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March 22, 1984     The Perkins Journal
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March 22, 1984

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The Perkins Journal Thursday, March 22, 1984 -- PAGE 9 YOUR PROFESSION F. Reader asked me to marry him-- has that original picture of Lucille was raised in homemaker. Instead, very By Janet F. Reader Perkins resident Ewing Canada), vividly recalls the very earliest days of broadcasting done by ra- dio and television front runner, station WKY in Oklahoma City. A veteran radio man, Canaday was a pioneer himself in the television J ote to each othe and I didn even know the man that won her Center Point, Louisiana. openly, she said, "I'ddustrv as WKY's ' irst J* year, but we "h/m,"shesaid. Herdaugh- mother's heart throughShe still has family in share anything and every- ra-dio-'and--televis-ionnew--s ',meet until,the day tar EllenSndthofPerkine the maiL Louisiana with a sister, thing with her. " The oider broadcaster in the stste on Y 10t married ' Vinco ...... ------.- Vera Allen, and two woman feels things are ..... !o, t.oo;o ,, s is m, Lu "cille Sharp _.brothers, John S ayes and much different nowr " " Canaday, | | m t ...... sister we'd o down to the .. kl hinks back to that ,kJL Point. Another , g new media of taler|man oftime--v earsa o,., m aldine Davidson,. lives, creek--pack_ _ all our o~ainingo ......... ileAn~|nuo ---~nnlv ,eXplains that her about 18 miles away m clothes--washdown there months before the FCC Herman Sa as, .... Alexandria, Louisiana and then bring them hack nlac d a freeze on new tel y . &- ...................... |* An eaperteae b de t , C lay hasn't n, starved in the Naw f that far ofte but Lucille up. It makes you appreci- due to the ]aro demand her husband saye every other year or so ate everything. Even the " retired his voiee, though he finished vublic breadcast- she'ssueakimtof' her brother Herman electricity. Wedidn have ing in the late '60's. .i esa sherbrot'- - comes to Oklahom& It 's a that We used to have the ............. Y _ _ . WKY. I came to WK m interest in documentary wide assortment of both .' 0wnCecila hoto- festive time when they gst old battery powered " her. "All he sawP ....... ! " ' " " ........... ..... productionand educationaldevelopedfilmand mentaudi plusandhamvideradioeqUiP-tran- together again, she says, rac i'o I' . ,.. ' Back in those days--the ,. Y first ade ic .... necause ne generatty Telling on herself, sue ! she said Corremon- * .... brings a to roast. #Wesays she remembers being of r c.ords It was all live gr p - ........ ..... ..... another trip followed to sceivers, Canaday dillgent- .... r-- .............. Columbia, South America. ly perf_ects his voice and .Started between the really have some fun the object of some humor No tar No discs " Filming for Canaday reading. )ne of the, great :a er a letter to her then," she sm.'d, when as a_ young, wife she -'A li -t' e inv---olvement has included work with benefits, of course, 'Cana- rfromCecilhrought Homemakmg agrees att.empted to put the in broadcasting for Cana- Union Equity Exchan , adayeaid, qmsbeenanew of him U n see- ~ with the conjeuim grand- lights ouc uy mowing on whn ti od Frnm an l cille rec P ll:, she m mother of a dozen. Shethem." t :u i'ctdt'ur d-news s' i nn Houston based wheat !amiliarity with the Bible. then and there hasn ever worked out- * * * market enterprise, for 13f course," the grey ................................ - which he creat i introduc- headed gentleman adds, would m that side the home thougn She [,utw arry ..... DIRTY RICE lot of memories. Most are tory films for use in tours 'I had been a Bible stu- L, has taken m domesuc 11bs. groundmeat good, and as such are well and introduction of the dent. lwasn'tastranger laughs when she work such as ironing, in 1 cup Uncooked Rnce represented by a coilecUon overall scope of the Ex- to the Bible before." that his proposal Lucille is. shown with one of many owls she has years past, and she says 1 can Onion Soup of photos, awards, and a change. Canaday has also With clear diction and fas r than made for grits and sale she has babymt a lot for te . . 1 can Cream of Chickenscrapbook of newspaperworked with the State well practiced timing, bdieve. "Inhis gr,,andkids. . Soup clippings and records of Department of Vc Tsch on Canaday's voice is readily , I believe, he I love to be a " 1 cup Hot Water achievemevt a variety of educational understandable, even he .... homemaker I love cook-1/. ..... Caned admi mh._ . . " .... tmoppe mmn ay dmits some films, says to may with hearing G IT OVER " ing JUSt sit at name au . ., . 1 Lge. Bell Pepper of the live broadcastingThe latest and most impairments. It is appar- " the time," she says, ..... chopped was riddled with mcidents time consuming endeavor ent that recording has [ A rrl__- _ AT __ althougn it is unco nvm. c- 1 small jar Piminto he wouid prefer to forget. Canaday devotes his been his occupation and as mg that the opporcumcy ~ ,, L lfeHUS ' . , . L/4cupchoppedVarsley I didn realize it at the broadcasting experience a continuing avocation, he to sit is taken mucn a a- In deep pot saute on-time, but when I have a and talent to is recording applies much discipline to vantage of unless the E ..... ions, bell pepper, parsley restless night now andof the Bible. After a year meet with the approval of eating out is amustthese weamer is oa . and brown the ground have little nightmares, it's and a half, and the sur- his own critical ear. t n.c!l tt t attstwo decades- %atcko hl :rtomm,usiCe l.arJ=eto black-bottom, Charleston av l.d:bl days when ready m eS ,e LucilleI makesays.myG te .n garden, ingredients.meat" Add rem, mmgCover withSCalPa usuallYlittle bloops.about one of those prise,,much tofmydiScveringchagrin, the andFromsignalhiS PerkinsHill studio,hme heard the remark. "It's toward the expanse of tight lid and bake at 330 NIV is a copyrighted ver- Canaday allows two shy " h Tose tense me rto eat out th.an to tilled ground south of the for one hour, or until done. . ,, .... " sion and I couldn't cam- yellow cats to share, he coolU'However, Icantsee home andslopingtowarcl , mencs, t ananayreca ., mercially market it," pursues further recordings .... " are dreams of go' ont whenah piece of pie the Cimarron River near-MARSHMALLOWS ..... mg Canaday still pursues the of scripture, the most ~il] bathe costs one dollar--a whole by, she said, "I put all i b/g~can of reaches or any mr w~cnouc prepare, copy, project that began on the cent being a six tape ser- , , _ pie six dollars, that bottom down there mfruit w th syrup . rata the sta- encouragement of awom- ies entitled Gem of the ckene_d_, garden. I plant from the 1 hag of big marshme wstion to find news machines an at church and the per- New Teatament. He is also m fga e.VVea in r]Vse corner here, plumb down 1 pkg. of cream cheesewould .dead.i' Some of sonal hope of making working on what he calls "s mancould used this day and age. . __ '_" to the end, and one side to 2 env of unOavored moss,, , cnmgs nappen.en, scriptures more available "a ,history of God s .mmmt~sr0mun~cc~~l."j ~Sh~ twhi:rdaYasand 2e~y ~2~esLI)~ theother." gelatin" " It s always m'ce to wake a for a blind friend, ple,' a taped rendition up like mushrooms m a ~~:22STo~n:e~ ou Seeds are brought from At mad/urn temperaLureup and know that it was a After correspondencecalled Chosen of God. :nan e the freezer where Luci]]e on the stove melt the drean . I guess, you name with the publisher of the The Canadays, Ewing .. mry /ueen feels they keep best and marshmallows in the it and it happened to me popular New Internation- and his yfe Mark, both T tnCucKy germinate better, and syrup, set the fruits aside, at one time or .other in al Version of the Bible, enjoy golf. v'e enjoy be- . = ul~'~, prleo t~mcKen, Long dOIm n " " kin r h re my te ure, Cenaday said plans fot e app aching When the marshmal- " .......... 5 .......... are dis- _.., :, .. ....... gsn to do reeeerch of other ing together," Canaday - have been Lobster. m-any more b'armm p,nu u _ lows are metteu m trier to re remen versions. "All of them are said, adding that the con- cussed. "I was raised on a the blender and add the Canaday spent two years copyrighted except the old pie had begun dating tire numerous to mention, farm I've --t to have " ........ has Places where you can " go _ . cream CheeSe, mLX approx, overseas m Mmawl, Arrl- King James," he said.when she was thirteen. ......... J-~ .............. * - " ~)~ ' the ' ' " " ' " ' ta't* nv'-hour something to do m two minutes. Add the ca, for the Umverstty of It s in the public We ve been married 51 II of summer, Lucille stud.gelatin that has been MmsourL He had prey1- ,, years. Youklndof gstat- - 1 ti go batty up here, prevmusly mixed m two ously spent two years m domain, tached to a person in that L n= a American sueciaL And nil ,mu, m mu cups OZ wa r. ;tmopta xor u u, oomg Working from a base- length of them,' Cauaday the co.fmes of a room Pour the mixture in a pub relations work. An n nt studio that hon.. a said. " where winter has had its pan and refrigerate until it " long w onderf~, business.it you ;_j ...... . ......... L . ish to be more in *h muir r comee nrm, men maze , . scouts and their families " * ..... " - .............. eou ...... Senator Shednck i Y tobe re ared " " i " . Plaster of pans owls disappear m our Will ttO~ere t~Dun* r~ v~ ~ ~ ~. ............ , .... -C-ar age -Inn or .cover amrgs er [),.e , ............... t omml cee If you have a sonin- IO tn rermns rbu . o ietv has nave c en carenmy hans- DIABETIC WAFFLE. LI--|.i terested in Cub Scouts, March 30 " i 'vin F ................ ~ cups Shtam~ uour neglected; home cooking changed ts way of h g. . r t.. it ewb to/liv: mirrors glued into a 3 bakingpowd Pack 24 held their Please come to our camp Oklahoma State Sena out You can join anytime yle tar is tc tar me asst., ..... ..... " ...... L, ...... : ........ " .... t be o. ars tar Bernice Shedrick will that purpose. 2 eggyolks ing March 15, at the Unit- OZot er* nave a ten Molding and painting 2eggwhi. od Methodist Church. business dis- C!t ns'.Fr,day,.'March literally dozens of other I=A cups skim milk Those present included; ~ercelve tile InOIv]Oual plaster plaques and 1 T melted marg~ Rick Ford- Cubmaster; ~s~sedcesW~at?~n~Ys at Rfley:sSteak House, 30 Irom 7 30 to9 3U a.m. ................ Christmas aecoracions % t. liquid sweetner Bob Blair - Webelos Leas- can perform. We are t M - .. , ..... .... cupiesLucille'stimewben I. Sift flour with ;ElaineBlair-Dan2A uver COT Se anu uougn- ~~w. Though, ldoimow .h.(o.'to~t,ln~forf.ml.o ~)..,~; .... ,~. o~o~.n~ I.~.dor-Anita "~:1 '~to'~ntt"heciW~- nuts, Shedrick will discuss er age of situation you face. One who does," we could ........... -- ."T- .... ................... oes,:' we _ ly or company or outside 2. Gradually add beat- Hurst - Den2 Lead.; n p. f have =? topics of current concern ~~ouoweaomy be on our way to great ~th h~ ~ard~nln~ She ....... ~bo .~Ib o..~ -qteven Hurst-New Com- Parg" ~he CUb Scou~ in the Oklahoma legis- ~ltlQ as~OCl a setec~ lew at ne retie~- ~_ __ _.. _ _ ~__ _, ~__. ^# ~_ .. f ........ o -----o. ~,, ~e~es 7v~, "-"~ -~ ..... et.. A- sold many of the delicate margarine and fold in stif- mittee Member; Bonnie thing that , . times prescn m recommenua Like me ~ sue ~n ~n" Like the Ape.sUe - pieces over the holidays flv beaten whites McNelly - Committee can help with please let us tamre. drew, if we pointed our .... .... ef .... .... "_" -- ^-- ^ -' ...... r r" know. I ~L~--_-~f .... ,~ . ~twuuis- ~,~l~.a~tv" o. neu~ wame /roll. tuet. ut~.znou , As leaders we er~cglrage T " "n ' oher to Je.sus.as.ma forts of a neighbor who 4. Pour I T. mixture in Ephraim Wall- Commit- our boys to achieve the LOOK1 g all emcompas.mg wor oz nroudly displayed an each section (near center) tee Chairman; Oliver his soul and Lord of his =__ ...... " "~- "'n"--'al ........ ~ ._J:_ c ..... highest recognition possi- Forward! I ~ k~ .... :?'Y ....: .-.-- . . ~r~u~.~ u. ~,~ u u~u ~a~e un~. crisp anu nahum -o~u~ ~u~uu, - ble. At the CUb Scout lay- .. . - ~ne life, we would be placing R~v~r~t|nn* in h,~r work t, .... .... ;,~ o.t;;tnr. ~rl .I~rkina - Den 1 .... i the "Arrow of rerkins residents are .... ' ................................... " .............. T.i he "A. n,,k asked to attend a meeting our friend's needs in more aras at M ,rv Marine in ciall'- sweetened ;amLeader el cms s - the advisor. _ _ capable hands. tinwater At, .... Bonnie McNeil,, an- ""' ........ r ..... n ro- ..,. boo. -- ,., -, ......... a reco niUonfor the Civil Defe sep co as- l! we coma near cnac .qhaHn a mirit that * nnunced it would be her gram in town, said City TV ~'~s ...... -!, -- -~- - -- one h ul, bei.ng, YERsE virtuallyradia fromLu- PEANUT BUTTER last meeting because her asan t onor umr. zms d .tifi as a Manager Gerald Hall. ell-, ............... Give us help from trou- ~.fll. ~ #m.d.m nr~d~ COOKIES family .... m moving to Wood- :-:"'=-: -- =--" The meeting will be at orvain is the help of far - --^J unction- of the zut racg. tn/ormac --- ' ,4 cups [tour w-,u. rm, ~ .~,t thi~ will be an 7:30 p.m., March 22 at uu . uua man. t,salmsess.tt beyond that to many cup peanut butter secretary/treasurer were nounced at-our Pack City HalL " " e mg ..at nsighbors and friends. The %cuvcookin oil turned over to Uarri .... Area, the deadlin is meet.rag--see you there. _ .. _ _ .... ~.-..t ....... --._ ..... river, of course, has to be 2 t. Sweet and LOw Jerkins. -o- "drawuq$.-- ,u. -, us gaze; marmng co aarnmmmr me , Little Leaguers. Registra- HoP,.O TO o. contended w th o y 1 tsp baking powder h ack meet" are totall in. dialysis treatments, . " Marc p mg tion is during business in to year. Lucille says sever- % cup water was planned. It will be at NOTICE ) hours at City Hall until al years ago when it was I "~ --- llnlt~ M~thndio* ~te home maiyms machine ......... -"~" .,, -v ...................... rmmg over oan , sne 1 tsp. vanma Church The theme will be The Perkins Chapter the end of the month. The ool, must unaergo anou decided to go to the Combine all ingredients. W;-- & Rud- YHO will be placing col- office also will be open 0 -vtu8 la , vv .~, ~,~o - / ey two more months of train garden for one more arm- Mix well. Shape into one . .ake Bake " lection cans for the Payne from 6 to 8 p.m. on March answers bin - ..... Bentle , former Cus g m before she will be able fnl of omens The water on un fore_shew'dlbe inch hails. Place " Fathe sons are reminded County Red Cross in 21 and March 28 for nOvV: tt; intrO,: was covering the far coo e.sh.eet . , to keep this in mind when several businesses down- sign-ups. steps involved in c of the garaen as sne Flatten with [orz ate their sake town. Look for them at Phyers, coaches and as- I@ .. . . they decor . "-- mpute 'nzed dney treatment, returned arms laden to the at 375 for 12 to 15 minAnri] Pack nm ruz will P.J. s Flowers, Del-Mars sistante are still needed. ~clOns tar " " a a . . . " r .... --~ house. Standing there or until light brown. Store bee Kite Derby. We need Grocery, and Perkins ,,T ,=o- ... shed at both L asmng_with her bounty, ana zoo in refrigerator, interested uarents to halo Drug. The cans will be qew lteslaen s . banks to assist the fatal- __i~ the destruction of so One cookie enuais 45 ...... ...... ~,,.. ,,, ,d.. available u_ntfl the end of Those placing a deposit W ' I -- tvt m ~ w V lyin the" el- mu . of her labor, the. calories, this event, this month only, so please with City Hall for water ms name fort to keep John slave, modmtwomanexp ,sasd May Pack meeting will get your donations in service w thin the last "" phone for marathon three -o- her nature and easy goLng t,, h ld mt Lake Carl soon. The Payne County week are' Allen Sharp 402 and he must be wi- ..... attitude. "And I s l, ......... Red Cross has helped East St.i Apt. A; t . The footprmnts left on the i ours of Bal f(.' ' ...... Nell b-'* ....... many Perkins familiesNelson, 902 Payne; and verbatim" in cassia "- / hove I .... o----- ~ -" Moon by Apolto sstronsul~ Annual ~'ut)-u-t~e, v~ ~L~~" ~"~- h(~y~_~._ I~ICi]~CO~(~'f.~ .,0 expected to rsmsin vis-Cub-O-Ree iS a f(m%~y during times of disaster ArlisandLindaJoR/ley, -- " /stound, j [c eOke Q. any specific advice she ible for st least ten million cam out invol " cub- and personal loss. 307 E. Kenworthy. . . . p vmg