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March 27, 2014     The Perkins Journal
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March 27, 2014

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C4 - THE JOURNAL, Thursday, March 27, 2014 Seniors 00e00ior center ontin.e00 ,o O000000rTax.e.00 " I 00ity o' 00""water a m An art c'ass comes tan. continues00u.n00t0000 stret0000in00 of i Senior Activity Center in during the same time. morning In the afternoon, muscles. AARP income !:: '/!i!': '::' ii:: :i!  is still offering help with They bring their own games include; canasta, tax help is still available, 1 .....  ............. /) ] supplies and offer cre- duplicate bridge, domi- 9:30 a.m. to 12:00noon. If your income tax, but it is drawing close to an end. The free service is pro- vided by AARP trained preparers. This will continue every Monday through Thursday morn- ings, 9:30 a.m. to 12: 00 p.m., only until April 15. It is a first come first serve basis. Sign in when you arrive. Bring your last year's tax return if possible and all other necessary information and identification. The Center also offers many activities for seniors 50 and over. Stop by 1015 E. 12 th Ave. or call 405-747-8080 for more information. Make sure to pick up an April calendar of events when you stop by. Hours are: Monday through Friday, 9:30 am to 4:30 p.m. and Thursday, 6:00 p.m. to 8: 30 p.m. for music night. The facility is closed on weekends. Monday, Mar. 31 -Women pool players get started playing several rounds of 8-ball after the doors open at 9:30 ative ideas to each other. The income tax preparers also arrive by then ready to help until 12:00 noon. Exercise equipment that includes a treadmill, two exercise bikes, and a weight set are available for use, too. The after- noon brings out bridge and canasta players, and pool shooters. Tuesday, April 1 - Exer- cise is important for any age, so try out the free Sit 'n Be Fit exercise program offered at the Center every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:30 a.m. It offers a low impact, 45 minute work- out that helps strengthen and tone up your muscles. Some exercises are done while sitting and others are done while standing next to your chair utiliz- ing hand weights, stretch bands, and bouncing balls. Afterwards, stay and practice some boot scootin' line dancing. This will get you a really good workout! Tax assis- CHURCH continued from page C3 never be in Samarian territory, why? Samaritans were descendants of the northern tribes of Israel, primarily one of the two tribes of Joseph, Ephriam and Mannesah. The Samaritans were looked down on by the Jews, who were Israelites of the tribe of Judah, because they had married foreigners and had corrupted the Israelite worship of God. Samaritans thought it was fine to worship at Mount Gerazim as opposed to Mount Zion. Jesus asks the woman for something she can give, a mere drink of water. Yet she hesitates, she knows who he is, a Jew (from the tribe of Judah). Usually, women would go to the well early to get water for the day. This woman comes when others aren't around. Perhaps, because she has been married so often and is living with a man who isn't her husband, she is somewhat of an outcast. For her part, she doesn't think much of Jews, yet she lets Jesus engage her in a dialogue. Notice how little by little the woman changes. At first, she only wants Jesus to satisfy a physical need. She thinks the water he gives is purely material. Jesus did not come to satisfy physical needs, we can do that ourselves. He came to give what we cannot attain for ourselves and that is what the woman at the well comes to under- stand. Her time with Jesus does nothing to change the physical burdens of her life. She gains a new purpose that makes her physical chores small in com- parison with the gift of Christ. The woman becomes an apostle, a messenger of Christ. Her excitement about Jesus spreads to others. Because she came to faith in Jesus, she is no longer an outcast but a leader, for she leads others to Jesus. Once others come to Jesus, they no longer need her to show the way. My noes, pitch, pool/snooker and jig-saw puzzle solv- ing. Wednesday, April 2 - The pool sticks are picked up again by the women pool players as they take aim beginning at 9:30 a.m. Also, Wii bowling is played on Wednesday morning at the same opening time. They have a really good time. Come check it out! The tax preparers are busily working up tax returns. Then, in the afternoon games of canasta, Texas Hold'em, pool and snooker are played along with an afternoon movie, at 2:00 p.m. The movie for this week is a high action, Academy Award nominated movie titled, "Gravity Thursday, April 3 - It is spring time and time to think about getting in shape. Check out the free exercise class called Sit 'n Be Fit offered at the Center at 9:30 a.m. It will give you a good workout you would like some more exercise, stay after class and join the line dancing group that meets at 10:30 a.m. They really get to moving and can work up a sweat while having fun. In the afternoon, get in a game of canasta, domi- noes, pool or snooker. At 2:00 p.m. a wild game of bingo takes place. Every- one is a winner. Don't miss out on the fun! Friday, April 4 - Popular Friday morning activities are women's pool play- ing and painting in the art class. These begin at 9:30 a.m. Exercise equipment is also avail- able for use. Afternoon games consist of; canasta, Texas Hold'em, and pool or snooker. Game champions announced for the past week were: for social bridge; Lynn Fent, I st, and Cloyann Fent, 2 "d. Duplicate bridge winners: Lionel Raft and AI Perry, lt; and Murna Raft and Sehan El Sherif, 2 ". friends, this is our story as well. Like that woman at the well, we have burdens to carry, sometimes they are heavy, often they are the result of our own actions. Jesus meets us in the ordinary drudgery of life and changes it for us. He does not change things physi- cally as much as he does spiritually. With a spiritual change, the drudgery of physical life becomes less, not because the physical circumstances change but because we have something better that outweighs them, a new relationship with God. Having received that relationship, we must eagerly share it with others. If you have faith, then you must pass it on. You don't need to do the extraordinary; you simply need to do the ordinary with great love. That will bring others to what you have. You are that woman at the well, will you let Christ change your life and then help change others? The Value of a Good Wife As our children and grandchildren grow up, we begin to think more about what they will do in life and who they will marry. As we grow older, we know how important those decisions will be. Many years ago Earl Night- engale, one of my favorite writers, wrote about what wives back then were worth monetarily. He reported that, after consulting economists, accountants, and other thinking machines, the Chase Manhattan Bank of New York announced that, if husbands paid their wives the going rate for 12 of their main duties as housewives, their salaries would be $250 billion a year. In today's market that would equate to just about $188,500,000,000,000. Here are the 12 main jobs for housewives back then, the number of hours they spent on each job every week, and the weekly market value for each of those duties. If husbands paid their wives what they would have had to pay others to do all of this back then, their wives would each be getting $159 per week. Let's break that down at today's market value. Here are the 12 main duties of most wives back then and the number of hours they spent on each: 1. Nursemaid - 44.5, Dietitian - 1.2, Food buyer- 3.3, Cook - 3.1, Dishwasher - 6.2, Housekeeper - 17.5, Laundress - 5.9, Seamstress - 1.3, Practical Nurse -.6, Maintenance "Man" - 1.7, Gar- dener - 2. That totals 95.4 or so hours per week, so she was doing about $160 worth of work per week as a good housewife. At minimum pay of $7.25 today, that tallies out to somewhere in the neighborhood of $700 per week or $36,000 per year. Here's why we never see an advertisement for a wife in the help wanted section of a local paper. It might have to read: "Requirements - intelligence, energy, and skill at 12 different occupations. Hours - around 95 hours per week. Salary none." So fellows, if you really want to be fair, before you slip that ring on some young lady's finger, you might think about giving her $700 a week after you're married to spend as she pleases. Oh, you might deduct something for supplying her with food and shelter. But then, she will be able to spend any money you earn anyhow, so she should accord you the same privilege. And, if you start divvying up the jobs and paying each-other for them .... well maybe it would be better to just leave things the way they are. Well ... here's my advise. Young fellows, remember how important that decision is and how important that young lady is to you, and when you tie that knot, make it a permanent one. Young ladies, be sure this is the fellow that you want to live with and work with for the rest of your life. And most of all, both of you remember that God should be the ultimate boss in your family. 2iii :ii !i!::!+!!,!'ii i !,: ii&i: !i . i: ,iill iii i! .... i By Charlavan Did you know what you were saying when you chose to wear that color today? That red shirt says "exciting" (or hungry) (or a sex crazed maniac) Go to your artist's palette or box of crayons and chose your favorite. This is just between you and that box. No one else needs to know other than your psychiatrist. If you chose yellow, it could be because you are hopeful, optimistic and you see yourself as a ray of sunshine. It might also reflect the deity of the cross. (Really?) How about the gold of the crown? What if you chose blue? You might reflect peace and quiet, even solitude. ("Or don't it make your brown eyes blue.") How about green? It is all about you, baby. It is 'self'. It is also about money. Hence the color. And orange? It tells us you are energetic and happy. Since it is half red and half yellow, the meanings are a large portion of each. And purple? That means royalty. It is a blend of red and blue but it comes out as regal; even make believe. I couldn't make this stuff up. Well, I could but it would be a really hard sell. We just ran thru the primary and secondary colors. Now how about the non colors? That gets a little murky. For advertising we stick usually to the prima- ries and sometimes the secondary. For wearable we lean to the neutrals. Black, white, gray, brown, etc. Brown, for whatever reason speaks to wellness issues. It is made of blue mixed with orange, usu- ally. Gray says almost nothing until we put a 'color' with it. It is a blend of black and white. White symbolizes purity. Black is negative. BUT if we are talking abou t palette color, blt.l l the presence of all colors; white is the absence. AND if we are talking about refracted light as in rainbows or television, it is the opposite. Black is the absence of all and white is the presence of all color. I droned on too long, didn't I ? That happens when no one stops me. Hope you have a colorful day. CELEBIMTING SUCCESS::PATRONAG00 Patronage is like an interest rebate that returns money back to our members. To celebrate the success of our members and our cooperative, each lehding office hosts a Patronage Open House. Members and friends, please join us for refreshments and to celebrate a successful year. i. - I] I.,,: l'Lii . i , .  'lr I I d FarmCreditECOK.com 866-Agkender FARMo,CRED IT WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2 623 S Western STILLwATER (405) 372-1841 DRUMRIGHT 9 t8.352.3312