immersed in water for a long time O~ women safely through this critical period. does not decrease the column strength .ead what these three women say: of timber that is subsequently permit- ted to dry out.--Zouth's Companion. From Mrs. Hornung, Buffalo, N.Y. One-Hundred-Dollar Tree. ]~U1~FALO~ N. Y.---"I am writing to let you know how much your The government has received $99.40 medicine has done for me. I failed terribly during the lest winter in payment for a single sugar pine and summer and every one remarked about my appearance, I suf- tree that a trespasser cut in the Stan- fered from a female trouble and always had pains in my back, no islaus National forest in California. It appetite and at times was very weak. yielded more than enough actual lum- "Iwas visiting at a friend's house one day and she thought I needed fer for a good-sized house, or for a Lydia K Pinkham'sVegetable Compound. I took it and-have gained two-foot board walk nearly two miles eight pounds, have a good appetite ~nd am feeling better every day. long. The tree scaled 18,933 board Everybody is asking me what I am doing and I recommend Lydia E. feet, and was valued at $5.25 a Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. You may publish this letter if you thousand feet. Officers of the for- wish and I hope others who have the same complaint will see it and est service believe that although na- get health from your medicine as I did.'--]Era. A~ Hom~-v~a~ 91 tional forest timber is frequently sold ~ta~ten ~t~ IJUI~a/o~ iN. X. at a higher rate a foot,' no other tree Made Me Well and Strong. ever felled in a national forest has ]~CEDON, N.Y.--"I was all run down and very thin ~n~ssh, ner~ been worth so much.---Youth's Corn- VOus, no appetite, could not sleep and was weak, and felt badly all panion, the time. The doctors said I had poor blood and what I had was MOTH AT turning towater. I/~)okdiffere~tmedieineswhiohdidnothelpme, but Lydia ]~ Pinkham's Vegetable Compound made me well and strong, and I am recommending it to my friends."--Mrs. Faro) Cm~o~ R. No. 2, Macedon, N.Y. I]HILDSTONGUE " oo,o , BELTSVILL~ MD.-- By the use of Lydia E. Pinkham s Vegetable Compound Ihave successfully passed through a most trying tim~ the Change of Life. I suffered with a weakness, and had to stay ih fever *constipated, bed three days at a time. Lydia E, Pinkham's Vegetable Compound If cross, restored me to perfect health, and I am praising it for the benefit of give "California Syrup other women who su~er as I dkU'--M ~. W. S. D~rv~ Route No. Beltsville, Md. of Figs" -- ~ l~= r SO y~mrS Lydia F~ PlnkhamSs Vege~l~b le ~ A laxative today saves a sick child uompoundhas been the standard remedyforfe= tomorrow. Children simply will notmale ills. No one sick ~vith woman's aliments take the time from play to empty their do~ Justice to herself if she does not trythls f~ bowels, which become clogged up with molls medicine made from roots and herbs, it waste, liver gets sluggish; stomach l~llrestore~somlsnysufferingwomeDtohmtlth, sour. ~m~Wrlte to LYDIA ]F~PI~gHAM ~EDI~ CO. Look at the tongue, mother! If coat- ~Fqr (CONF[DENTI&L)LYNN, MASS forsdv/ee. ed, or your child Is listless, cross, fee- Your letter will be opened, read and answered by ~ woman and held in strict confidence. ADVICE TO DIE AGED sm ~ ss hsve specific effect on these orllPmSs stlmulsttnS the bowels, ~Jvoe tuttutsd ~s msd ~ts visor tn t~e ~le s~s~ W. N. U Oklahoma City, No. 12r!91~ Knows Something of the Sea. Naval Recruiti~g Officer (to actor who has applied to Join the naval re- serve---And what experience have you had? . Actor--Quite considerable, I was two years a midshipman in H. M. S. Pinafore, :a lieutenant in half a dozen plays and an admiral in the Chinese Honeymoon.--London Opinion. Yes, waiting every farmer or farme~'s* son---any industrious American who is~ anions to establish for himself a happF home and prosperiW. Canada's hearty in. vii ties this year is more attractive than ever. Wheat is higher but her farm land just as cheap and in the provinces of Manitoba| Saskatchewan and Albarta 160 Acre Homesteads am Astually Free to Settlers and Other Land at From $16 to $20 per Aore The people of European countries as well as the American continent must be fed--thus an even greater demand for Canadian Wheat will keep up the price. Any farmer who can buy land at $15,00 to $30.00 per acre --get a dollar for wheat and raise 20 to 45 bushels to the acre is bcmnd to make money---that's what you can expect in Western Canada Wonder- ful yields also of Oats, Barley and Flax. Mixed Farming is fully u prof- itable an industry as grain raising. The excellent grasses, full of nutrit/on, are the only food required either for beef or dairy purposes. Good schools, markets convenient, climate excellent. Military service is not compulsory in Canada but there is an unusual demand ~or farm labor to replace the many young men who have volunteered for serv|ce m the war. Write for literature and ~articular~ ~ to reduced railway rates to Su~eri~eadeat Immigration, Ottawa, Cam~da; or to erlsh, breath bad, restless, doesn't eat heartily, full of cold or has sore throat or any other children's ailment, give a teaspoonful of "California Syrup of Figs," then don't worry, because it is perfectly harmless, and in a few hours all this constipation poison, sour bile and fermenting waste will gently move out of the bowels, and you have a well. lllayful child again. A thor- ough "inside cleansing" is ofttimes all that is necessary. It should be the first treatment given in any sickness. Beware of counterfeit fig syrups. Ask at the store for a ~-eent bottle of "California Syrup of Figs," which has full directions for babies, children of all ages and for grown-ups plainly printed on the bottle. Adv. Diog's Find. Digenes was searching the streets of Athens for the honest man, when sud- denly the spirit of Ananias sidled up to him 'and whispered. "Diogenes, I am a liar!" Whereupon Diogenes scratched his bald pate for a time in perplexity, but finally, closing his lantern, had to in- ,rite the shade home to dinner.--Co- lumbia Jetster. Coughg and Colds esnnot hold out a~mlnst Dean's Mentholated Cough Drops. A single dose gives relief--he at all Druggists. Why don't you take a day off and get acquainted with yourself? For any sore use Hanford's Bal- sam. Adv. Your Uncle Samuel spent $800,000,- 000 for Jewelry last year. aprmM halr~ UWt G. A. COOK 125 W, 9th Sd Kine,a Clty. Me. Cstmdlan ~