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April 5, 1984     The Perkins Journal
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April 5, 1984

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PAGE 10 -o The Perkins Journal Thursday, April 5, 1984 The Natural Way Dr. Jeff Black Oklahoma Baptist University "Springtime" Last week was one of those weeks when it seem- ed that stressful situa- tions were on all sides. There were several elms were in bloom and lengthy school board ses- putting forth their seeds. sions where emotions The first green grass was were high as we con- forming a carpet in the sidered closing an elemen- forest and some fields tary school in Shawnee were purple with the mint e and the possibility of not known as henbit. Scat- rehiring a number of tered among their purple teachers. There were also flowers were the tiny ready to burst into bloom and the scattered patches of white from blooming plum trees. Soft velvet green color indicated that numerous deadlines at the white flowers of University for students to Shepherds Purse with its Baby lambs or a sign of spring turn in work that would characteristically-shaped determine grades and seed pods. p rhaps future plans. The departmental secretary was ill for three days and the phone rang constant- ly at school and the paper- work piled up and up. The phone also rang off the wall at home until we wanted to jerk it off the ringing wall. Friday could not have been more welcome. Friday evening and then Saturday morning were spent at the llth Annual East Central Oklahoma Regional Science and Engineering Fair at Seminole Junior College. We were very proud for parents, students and teachers from several Oklahoma counties. Many of their students received awards There was also a beautiful green field near Dale with a flock of sheep. The new lambs with their long tails flying as they ran and jumped were fun to watch. I pulled over to side of the road and walked to the edge of the field where I could listen to the baaing of the lambs Fries" for a special treat. Then huge flocks of sheep would sometimes be driven down the highway and through the tiny town of Dayville (popula- tion 230) on their way to the summer range. Some- times my father and I would take some food to the mountains for a sheepherder by the name of Albert Hancock. On one trip we found Albert sleeping in a hammock off the ground because he because the hens had their feet on the ground and their craws full of green grass and insects. Also the orange yolks stand high off the frying pan rather than flat and colorless as the eggs from their sister chickens that have never touched the ground or eaten a blade of was scared of the many Sharing her lovely pain- as they looked for their rattlesnakes he had been tings with us this month mothers and the baaing of seeing and killing, is Maudetta Triplett. It is There was always a con- interesting to see the the mothers as they tried to call and keep up with their frolicking youngsters. It was also fun to watch a shoving and butting lamb as it fill- ed its tummy from a stan- ding and patient mother. New lambs were always a sign of spring where I grew up in eastern Oregon. There were stant battle going on bet- styles of the many artists ween the sheepmen and that have displayed their coyotes, bears and pictures at the Library cougars. Brightly painted these past few months, red posts were and has been a delightful everywhere in the area experience for us as well and indicated where as our patrons. poison or cyanide guns Some reading that were set to kill coyotes might be profitable while and other sheep pred- you're thinking of where ators. Many sheeppeople you intend to vacation scopes to pick off any darkroom work, and how eagle that dared come in- to sell your photos; Guide to the area. My education to Camera Equipment; ...... i grass. The scattered patches of daffodils and white- blooming pear trees show- ed where old houses had once stood. Clearly visible along roadsides and in field were the tall patches of wild onions. This is the time of year when everyone needs to eat some wild onions and scrambled eggs. May Nichols in Shawnee cooks her wild onion in a pan with a little water and bacon grease and then adds the eggs. You can't eat scrambled eggs and onions without cornbread according to May. My springtime sugges- tion is for all of you to take a few hours away from television, phone and people and spend those hours alone with nature. In the words of the famous naturalist, John Muir: Climb the mountains and get their good tidings[ Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine into flowers. The wind will blow their freshness into you and the storms their energy, and cares will drop off like autumn leaves. I he locate her? To LEGAL NOTIC] ] Brooklyn with Love by (Published in The Paq Green--search for Journal, April 5 courage, the art of sur- 1984.2 viral under stress set in IN THE Depression days; and Cu- COURT OF COUNTY, jo by Stephen King-- blood hilling tale of a ter- rifying nightmare come to life. A recent gift to the Library is Gentle Rebels by McCathern. The thing that sets this book apart from others in our collec- tion is the stories includ- ed are based on the Farm Protest of 1977 through 1982 by members of The American Agriculture Movement. It includes pictures of the Tractor- cade to Washington with Wayne Allen and others. A gift to the Library from the Allens, it is autographed by the author, and should be read by all to make us aware of the tremendous Bread will retain its original effort that our farmers quality for two to three made to remain free of the months if left in the wrap- bondage of red tape and per and stored in home freezer. fascinatingly readablebiography by Walker-- run-by of the time from 55 his many faces, voices, in- BC to 410 AD when a terests, emotions, a com- large area of Britain was ic genius. part Of the great Roman Fiction includes: Empire--novelties of Brain--Robin Cooxk's such things as roads, newest novel of the world of medical horror;, Murder in the Smithsonian-- Truman's newest mystery revolving around Capitol Hill figures; Brave Kingdom by Murray--a magnificent saga of courage and ambi- tion set in Scotland and public baths, am- phitheatres and central heating were Roman in- troductions to the British landscape. A picture of the impact the coming of the Romans made on Bri- tain, then the disintegra- tion of this magnificent, on Saturday morning. I thousands of sheep raised blamed Bald Eagles for this year: Basic Guide to can't keep from mention- to that part of Oregon taking a share of newborn Photography--how to orderly, and fa-reaching New Zealand encompass- ing that Andrew pleased and it was always ex-lambs and some ranchers choose and use equipment, Empire is "one of theing 150 years and 4 his parents with several citing when the sheep-had long-rangerifleswith lighting, composition, greatest and saddest generations, by an ac- wins in the junior high herders came into town stories,, in human complished writer known biology section of the fair. on their yearly trip out of history . Dress Better for for her dry humor; Saran- But I could also the grazing range in the remember the constant in later years taught me M o n y- M a k i n g that these predators were Photography; Darkroom probably not killing as Techniques;Photo many lambs as they were Retouching and Restora- accused of doing. My tion; Travel thanks to the people near Photography--all these Dale for bringing back are from Petersen's some happy memories as Photographic L}brary, I watched their sheep, and are well detailed. 365 II--types of aircraft from On my drive I also went Starry Nights is an in- near-antiques to jet past a house with a bar- troduction to astronomy power; and two about nyard full of beautiful for every night of the year; Peter Sellers: P.S. I Love Barred Rock chickens. A Stranger Than Scienceby You: an intimate majestic and bright red- Edwards is a fantastic yet biography of Peter Sellers combed rooster stood on factual collection ofby his son Michael and a pile of brush crowing fascinating true lifetwo daughters, and Peter forth his roosterhood. We stories; Man of the Fami- Sellers, the authorized have always been partial ly is Mood's adventures of to Barred Rocks because a lovable, gallant lad who of their large brown-had to grow up fast upon colored eggs. Some people his father's death in a say that brown eggs taste West of an earlier time; better than white eggs Report on the Shroud of and perhaps they do. But Turin by Heller--after best of all is any fresh egg many years of intense con- that is bright orangetroversy, a team of U.S. scientists made a detailed % mountains. We always stayed off the highways in case a celebrating sheepherder and his jeep were attempting to make it home. I also remember our Scott~. h =ne~gb~bor, Duncan McBaln, handing me an orphan lamb across the fence when I was small. We went through cases of canned milk to raise "Mary Lamb." I probably never knew that the mutton we were eating the next year was from my pet lamb. The whole community would come out for the yearly sheep shearing and lamb marking event at the Humphrey Ranch. Everyone would always go home with a jar of "Rocky Mountain Oysters" or "Lamb battles and screaming matches over spring vaca- tion to get him to com- plete his project. I know that science fair projects are difficult for students and teachers, but they are also hard on parents. So thanks and congratula- tions from one set of parents to all you other parents that have suf- fered through and surviv- ed another year of science fair projects. Saturday afternoon I got in the old truck and slowly drove around on some of the back roads in the northern part of the county. Even though clouds covered the sky,it was beautiful. There was the pink haze of redbuds study using every sort of up-to-date equipment to come to the conclusion that the Shroud was authentic--ut was the wrapping cloth that enveloped Jesus Christ after His crucifixion; Pro- phecies on World Events by Nostradamus-- predictions of devices hun- dreds of years before their actual invention and many other interesting pro- phecies; The Outline of the Bible Book by Book-- prepared as an aid to understanding for both students and general readers; Chief Joseph of the Nez Peree--a poem by Robert Penn Warren, beautifully retold story of the Nimipu-"The Real People", and theft great leader;Personal Strategies for Living with Less Stress--Provides the tools to assess and cope with I stress; Cooking for Two Cookbook--though limited in people, you don ~ need to be limited in ideas-recipes, and tips for entertaining; Gazebos and Other Garden Struc- ture Designs--detailed il- lustrations for these garden structures, also in- cludes birdfeeders and Less by Audette--tips on how to find the rights styles for your figure, what is a real bargain, how to buy top quality fashion for all the fancily the regulations imposed on them by bureaucrats. Thanks again to the Aliens and all our farmer friends who stood and stand firm. -o- Pursuant to We're not sure what this Courtmade IN THE THE WILLIE BARTH( Deceased. No. P 84-75 NOTICE OF : PETITION PROBATE OF NOTICE is given to all terested in the estate that on the day of March, WILLIAM BARTHOLI Griffin, Georgia, ed and filed in instrument in porting to be the said above named ed person, this court HIS praying for the said Will and Testamentar' thereto to CHARLES OMEW, Personal sentative named in Will. that funny light is shin- notice is hereby l ing in the sky, but have that Tuesday the day of April, 1984, been assured by the hour of 10:00 weather people that we of said day, has may not be bothered by pointed as the it several more days this hearing said weekP--SOOO--come in proving said and find something to fill District Court your time until the 302 in Stillwater garden calls. 12:30-5 County, Oklahoma, Tuesday through Friday; and where all 9-12 Saturday--Stor terested may Hour at 9:30 Thursday contest the same. In testimony morning, have hereunto -o- hand this 30th March, 1984. -s-Charles H. 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