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April 6, 1989     The Perkins Journal
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April 6, 1989

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J The Perkins Journal Thursday, April 13, 1989 -- PAGE 3 ' Perkins Senior Citizens PUBLIC SERVICE REPORT PERKINS POLICE Betty Beeler DEPARTMENT Saturday, April 8 was our party During the past week the Perkins Report with 21 present. Everyone had a Police Departmont served the public in :e good time and lots of goodies to eat. the following matters: House Report Monday night was well attended with 42 present and 10 musicians, April 3- Investigated burglaries at Jim Dodson and Evelyn Havell Burt's Jewelry, Whistle Stop 1, at- By from Perkins, Jim Ham, Vic Den- tempted burglary at Bob's Pizza, and stereo stolen out of a car on SE 3rdby Bernice Shedrick ny, Jim Childers from Stillwater, St. E laine and Marvin Rainwater from Picked up several children running Rep. Jessie Pilgrim Drumright, Dorothy VanBrunt back and forth across south Main is very important for a legislator to from Ripley and Ted Prickett. Street and took them home to talk This week's report does not con- Representative government canno~~ do. It was very good to see the Music sure was good. Hostesses with their father, cern legislation, but is about the fulfill this pupose if elected Realtors last week. I would hope were Opal Redus and Lois Found window open on a restroom legislative process. I am often representatives are bound in chains the other groups will be able to McKaughn. at high school and found front door asked what is the biggest problem to a particular political idealogy or c ome to he Capit.ot b ~fo-e the ses- Our visitors were Odell Giddeon, open on building. Dr. Dale came to with the legislative process. I will interest gr?up. Nor can represen- secure building. sion ends in a couple of months. Drumright; David Luper, Perkins; April 4 - Assisted Mrs. Vogt with share my answer to this question, tativ~ government achieve this pur- did I genuinely ap- The Realtors who came to the E liners {Stanley) Flaherty, Texas, getting a lady who had fallen off the The biggest problem with the ' pose if elected representatives fail chance to visit with Capitol to visit with their D.H. and Lorena {Stanley) Molen, floor into her chair, legislative process is that elected to understand this responsibility. rehear about their con- legislators last week were: Gayle Fresno, Calif,, Elmer and Carolyn Investigated possible prowler on representatives often forget the ,Elacted representatives must be ~ed the fact Barnes, Stillwater Board~ of {Stanley) Stanton, Durango, Colo. NE 4th. most basic principle oflawmaking, committ,~! to the people and the time out of their Realtors executive officer; Wayne They came with Adrian'and Geor- Was able to unlock a vehicle That principle, embodied in the public go~. ~,Thelegislativ'eprocess. e otheCapitolto Bland, Grindstaff, Harris and gia Stanley. " lockout at 118 NE 7th. Declaration of Independence, is would lmprwe greatly lfthe people, el :islators. A ssociates, Stillwater Board of We were happy to see those that Investigated a family quarrel con- that laws are to be made for the and public greed prevailed againsb e~ ed session, I amRealtors president elect; Wayne hadn't been in quite some time-Ted ceming a rote tiller. it is much easier to Bland Sr., Bell Realty, Cushing Prickett, Adrian and Georgia Issued warnings for speeding on public good. The first and chief interest groups and politic*a~ East Knipe. complaint lodged by the Founding idealogy. "- groups like Board of Realtors president; Sherry Stanley, Ray Wilcoxson an d April 5 - Took report from a father Fathers against King George was This is my tractate for this Ses- this manner at the Brown, Dorothy Meyers Realty, Evelyn Havel. trying to locate his runaway that he '~efusad his Assent" to sion. Next week, I return to up-,, with my Cushing; Marilyn Duff, Bell Real- Wednesday, April 12 is Pot Luck daughter, laws "necessary for the publicdating you on pending legislatio~.'~ in the Senate of ty, Cushing; Eloise Gould, Century and also that morning the nurse will Apprehonded two lb year old males good." Ifyouhaveanycuestionsorcon-'- ~j or commit- 21, Cushing Board of Realtors vice- be taking blood pressure and blood reported to be taking golf balls from E lected representatives, of which cerns, please let hie hear from you.:': pro ~riations president; Sammy Gourley, Bellsugar test. the driving range They had 60 halls I am includ ,e~, sometimes ignore My* addre~ at the Caitol ~. it has become ex- Realty, Cushing Board of Realtors Just a reminder that the center is at their home. This officer returned ' 'public good due to the mistaken Oklahoma State Capitol, Room 333," the balls to the driving range owner to have any time board of directors; Carl Henderson, open Monday thru Friday 1 to 4. and ta~ed to parents of the juveniles, belief that government has no Oklahoma City, OK 73105. My of- every individual per- Grindstaff, Harris and Associates, Quilting, dominos, card playing, April 6 - Assisted Iowa Police on responsibility for the public good or fice phone number at the Capitol is" a concern about Stillwater; Jack Hutchins, Jack working puzzles and visiting. All backup when they made an arrest on for the citizenry. At times, elected (405} 521-2711. In Cushing, my,, Hutchins Realty, Cushing;, Harry Senior Citizens are welcome. East Kanworthy. representatives act as a collected mailing address is P.O. Box 1601,~ to serving as chair- M arton, Harry Marten Realtors, -o- Fire Department responding to 4th organization of Chins by refusing to Cushin~ OK 74023 My office" ab. Education Com- National Association of Realtors r|I iii st. Apartments where two children, address public needs and refusing telephone number is {918) 2"25-1290. ; also chairman of the board of directors, Stillwater; Anne age 11 and 7, had set fire to a tree. tommak.e laws for thepublic good. I certain~ want to hear from you: Subcommittee on Ap- McMurtry, Fisher Province i . .( Talked to the youngsters and their Tne ueclarauon ot inaepenaence concernil~ your views and opinions s. That subcommittee is Realtors, Stillwater; Joann Melton, i ( mothers. Reminded the parents the states that all people are "endow- on legialat'~ive issues. -- fire department may bill for the fire ed by their Creator with certain ~mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~ for setting over two- Bell Realty, Cushing; Tanya e state's annual budget. Rhoten, Century 21, Cushing; Susie Thoughts and Things run. unalienable rights, that among [ CARPET :I dent without injury at the Nine Mile these are Life, Libe~y and the pur- | .. , - .... - . . | ving to carry the ms- Rusco, Grindstaff, Harris andW From the Journal Staff Notified highway patrol of an acci- on reform bill that will Associates, Stillwater; Ted Smith, Comer. suit of Happiness.' The Preamble | riousen~a....ana .~:;ommercial. | t the quality of Okla- Tom Smith and Co., Stillwater WesistershadagreatdaySatur- April 7 - Issued citation to aof the United States Constitution | ~__~l.#~_yard up | ational system will con- B card of Realtors president; Carol day for our semi-annual gaddingmotorist driving 50 in a 35 mile zone. recites that its purpose is to pro- | "14Yes Estimates* | LProve. White, Homes of America, around. If you have several sisters, Report of four small children play- mote the general Welfare" of the | *Expert Installation* of these tasks really Stillwater Board of Realtors board close around, don't hesitate to start ing near the highway at Whistle Step people. I *25 Pat.tern S_electlon* t i~ a great deal of time, of directors, and Neta Williams, your days out together. It is great 2. They lived in a nearby residence. Moved them back into a field away The above statements reaffirm | ~'o__rmlca_ _&_ Tarkett [ ~ork I am finding t hrnate Bell Realty, Cushing. furl Our conversation is light, do from the highway, the fundamental principle that the | Vinyl Flooring [ ~e of them at the sa It was great to see all of these alot of window shopping, don't Transported an intoxicated paramount purpose of represen-| " " " I' ially during the shorten- people, share their comments and spend a lot of money, feel a little motorist to county jail DUI. tative government is to promulgate | I~, AI~I~..Q I-I AI~I'~ A Rlb'~: ~" requires a juggling act. their great chili! closer each time. We are very com- Complaint of loud music near area laws which promote the general | ~ ............... [ I want to assure the I certainly hope that if any citizen patible and agree to almost any- of Bingo parlor on West Freeman. welfare of the people and a~ | 111 S. Main 547-2472 [ ~trict 21 that I do shas questions or comments regard- thing that any of the other five This officer could hear music on main necessary for the public good. ~ " ge from every tele~ing any issue we may discuss at the want to do. We sure want to saystreet. Received a second call, so ..... at comes into my of- State Capitol he or she will contact Thank You to our Aunt Arvilla for turned it to county sheriff's office ~ ~ ~ ~ every letter that is me. My Oklahoma City office is: buying our dinner. We always Assisted Highway Patrol with a collision without serious injury south DR. E. ALAN SMITH am also continuing toState Senator Bernice Shedrick, choose Chinese. I think because, of Perkins. piece of legislation Room 428, State Capitol, Oklahoma with exception of Judy, all of our G ave warning to a motorist for expressed con- City, OK 73105; My office in husbands could care less aboutcrossing center line into path of this t to me. Stillwater is located at 222 E. 7th Chinese food. officer's petrol car. increased workload Street. My telephone number in - - - April 8 - Advised by resident on .Family Vision Care .Contact Lenses .Economical and !lhortened session, I am Oklahoma City is (405) 524-0126, Barbara Kirby mentioned at a West Thomas that an attempted on- .Children's Vision . Soft, Extended Fashion Eyewear difficult to keep in extension 572, and in Stillwater, meeting the other evening, her try was made to his home through a groups from {405) 743-4500. southdown sheep had had three side window. .Eye Health Exams Wear, Tinted, .No Line BiFocals ' Something that I think sets of triplets and one set of quads April 9- Worked a backing collision Rigid Gas Perme- at 6th and French Streets. able lenses for a , this spring, which is pretty unusual. Received report of a small 5 year s tigmatism We were also talking about suf- old child who had run away and wasOPEN Men., Wed., Thurs., Fri, 9:00 to 5:30 ; folks, so I hope I didn't get them found walking towards town by his ,. w,, twiste~ At the time they were born mother, who asked this~officer and Sdturday and Evenings By Appointment : , ,~ ,~, someone suggested.she call us t~,, 203 tq harp a talk with hirm ~ .... * * * ~. .~... get photos, but she didn't. Some of ~> : ~ the 'babies' didn't survive. Hera's a shsrp idea: cover S pieCa For Information and Appointments Call ~ "'" of steel wool with cloth to make a ' 405-547-2500 Well where did spring go? We pin cushion. It keeps the pins sod Verkins- probably have the hardiest fruit needlu well-honed as well. 135 S. Main * trees, flowers, etc. of any state--if they survive our many weather changes the first time aroun& !' Just learned our good friend C arol Acuff had the misfortune of breaking her leg over the weekend. Two Bedroom Home in Perkins, Oklahoma Borden's That really has to be tough luck-- Household Furnishings and Antiques Rounds here she and Cecil are both retired now, ready to flit around and shell 15, 1989:1 P.M. (Real Estate at 3 have to spend the best part of spring inside. Hopefully time will go fast for her. Sale to be conducted on the property located Get well wishes also goes to ourat 101 First Street (SW Corner of First and neighbor Ruth Lowry. We're think- West Thomas), Pm'kins, Ok Half Gal. ing of you, Ruth. Legal Description: The East 95 Feet of Lots -.- 1 through 4, Block 7, Original Town of : B ob and I will be out of the office Perkins, Payne County, Ok. Reg. Friday to attend the state meeting This neat 2 bedroom home with good corner of the Oklahoma Historical Socielocatiun hss a large living area, dining area, ty as they meet in Guthrie. We will attractive kitchen, sewing room or third be having a book display and it is bedroom. A storage building allows easy ac- CORNER all heing held in the Masonic Tem- ple, which should be an added treat, eess to a neat basement storm cellar. This So theJournaloffice will be dosed good property is within one block of the Friday. Remember there is a han-business area. - 547-5183 dy slot by the door if you want to :,! drop something by. HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS _ .Yvonne 1-2 Piece Living Room Suite, Sofa and Chair 1-17 cu. ft. Frostless Hot Point Refrig. (Soft Green/Cream Floral w/carved wood w/Freezer across Top frame, nice) 1-Hassock 4-Matching Tables, 2 larger Lamp 2-Matching Lamp Tables 1-Wsll Mirror Tables, 2 Smaller w/inlaid wood tops 1-Flex-Steel Recliner (Beige Upholstery) 1-RCA Cabinet Style Television 1-Floral Swivel Chair (Beige, Rose) 3-Table Lamps 1-Gold UphoL Chair w/match, ottoman .s~w~s~cot~m ~e~UZ~A~ l-Dining Room Suite, Duncan Phyffe, (Table l-Gas Cook Range, apartment size c~r~so~ .m~vmm~c~ms w/drop leaf, 4~hairs, Buffet 1-Panesonic Radio, 8-Track Player, o,v~v~x~w ,~a,~goa,~s 1-Round Wood Table w/4 matching chairs Tapes and Tape File otmoe srr o.s.s sso s I-2 pc Bedr. Suite, 6 Drawer Chest, like new l-Hide-a-Bed (Gold Tweed} . .RA OOt m ANTIQUES ..... . CtmCK a l-4-Shelf Wood Photo Stand 2-2-Shall Wood Telephone Stands : . .6~ 0fl~0~ ~OX~ ........... ~troto~ 2-Oak Lyre Back Chairs l-Radio Table 1-Oak Rocker l-Metal Trunk ............ ~X)~e:;~LO~ 1-3 Piece Bedroom Suite {Bed, Dresser, Chest) l-4-shelf Wood Towel Cabinet , ~ ~ 1-Sewing Basket, Magazine Rack B A w all Pictures, Teakwood Book Holder, Ceramic Items, Pots and Pans, Small Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen' Aid Counter Top Mixer, Warming Tray, Ironing Board, Set of China-Service for 8 (Golden Fantasy), Cor- 8OUTIrl MAllei P.O. BOX 579 @ PERKINS, OKLAHOMA 74059 @ 405/547,2436 ell Wars-Service for 8, Decorative Plates, Antique Hobnail Cookie Jar, Depression Glass, Silverplate in Case, Antique Kitchen Utensils, Stainless Steel Tableware, 2-Lace Tablecloths (72x96) 2-Wide Lace Panels {I08x81), Embroidered Dresser Scarves and Luncheon Cloths, Bedding- (Blankets, Pillows, Pillow Cases, Comforts, Bed-Sack, 2-Electric Blankets, Double Bedspread), Many Towels, Antinque Food Grinder, 4-Metal Frame Woven Lawn Chiars, Garden Hose, 5 ft. Wood Step Ladder and other items too numerous to mentiprl NEED MORE ROOM? ? ? AUCTIONEER'S SOTE: Mrs. Fulton waz along-time resident of the comunity. H~ property has been well maintained and is ready for occupancy. Her personal property includes some rare items. Add a bath or a bedroom, repair the TERMS ON REAL ESTATE: Ten pere t of the purchase price on day Of sale, the balance will be due upon confirmation of sale by the Dlstriet Court of Payne County and at time of eloping, Possession at roof, . . . from the attic to the basement, we of do./ns. Can help you modernize with a home improve- TERMS ON PEI~ONAL PROPERTY: Cash. Proper identification will be required with all personal ebecka ment loan. All Statements made day of sale take precedenes over all prior adve~qdsing. ESTATE OF NORA B. FULTON, OWNERS TALK TO US1 I I Alveta Fulton N xon, Personal Representative -- Sale To Be Conducted By -- ,, ******************************************************* Luster Realty and Auction Co. y Hours: DEWAYNE LUSTERs& ASSOCIATES Men. - Fri. 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Drive-ln Hours: sE tvv & AUCTION COMPANY ',~ Saturday 8 a.m. - 12 noon Men. - Fri. 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. 405/336-2360 Broker arid Auction bers Saturday 7:30 a.m. 12 noon Perry; Oklahoma " " At,ct,o,~,, ~ ....... ASSOCIATE AUCTIONEER Rick Hefl|n -- Gary Snyder 514 Delaware St Perry/, Okla lWeek was Realtors Day A large grou p from Cushing and there to participate and the famous chili