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March 29, 1973     The Perkins Journal
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March 29, 1973

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Y, Pate Salary 500.00 ~tF or Stllla, ster Service 11318.92 BD: Selph Saler~ $ 256.66 Charles " 450.00 ~ISE BOARDt ~H, Loyd 2-F~etings 100. O0 Graves " " I00.00 T. C. Cowell " I00.00 GOV~2~MENT: Engineer Services $ 120. O0 Services 120.0{) Servlces-various depte. $ 660.47 Retlr~t-Feb.6~ 2,331.82 Rat iamment-Feb.6% IS.&0 Pvemlmm 479.10 C. Smith Salary $ 570.00 E. Johnston " 350.00 Allen " 470.00 Eanguell " 470.00 Wagner " 470.00 Patterson " 470 O0 Gook " 470.00 470.00 Levis " 470.00 King " 458.25 . Wigge " 20.00 Cle~son " 470.0~ J. Hamilton " &70.00 Tarver " 470. OO E. Crams Travel 150.00 DL,"TRICT #2: Poztng aamse~ Frame V, Walker E. Owens H. Griffin Blas let Nettles err Majors Savage ! Ether idge Johnson Focht E. Brake Robinson Leon Parker Crea~er Travel & Electric Co. Service Perkins Service Bell Telephone Service Co. Swq~llee Laboratorlon, inc. Supplies Equlimeat Co. Supplies Co. Ca'. ROck Rook Product, er. Reek $ 620.00 395.00 570.00 305.50 470.00 470.00 470.00 470.00 470 00 ~70.00 495.00 470.00 470.00 570.00 470 .O0 470.00 470.00 446.50 470.00 150.00 12.54 5.65 136.35 250.00 IA2.00 23.~ 458.18 717.43 w n n Pa~k Travel x x x Postage Service Services ~vices Supplies Gas Co. Services Sup~llee Service 00. SuPplies Cldaners Services Supplies Supplles Laundry Services Services S~pplteo Supplies St,?plies Service. #6o4 sw~lies Xae. 8~ppllee Saler~ m n Travel The Perkins Journal The Roe.-d ot County Coumiasioners for PUT~ County met in regular session held in the Comm~sicmerts Room of the Co~ee bald Mo~d~r, March 5, 1973 at 9:31 A.M, , Thursday, March 29, 1973 - 5 All Memhere present: Orvel N~Tinld, ~na~ WllfTed Ower~olt, Co-Chairman b~yases B, C~,m,.m. Nenber Correctinus, to the mi~e of the ~et~r,mr~ 28,, 17rJ ~eti~,, vera propesad, as follows: Cosmissinner Overholt stated that paragraph 2, Pa~e 3~ which referr~ %o property located on %he Northwest For~e~" 9~" the H/eh~v'a ~1/18 intersectlea, should be co,rested to reed the Northwest corner of the High~ay~ 51/1(~ intersectlma. Minutes corrected, as proposed. Co~,issioner Cruzan proposed that ~a~ 2, page 1, ~herein it is stated The BL~ nresent~ b~ Harley Thomas Ford. Stlll~mtar ~t. or exceeded, all a~ecificationa, and alJm ~ t~m lc~ h~ld b~ several hundred dollars, SHOULD be Oorrmc~ slnc~, in h~ (Commissioner Crazes's) opinion the length of the bed did not meet speclfieatloes. It was po~ted out that the ~i~'O reconmndatlon, attached to the bid tabulation sheet~ eonta~ the phrase, in total, as re~lected in the minutes. No further ctinn taken. The minutes, of the Feba~ 28, 197~ ~eeting, were approved, as corrected. Representatives, from the ~conetructlon firms working on the Clamrro~ Turnpike, met with the Beard. The representatives ~re: Max Butler, Cornell Con~tructiola Coe~em~ AX Hengland, Jensen Con~truetion Company Erlene Jensen, Jen~en Co~t~ct~o~ Co~pa~ ~e Constrtlttcn Co~ Representatives stated they had never been contacted by ~. Hoback or the Tm'npike A~thority regarding the destruction of the Cotmty roads. They admitted that their contracts specifical~ st,ted they were to use their rights-~f-~my~ and~hen it was necessary to use Co~nty Road, they were responsible for repairing any damage that resulted. They ~urther stated that "they (The Contractors) were better off using their rights-of-way, but their rights-of-~ay couldn't be used until the equipment and supplles~ neceseaFy to get the rlRht~-of way in useable condition, Wes on-site, Therefore, it would he necesaary to use the County roade, at least to some extent." The Contractor roprm~out- atives then went on to say they had tried, and ~ould cont~za~e to tl-y to repair ~ damage they did to the Co,sty roads. They also gave the Boal~ a list or Names and Telephone Noshers, and asked they be cOntacted in the vent of complaints. They emphasized the fact that they he contacted personally, s~u~e eomnmieation with ~t~. Hoback a~d the is'spike authority did not reach them. Before leaving, the Contractor Representatives again stated they would ~ork with the Commission to keep the Cotmty road~ ~ the same condition aa rotmd. Commissioner Grusan asked how the Commodity Audit report was o~ a~ Co~missioner F~yfield ~tatad he had received the report e~d had t~ It over to the District Attorney fo~ dlopo~ion. Co~alec~ner Cruses stated he though the report ebould be made public, a~d CoemissicOer M~yfleld enid~ ~0, that, at the District &ttor~ey's req~ since disposition ~ght involve a oom-t hearing, the infor~atio~ should not be made public at this tl~e. Counlssloner Coussn then asked by whose authority the report had boom handed over to the District Atto~. Com~lsSioner May~leld then s'tat~d that because of ~ineloner Cruzan's contradictory statements rugardiqg Comm~dity distribution durim4g the of October, In Dl~riut #I, said statements made in Pront of the a~dlt eomaittee a~d eontaied in the minutes of the ioetl~g betwee~ the a~dl% eomatttesend %he Board of ~y Doaal~lloDml~ s~d then euheoq~ de.tad t~ the Diet~iut I Cmmine~omer, that He(co~lss~0mer F~rfield} had ~ rsqmt~ ~ of the audit ~mlttaeee t~in~ that req~zt had boom iranted ~ Mid col~" had b~m mailed to h/~ (C~leslon~r ~ayfield) personally, and that he, in turn had her~ad~ It ove~ to the District Attorney, for dispo~tion~ as the County's legal raprosentatlws. A~ain, Co~utsstoner Crusan suggested the flndln~s be made public. At this pOint. Commi~sin~ F~y~leid told C~m~instcmer Cruse to take it up with the Dintriut Attorney, as it was in his (The Dintriut attornoy'e) hands. l~chace orders #696, 699, 700, 6T~+ 1012t lO~.. IO~, IO16, 1017 1018 ~ra presented for approval. Cc~lseinner Overholt ~ude ~ot~a to Me~pt all purchase orders, as presented, Comsioslc~er (h~mm seceded the ~ctlo~. The Motion carried. The Board approved the f~ing elaine: GDERaL ~, Yenton O~fice ~4~lY Suppl~es-varxv~s Septo.$ 59.10 Bddie's Of f ton ~q. Supplies-~arloue dopte.451.60 Paul Aaderaon Travel-Diet .Atty. 22.60 Frontier Pri~tePs~ XZ~. Supplies-DiStoAtty. 148.0 Wvetm~ Pl~nb~ Service 32.50 Still~wter Ty~e~it~ Co. Service-Sheriff %.00 (~r~m"l~Y ' S Supplies ~.78 Central Drug Dru~s-Gh ~rity ~6.44 R. I. Black~ Inc. Servlce-Co.Agt. 54.00 International BusineSS Machines ~ervic~.F.rm & Nomo 45.24 ~ewin~ Circle Fabrics Suppllec- " 7.24 Mid-West Printing Co. Supplies-Go.Clerk 160.92 New Art Printers SUpper Supplies-so.Clerk 57.10 C~i fiord ~l~eu Tra ve~-Asses~ 124.13 Mid-West Prln%Ir~ CO. Suppllee~-Assmor 105.25 Cushing N~mpapers Inc. Publications 165.~ ~Maith's Mobil Service eta. Fuel-C~srity 6.10 Harold F~OOO Gro~. Food-G~urlty 25.00 W. 8. ~In~ Eent-Chsrity 1~1.18 J~u-rinon Electric Supplies 36.83 8till~ater Publishing Co. Proceedings 65.42 The Tale ~ Procoadings 73.35 Perkhm ~ubllshing CO. Proceedings 6~.51 St. ~. Y~stitutions $~. Services 7~.~ State Xm~e l~ Premium 1.132.17 RlffEzn~ SHARZ]I~: Monroe ~i~e~ ~ Equipment-Hea~th Um~t$ 467.25 l'~m~on no.in S~pply ~quip~mt- - ~o.oo Xt~hes Lumber CO. Supplies- " 392.82 Co.tral Drug Drubs-charity 732.91 ~el J. Stst~ SerVlces-Charlty 15.00 BlSSins Phermaoy ~s-Charlty 10~.50 H~mpty l~y ~ Drup-Charity 28.82 8tlll~ter Tj~ewrlter Re~t~l ~.50 inide~ I~ ~r~w~-Char try 298.?0 City Drug ito~e Drugs-Charity ~.~0 Gonmissiouer Overholt -~ae a Motie~ to adJomm this meeting end meet ~ le~br~aeY 19, 1973. ~sioner Crm~m ~ the N~in~. ~xm tattled. Nmt~ adJomwsd. _ The ~ard of Comrt1 Commis01m~r for Payee Cotmty mt in edJom~ad se4~|~ Mom~ey~ Fetch 19~ 19~ st 9$~2 AeN. in thel~ offloe at th~ CO~e All Weubera ~ere present, ~ N~yfteld, Chalrsan ilrrad Overholt, Co-~airs~ Vlysees ~. Ca~san. I~mber The minutes, of the Waro~ 5, 197~ metin~ were uppeow~d as ~ee~. The first Ita~ on the a~enda, ~ao sot/on of Mr. Cr~on:a Peqtms| ~$ purchase 7u~ (2) Tractors with slckle-type mowers. Commissioner Overbolt requested that o~ (l) tractor he dus~h~l, and Co~ainsio~r Cru~n r~q~eted that b/~ be sure, trod ma both Diesel and gesoline tractors. Ccemiesioner ~an made a F~tien to advertive rer b/~s ~ T~ (2) Tractors wlth Slekle mowers. Co~mluloner O~r~olt eenonsed the NCt/O~. ~e ~btion carried. al~l" n~eng, 197~.~e A~r~, vzth ~J~ date fer ~ ~ bed~ eat ------,Mman~ CORTINUED ON PAGE 6 Oklahoma members of the Future Homemakers of Amer- Ica will be carrying out spec- ial activities and observances during National F.H.A. Week, ..... April 1 through 7. The theme "i,. chosen for this year's National ..... ~ F.H.A. week is '~xplore Roles . L Extend Goals" tO focus ~tten'~ . ',. Lion on what over half-a-mR- lion young men and women are doing to improve personal, fa- mily and community living. The week also will see stu- dents actively informing the public and other young people of the many rewards of Home Economics Education and to-:- share their experiences and achievements With family, friends, and neighbors. .L: In all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Amer-: .... ican schools overseas, students will be observing the week ~"" wear red and White to schonl~ ~ the F.H.A. colors. An F.H.A." ~= meeting Will be held that day ~ and officers for the school:, year 1973-74 WiU be elected. ~ Next, on Tuesday, there wLll t~.~ '~ an F.H.A. work day and clean ~ ~, up of the school grounds,~ .~ Various Jobs will be glv to d/t i: ferent girls in hopes that our.: : community will profit. A clothing drive will beginon.~ _~ April ~. and will be concluded r:~ on Wednesday, April 4. AU ~,, clothing will be appreciated and,:r ~.~ should be taken to the Home EC. !' Cottage south of the h~hseb~OL ~ The clothing collected wfl4 ]~.~-- ~ taken to the Salvation Army ~or use overseas. "~ On Thursday, April 5, a cot,, ~ ~ fee Will be held at the Lions Den all day long. Everyone i~" " welcome to drop in during the~~ day for coffee and cookies. This~ coffee is being held fez cystic fibrosis which is a serious 1~ ~ disease in children. All contr!~ butlens will help in the fight ~* "~ life for these young children.~ Also, on Thursday niEht bus to take to the decorated. Then, on Friday, April 6, will be the highllght':. of P.H.A. week. The chapter ~ "~ leave at 9:00 a.m. to Oklahoma " City for the F.H.A. State Rally, The girls will go shopp~n~lnthe morni~ and attend the after- noon session of the rally. ~ evening meal will be eaten at, Case Bonita's by the chapter. Each member of Porkins-Tr~q)n F.H,A. is looking forward to a and exciting National Week. Then, on Monday, the girls will-. .... grams prepared by the mem~ ~: hers of the local chapters show~"~ j lng the importance of Home Ec": onomlcs and related occupant7.,~,, -~ lion S ~ The more than 450,000 mem-~. ,,~ hers, in more than 10,000 cha~ ters, have been challenged bf:: .: ~:: the unlimited opportunities of~., L" .... fered through membership i~ ........ F.H.A. in the secondary: schools. F.H.A. is a uniqtt~:~.~ .... organization offering its mere,, ,~:_,i bars an opportunity to develop leadership, cooperation, eit~-:~ izenship and prepare for a vd=~ cation or profession begL, ming ~" in the home, the basis'of our ~ community life. The Peridns-Tryon F.H.A~ .~ Chapter has many eventssche~ duled for national F.H.A. week. To start the week off the chap~ ter Will attend the First Bap- ~:~ ttst Church on Sunday, April L. cooperating with local news me ...... die to provide news articles and feature material for publica- tion. Radio and television st~-~ ~ tions will be running spot an,, ~: nouncements and special pro-