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March 27, 2014     The Perkins Journal
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March 27, 2014

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S4 - THE STILLWATER JOURNAL, Thursday, March 27, 2014 Opinions .et00Te0000e E00ter Obscene It sure must be nice to spend other people's money and not have ANY accountability. Raising the SUA borrowing limit 400% is obscene. It makes for a nice fat budget increase and reduces the need to operate the city in a cost conscious manner. Let's not forget our city commission and the SUA board of trustees are one in the same, so I guess we know who did what. This would make Wall Street proud. James Boyles Stillwater Power Grab This week our Stillwater mayor and the city council made the most egregious power grab in the history of community pofitics. It was historic that only one person cared enough to stand up to speak against it at the city council meeting. This move simply allows the City council (SUA Public Trustee's) to rewrite the authorizing document they operate under, the SUA Trust Indenture. It will grant them vast new powers. Nothing was said about changing the fifty year expiration date of the SUA trust, but you can bet that will be the first thing they will change. This is pure unadulterated corruption in plain view of the world. Resolution CC-2014-2 grants them new powers to spend mas- sive amounts of money that we slaves to the system will have to give them. Resolution CC-2014-3 looks like they !are plan- ning to create a new taxa- tion district, like the BID district, under the Local Development Act that may include the entire commu- nity. Can they tax you this way without a vote of the people? Can they falsely tell you this has something to do with attracting new jobs to Stillwater? They are looking for a new way to increase tax rev- enue to support the liberal thirst for power, taxation, and spending. Nothing more. They have nothing that would stand up to the What You Should Know About "Buyer due will be $1,000.00 plus $100.00 (the buyer's pre- mium) or a total amount due of $1,100.00. There can be additional charges such as sales taxes that can also be levied on the buyer. Typically the auc- tioneer retains the buyer's premium for services ren- dered. How did this "Buyer's Premium" get started? According to research done by this author, the buyer's premium originated in England. A buyer's pre- mium was levied on the sale of fine art starting in 1975. The trend quickly spread to the United States in 1977. The use of the buyer's premium is now quite common practice in almost all auctions includ- ing real estate, machinery and antiques. There is hardly no other subject of greater contro- versy in the auction pro- fession or in the minds of the buying public than the buyer's premium. Some people view the buyer's premium as a complete "rip off" and refuse to attend any auction where a buyer's premium is levied. On the other hand, some people view the buyer's premium as a legitimate charge and consider the By Tom D. Berry According to Wikipedia, in auctions the buyer's premium is a percentage additional charge on the hammer price (winning bid at auction) of the lot that must be paid by the win- ning bidder. The buyer's premium is basically a charge levied by the auc- tion house (auctioneer) which is paid by the buyer in addition to the winning bid. By way of example: the auctioneer advertises there exits a 10% buyer's premium. An item is auc- tioned for $1,000.00 when the winning bidder pays for the purchase. The amount Cushing woman charged in slaying of roommate By Patti Weaver and not paying for her meth- Joumal Correspondent amphem[., ,courtdocuments A Cushing woman has 1;n , allege. " '. charged as the third murder Laurie Darlene Bacon, 41, defendant in the fatal stab- bing of a woman whom she believed was stealing fma her scrutiny of common sense voters, so they must find other backdoor ways to get what they want. One might think they would get the message from a vote of the people at the last tax bond game they played. But no, Mayor Bartley says they people tell him they want more taxes .and he listens to the people. I have no doubt that he is listening to his circle of Spendocrat friends and they provide him with an unending list of new ways to spend other people's money. The question is; when will he really listen to the voters? Don't worry folks; it is only your time, your money, and your lives they are frittering away. Power to the people. Dennis Gronquist Stillwater Bye Winter DANCE Hello Spring! Saturday, April 5, 2014 8 p.m. til ?? Featu ring "Crosswi red" Stillwater Eagle Lodge 409 Eagle Lane (Behind Stillwater Steel on east 6th Ave) $5 per person at the door Sponsored by the East Sixth Street Church of Christ, SUIIwater Porlralts Of Christianity God's Word uses several pictures, illustrating what it truly means to be a Christian. Some of these portraits are: Disciple: sits and learns at the feet of the Master Teacher (Mark 8:34; Luke 10:39; 14:26-33) Athlete: trains and disciplines himself to win the prize ( 1 Corinthians 9:24-27; 2 Timothy 2:5; Hebrews 12:1) Soldier: voluntarily enlists in the army of the Lord fighting the good fight (2 Timothy 2:3-4; Ephesians 6:10-18) Vessel of Clay: willingly molded by God to be a vessel of honor for good works (2 Timothy 2:20-21) Child of God: a join-heir with Christ if willing to share in his suffering (Romans 8:14-17) Member of the Body of Christ: submitting to Him and working with others (Ephesians 1:20-2 I; Romans 12:4-5) Brethren: family in the household of God (Ephesians 2: 19) Servant: to serve with the mind of Christ (Mark 10:41- 45; Philippians 2:I-5 Salt and Light: influencing the world, as opposed to being influenced by the world (Matthew 5:13-16) Fishers of Men: teaching others about Christ (Mark I:I 7; 2 Timothy 2:2) Friend of Jesus: loving Him and keeping His commandments (John 15:12-15; James 2:21-23) Strangers and Pilgrims: knowing their true citizenship in heaven (I Peter 2:1 I- 12; Philippians 3:20-21; I John 3: 1-3) We invite you to attend our worship services. was arraigned Wednesday after- noon from the Payne County Jail where she was ordered held without bail pending an April 7 court appearance. Bacn was accused f"aiding' abetting' encumging and fadli- taring the acts necessary for the death to be carried out by Denny Allen Sisney, who stabbed and beat" Sporleder, court docu- ments allege. SRO Continued from Page Sl Schools no longer supports the school resource officer program and is looking for alternatives to replace the SROs," Bales said. "The school district and the (Still- water) police department have been partners since 1998 when the first SRO was placed in the Stillwater Public Schools. I feel it has been a very successful part- ' s Premium" additional buyer's pre- mium a "cost of doing business". What should you know about the buyer's premium controversy? The author is convinced the buyer's pre- mium has been evolving and gaining acceptance for well over three decades. If auctioneers wish to charge the public a buyer's pre- mium, they should have every right to do so. If, on the other hand, auction- eers wish not to charge a buyer's premium, so be it. The most important issue for the consumer to know about the buyer' s premium is that it should be known and advertised well in advance of the actual auc- tion event. With advance knowledge the consumer can make an informed decision on attending the auction, and be able to adjust the bidding amounts accordingly. In the end, the free market and the consumer will make the final decision as to the exis- tence and popularity of the "Buyer's Premium". Tom D. Berry is a Still- water native and is the owner of Tom D. Berry, Auctioneers. You may reach him: at tomdberry berryauctions.com or call 405-372-2466 nership which has served us well. The SRO provides more than a police presence for the schools. It also pro- vides a piece of mind for parents, students and staff. The Stillwater SRO program is one of the top programs in the state. I am disheartened that my own school district doesn't support me." Stillwater Mayor John Bartley said if the contract HOM IMPROVEMENT, |NC On Sunday, Pastor Bugg's message was from Genesis 24. He said, "You got to serve somebody." The students are back now and the sanctuary was filled. There were 4 points: service is the substance of selflessness, the start of significance, the source of satisfaction, and the sign of a Savior. Rebecca draws water for Isaac and his ten camels. She became the mother of the nation of Israel. Gives you food for thought about Destiny and the obedience to God's voice. On Monday, a commuter train derailed at Ohare, jumped the tracks and started up the escalator; a mud slide in Washington state; a gigantic oil spill caused by fog and ships colliding in Galveston; in Australia the search continues for the Malaysian airplane; and the "drums" of war are beating over President, Putin of Russia transporting more tanks and troops on the ground in the Crimean area. I believe we all have a destiny. I believe we are all given free choice in our actions .... our destiny. It was cold out as I went to the board meeting of Church Women United. Later, I stopped by Aspen for a snack and then on to the library, as the Internet is still not working well at home. The chill of the nighttime hours makes rest much harder for me. There is an Art Guild Acrylics demo tonight with Paul Walsh. The winds are really cold and whipping the flags to attention in the night sky. It is always an inspiring time to learn and find joy among other artists, also the snacks are quite lovely. Each person attending has a destiny and on the journey found their passion in the arts. I thought about the new friends in my class at Multi as I "worked" on my "masterpiece" in metal. Since the car wreck, some changes in the use of my body are rather obvious. I found that using my right hand to impress the 3-D design into the metal took more strength than I had now. So, I just re-traced my design several times to make the Celtic Knot, and later my New Mexico mountain scene from an earlier oil painting. This was my last OLLI class for this semester. On Tuesday, I will go to Hobby Lobby and have my "art" framed. My destiny has changed in many ways. What we lose in one area becomes greater in another. For me, writing, is my passion; reaching out to others with a message of Hope. It is 29 degree on Tuesday; I learned there is an iticrease of rabid skunks across the United States and there was a 61 car pile up in the Northeast. The long-term use of violent video games creates more aggressive 'behavior among young people. I believe that is why we see'more dangerous and violent behavioral choices in schools, and at home. President, Obama is in the Netherlands for a conference with leaders to isolate Russia. One of the problems is that they have "investments" in that area. How far will they go? What do they see as their destiny? Can they put the good of the world above simple personal gain? These are some of the same problems the people of Jesus' time encountered: greed, power, fear, and empty places in their soul. As Easter comes closer, and the world is in chaos, we need to choose how we will live out our destiny. Whose voice calls us to honor and peace? Who do we serve? /:, ......... .... j Spend some time this week'.:quiet meditation, love YO; family, hugsorneone whO:is suffenng, care about the lost and homeless, pray for solutions to problems in your life and then go live your destiny with joy. isn't renewed, then the three SROs will be reassigned to other duties within the Still- water Police Department. Terry McCarty, assistant superintendent of operations told board members that the school district is looking at alternative security plans for next school year. Caine said the school dis- trict will share the security plans when it is finalized. "Mr. McCarty has already begun working on alterna- tives for school safety for the fall, but we are not ready to share information until he has finished," she said. "I know people are con- cemed about the loss of the SROs. We wish we weren't in this position, too, but are now having to look at other options for being proactive about school safety." EMERGENCY WhenYou Need It... 2417 Stillwater Medical Center has a comprehensive emergency department stoffed with physicians, nurses & technical supporl around the clock. We're here when you need us most. III II I III III Stil Iwater Medical Center The technology to treat. The compassion to heal. 1323 West Sixlh Stillwater, OK 74076 405-372-1480 www.sfiltwater-medkal.org