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March 26, 2003     The Perkins Journal
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March 26, 2003

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2-THE PERKINS |OURNAL r Thursday r March 271 2003 Opinion A Lion in Iraq I by Dr. Earl Tilford Make a note on your calendar to get out and vote on Tuesday. We have two items on the ballot that need your attention - the position representing Ward 1 on the Perkins City Commission, and a municipal question regarding how our city sales tax money can be spent. Please take a moment to read the ballot and article on page 1. I think you will find that the proposition is clearly not either a tax increase or a new tax. It is merely a change of language in the city code that will allow some of the money Perkins receives from sales taxes to be used lor our fire department. This is a needed change that will help us all in the form of a better equipped local fire department. Vote "yes" on the proposition! CS Hope you noticed that two separate contests are either running now in The Journal or will be kicking off soon. Don't miss your chance to enter both of them! One is a Family Activities Contest, sponsored by the Local Child Abuse Prevention Task Force. All you have to do is jot down your favorite family activity and drop it by The Journal or email it in. You could win a lot of great prizes. Check out the article and the entry form on page 7. The other contest, which will kick off next week, is the Perkins Main Street Egg-ceptional Puzzle promotion. All you have to do is gather pieces to the puzzle printed in next week's Journal. The pieces will be found at many local Main Street businesses. Once you gather them all up, just get them turned in and you could win one of three great prize baskets. So get busy so you will have a chance to win. CS We had a pretty good time at Grand Lake last week. We had some cool, rainy weather, but it turned out very nice on the weekend. We enjoyed touring Har-Ber Village while we were there. Wow! They have a huge collection of just about everything old-timey that you can imagine, including log cabins. We also went to a super German restaurant while we were in Grove. It was my first trip there and it was very nice. CS Thanks to David Holbrook and Claudia Andrews for gathering some of the news happenings while I was out of town. I really appreciate it! CS Thanks also to Angie Miles. She took advantage of the nice weather this weekend to work in her yard. We hadn't been home long on Sunday before she showed up at the house with a pickup load of monkey grass that she had thinned out of her gardens. I went over there last summer to take a picture of her"Yard of the Month" and she graciouslyoffered me some of the ground cover when she thin it out: L ..... , ........... ; ':: W ..... '"'' Thanks again; Angiet Can't wait to see your yardris year! Writer's Note: "I was inspired by a very short piece someone I do not know sent me over the lnternet titled, "PRIDE," which spoke generically of 19-year-olds youngsters learning about the worst of life and the best of life right now in lraq. Thus inspired I wrote, "A Lion in lraq " about an imaginary Pennsylvania kid, some might refer to him as a "slacker" but, he's our "Lion in Iraq." He'll turn 20 later this year and he's a Marine Rifleman fighting in Iraq. His hair's cut "high and tight" and he's muscled, weighs about 150 pounds. He'd get carded in a bar. In a little over six years he'll be old enough to rent a car. Tomorrow, if the phone rings at home, his parents pray the voice at the other end won't say, "The Secretary of the Navy regrets to inform you..." He grew up in a small, nearly abandoned, grey and dismal rust- belt Pennsylvania town west of State College, home of the Penn State Nittany Lions. He always wanted to be a Nittany Lion but he didn't have the grades. Some day, after he gets to Baghdad, when he's back in PA, he may take some courses at the local community college...someday...back in Pennsylvania. Penn State? No way. The past four or five years he spent too many afternoons "shootin' hoops" or putting a system into his ten-year old Camaro. He hung out in the evenings. Studying was for geeks. When he graduated high school...May a year ago...he got no awards. Still, proud parents videoed his shuffle across the stage...his friends whooped and somebody yelled his name...he grinned, waved...spun around, did a Michael Jackson "moon walk." His English teacher rolled her eyes, whispered to the Math teacher to her right, "That one won't amount to much. Why do I do this?" "Whazz up?" "Fer swizzel me nizzer' The S .... rocks or he lis- tens to hip hop...maybe rap. Back in high school, books weren't his thing but he knows what "get your sierra together" really means. He was up at 0600 last Thursday getting his sierra together, but spent much of the day donning his gas mask, putting on and taking offhis chem/bio suit while SCUDs and El Samoud missiles passed overhead. He longed for rack time when the cold desert night closed around himTbut his unit moved out...headed for border.. When the sun came up he was in lraq. Outside Basra he used a LAW (light anti-tank weapon) to light up an Iraqi armored per- mE PERKINS JOURNAL (USPS #42.8040) The Perkins Journal is published every Thursday at 135 S. Main and entered as periodical postage paid at Perkins, OK 74059-0040 by Pomegranate, Inc, P.O. Box 40, Perkins, OK 74059-0040. Printed by the Stillwater NewsPress. Phone 405/547-2A11 Fax 405/547.5640 e-mail: theperkinsjoumal@ theperkinsjoumal.com website: www.theperkinsjoumal.com Cindy and Keith Sheets-Publishers Rick Lomenick-Assistant Editor Sherry Clemens - Production Manager The publishers are solely responsible for content and any errors will be promptly corrected when brought to the attention of the publishers. OFFICE HOURS: Monday through Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. POSTMASTE]I:." Send changes of address to: The Perkins Journal P.O. Box 40 Perkins, OK 74059-0040 ALL CONTENTS COPYRIGHTED 2001 MEMBER: Perkins Chamr of Commerce Perkins Main Street, Inc. Oklahoma Press Association National Newspaper Association i1 1 1  ill I I I I 1  Ill 1 llll I TO SUBSCRIBE BY MAIL, just fill out this form and mail with I remittance to: The Perkins Journal I [ 1135 S Main I [ .P.O. Box 40 I I ; Perkins, OK 74059-0040 I Name ..... I '00oor", ....... ' I _ =tat -' I ,,,City .....  e____ ZJL I I Rates: One year in Oklehoma,..$28 I One year out of state...$32 I IBE A FRIEND, BUY A FRIEND a subscription and deduct $4 I off of the rates listed above if you are a current paid lsubscriber. Use the form above for your "friend" and list your 1 Iname here: ..... I It-.-=,-..--,=.-=...,.---.., -I Write Stu/f'j: A weekly column by Rick I.omenick .hmrnal Assistant Editor ;--- L---; ....... , .... ,.r  . Let's face it, home decorating and improvement work doesn't rank exlremely high on my list of favorite things to do. However, the outcome makes it well worth the effort. We completed our second project in as many weeks last weekend. The first was putting down ceramic tile in our entryway with the second being a painting project in our den. First of all, both are finished and look great. I'll admit I'm not the handiest of handymen. But I can swing a hammer and roll paint on a wall. On some occasions I tend to hit a thumb or lean into a freshly painted section of a wall. After some time to regain my composure in both instances, it's back to work. There have been some instances when it .seemed that Renae would have emergency medical pe .rsonnel on standby because a simple screwdriver would inflict some serious hurt on me. But not this time! Coming up with what to do is another thing I'm not good at. That's where Renae comes in, especially since she is absorbed with that home improvement channel on television. There's usually a notepad and a pencil close by when she's watching. And speaking of those shows, they don't fully represent how actually hard of work it is. It would sure be nice to be able to complete a project in the time an episode airs. We have some more projects in the planning stages for the coming weeks. I'm looking forward to them with (cautious) optimism. * :,1 * * * For you registered voters who live within the city limits, don't forget to vote on Tuesday. We'll be deciding a city commissioner race plus an ordinance that would benefit the fire department. If approved, the ordinance will change language in the city charter that would allow the fire department to get a portion of the one percent Capita/Improvement sales tax that is already being collected. Chnrenfly, other city departments are collecting a portion of the sales tax. Fire personnel would be able to use the funds to help l'naintain quality equipment and training. That, in turn, keeps our fire fighters safer when responding to calls. It is NOT a tax increase. Mark Anderson and Chuck Ottaway are seeking the Ward 1 position that is being vacated by Rick Jarvis. There's still some time to talk to both candidates about why they are seeking the position. I believe the community has a lot of exciting times coming in the future. It will take a person willing to work with the other commission- ers, mayor, and city staff for the betterment of the community and its residents. There shouldn't be any room for hidden agendas that would hurt growth. sonnel carrier. "Wooo Whoo" crowed a buddy. He a long, "sweet." One time...just once, a high school term paper came a "B-" and his mother used a Pappa John's Pizza ma it to the frig. Mostly, however, his book reviews and drenched in red ink. Later today--or tomorrow--or next helicopter could haul his broken body to a MASH unit a different kind of red. So what if he can't write very rifle jams, he can field strip it, fix it, and get it back to dark..."hoorah." When his unit stops to rest, he can set perimeter. If attacked, he can switch to the attack mode il High school English grades aside, he knows the active "Move out[ .... Incoming! .... Hit the deck! .... Cover convey meaning! He chows down on MREs..."meals ready to eat"...tuna spaghetti and meatballs, chopped ham and and a shake at McD's would be max cool right now. four quarts of water today and every day he's on the he'd share his canteen with a thirsty buddy. He carries 20 clips of M-16 ammo. In a firefight, if thel next to him cries out, "I need a clip" he'll toss one over. This kid puts in 12-hour days...stateside. He went 36 hourV sleep then fought his first firefight. What the Corps pays hi year might cover the cost of tuition, room, board and bookS State. He might have learned some neat stuff at State the Corps taught him what he needs for today; like how ways, field strip his rifle, use the LAW and how to stuff a I give mouth to mouth resuscitation...and it...to another guy...no matter how thick the skin. He knows how to jam a needle into his arm or le high but to administer nerve-gas antidote. He can...and when a buddy dies. In 1918, his great-great-grandfather fought at Cantigny Army's Big Red One. Fighting with the Seventh Infantryi War II, his great uncle took a Nip bullet on Kwaj in the Nam, with the Marines up in I Corps. He may never go to Penn State but he'll always be a at heart. Today he's our lion in Iraq. Dr. Earl H. Tilford, Jr., professor of history at Grove lege, earned his bachelor's and master's degrees at the of Alabama before joining the U.S. Air Force in military career he served as an intelligence to 1979, served as part of a team that completed the of Air Force operations during the Vietnam War. Tilford earned his Ph.D. at George Washington taught history at the Air Force Academy. After retiring, was an associate professor of history at Troy State Montgomery and military history at the Force Air Command College. In 1993 he of research at the U.S. Strategic Studies Carlisle, Pa., where he  on a project that looked sible future Tilford has books on the Vietnam co-edited a book on Desert Storm. has lectured thro and abroad on ....... War"aml, moe future of armed coi is a frequent television and radio grams and his been published in around the country. Grove City College is 60 miles north of Pa. You, the voter, are entitled to ask the tough questions who to vote for and the candidates should be willing to truthfully. I believe thatwill be done. The polls at the Perkins Lions Den will open at 7 a.m. and c p.m. If you' re not going to be in town on Tuesday, stop by County Election Board office and vote by absentee ballot. make your vote count. We'll see you at the polls. New city zoning to discussed at meeting Zoning regulations being pro- posed for Perkins will undergo a second public aring on Monday, March 31, in the Fire Hall at 7 p.m. The purpose of the public hear- ing is to provide citizens with an opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns and offer suggestions for possible changes. This public hear- ing will be the last to be held by the planning commission according to its chairperson, Mel Miller. Miller indicated that the City Commission has already begun the adoption process. If the public hearings result in no changes, the City Commission will then request the City attorney draw up an ordi- nance to make the proposed regu- lations a The zoning re establish zoning areas Agricultural, mercial, or Industrial. a specific list of 1 requirements for like setbacks, building signage, parking and etc. Zoning regulations Miller indicated, were guide in developing zoning codes. Th mission, he adaptations to make the f codes applicable to munity.