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March 20, 1997     The Perkins Journal
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March 20, 1997

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NS JOURNAL-THUrSDAY,._ MARCH 20, i997 PAGE-5 ........ . .......... 5.-:.'!::ii :: .......?:i ....... Stillwater Health and Leisur.e Fair in honor of Rick Darlington this Saturday t,) go to, ?, s,ng]e p!ace to find out able for many ages. These groups ........................... :::./ii!:.:.'.::: ............ by Elizabeth Wiseapou nearing, DIOOCl pressure, include the Project HEART and wsual acmty, glaucoma, body fat, Sunshine Seniors, Stiilwater and other health related screen- Ballroom Dancing, Big Brothers I was told that over one thousand people attended the Cowboy ings as well as leisure activities and Sisters, YMCA, and man; Hall of Fame 36th annual awards banquet this year. Several awards available in Stillwater. Just at- others. were given, each recipient receiving a bronze sculpture, the Wran- tend the Stillwater Health and In addition to the health gler. The master of ceremonies was Tommy Lee ,Jones, and the co.- Lmsure. Fair. at the Park and screening booths, there will be hostSMartinWereMurphey,Barry Corbin,and RedWilfrdsteagall.Brimley' Brad Johnson, Michael t ecr.eatmp building at 315 E. 9th educational booths. They include Michael Martin Murphey was the one who announced Dad's in inwa er on Saturday, March information on lung disease, award, and OSU President, Dr. Halligan, escorted me to the stage 22nd. The fair will start at 7:00 women's health, nutrition, din- to receive it. Michael Martin M, urphey not only shook hands with a.m.,and end at 1:00 p.m. This betes, AIDS, and various other us, he kissed my hand. I didn t wash that hand for hours after- year s lair is again being held in education subjects. ward. It was a nice occasion. The musical host, The Riders in the honor of Dr. Rick Darlinffton. For the kids, the Stillwater Po- Sky, gave us some enjoyable listening. Several health care profession- lice Department will have a po- I would like to thank'everyone who supported Lance Millis, who als from the area will stafflice car on display for them to V put forth so much effort to get the recognition for Dad, recognition booths an. d present information, see. in addition, the Stillwater which I think has been overdue and richly deserved. There will be over 25 booths pro- Fire Department will have their I'm not prejudiced, either, vlding Information or perform- firetruck on display and their I !! Supedntendent's Message tug.screenings.. The American fire dog, Sparky. They will also ICed Cross will sponsor the provide instructions on Stop, by lira Hyder Health Fair .and the Park and Drop and Roll, and they will iii i~i It has been a few months since I took the time to write a "Mes-rtecreauon Will co-sponsor tlae have smoke detectors available. i sage article for the Journal. event. The screenings are free The Stillwater Medical Center It is hard to believe Spring Break is past, the third nine weeks and offered to people of all ages. will man the summary and re- are over, basketball play-offs are through and we have only 40 some _ for a aonatmn of $15.00 .the ferral station with counseling by days left for this school year. It has been a good year and a lot of Stillwater Medical Clinic will a trained health care rofes positive things have happened. To mention just a few: our new provide an optional blood chem- sional on your screening results. gym opening, the new band room addition, a successful FFA and 4- m ry est lne moon screeningWhile the screening tests of- H Spring Livestock Show and Sale, two National Merit Semi-finaF mcmaes separate tests from fered at the Health Fair do not ists, an Academic All-Stater and our basketball girls qualifying for diabetesto cholesterol. Tests for replace a physical examination the State Finals. good cholesterol will be an extra by a physician, they do provide While recently reading the Organization of Rural Schools news- $5.00. Those participants wish- an opportunity for an individual letter, the executive secretary, Mr. Perry Willis, had a timely ar- mg to take the blood chemistry to learn more about his or hers tide that I would like to share with you in part. , test should follow fasting proce- own health and how daily health C(mgratulatitms go out to schools (ttl )it ying [br 1he State 'lour- dures. For accurate results, do habits aftbct it " not eat or drink anything exc , nanlents. Also, congratuhilhms those that gaw_, it all tln,v had water 12 hours nrior to this test ..,;u L. ........... r.. ..... . ....... " and just came up short. . ' ' . exc Again, admission is frte and 7~ It .... will O1:~ %tlJUIl Ill)Ill /.UU ~l.lll. [0 The State tournam(,nt is one of the main highlights of the rural PLEASE CONTINUE TO TAKE 1 00 m on March 22nd school community. People wit fi,lh,w a team that qualities tbr ,.lit' MEDICATIONS. one $ishing infi, rmation "2:Yi State Tournament, even ifthc, y do not watch very many games dur- The L(isur Fair will provide ing the regular season. The community takes a lot of pride in their , s , the Health Faw should contact information anddemonstrations the Payne County Red Cross teams and wants to show support no matter how far a team gets in , .... the play-offs; this is only one of the many advantages of attending on the various leisure groups Chapter at 372-1833 a rural Oklahma schl One f the many reasns we n :ed t I H il keep our small rural schools is because it allows many stud(nts to "=" .i participate and become involved in activities that teach them valu- ' Need Legal able lessons that will benefit them in their adult lif . It also allows mental state funds moro of them to display leadership qualities and responsibilities that are more easily taught in sports, academic competition, FFA Help ? ill i ili ;ii competitions, FHAcompetitions, music, and other activities than in the classroom. Without these smaller rural schools, we would have more idle students without anything to occupy their time, and very few means to tap this wonderful source of talent and energy. I[ l ll Call Brenda Nipp [I Be proud of yourteams no matter how far theymade itin the,Sll =C;te 'el s & llpp- illl get a total of tricts, or nearly half of the dis- play-off of any of the activities that offer an elimination competi- even jftheywere eliminated very early in the competition, For one || 135 S, Main Perkins .term" funding: tricts in Oklahoma, will recei:e tion. The students probably learned more than we will ever know, II . Attomeys547_2479At LOWor1-800-724-6477 II Sen., Mike mid.termt i/ds',thi,3/ ar., .... .... : ..... ., t mg they vgll learn how to bounce back from advermty and we all II ed recently. , " : : " ' : ' : ! that'&d ,erslty will happen again and,again during their adult ||..'" , "|, reoewe $821, " Local students at life. As A! McGuire once said, "Winning is really overemphasized. ..... ' .... , , ,, , , , I and G#leneoe The only time it is really important is in surgery and war." OSU in Okrnuigee JimHyder, Superintendent is their share Stress: How can we avoid it? Irl appropriated school Year, said Wells, D- Will enable akin- hire new teach- and that are needed student explained the Leg- last year, Wells now re- state fund- A total of 50 students from Payne County are among the 2,031 students from 73 of Oklahoma's 77 counties and 20 other states enrolled this spring at Oklahoma State University in Okmulgee. Included in the 50 Payne County students are Patsy Bateson and Randall Tarlton of Perkins and Johnny Bowman, Troy Cheaney, Carlie Dejarnett, and Angela Paxton of Ripley. Okmulgee is the only college in Oklahoma established specifi- cally for technical education, of_ fering several college-level tech- nical/occupational programs of study in 11 major disciplines. manners as much as the next guy, but we thought you could use a little more. That's why we're offering a free 10-year manufacturer's parts and labor extended warranty with our already reliable Trane high-efficiency air conditioners and heat pumps. In addition, youql get the quiet, com- fortable economy you can only get from Trane. It's just our way of saying, "Thanks: Call your partic- ipating Trane dealer today. It's Hard To Stop A Trane? Offer not available to contractors or builders. Offer expires May 31. 1997 Heating & Air Conditioning Service and Repairs 122 E. Thomas Perkins 405/547-5046 e Don't tcll the real estate agcnt, but your '~;'~ ~ pl'Ol~crty has something vcrv valuable ~f- undcnaeath it--the ability to heat and "~'~=:~:'~''- .: cool your home. If you have a Ground- "'~~'5 ~ORI'CC ]~tCat Pl.lri] p. This systcm heats and cools your homc using the Earth's constant temperature, and opcrates using a comparatively low amount of ctecmcilv. So there's no pilot light, or carbon lnonoxide fumes to worry about. Best of all. it saves the average consmner up to 60% on energy bills in the winter, and 25% in the SUmlncr. Call our Energy Advisors today for lnorc informatiol~ on a Ground-Source Heat Pump for your holne. You'll get more than you bargained for in down-to-earth savings. CENTRAl. RL'R,Ai. ELEC fRIC COOI'ERATI VE l'or more i~!le~malior,, ~,tll (4d5 ?,72-2;tS4 To Your Good Health Are you experiencing muscular tension, headaches, an upset stomach, fatigue or irritability? Do you find yourself withdrawing from others, feeling anxious and overwhelmed or exaggerating negatives? If you are, you may be experiencing job stress. Everyone feels some level of stress. How we handle it psychologically can make a big difference in how much it affects us. The human body has a fairly high tolerance for stress. In fact, some people can hold up under massive amounts of stress for years with little apparent harm. But for most Americans, it's fast becoming a health problem. Some medical professionals estimate that up to 90 percent of all visits to the doctor are stress related. "Stress can affect the human body in a number o f d i fferent ways," says Keith D. Hough, M.D. of Perkins Keith D. Family Clinic. Hough, M.D. "In addition to the more common symptoms of headaches, fatigue, indigestion and muscle tension, years of stress can lead to more serious problems, including insomnia, loss of appetite, ulcers, high blood pressure, depr;ssion, heart disease and other illnesses." So what can be done to reduce the amount of day-to-day stress in our lives? Experts offer a number of guidelines. Here are some general ones: Find a sport you like and participate in it. Talk about your feelings with someone. Brainstorm -- look for options to lower your stress. Write out your feelings in a journal. Don't think negatively. Maintain a healthy diet. Enjoy vacations and weekend excursions. In addition, if your job causes you to feel stressed, here are some stress- relieving exercises you can try at your desk: Starting with your toes, slowly tighten the muscles in your body. Keeptightening, then hold, release, and relax. Sit up straight and let your chin fall forward onto your chest as you exhale. Inhale as you pull your head back. Bring up your shoulders toward your ears. Then exhale and release. Do "the swim." Rotate your shoulders and arms. Your shoulders and neck will feel better almost immediately. Another factor contributing to stress at work is co-worker relationships. Remember that no two people are exactly alike and, chances are, there will be some conflict between co-workers on occasion. Realize that conflict is not only natural and often times unavoidable, but it can be a way of bringing about positive changes. So, what can be done to resolve a conflict with a co- worker? Experts encourage these solutions: Start talking. If there is a wall of silence between two people in a conflict, nothing can be resolved. Take it outside. Sometimes it's much easier to discuss things if you're not in the office. Pull the other person into a hallway, take him or her to coffee. Acknowledge the oiher side's point of view. Listen. Be willing to compromise with the other person. Another tip for reducing stress both at home and the office is to be on time. It sounds simple, but experts say workers are more productive, accomplish more and suffer from less stress when they are'on time. Adopt the 15/30 rule. If you have to walk somewhere at a specific time, leave 15 minutes earlier than you normally would. Likewise, if you have to drive somewhere, leave 30 minutes earlier than you had planned, just in case you hit traffic or get lost. Finally, use these two techniques the next time you're encountering stress: Give yourself permission to enjoy things. Everyday, do something you really want to do. Learn to forgive yourself when you make a mistake and when others do something that annoys you. Please Call For An Appointment Sponsored By AMII TI TT 117 S. MAIN i! ii~ ! ! ii 5 : D;eAccept Commercial i~sz.m~:, aovtw~ tart am~ ~.~" be. :, PERKINS, OK s 405/547-2473 * 888/547-2473 (rou. ;am A Service of t~ Hillcrest Medical Group