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March 31, 1977     The Perkins Journal
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March 31, 1977

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grandchtldren the assistance of'" the v ..... v r ..... ........................................ ________.._.hi[ y,.,,no 8.The Journal, Thursday, March 31, 1977 ,, and a hi h nee on the ener . will reach at least $3 00. JUST luted out of the increased pay rodugt: dv i " of our freedom to govern- fluenced or bought. ,| ["''" - Stiles said " A LINE MORE that is earned with years of gy p , eta'sing can mental bungling. Our founding fathers l [ hl- .,. . .... ] Suggestions for topics of (From Page 1) service, That the experience serve as,a valuable tool in xxxx what the)' were doing | I {gl 111 Llarteson-Oak lJl I local interest would be they've accumulated through co nserva!ton ann .proper use, The third phony issue is the)' provided for the { [" I l r | appreciated for this column, hundred percent satisfied the years has no value educa- ot creating understandmg standing still for Congress to rural'college and a fol t I  1sews [ If readers have an issue that with our trade, and Burr and tingchildren[ between the consumer and change the electoral college for selecting Senator'[ [ /llii:- I:ili.i/ WHITK4 1:: [ " " g  uess Gerald Christenson, Min- the producer, of communica- This is just what the big po e ual number from I ilk BELLE WHITMORE [ would make for mterestlno Maroaret are also, so I .. - q  ,. n; ..... ;,,. n ,. " wh nt nesota Finance Commis tin common problems lineal bosses m the heard state 't ............. leascontact that,s atcou s. -  " ' "v 1 ]ff ?-"  66 '- -- J "  . Belle Wh]tmore, Payne the Journal by mall or We've looked up the Hol- stoner states. TMs ts !he Let me ask. Do you as a populated and labor and Think n through b t County resident since 1921, telephone. All area persons brook family history from the greatest t.nreat to quality consumer of electricity know nominated and controlled you jump on these paraI Coyle area correspondent are encouraged to contribute copy of the Cimarron Family eaucauontoaay, aweyont what the 1972 advertising segments ot our society bandwagons that are ., ! Ber says history is her hobby. An ideas for future columns. Legends that is about ready get some young moon mm budget cost on an average woum !me. your way more cmortuuy, h'st : ....... :n- -en^o ' ........ ,.__. I.,: ....... the scnoo systems, we re in $40 monthly electric bill9 At the present time, the more often than ever, ._ ...c. g g c ,t, gy - Lot, epuonsneoanogotlusta trouble ..............  , ........ " . _ lwa StillwaterPlains.. why. :m iy mC:W:tdoj Jl N5 (From Page 1) Member of Congress$ little taste of the real ,.a* ,. . rte points out. mat . what woulda O[eyu guess? Per- [[emctratv nOhsOareaarAancnege proviaeSO /" tor/...e.m _L.tTmey takingellNt:you.jDh..,_ cwnerc lhb yL!e:.' My grandma Dawson ...... the old house and the fa,,.;h there are a whole variety of haps $5? Or maybe $1 759 geography to be taken mto really want to go? [, ,, . near uKlanoma farmer ...... J oun eo le who want a - , . , . . ,. a: was a Mormon a cousm of : - . " . that occunied it r,,, , I,.. Y g P P The average cost on a $40 constderatmn In the electron -o- t ' r ............ . ,. , . - . dth Joseph Smith, the founder of  As you probably know, the We hooe the historians in the job. They want m and ff monthly btll to you to pay the process. Your vote m Okla-  t the church Grandna Char - -  present tarm program is Holbrook fatal1 .... con .. they are not provided with a advertising bill for Public homa with 8 electoral votes he t" " .... .j ,.. L,.,. ua . . Call Ou ' - Congress "s w-P': ......... , ,,,, ann .... P Y ........  fille, boneau was the orandson of L - - about to exptre and the more abo," ,h. i. ....... job opportumty, severe Servtce Corn an in 1972 means just as much to a Y Fousant Charboneau, hus-  1 u Ling on a the hanneninos therein wo generauonai ammoslty may was $0.0010458, 4c a month, presmenuai canolaate as I"f '" I,, _ t-l" , yvl.. ltd u band of Saca'awiaJ , the ,,to,.,new program to take tts would like to ..... parncmany develop, or 48 a vear. If all corn- does. California with its 45 |  l)JJ:., l 715! sw.- Shoshone. Indian who iuided - v,-,.. . .... . . know when the house was- It is up to you as parents munication with the custo- electoral votes.. . 0m-- the Lewis and Clark Exoedi- . :Mace thiS compn catea built and by whom W .... and voters in the school dis- meg through advertisin, was However, with a simple J ?tl-![.(' M'k2_ .a tion, Also Grandma Dav.,son _ !e.gisiat_ionairec!!yaffec!s trace the abstract back to te trict to keep the problem in cutout, it would save you 48 majority, the..professional I/r.ff*l'rI x' [i':r;VU traced her lineage to the Belle Whitm" ....... are you, t am nopeml you wm early 1890's It w.., ...... .,.v,,,"',,, rnrnrtinr should the need per year on ..your electric bill t. poJiticians, ann tlleir parties m k,t Won-'" Randolphs whocame over on ne)p me, as Ok!ahoma s by one person that the lure- ever come up. The competi- .The cost of h,gh electric bills will go after the bloc votes, ;,,g the Mayflower. My mother's w ......... prestatlveon the grouse beg to build the house was lion is keen for teaching jobs, ts not advertising. (Note: and the votes most easily in- "mmmmmm'lmi wit grandfather., was a doctor in rnmg,,tor ine reruns g lure ommtttee,. to imported by_ rail car from somethini that is.must recent these figures, were taken lif,i_. ^ the CtvtlWar." Journal . accurately renect your views Canada. The carnentr because it has not always from a hearmg held in 1972, _ _ -_ ...... _ .... - - .a burned cow chis" " to school at Oak Dale as did nes, Risenhoover, Watkins, thrashin out lookin fo s wh p to keep ..... ......... as a nre-teena,er servino most of the wemht of a suc- g , g r  s her Children and her 5teeaana wards, antiwtth r ' '   , -o from freezin" g, the Coyle . . ,,,,,a" ........ va,,c: ..... ann .cpmg"-'-:--,,:- cessful nrofession. Look at "booger.. -men' in utility ad- writer said, " ........ the kitchen when Dr. and any sehool and you wiil see it .el,stag, or in demanding l WILL HILP YOU WIeAN F Belle's father was blind z uepartmentotAgnculture. Mrs Holbrook en*rtoi-,,a revolves around the expert- tmpeachment of the corpora-  IG{ .  J[ I_'rl.lljl ['ueal and was an invalid the rest of Thank you very much for Bob" Childers waS" one'"of raced, cool heads. " lion commissioners, or a ridi- 1 l" lSGnu e his wife. After his death, the Sound Off| your help. ,.. . those who drove the Doctor Youth is a frustrating time. cu.lous proposal to turn the  Ib'/411k V I  i!  t] mother brought the family to JJ , mcet.ly, around his rounds in the The youth that can do a bet- utility rate structuring over   , w , olenn u.ngnsn motorcar age, In the history ter job than the experienced to a legislature appointed 17" wagon_The of the Dr. Holbrook family, is very rare. Competition panel, .heaven forbid! (Now , !'li -/"-|/Uca Coyle later where Belle rode Mrs. Holbrook related how will provide assurance of the Commissioners are elect- a horseeightmilestoschool. Stiles who is also president ................... on a still summer or winter g.oodteachers in the future, ed and we have a democratic   lJ'  ll. wh After working two years at of the Payne County I//PAKMLI3LAIION night shecould hear instinct- It s an old rule nezed, choice at the polls)  l.,' Irll_ e jobs at 25c an hour she Farmer's Union says unless QUESTIONNAIRE ivelv when the Doctor's bu o "Survival of the fittes't ' The state Chamber of   lili[tiiiB  Ca: acquired a teaching certifi- the target price for wheat is Some facts to consider: ov (and in later ,,ears his od x x x x Commerce said it for all [  .. Fro care. Afterwards in1932, she at least $3.00 the wheat 1) U.S. farmers are now car)came across the'rickety Another phony issue is thinking Oklahomans fol- Ji: .',re the graduated from Okla. A & M farmer can't prossibly break holding over one billion wooden-floor bride south of that a public utility eomnanv lowing Corporation Commis. [ll  l , Ct ev n O bushels of wheat should not hay stun heann s on adverUs tl and married Frank Whir- e. In, klahoma, he .... town enroutefromacall, and e the right to . g ""  IILl' ' more the same day. , added, we re diversified so 2) Ihere is presently a could time his arrival at the communicate with their con- mg and promotion by utility Jl.---" st Mrs. Whitmore s first we are better off that a world wheat surplus house, sumers through advertising, companies in 1972when they JIIIIIl - -" - -- % -_-,lk.ne column was for the Still- straight wheat farmer in 3) The government loan Onewhohasa senseofap- Every business, competitive stated: "These companies ' |ii .... ' cat water Gazette and later the Kansas for instance whether level for wheat is now $2.25 preciation for history and the or non-competitive isaliowed have been good corporate ] ['! YO AN B6 US RE [Pte Guthrie Register he has cattle or not. per bushel heritaoe of the -ast some to deduct advertising ex- citizens in every local corn- [ Ill  o.n^ee -r^wee i Esp "My' motller was a The price of equipment 4)There are no mandatory timesas difficulty explain- peases in computing income munity in which they opera- [ ]  [ .,, ,:,.,__go r, Were correspondent for the White has more than doubled in productmn controls on wheat ing why, but we're pleased taxes. It is an accepted cost ate..Th.ey.have proved lead- teet.ab (;loud Chief when I was last few years and many are or feed grams under the as we can be with our ac- of doing business Advertis- ershp m mdustrial develop- [[ [ tln_Ul0 FEED[ ffP,ffllH .l__ [.'ran[ born," Belle said. "I enjoy still paying on some of that. present farm program quisition of this old house ing and mass production is ment of the state through ag-  [   J 11'.1[ I imdd Ind  [.. W Without. the foreign market 1)wCurrentlY' there is a We a reciatepp the others what hasmadethe .... American gressive, advertising., promo- I ,,M,IIiEIUtI$?UAU  s-re, inl vnURASON SHOE [ which may be around 75 per large odd surplus of wheat, who have hun ht these old mdustrtal capRahstic sys- tton and provtdmg an abun- .... b-- ,.. . g , , [ DEALER | cent, Stiles estimated, and including the one billion early day homes and are tern work Advertising and dance of energy." I P O Box 399 I the consumer who uses only bushel surplus being held by maintaininR them in tzood encouraging consumer use Don't be misled. Hog ty-  iff*.Nne ----m,.... ht.s, [ "547-2466 ' I a quarter or less of the wheat farmers here in the United repair andorder. We'reup- has made electricity and nat- ing and sitting on utility com. | v ,,,sJl'na)r [!ns , marked, "we h v States Given that this ' " " urn! as one of the c panics will not lower rices, ethh | Perkms, Ok. 74059 I,' - a e to ". . . precmtwe of the congrega- g heapest . . . p . y. 177 & 33 ! i ,J export." surplus ts holding down the lions of the Methodist and energy sources in the world st will raise them, plus we u,as , ' Tm going to graze out all price of wheat, some farm Christian Churches for want. Now that there is a shortage will forfeit another segment --.--..r_%_:in I .-,. I of mv wheat excent for s,,cl organizations are callingfor i,,o t ......... h h ;'; " ............  "es tamarron ,,  , r. "";.' w ' ...-e ................ o .... , I . _ I the Farmers Union presl- heat production controls, old church buildinos ! 'Whr LaunOromat de " Do you favor , ' It [ | at, said, If this rain : Please don t think that we e- l 128 N, MAIN PERKINS | hadn t came along, western A) Mandatory production are not cognizant and proud _ (1 I ! Oklahoma was shot in all controls of thP nrnoro:t: Porkin ha [ t| I .,. 24 Hours ! except irrigated areas, l'm B) Voluntary production shown -- the new homes,  . ., will De li' g [ A r Karnes 547-2692 [ hopeful that the target price controls coupled with go- buildings, churches, schools. I .... Ao. ,t_ ^, DS L}rU. ,..tt,t i? sst | I vernment incenttve ay v S. g't;L . ironl ass .' " " " P " E erything, every town must I l,r FrienaS: ..,,nce that r7. ,,,111 be trom gL meats e[ .- OLtll, S WIll tan( _, ' progress and move into the | uea ".'-_..,n annouL,'-7 "i,L..o hours w"L "F..2av. g" C No r  gu . "[ " U. " settl I t'  , t-, -I ) p oduct'on controls, future i - 1 mhaPP v ,---- ,,-il 4, bto : "-.- .,, Saturu" F: raves oeea ;ompany 2 If t . I LILI r rlt rLt o | i ), he UnitedStates Like" we say, wedlikeail I ]'U'lliar flkPrltT' /l'tda r tru 7(n )e J Will contmues to produce a th httl t o 1.=.-, . t '" -- 1|1 l 't" e " e bi s f history about nl.n "" f. .1' t W SEEDS OF ALL KINDS O e O0 P en , [ S-ecializin-in Oats, R-e & When t I surp!:s.fwheat' shuld th's the 'd h.use r that neigh" I :0 F-- I v. ..  .... y t _ I surp s or: borhood that you may be | '.OU t. .... .1 lr,eSCrlt.x'-"" ,;/,([ O.ilt. "7.^ ....  I 1 t_ustom area t.ieanmg & lreating I A) Held by the federal aware of or shared in in the I ...,,,ver, tn v2,- . ,_ to ;.v,, c rL., 12:00 noul, t | Na-ChurL!quidFetailizer | government as a national past. We're hard to catch at I l'Oh'g:' 1:30 P'IU.._?A,a x_d ol "TS.fion l | rien-t-, ronar Feed [ reserve, the present time, so if you [ Bermuda Grass Sprigs Dug & Loaded | B) Held by farmers with would care to add to my his- | OF" ,_.. Wednesu'- gn , m. t nv Y," . "this iS ! I Custom Field Spraying for Weeds & Insects I government assistance torical material about the old I TuesOaJ, ""-L...+'d 7 : V'"*\\; ,rv,,rsdaY. x,,% L. i - "-- lltt It It "-- -- JIM GRAVES lmlewel,_st ,/.rote ,ortho, | C) Held by farmers w,th no, house you might jot it down I "'--,._.,,.claV...a urn.... _ ...,,on,., on tl''-r."  _a tew I [P.,,,in-' ......... wy. lIT&31nterseion[ g entassstance, and drop it in the front door I on i"-,,ill nOt De V"'" .,, n{ ag  -_ , I Route2 Box lo5 H t overnm ;U,t, " e u ,IL ............. "" oo.(,o,,,-,o I More questions to con- slot of the Journaloffice, or II "'..IT[  Wm ""'^...nemetl "_.,u be open  l sider will follow next week. give the office a call and tell I aeP,,,noary aP"% i,ment wu, ,'-   t ,,, ..;.  .-.M.^/'I ,., LaVeta or Jane you haven %r')-/k>l-Ll - 11 story about the house and l ll I "",,theore,-"r-- . _.v  tn I r._,, tt'.-. I get in touch with you. I monm '"/re store. _ . -/s [ " .tE3 _  I _ x xxx . [ ,he test ol u ', sole owner, "_.,1 montlas..  [ ,::, . l hese are very peculiar .-- . .,II " sere[ . It Ire ,Easter and ."-)fPJ J times, andasusua,.whena v be alert or the unaware w,, king be op ett . _s B PRt=-WASH D[NIM Tbne for Spring! [ .... " | Worgtn.g' will be."v'V':e corpeuu" 7 :., /8li )t dl[ill ,,-- ,a ,... - -- " ' I get their toes steppeo on. i " he first of these is a solu. I Yt:;t:'.- ...able ollr PLY'.,,_ ,.,n O 1I1 ""- t.,..1A I '],1 . II:AN$ Art sizes [ tion proposed inn situation I ...,-:o ,,All enamy "2,, ith any  ".*u be heia I 17' I that sees several hundred I "[']lLL,rO avoram sales m "/,rne ! /I /17! --MIAIt TO 'l'l&l&lle eus"e [ thousand more fledgling i ,,rill coIPat..'.,ater" Spein s oi1 su,,_, [ /[ - m m ' S ut nk't aIl t- 1 " , .............. . ......v i " gs" the nation s public school system As you know, - WlI1 U [1.1.[[ t' enn Shoes for all the family Tuls , t c.. ularlY we are nd up , / ,__, ...... . .... . t-/' I now --the enrollment drops I "...rchanOtse" "'. ,,e Will n'av. "_f',w izes. 0,, t:" u, o rln matnln Gs?I ;;;t,,.,,- W IUL [' P g g P . and teachers are not needed I nl-g:;lt" .... ._..1 ffdeS W.' S ! CTlrl f,T'"" mUlCh:rig posT,  I Authorities are evidently | -:" scver"00 ar.w}00gsA0000(00 [No [3VKI! 1007,o, 0,rswln n0eas.il: j __ __*' ir?r,Oi j 1.- 0n On-g, .1,1- o [ , =ZJ' 7: creating a booger man n" *or . e tii tor t00o00-;nd-aeta',ls tot 'X;rins, I have ,r, ii',, 3unaay s .ussa world, ten- w,,-,. S LU uv ,no, Iuv . re r h m r anxlol.l . ere  lvattn J ,,, New Style Ladles I .... as "much as twice their I arug stre 7L-..", time for a .Ix 7t ,, u-- in ,llJ |  .... J | n __ ! .... 1 , younger counterparts. See I L"" LodtO stop "' '"': "-- ,,,.ctlll. I 6' :,"X """ ! lrMl, lr ,3 v.. how this is being hand- I Feel  "-- " KesP"'7_Ala, | ,, S---u ,--- |   ..... txt" led9 They are making a vii. I ""X.,o -1: Anthl""  !  m., *,,r ! /'I--..  .....,/..\\;L lai; out of the tea0her who I cone" Calvm .b - .... 111,, O( |X. ....... | I eJr-/ |1|JlIIJtI'JL.&--'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-/ has been on the faculty for l5 II - . "-- ,da, IHli'.l?! Ig PUI(SES I "" " t,7 ,.t ,-,,.,, ,.-,v?[- years or more. For some rea- IStoreHours:e:S0 .am. to 7:00 p.m.-Mon..Sat4 s.n'1='trc v son "they" think the tenured Perkins N J ir . J 102 S. Mo,(. 1'l_gk.,t teacher suddenl., can't get ,:so p.m. to 7:00 p.m..-Mon., Tu,., Wed./, Fri. Perkins, oNI/ itorthe oun Miss ; "  Y g alon wtth today s students . ! and i2:0()to i:O0 on Satuay-.CIosed Thursdays. 547-20NS That they can be manipu