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April 5, 1984     The Perkins Journal
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April 5, 1984

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PAGE 2 -- The Perkins Jonrmd Thursday, April 5, 1984 THE PE'RKINS JOURNAL Robert L. and Yvonne M. Evans, Owners-Publishers Published each Thursday at 133 S. Main Street Post Office Box 665, Perkins, Oklahoma 74059 Telephone: 405-547-2411 USPS 428040 SUBSCRIPTION :PRICES Payne, Lincoln, l~gan and Noble Counties $9X~0 per ~mar plus S% tax [$10.071 Elsewhere in Okla. $1330 per year plus 6% tax [$14.31] Outside Oklahoma $16.50 per year JOURNAL EDITORIAL OPINION Hard Winter Perkins looks terrible now. It's been a long, hard ; winter. To add to the rough look, crews have been busy putting in new waterlines and ditches and right-of-ways look terrible where the excavation and fill work has been. Cleanup Day will be coming soon, and Perkins residents are reminded now to begin cleaning up their yards and businesses in preparation for the pretty summer weather when more people are out of doors and a.good looking town is more noticeable. Who knows, you might also be selected for the most beautiful yard by the Mutual Improvement Club who has started a progx to give a monthly award to the resident who presents the most beautiful, clean yard or property. The first award is being given this week. Also on tap will be the city ordinance that re- quires absentee property owners to keep their pro- perry trimmed and manicured for the summer, or the city will have it cleaned up and the cost applied to the owners property taxes. This ordinance has been enforced the past two years and several are paying out cleanup costs of their property on their tax statement every year. There is really no need for inflicting an unkempt, sloppy yard or premises upon a neighbor or the neighborhood. A town is no better than the people in it. If peo- ple have pride in their home and businesses, then it is a progressive, caring town. It's that time of year again to be that way. a rose Perkins residents received some benefits they may not have thought about when they approved a bond issue last August to undertake a capital improve- ment program. When this improvement program was designed, the nation and the state were going into the throes of a national recessi0m It seemed like it might even be a bad time to bring up a sales tax and bond pro- posal because of the economic conditions. However, the people thought it was time and bowed their necks and cast an overwhelming YES vote of approval. For that positive vote not only has Perkins receiv- ed their cake, but they've been able to eat it to, as the old adage goes. For instance, due to the economic conditions, federal programs were being created, or present pro- grams were beefed up to put people to work and create jobs. Perkins received a hefty $100,OOO ap- propriation from the Emergency Jobs Bill enacted last year by Congress because they had put their money where their mouth is and were ready and rar- ing to go. Perkins received a third of all monies ex- pended in Payne County on the jobs bill because they had a program on line and ready to go, while other county towns had to dream up a program and more or less create "make-work" projects. The same thing on the DECA Grant on the sewer project. With Perkins' positive capital improvement vote, it didn't take long to get matching funds on the sewer project. Also, contractors are hungry now. The water tower bid came in $20,000 under the engineer's estimate of $78,000, and $30,000 under the $88,000 that had been allocated. This will give more funds for more water lines, development of wells and other water projects. Due to these "breaks" because of the peculiar economic times in which these projects were started, the town has come out "smelling like a rose." They've got much more for the same amount of money.' There has been good management of these pro- jects. The planning was aided by competent, qualified engineers, and good, solid companies stepped forward to take up the successful bids and do the work. It has been a successful undertaking and the benefits have been more than were original- ly planned. Many people have benefited and Perkins got some good projects that will serve the town well for years to come. Those who voted for this project can pat themselves on the back. They were bold enough to approve it even when economically they may have had some qualms. The town came out smelling like 8 rose. 1 The/ournol Staff The lournal Asks: L What did you plant? What have you planted in your garden? Ella Curtis -- I've Jessa Neltman -- Irene Adkins -- I got the peas up about Up until now? I've got don't have a garden. 4" high and I've got some radishes, onions, lettuce and radish and and lettuce and . We don't really have a place fixed for one yet. I tee got potatoes cam- potatoes up. I've got We've all been too ingup. And I bought some tomato plants busy to fix one this some tomatoes to put already but I ll wait year. I hope to in the out but I ql have to until it warms up on future. I don't even cover them them. have a flower bed now. Norah Sadler --Oh Beryl Pearcy -- A. G. Bentley -- I nothing, I haven't got Nothing but potatoes haven't planted any any. I'm going to put and onions so far. The garden. I live in a out some tomatoes onions are doingpret- mobile home and don't and cucumbers ty well but I guess it's later--after Easter too cold for the have a place for one. Mildred Cash -- anyway. I've already potatoes still. Nothing. I have no got my seeds. -o- garden. We're plann- ing to move across town, so we haven't had one. We're in the process of moving. DOC'S COMMENTS gone where all old papers have been speechless. The it is not a federal ap- go--to the landfill. The only words of wisdom was pointee and will probably From the F/les 67 Years Ago 52 Years Ago (From The Perkins (From The Perkins Journal, April 27, 1917 - Journal April 14, 1932 - 67 years ago) 52 Years Ago) Only one month left un- Miss Pauline Rotroff tit Perkins schools cam- and Russell Putnam were pletes their term. If your united in marriage at the child is not showing some home of the bride's interest in books at home, parents, 8 miles east of there is something wrong Stillwater. Mr. Putnam is and parents should talk to editor of The Perkins his teacher. The majority Journal, and they will l of the school children take up housekeeping in should study at home at the Christian Church par- least one hour each night, sonars in Perkins. High school students The Civic Club is span- should need more time. spring a Beautiful Yard Friday marked the Contest, and all residents close of another suc- are urged to enter. cessful school term at Perkins will have talkie Forest Valley School with shows. Russell Deck of John Ringwald as Tulsa has purchased the teacher, picture show building Earl Hughes and Grace from John Bartholomew Cleaning up produces more room Luster were married in and is making ar- Stillwater last Saturday. rangements to install a Saturday night a large talkie picture machine. The. realestateffice."m I'm glad it's over. was pres.ident, there group of young people A large crowd of young Cushing was closed a lit- Last night was spent would be o~.ly three an,- met at the Hughes home people gathered in town ~te more ~nan two years Lincoln s . listening to the G:eat nual holidays, " to give them a charivari. Monday and charivaried ago and one room at the Debate between the birthday, MartiI~ Luther I.G. Markee at the three newly married oarracxs was filled with . . presidential hopefuls. King s birthday and Farmers Cotton Cam-couples. The first victims ,filecabinetsan~,..boxesof There were no disappoint- September ~:6th. pany Gin is advertising to were Russell and Pauline iolaers Iuleo With term ~ 's . ments because we did notSeptember 16th? Tli~t',' buy cotton at $105 per Putnam, who had slipped documents, plats, and expect much from the the day the new mo~l bale. The offer is to con- away from their home but copies or recoroea m- three leaders. Without limousines come out. ~\ tract for October and were caught at the home struments After three Mondale s effort to suppose such might be' November topay$105.00 of Bob Lawrence. The weeks of carefully exam " destroy Hart and Hart s considered an ethnical er- for a 500 pound bale of next couple was Clifford ing each folder they are response, both would ror but the man who told naiddling cotton, and Genoma Dillard who only thing left is almost a by Jackson when he told gallon of paper clips, rub- the others that the news bar stamps and notary of tomorrow would be the seals. If everything runs rat-a-tat of Mandate and the normal course, I will Jackson without giving probably be looking for any direction and the some of the things tamer- reason they are having row. There were more this kind of kinship strug- not be asked to resign. The City Fathers of Cushing have been plann- ing to test the storm alert sirens but haven't had a day suitable for doing it. Senator Edward Ken- nedy suffered his first "~armers that plant kaf- had been married five fir ~orn instead of cotton weeks, but had suc- this vear will be sorry," cessfully dodged all the acr says. charivari parties. They , woPd than 300 pounds of gle are such similarities in seasonable defeat today I 1. Soars mouthed 13. Sun God pitcher folders alone plus books policy. Maybe that ac- when his colleagues refus- 14. Short jacket 48. Printing and advertising pens and counts for the sign on an ed to pass a resolution 16. Persian fairy measure 17. Queer tqorter pencils thatdidnotwork interstate truck which that there must be a 19 EtemaJ 49 51. S~Ots anymore. It was not an said; "If you like Man- declaration of war before21. Electric unit 53. Na~'row dale, You will Love troops could be assigned 22. Water: Latin ope'ning 24. Give forth 54. Tam ish easy tl~g to do but I Hart." That also brought to duty in South America. 26. Perform DO~ ~N have an extra room which out a joke at the curb. The The next will probahly be 27. Forearm bone 29. Violin maker 1. Center~ of is not needed either, but person said if Jackson if~and when heis drafted ~3t. Change operatic'~S The Poet's Corner ACROSS 37. Narrow board 39 Consumed I. A bristle41. Unclosed 5. Pledge It43 Wine vessel 9. Writing .44 Blood part implement' a'6. Wide l as a presidential 33. Let it stand' 34. Comparative I candidate, ending Cushing, has been ill for some time but now recovered enough for his ................ " family to take him to the WEATHER TALK mountains for a period of By SamJolmson quiet and rest. Joy The weather is a timely subject in many conversations Kindiey, Cushing's First With a wide variety in many different places, lady came home with a Some enjoy the sunshine and worship it all the time few bandages and it is While others opt for a different plae with a cooler real interesting to hear clime, her explain how she was injured while doing a lit- The earth is blessed with four seasons for us aU to en- tie ski exercises high up in joy the mountains. The For every season there is a reason as God's will He Kindleys are lovely people does employ who give a lot of their We all enjoy the refreshing showers and balmy breezes time and talent to making too Cushing a better place to We enjoy the quietness of evening and the smell of call home. Best wishes to morning dew both for a speedy recovery and back to nor- When the sun prevails in the morning as the sun pro- mat again. vides the light The people who are When the sun turns on its beautiful rays to shut out demolishing the old high the dark of night school building have their There is beauty to behold in the countryside at the shy-hooks from which beginning of day they swing that large The weather will be changing often for that is nature's steel ball repaired and way. back in action The walls are tumbling down. There is some variety in weather most anywhere on The doctor diagnosed earth the irritable's problem Temperatures rise and fall or a storm comes down was lack of exercise and from the north recommended that they The beautiful days of spring time are surely enjoyed buy some exercise equip- by all ment. A few days later And after a long hot summer we enjoy the crispness the husband was back of fall feeling fine. The golf clubs he purchased really did Old man winter descends upon us and suddenly wethe trick but he couldn't are in his grasp understand why the Before springtime comes again it will seem summer lawnmower bought for his- has long passed wife had failed to help her So long as the seasons continue each in its turn on sour disposition. t i m Arrivederci, Weimowour Godis still in control and everything will T.C. "Doe" Banner be fine. -o- BOB YVONNE CRAIG STELLA BENNETT EVANS EVANS FUQUA SHOFF L&ND 2. Indefinil "e article 3. Frost I The Honorable Don L. 35 Ireland , 4. Cere~on~ ! Kindley, Mayor of ~" L'-7~-" -- ,! -mw- "--~o m-7- Z$ F'- r" im= m .m' .', -S -#- Solutiol~ 5. Concerning 6. Mountain 8. lnheritabie property 9. Malay canoe I0 Adore 1 2. Fodder storage bin |5. Vinegar worm 18. Boring 20. Borders 23. Poker stake 25. Mokes lace 28 air: comb. form 30. Web 32 Mature 34. A direction 36. Current 38. Scottish hats 40. Epochal 42. Seines 45. Fuss 47. Knock 50. And (Ft.) were in the crowd was decided it turn. The third feel the brunt crowd was Mattie Lee crowd, by now teated wit moved in a body home of J. M. who had married. Mr. denied this and broke up. 30 Years (From The Journal, April 8, 30 Years Ago) Mr. and Mrs. Wall, Charles, na, Ray and honored as the Family of the Wayne Lile farm The Light Campgrounds voted to build dormitories at edge of Perkins. 25 Years (From The Journal, April 25 Years Ago) Mrs. Hazel said "Number the last time in Tuesday when The Kirkpatrick owned the s years before 1957. The system dates to Eleven per plate Meet Highway dinner at the Union. They were] Butler, Holsinger, Elmol Hollis Ward Holbrook, E. L. Tom Chrystal, Baker, Les Huls ! Kirk. Town Baker died last a successor has appointed. A June ing planned for Bivert of Frank Evans, Perkins band now of Garber. 20 Years nal, April 2, Years Ago) The Rodeo will be Perkins rodeo April 3rd and Blumer's tion was of Conoco 18.4c plus tax, brought the per gallon. 10 Years From The nil March 28, Years Ago) Perkins owners are asked April 2, to ricers Ix by those who and to writs a tion rejected to the city of Mr. and Mrs. thur are the daughter born -O- In 1! ~~ ~ ................. Ta~t became There are seven differences in the second pic~4re, Can you Spot them ? president to o,, ..,,,oo ..,,~.~I .,,, .,,, .~,, ..,. ,..,., baseball st | throwing out the' ublish -Editor M tor News Editor Adv. Manager Adv, m tng II I I I I I I I JANffr ; LIL EARLENI REEDER MeDANIEL REID )I Reporter/Writer . ~ocmty Circulation