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March 22, 1984     The Perkins Journal
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March 22, 1984

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PAGE 12 -- The Perkins JournalThursday, March 22, 1984 IIECOIID OF THE PROCEEOII~ Of THE RE~ILAR REETIIIG Of THE:,,~ .oted that SOuthport ~S actively leasing property surround,n9 the falrgnounds PAYNE COUNTY I~ OF COP~|SSIOHERS 'ov~', noted that they 8r~ .iLllng to mark in any ~y on restrictions that might hy ,,r(e',sary ~n the area. buena H~Yev, twtension Director. mS present, He nOted that Lhe ~,~r Roard WOuld urohab~y request restriction to dr~llih9 Off that 40 acres Yhe POyml C~ty liberal of C~DtSStOneTS l@t ~O re~ler ~etIP.g T~sdBy, february wner~ the talr~r,~und hul ;dings are Iocited 2|, Ig~l. Notice of the ~nletinO mS ~ by pOSttng In Igendt It roo~ I01, Court~ hOUSe, St|l|wAtee, OK. The follotltmj tmre present: Karen Eay Nullendore, Chel~ ; John Severe. (.awl Asststsnt was bresenL ~vere ~oted that the BOard uould have luPnneth M. Im15~, Vice-Camilla; Rtchard A. A~dereoo. Ribber; ~eet ~hterfer. to go to bid on the ]eas~nq. C~ul~ty Clerk. ~hr Ch~tr,, ........ ~,nned if the loose money ~u]d be deposited to the Genera] fund or to the Fairgrounds. Severe noted that he ~=ould have to study tHe lee~e. ;he Chetme titled the meeting to order at 9:00 t.m. The Clerk presented the rote- uses or the ratings of 1/31 and 2/6. Ar~erson ~de the ~tton to i~rove the mtn- utes at pretlmted. Nelso~ seonde~. ~oteoo cerrtee: nelson, eye; /b~erso~, eye; ~11en~ore, eye. The Creek ~resented i bemtt for 5WI~ foe bur|ed cebte to be located 5ec 16 i 21, TJ0h.RJE. helSO~ mode the mottno tO epereve the beff~tt It peesooted. Andeesno se- C,~t. ~tl0a oerrted: ~lso~. eJ~; Ae~trs~. lye; Hulltn~oru, aye. The BOard tab]ed the m~tter for study anti1 the neat requ]ar ~etin9. The ChairlNin recessed the regular IN~til~J. The Chai~n coiled the Public Heiril~g tO order at 11:00 a m. The Clerk presented the folIot~tOg $~lllm~S frofltter F~rel SOViet 6 Loan ~t. Oivtd ~. Phelps, ere1. The summons ts for betttton tO roreclosure mortgoge tn Cook's Add payment has been received in the amount of $51,336.O0. The annual ition. ~15on ~de the morton to fona~ the sv411~ns to John Severe roe dlspostteo~ expected to be aporo=~n~tely $205,000.00 In the best interest of Payn~ County. Andeesoh seconded, Motion ceerted: helson,aye A,derson, aye; Mullendore, aye. (C-64-77) The Chalr~n noted that the following request have been received lhe Chair~n noted that lhe Public Hearin9 ~as set to P~ar request for Pevenue Sharing Funds. (ntltlement Period XV. The ChairNn noted that they have received notice the Revenue Sharing has been extended thrOugh ~pte~her, 1986 The first receipt ~s Mullendore presented sullmns C-8A-47. Jerks W. Buetscht vS. Clay of Stall.tar, et aI ~llendore noted that the summons ~s prevfoosly su~ttted e~ ForwIrded to Joh~ ~vere for dtsoosltion. Severe e~ested t~t the Bo~rd revll~ the aW~I$ca- t~on to vacate portion bf street and e11dy ~y, before any action ts tekon. The vacattno tS for property located in Mtllde't B|ock. Colleo~! Addttloo. The Chelmn noted ~het the alley ~y a~ street has not beeo uttltzed stnce lg~0. The Bo~rd noted that they had no inherent tntereat tn the I~ltter and that the Ctvtl Assistant act aCCOrdingly, nelson ~de the motion that the County had no tnterest In the steer or mlley ~y 45 described in Co84-47 and %hst the nottce be ror~rd to John Severe Andersbn seconded. MOtion carrie: nelson, eye; A~derso~, Aye; Rullendore, aye ]he Clerk presented summons C-84-83, Lenora Fay l~ore vs. roam of I~han, eta1. R0oro is qkln~ edglicatton to vacate a portton or alley located Ih BlOCk 2, Grtgiea] Tot~ bf Mehan, nelson noted that the oort~on dlscribed tS not betng utilized es a road ~y, nor will it be used tn ~he future, hel$o~ mde the to for~rd the su~mns to, john Severe end that it be noted that the County has no obJeCtions to the application as made. A~derson seconded, Motion caented: ~elson, aye; A~er$on, eye; P~))endore, e~e. P~llendore noted that Westinghouse Elevator Co.any has submitted e price quote for elevator maintenance in the Courthouse, The Chalt~ln noted that their proposa~ ts an elevator preventive program ~tch ts much more inclusive than oar present igree- i,~nt ~Ith I~ontgomery [levator ~rvlce. Ho~lver, 11 is also more costly, Based On ]he past exbertence of elevator repatns the BOard dtd not thtnk it ~s feasible to ~hange mai~;tenance agreements at thts tt~. 'he follo~inq checks were presen~:ed roe depOsft: Genera!: State of Oklahor~, f]ec B~ salary $~,119.21 District Attorney, postage & Supl 231 ll "he fu~)O~ng CaSh ~ppropriations were approved for allocation: r}a 50,000.00 2T 14,259.07 T|b 1,~0540 ~2 738.74 T-2 9,952,07 4T ?3,339.-0 l- 6 2,5O0 O0 "~,~ Llerk presented PO I274, 82-~]ft to 5te~art Stone. The Clerk noted that the : ~!]t, (}klahoP~ Natural (~S utility, General IOOO.38 ~/)17 State Insurance ~orkm~ co~, General 70.85 ?}!]}~ St~]]~ter Typewriter maintenance, Elec Ed 160.00 ,';?? State Insurance ~)rknm camp, Reval |04.32 :'!?X Payne County Conm~iss1~ers postage, Arty 63.62 ?:?.l J l~ M servi~e agreement. Atty . 9249 ",':! Joretta G~llett,' travel. Trees $8.00 !:."~ %h~'rr t S(hlcltrr 59.50 /:~:I'~ Phon-et eric service, CD 50.00 71::14 l!ales 66 senvlce. Sheriff ([) 2.00 /:'~5 langston LOz,~lany uniforms, Sheriff ([)8~4.79 /~!~]Stlllwater Typ~..w,)t+,r fon~any servlce, ~lec Bd 28.50 :' ~t~4 ~ ~)( al ;u~.l service 14.65 ';'1'~ ~,,oert,,(mAutu,,~,w oartso ({) *1 S0,76 //95 ~.dw~n ~