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March 24, 1977     The Perkins Journal
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March 24, 1977

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10-Tlae Journal, Thursday, March 24, 1977 izcd outhouse contained JUST A LINE MORE what was called the Vogle bowl, or a toilet that set (From Page 1) right over the sewer line running up the alley and con- sisted of a metal stool with a nletal tank of water over- head that flushed the con- tents of the stool into the toilet. The good doctor rcnlhlds nle that this editor must be younger than he thinks, because he still house that had a hole under it lined with rock. Should tile hole ever fill up. it was just a matter of moving over a ways and digging another hole and setting the little house over it. Now. the more modern- HARRISON ELECTRIC ALONG WITH FIXTURES AND COMPLETE ELECTRIC SERVICE NOW CARRIES ...... MINUTE MAN SMOKE DETECTION SYSTEMS WITH EASY INSTALLATION FIND OUT MORE Harrison Electric LIGHT HOUSE sells parts for the vogle bowls. Another name for this contraption was the frost proof stool. The outdoor privies were called Hoot Owls, the Doctor says. This name came about because one often had to visit this out- house when only the owls were out. According to the congenial plumber, the WPA model was constructed by digging a deep hole and lining it with flat rock. using no cement until they reached the top ground level, then they poured a floor large enough for the hoot owl which surrounded this hole. Then the hoot owl was built over the whole thing. 1 appreciate the Doctor sharing all this technical information with the younger generation, but wonder just how comfortable these facil- ities were'? Were the bath- room habits of ttle nation changed with modern ways? Today mothers teach their babies proper bathroom habits by having certain times for this function, making it pleasant as pos- sible. How did they do it then setting on an old board? Don't know how it is at your house, but the bathroom is a favorite hangout for our teenagers. Was the out- house a place for meditation back then? "The John" as they are often called by today's generation, is a friendly, comfortable room in most homes. I just wonder if bathroom habits then were an unwelcome chore, or if it was still a welcome relief like it is in today's modern homes? Could anyone tactfully comment? oO- Personals Mrs. Nora Sadler and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grimm visited Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Grimm Sunday afternoon. 372-7171 914 S. Main, Stillwater I I B ALL PURPOSE RUSSET SHURFINE sm POTATOES Sound Off! (From Page 1) person's opportunity to experience redemption. Can it ever be called anything but humanistic and judgmental, regardless of the means or methodology? It still des- troys his privilege for redemption. Each person is responsible before God, and if that relationship is what it should be in the vertical aspect, the horizonal rela- tionship between man and man will be right. We need to meet the man at his point of need, reach him on his own level, even on death row. How can we legalize murder?" Rev. C.N. Thompson, Free Methodist minister, said, "I am undecided at times on the issue of capitol punishment. 1 don't see much difference in the mode for taking a man's life. Yet sometimes it seems to be the only thing to do and other times I feel different about it. As I WE 61111f BROCCOLI 20 39 SPEARS ESH IIlI RADISHES OR 0 oz li '-'7 ffdNI GREEN ONIONS BUNCH 1 TOPPING TUB ! : :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::'" LARGE CALIF. 10 OZ. PKG. Nil rdVl TANGERINES LB. IgI MEXICAN TIO ASSORTED EH,53 rdIl DINNERS understand it, the death penalty is only for murder. I've never talked to a man on death row, but the waiting does seem bad for any prisoner condemned to die. I really don't know the answer. But it seems if a man was convicted on sufficient evi- dence to give him 50 years, then he should serve that amount of time. Something is wrong with our parole boards when they let a man out in two or three years without serving his time. Parole needs to be stricter on hardened criminals unless new evidence is uncovered. But there should be ade- quate proof in the first place. Then if the person is convicted and given the death sentence, there should be a reasonable period of waiting with a limit. This gives the man an opportunity for repentance and to make things right with God or man even on death row." Edna West'fall said, "I wouldn't want to be the one to have to give the shot or whatever is done to take a life. I'm against capitol punishment in any form. But if it were me, and I had a choice, I think the drug injection would be more humane. I'm just glad I don't have make that decision." Delmar's Grocery has apparently not had a "run" on saccharine. However, they did say a few diabetics had become quite concerned over the ban. Another lady, also a diabetic who would Lather not be quoted, didn't seem overly concerned since she uses very little but does need that. She thought perhaps (From Page 1) The state board of equalization should provide a certain guidline. At present the ratio of assessment is supposed to be 9 to 15 percent. Yet in some cases, one member said, some assessments are as low as 5 per cent and as high as 17 percent Another comment was that the assessors have been quoted as saying, "Taxes are too low." Youngker said that we are not interested in keeping up with the Jonses when referred to other state tax programs. In fact, it was pointed out, these county officials do not speak of the situations in which the taxes are so high that property owners cannot sell their property. In many cases, people have rebelled and schools have had to close as a result. We are fast approach- ing this status, Younger warned. Youngker said the group was for adequate support of the sc heels.However, he made it clear that people need to be informed of the facts of all tax decisions and to study the new bill proposed th is week before making a decision. It was also sugges- ted that each person be more aware of the way his property tax. is assessed in actual measurements as to square feet claimed for taxation as living quarters, ere.The meeting was opened to discussion and much interest was shown by the group present. Lincoln coun- ty is said to be taking a position of the tax assess- ments there. Join the crowd! Pep club gets ready for variety show Members of tM are busy getting variety of acts for annual show. This program will in4 reedy, musical, and acts. Everyone is asked tel Thursday Night, at 7:30 open so that all enjoy the show at the t school gym. Tickets may be from a pep club at the door at 75 centS adults or 50 cents for school. Preschoolers admitted free. Denny elected to serve on board Mr. Myron Denny, Stillwater, Oklahoma, has been elected to three year term on the of Directors of the County Conservation rict, according to Solomon, Executive of the Oklahoma Lion Commission. The Payne servation District is unit of government ponsible for the Lion, restoration,a nd lopment of the natural resources. As Lance from the available to individual owners, groups, citi towns in Lion, improving recreation and natural auty. i::!:i:;"::::;;i! i she might be able to get Mr. Denny will serve Ijl[ enough but she said she Lee R. Stiles, Jr., tiii ill hadn't given it mui:h Williams, Lawrence [ii!!!i:) thought. Subscribe to SHURF1NE SHURFINE (Cut) and J. ::.::;,.=::.:,.,-, ARMOUR FLOUR f--Ollil lIlll ........ the ConservationMargaret Swank [ ....................... i LB hiu=i;;il IlI Mrs. Ephraim Wall was , n ,. Board The District asked about the saccharine lne erulns . i:' VIENNA 5 6 .^u dl 303  Mrs. Vesta Axtel,. ii]_.':'*ii ab t .a t  t=a ,. , llr'l IO V CANS I|.lm, ban and her comment was District office is local :!S ::i::::  Ulll I  DEL-MONTE (Whole Kernel) ,. ,, , .' :::.i;?::i:::::.iiii::. i!iii effortthat Weto changeShuldthemakelaws thatan Jou rn al Oklahoma800 East 74074.6th' Still IIIIif ..... - e- CORN " LB. !! i we don't approve of. In .-.39  ,, o , oo SUGAR 5BAG i regard to capitol punish- IUII  -1 _-'1   ment, Mrs. Wall said, 'I do ' ,,,.,.. no. o..o in .pto, No..i ,.,..t... Mf l punishment. I feel it iswrong Cleaners | lVlI I ICOLBY ';; PO^.. DERE" HUNT'S I GI Tottake another person s life.for 372-0644STIL!WATER, OKLA.716N. MAIN LUMBER CO., INC. l II me, any means the 218 W 9th ATO 32OZ 89 death penalty is horrible, but , l I,fiEEIiE 99' ....--- u TOM ii!i o.,...,w,... drug injection might be more DRAPES BEAUTIFULLY STILLWATER humane." FAN-FOLDED ' """ .... tl  >UUmK,, .,,, CATSUP BOTTLE I[!i CLE.,NEDAND FR22377 mini I tnt ILB..dIO ZPKG,f _ , i; Merrell Butler says con-  ! u v----v .... v n  I IiiE cernin Perkins Corner,  ._/_..',Ally ALL RCA g I   SHURFINE I nil "This was one of the most il gklllli}l PETER PAN ! PORKORK g BEANS& BEANS 3 s89 ' - ;ooo 1  area. Apersoncomesrightdangerus corners in this /][---.g WHIRLPOOL ::: ; i] up on the corner before he .......... APPLIANCES PEANUT II IIW I 0z , 5911 nm n v WELCHS " A ll GRIFFIN'S '[i!l realizes it. Even we appreciate the installa- STILLWATER'S MOST COMPLETE as much as ai BUTTER JARJAR Oll  6R7 )1 . 41P' h m" m"'/E J132 99 [ GI Ip o._ 1  :;i Lion of lights, the old 'Y waSless dangerous. However, HARDWARE-GIFT & SPORTING, GOODS ITEMS the lights will be a great China, Crystal, Silverware i!iI I CAKE ' advantage and make the !i &I corner much, much safer." He added, Finley aolbrook 815 So. Main, Stillwater 372-046 Ill !   :i i IXEC At least 5 cars have gone  SHURFINE 4BOXES$1.00 j ! had the old house torn down. Im .................... iiii, 1 know of.thrugh the intersection that [CTR ..... Oz ,, ,,,,, Cimarron i CENTRAL RURA!t,II,,,,ate EL IC T Box 591 !i! R I Laundrmat I 72-2884 I C onEIECWDnEoCUli EAT. dlIBu LB.'.'.:!  1'28N'MAIN PERKINS I :;i'?i;::;i!!i!i ! :i: ::'ili I i ,. .i !i!l ITISSUE 4 ;'79'II,.,MULK KU31 LB. O0"I Innl i .... _ __,ImU . x8400 I ii00' STILWATER, OA.O4074 -- COCA COLA ARM ROAST LB" U Y 1' il,,....,,,.roe lPMllr OAT7.aoN __ ,g! tl00' I ...... " "" I sake... cON _ ==:= : ..LB" i:v , DRINK [ Food Stamps .. A rt  Or,,:,,, ,,...,,re Jib.., !  MILK i Wl.eO/l:"  I I ]   Frl., Sot., g Men. __'"(G' / In I.=.,,1ul .. 0:,:.0=,:,,=:,..:=: .o,o,,i-,.,...,.., .... . 00.i7,1m .old " urFriendlydHStore." L ,,,  rEY: fust Lj