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April 7, 1977     The Perkins Journal
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April 7, 1977

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10.The Journal, Thursday, April 7, 1977 column in the Tulsa World JUST A LINE MORE Monday. Mrs. Adams said. "Daily we hear "pro- (From Page 1) fit incentive is a must for the figuring left to do. The way economy." Where is the tile spread has grown profit incentive for agricul. betveen flae income and out- lure? We hear of pay in- go. many small businessmen creases for Congressmen; we and farmers are not worrying hear that further aid is grant- aboul profit, because there ed New York City; that is not much to worry about, drought aid for 200 million Wc got ours figured and Aft&apos;leans is being granted because of that spread be- and lhal labor receives cost twcen what we took in and of living increases. Yet we xhat we had to pay out. we farmers are expected -- actualh paid too much last not asked -- to produce year and start the year out cheap food for Americans at with a credit! This is nice for a guaranteed fnancial loss a change. But really, l'd to individual farmers." rather bc paying taxes than Right on, Mrs. Adams! geuing refunds or credits. Our nation has waxed strong because when a person in on the profit motivation, business for himself, com- small business, family farm puling his tax return on the way of rural life, and like hmg form starts earning you say in your letter, refunds or credits, things "When the foundation of aren't just right in the pro- a great and magnificent fit and loss columns, building starts to crack, 1 liked the way Joan it is only a matter of timebe- Adams. a farmer's wife at fore the plush penthouse on Buffalo. wrote President the top floor lays in complete Carter last week. A copy of ruin along side of the cracked her letter was reprinted in foundation," then it is time Herb Karner's "Fence Talk" to insist on some changes. XXX cringe each time my daugh- ter sits through one of these "tv deliveries" with all the dramatics, sweat, scream. ing, etc. It's a wonder pros- pective mothers aren't ner- vous wrecks by the time they go through the birth exper- ience. Mothers who have studied the birth process, what each stage means, how the body is built to complete the delivery, who have positive and knowledgeable atti- tudes and realize they can remain in control of the sit- uation, do not have the bad experiences that are related to millions over television and movie screens. By both of us studying and knowing all we could about the birth or delivery process, Yvonne went through three easy deliver- ies with our children. In fact, they came about so smoothly and fast, there wasn't much time for dra- matics. We were convinced that giving birth to our child- ren was a blessed event and it was completed without fuss, fear or fatigue. Incidentally, Congress- man English will be at the Perkins Co-op office for a reception Friday, April 8, from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. xxx My friend Pete Pedersen from over Catoosa-Tulsa way tells me that even though he is nearer 80 than he is 70. he has almost stop- ped chasing women. He adds. "Almost! 1 did chase an old girl off my lawn when she backed up on it in her car!" XXX We enjoyed the tv movie Sunday evening, "Jesus of Nazareth". About the only part that disillusioned us was the scenes of Mary giving birth to Jesus. l can't buy the fact that God would choose Mary to conceive and carry Jesus and cause her all that misery and pain in delivering. He is a merci- ful God and the director should have recognized this. Movies and TV, in my opinion, have caused much suffering and fearful anti- cipation to mothers in the process of childbirth. I Perhaps this may seem like a strange editorial com- ment, but tv and movie directors could best serve their audiences if they would cut out the dramatics in assimilated child birth. Also those who have been through it and think they haven't done their duty without extreme suffering should keep their remarks to themselves. And in the meantime, we hope some- body will write a good book or conduct classes on me- thods of the natural and blessed aspects of mother- hood. -O- PERKINS TOWN MEETING from Page 1) ment through the city's Comprehensive Plan. Other problems discussed were the ambiguous markinR of a parking zone:, Paul Brower was concerned about the markings near the Champlin Station which in his opinion can be taken as either a "parking zone or a no parking zone." The issue was referred to the municipal judge. The state's new ruling concerning the legality for person or persons age 18 and over to buy beer will not affect the town code in regard to hiring or serving and allowing person or persons under age 21 to drink beer on the premises where it is sold. The problem of vicious dogs and/or those not tagged is a constant and serious threat to the town. The Council agreed to have untagged dogs picked up effective immediately. J.H. Smith will meet with the Council members in the near future to discuss further efforts to provide the present needs of Perkins. The proper agencies and procedures necessary for such projects, now and in the future, are a constant challenge to the smaller communities which have unique and adverse problems the Council must consider for the town's welfare as a whole. i<:: !!!i .....  :!: :: APRIL 24 GIVE gIVE , , gIVE 6111E BIlE (From Page 1) WE CALIF. FRESH sm STRAWBERRIES PATIO (Asso|'ted) FOR to H.E. one day 'When will you be up in Payne County?' He said any time he could. I told him we needed a new Mrs. Grant hostess for coffee Fifty-four dollars and thirty-five cents was col- lected for the Cancer Drive at a coffee held in the home of Mrs. Charles Grant Friday, April 1. Those attending or sending contributions were: Mrs. Verna Yaseck, Mrs. Eva Anderson and Dale, Mrs. Sybie Wall, Mrs. B.A. Grant, Mrs. Carol Jarvis, Mrs. Mollie Westfall, Mrs. Lillian Westfall, Mrs. Nell Youngker, Mrs, Thelma Stockton, Mrs. Christene Bain, Mrs. Hattie Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Allen, Mrs. Mary Jane Wall, Mrs. Geo. T. Allen, Mrs. Charles Grant and Mr. and Mrs. Ned Kent. Band Boosters Bake Sale will be Saturday The Band Boosters having a Bake Sale  Saturday, April 9, Lion's Den starting For your Easter we'll have a large of cakes, pies, homemade breads corated Easter items. "Coffee Break" out the sale with us piece of pie or cake, cooky, coffee and We'll appreciate support as we are money to charter a the band to Six Fla THE LIGHT Social Security News J.C. Carabajal manager of the Social Security Office in Stillwater would like to remind people who retire in When 1 offered her the first part of the year, of airplane ride, the the necessary documents old lady said, "NO,5 needed t'o process the I'm gonna stay application for retirement here and watch t.v., benefits under the Social the good Lord Security Act. tended." According to Mrs. Caraba- "The greatness jal you will need to provide can nearly always 49 DINNERS m measured by his PINT SIZE bridge. The old one was your birth certifcate or other BOX rattling and about to fall in. document you have at home ness to be ***kind. " so he set a date one day and that would show your age or "Statistics are no CILIF. SHURFINE he and his wife came to my date or birth. He particularly stitute for Judgment. ! GRE[N place for dinner. 'Course I'd stressed that you would need *** ETTUCE HEAD 27 ORANGE 60z,g framed up on him quite a bit to haveyour 1976earnings You show good to have your 1976 W-2 form ment when you call. CAN /-  II I admitted.t get him down here," Kirk so you would beyourCredited for _i,, Ameri your 1976 earnings which "----t ..,can H:N JUICE After dinner, Lee Kirk told could make a substantial ,ulpw t, lean! Bailey he wanted to take him difference in monthly {J ONIONS and 1/I II 1l BIRDSEYE down tothe bridge and take m  TSgfii  n 10[WHP BIRDSE't'E VV i'= 'TO;'  klIl17 "I gl ......... .. was result, him trying across het and tell said see him., what H.E. As hea binefit rate"  " "  [iilO$l: I promised if it was in his i power or any way he could :.i.:i,:"::.:::::.' ": here." I POST OFFICE BOX 842 | Lee said he had told | STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA 74074 everybody Bailey was cora- l L  r l ing. so they had gathered on I rlilltllltleltllOlltll_ .- ,:! ........................ the south side with wagons , and teams. "We walked 0   across from the north side an 6nlEI----,..,LJ [ni ITTgD ' o7 lr'-vuet 0 ,, o7i,ii Bailey said, 'What's all I OUTDOOR ELECTRICA V meet you. He said, 'My Gawd[ Then I motioned for =mi everyone and they all came Z_l I 5,, $1. ! PEANUT """' I b/ALPIU __. I' upon the bridge where he I wasat. He'ddonetoldmehe 1 Electricity is modern man,s No. 1 servant, but Wig Igl.l'.q.iA, I u" ' ' :" :'AR '" I 'lC'. i II ,o g00,oa00 ..... LANb'qlfflz 32OZAol 'll .............. ,ii{ii!, was going to grant m,a t .._ I ! :7, ! ia i-i00 o,, 0, i DRESSING 'y: 79' bridge if he could get it done. |' dents.Shuld Herebe usedare aPrperlYfew safetyt preventups weeloetriealhope youa'w [U 'DOZ "E  "{:-,....=:i' toI knew he culd d it" I said ! remember and practiCe:people that this was H.E. t: 00iI;0077-- ...... "* 00EANS 4 " ,.oz.g 1 .oo and lwanted him to tell you | circuits when changing bulbs. /"tea'.{ just like I told you folks that : ........ -I TOMATO !i SHURI-'INE. - --- SI-I-UR;I'NE " - '' {] we were going to get a new ! LR!IEAL .. bridge here, before long, { H.E. said he d never seen so {1)zE89 manyinterested,people, but t , " he told them, I m going to | ,,,nt 4...,"/' Never use electric ,', 0 grant you a bridge. Some- | '(",.'N"k k{" ] ortlSon wetUtsidesurfaces.in rain ,, ./.' 1" :,  - "* , , IIW, he said; 'When:' he said I __  iJ " when I leave here and tbe / " !l g:nnn l fi00a';- *, ,,,,- ,-,, - Ilgllf epitl pens in the morning ;' nil lV-.b IVVlI' II-IIUV|IU ED ":'::::: .............. i I m going to grant Lee Kirk a 8OZ A J i!l ! Don't connect lights while great man. |!Ui He s dead now, but he was a Ohristmas tree.  - [. This same bridge was i, !?Y EROENT 2 2L! O dedicated 23 years ago, buta, :  " or T z { check of the records show ! Always wear shoes while I that it was not officially "so J  _.t.r ing electriChedge clipper.lawnmwer' ed iAFFIL designated. Now the high- i .J00CANN HAMS :CTNHS4 i way department has agreed ! , ED .,, to construct a stone with plaques at each end of the !ll !S bridge as the LEE KIRK structure t denre the i J"/' 'a,o Keep cords out of water  ! BONEIESSHAM $1'6' v.,., , _,- hangonlyoverwoodenp' BRIDGE. "This time we're _t*" tan o.ia LB. members of the committee !)_r., .) said. The Cimarron mlPAPER LR%:LGE IRODEO HAMS: {!:!':-V::::,..l!! State and Payne County - Buff. ,,=, Shank ,,,,, ! cordially invited to attend t 27 ... in dry grass onlY' IlWiTOWELS 59' 1 both dedications to Robert }ii roman -- M, Murphy and Lee Kirk the 1. Portion LB. 7  I:.l.-:-.- LB. 0'"  weekend of April 23rd and 24th. | Outside antennas should be 1 "=" ii I* IGRI:E]:: N 3 CA OZ" "I - ....... _ _ . t/ii I::::+:::::<:7!i PERSONAL i arrestrs''grunded and have lightning r [ "ff/ \\;, I 9a.. N I ! llilit, , TI ' ALL MEAT OR Those that visited with ][ i"iii!i7!i; l l:::t'i:llti" I BEANS $1. 00 BOLOGNA%0000tT" L.. .,. and Mrs. RalphGrimm i  l; r'' ..................... r.- ;: :--'=-= =-: : : -- :  --*''*"'* "*'"'*'*'" :<::::' last week were Mr. and Mrs. t  "/', it l Never use an extel ;A.li4q;:l.iv.tn:- .......... o.:._, i..t, __.. _. . i Richard Grimm, Mrs. Nora ,. ,tLJli,:ll.ll.j cord under house. kk i R g riCeS f;fl''ri've 1>,..,, "l[-- Mr. and Mrs. R'lph 1 Sadler, Mrs. Ruth Rice and "-' '"''--. use a flashlight. Helen Herdon. te'ELdU/ffE Frl., Sot., & Mon.  enne _ 1 .11i " "" _, Apr. 8, i,&,, ."' ............. i! I i iI illllilil :'::L:". ': ':"i:):: l  iI   !!i visited Mr. and Mrs. Richard RU , "11 i! .ore .. ,k Grimm Saturday afternoon. " ! Join thecrowd! I[ CENTRAL RAL ELECl 547-55 "'/our Friendly :&r* ,lore," OK:AHO" The Perkins IX .I. "auk," e,r, u=r.. ,tU,ar,