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March 31, 1977     The Perkins Journal
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March 31, 1977

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,avid K Willie |- Nina|O, RBS AND WIRES 9x, | Martin,  " g! And h "td ' L. IS comln w en 1 oes It ='" '11 h 1' 12r:i: '] Wl C ange our lves SI [: iScoming. And, whenSI peeking outside to see how There are seven basic units) and are trying to _Jilts here, it's going to hot or how cold it is in units of measurements used determine which of two e a mcc . o . : .... . . :..tnge all our hves Who, or degrees Celsius, m the metric system. Time is comparable items is the best netp al[gttviionSflo? r itst:h: mJtU, hatdOgrllmsth:nS; :cll2::sedu::;la;a  bmU:rkeOe ctap:urnl y  Perkins, teachi[ heel aj ght we in Purl ,1. aughter :ly. Ri# a SO :HI ed; 972 gra School. lternational d'Units, the ew name for the metric Yttem. The method of elating things used by st tbout every country in |World except the United ldht we're about to be Outs no longer. The iVersion process in this at has already begun the only question now is r Congress will set a date, or whether we It gradually drift to a final *ge. Some states have etdy announced that soon new textbooks will be ins the metric system. ad, in Oklahoma elemen- School children are busy Itrning metrics and Okla- olna State University has sted several shortcourses educators that will be, UVolved in teaching the lttera. So before too long, we'll buying gasoline and milk 'Y the liter, beef and other foreign-sounding names mean? Long used here by doctors, scientists and pharmacists, the metric system was designed in France in 1795 i and was rapidly adopted by 1 the scientific community around the world. As far back as 1890, the U.S. I officially recognized the metric system when it signed, what was known as the Treaty of the Meter. But, up until now, there has been no  real effort to change. So why! switch at this late date? First: of all, proponents say, it'sl easier for children to learn and, once you've learned it, I it's more convenient to use. ; $1 is a decimal system, just I like our money. So when . F using the metric method, all you have to do is to move the  decimal point rather than converting inches to feet to yards, or ounces (liquid) to pints to quarts to gallons, or ounces (weight) to pounds. the meter, weight is mea- sured in Kilograms, pressure in Pascals, temperature in degrees Celsius, volume (liquids or gases) in liters and solids in cubic meters. Density is expressed in either kilograms per cubic l meter or kilograms per liter. Instead of our present inches, yards and miles, or ounces and pounds, or ounces, pints and gallons, with SI we would use fractions or multiples of the base units. For length, we would use millimeters (the thousandth part of a meter,) centimeters (one one-hundreth of a meter), meters (one unit) and kilometers (1,000 me- ters.) For liquids, we will probably buy cooking oil in liters and use it in recipes in centiliters (one one-hund- redth of a liter.) Flour and sugar, (or for that matter, fertilizer or cement) would be purchased by the ounces, 79 cents," while another brand may be labeled "1 pound, 4 ounces, 39 cents." To find out which is the bargain, you first have to convert the pound to ounces, add the odd ounces, ( 16 plus 12, or 16 plus 4, in this case) and divide it into the price to find your true cost. (Here, 2.82 cents per ounce for the larger can and 1.95 cents per ounce for the smaller.) With SI however, most such packages will be marked in grams, so no conversion will be necessary, all you will have to do is divide. And, if the package contains an even number of units, all you will have to do is move the decimal place. Dress patterns marked in both the English system and the Metric are already being sold. So in the future, housewives will buy material by the square meter instead of yard and measure hem lines in centimeters instead cubic meter of water weighs 1,000 kilograms, all you'd have to do to find the weight would be to shift the decimal point three places to the right. The changeover will affect everyone, since the size of most of the things that we use; nuts and bolts, plywood, writing paper, pipe and a million and one other items will change. Also to be changed will be the markings on rulers, measuring cups, thermometers, speedo- meters and speed limit signs. When Australia under- went the change last year, one of the hottest selling items in the country was a decal that could be pasted over a speedometer face and thus changed the reading from miles per hour to kilometers per hour. Here, many states and communi- ties have already erected signs posting the speed limits in both systems in anticipation of the change. Of course, the manufacture of new measuring devices is bound to become a big industry and will undoub- tedly create hundreds of. jobs. There have been estimates of course, that claim a complete changeover would cost industry billions of dollars. But for many, it will be a real boon. Educators claim that they can teach children math in three-four- measure wears out, or you lose it, you'll buy a new, metric one. Then you'll do away with your conversion chart and be completely changed over. Many industries will do the same. In some cases, food, soft drinks and cosmetics for example, there will be no real need to change package or bottle sizes. The labels will just be changed to show the metric content of the package. Other items won't be quite as easy. Our building industry is designed around things that fit in multiples of 16 inches. Thus, the presently standard 4x8 ' foot sheet of plywod won't fit exactly into a metric framework, so some sort of approximation will probably be established when change- over comes. On less expen- sive items like writing paper, sizes will change. So your secretary will be typing your letters on sheets that measure 8% inches by 11 and one-eighth inches in. stead of 81A z 11 inches. Just when is all this coming? In 1968, Congress asked the Department of Com- merce to make a three-year study of the metric system. In their 1971 report, Com- merce said we should begin a coordinated 10-year change- over program on a voluntary basis. So, government offi- cials say that it is no longer a i oes by the kilogram, dng our speedometers 'e how fast we're going t kilometers.ver.hour, mea- lria8 hat sizes and bust- " ,emg and Easter Ea,, z'zpp .. : 90hut with more complicated 1! Springande-r'-- a""aren calculations, it becomes even easier. For example, you're GIRLS LONG gASTgR DRgSS JlCg:lL-[":" 1:3[.  building a new stock-water. ing trailer and need to know /Ne:'L/f,, how much it will weigh. Presently you would have to Children's GAUCHO :2 i take the length of the tan k ,,L.,Y'SU,TS Ju.,' SU,TS ' and convert it to inches and Children's Ie I2.Ig.c 24 month&, GERBER' S f multiply it by the width (also ...... / \\;, I converted to inches) and Co.ordmatmg   ,a multiply that by the depth (in PANTS, SKIRTS, shirts end inches). When yo get the first answer, you have to go JACKETS in Spring Easter pastel s  back and convert that to i cubic feet and multiply the Spring line of dressy and Casual blouses i result by the 62.5 pounds NEW KAYSER LINGERIE " each cubic foot of water weighs. Using metrics however, all NEW MERCHANDISE ARRIVING DALLY you would have to do is [:l  . , .....  measure the dimensions in M[q,E. Kirk A..VIOLA S BOUTIOUE Perkins  meters or hundredths of L -' ................... meters and multiply th IB | m-m-m,v'-mm-'m-um. Your answer wou!d be Instead, just as when you use kilogram and used by the of inches. Which may take a ths the time now needed.  matter of "if" we change, pennies, dime s and dollars, gram. little getting used to at first. Mechanics, who now need but "how" we go about you either divide or multiply Let's say you are shopping Since there are 2.54 centi- English-size wrenches for it--either with a deliberate by ten. And, in some math in your favorite supermarket meters to the inch, Raquel American cars, Whitworth plan, or by casual drift. problems it can actually (where many items are Welch's 36-24-36 translated wrenches for English cars While some firms like IBM Then lt 's Too Late Why is it? A man wakes up in the m6rning after sleeping on an advertised bed, in advertised pajamas. He will bathe in an advertised tub, wash with advertised soap, shave with an advertised razor, have a breakfast of advertised juice, cereal and toast [toasted in an advertised toaster], put on advertised clothes and glance at his advertised watch. Hew ill ride to work in an advertised car, sit at an advertiseddesk, smoke advertised cigarettes and write withan advertised pen. Yet this man hesitates to advertise, saying that advertising does not pay. Finay, When his unadvertised business goes under, he Will advertise it for sale. and metric wrenches for foreign cars, will need only one set. Multi-national corpora- tions or companies with operations in many coun- tries, such as Rockwell-In- ternational or ITT and a host of others will be able to standardize their tooling, equipment and products to a great degree. And, toward this end, the American Petroleum Institute has given their blessing to the changeover. Back in 1972, the Caterpil- la'r Tractor Company began using both systems in their manufacturing processes. By marking parts both in inches and their metric equivalents the company was able to avoid scrapping existing tools. Now both Ford and General Motors are design- ing and building cars measured in metric units. At first, both the general public and industry will undergo a somewhat "easy" conversion period. If you want to make a new dress, you'll take your measure- ments using the same tape measure you've always used. Then by using a simple chart, you'll covert the inches to centimeters to find out how much materia| you'll need. When your tape J._ I Ill I II I Northside C_leaners 372-0644 716 N. MAIN STIL! WATER, OKLA. Drive.up Window DRAPES BEAUTIFULLY CLEANED AND FAN.FOLDED meters and multiply them. Your answer would, be in cubic meters, and since each have already begun, others are waiting for a firm statement from Congress (which may come this year) before adopting SI. Confusing? Not really, the experts say. The metric system is far more logical than one based on the length of some long-forgotten king's thumb. And, if it's any comfort, just remember Sweden survived learning how to drive on the right-hand side of the road and Britons learned how to count by tens after centuries of pence, farthings, shill- ings, crowns and guineas. The trick is, they say, to think metric. But, such good old American measurements as the pinch, smidgen and whole-bunch will never change. II __. __L ONE.DAY SERVICE " PICK-UP & DELIVERY WARDROBE i CLEANERS " 114 W.8/h AVE. !'.., Sflllwater Pho. 372-7022 I I I DR. GArY L. MEYER Chiropractor 372-6919 104 East McElory _Stmwater, Oklahoma STORM00. SHELTER Concrete Reinforced SEPTIC TANK SYSTEMS Health Dept. Approved Backhoe-Hauling-Mowing MACK.A-DO CONST. KIETH L. MACKEY 547-2585 Now taking orders. Will begin Construction, April 16, 1977 I mill J I The Journal, Thursday, March 31, 197%13 The Seven Basic Units of the Metric System. Unit Name Symbol Volume Liter L Cubic Meter m Weight Kilogram Kg Length Meter m Temperature Celsius C Density Kilogram per cubic meter/ Kg/m Kg per liter KS/1 Time Second s Pressure Pascal Pa Divisions of the Metric System. 100 Millimeters=l Cen- timeter, 100 Centimeters= 1 Meter, 1,000 Meters= 1 Kilometer. 1,000 grams= 1 Kilo- gram, 1,000 Kilograms = 1 metric ton. 1,000 milliliters= 1 liter, 1,000 liters = 1 kiloliter. American Equivalents of the Metric System. 1 Kilometer = .62 Miles 1 Meter = 39.37 Inches 1 Centimeter=2.54 Inches OLIVET EH CLUB MEETS The Olivet Extension Homemakers Club met Tues- day, March 15 in the home of Helen Chrystal. Members entering the Cake and Bread Show were Nell, Sybil, Edna, Jewel, Vema and Helen. The local Cancer Drive was discussed and members voted to contribute as a club. Jewel and Beulah attend- ed the Central District Council meeting at Okla- homa City and gave a very interesting report. Jewel gave an interesting lesson on "Fitting Pants". Refreshments were served by Helen to Addle Allen, Amy Chrystal, Carol Jarvis, Jewel Mahar, Hazel ScotL Thelma Stockton, Syhil Wall, Etta Woods, and Nell Youngker. Next meeting will be April 19 at the home of Carol Jarvis. 1 Liter= 1.057 Quarts 1 Centiliter=.338 Fluid Ozs. 1 Metric Ton = 1.1 Tons 1 Kilogram=2.2 Lbs. 1 Gram= .035 Dry Ozs. 0 Degrees Celsius=32 De- grees F 100 Degrees C= 212 Degrees F. CANCER DRIVE COFFEE Mrs. Charles Grant will be having a coffee for the" Cancer Drive at her home" from 9:00 a.m. to 11 a.m. Mrs. Wayne Allen will be  co-hostess. Weather per- mitting. This coffee is for the Olivet Community but every- one is welcome. I I II III III I II II JA.CO [I [ EN TWIN BLADE MULCHER If you'd rather not rake or bag clippings. "engine.d'cycle Briggs & Stratton /]/ll 7 20" push or self-propelled. 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