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April 14, 1977     The Perkins Journal
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April 14, 1977

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Just a Line More Itas nice to visit with my George Jacob at the Saturday afternoon. household items well, and Mr. Lowry, back here from out of purchased the resi- xxx Seems to be lots of activity new Perkins Drug see this addi- business activity in Perkins is on xxx s up at Stella Ingham&apos;s Supply store on Main the other day, Stella showed me and I found out that stocks one of the most selections of auto- paints that I had ever She says she gets auto body shops all over the country, she specializes in this Bet that's some- didn't know at this week? xxx hoping each time I the Highway 177- mtersection at Perkins there will be eel- of the Highway De- shaping up that in- and dangerous in- They've made a in the problem with of the blinking but there is of room to make the safer with pro- turning lanes and better of the main traf- lane. sloppy intersection well of the and design of the State of Transporta- I went through there last and on the left two were backing out of depot towards the lane, a car was into the service another ready to out, a dump truck slid- to park at the a large semi-dump holding to the center a right turn to 177 while three cars ,.llled over to the right stake  trying to out what figure ,,e semi-dump truck was to do. At the same a car and two pickup were stopped in the bound lane on 33 trying turn left onto 177 and four were backed up at the stop sign. It's like a rmg circus. In fact, a three-ring more management that intersection does! xxx I think I got one of the last %tbeers out of the drink chine at Cupid's before shut down the cafe part News and Vfews of the Cimarron Valley PERKINS JOURNAL 20 CENTS VOL. 87 NO. 16 PERKINS, PAYNE COUNTY, OKLAHOMA 74059 APRIL 14, 1977 ..... .__. j: English says Congress has 391 city, 45 rural A large number of farmers answer period The con- and other interested persons gressman said frankly that from this and surrounding he had no solution for the areas attended the open current year but that house for Glenn English on Friday April 8th in Perkins. These included local busi- nessmen, farmers, ranchers and dairymen. Dwain Dar- row said he felt English tried to be as truthful and realistic as possible about the farm agri-business. Highlights of the conver- sation were beef imports, grain export embargo, wheat or grain loan programs, welfare and unemployment. English talked informally to the group on an individual basis and in a question and hopefully a more positive program would be worked out in the future. One major factor seems to be that the house of Representatives has 391 city representatives versus 45 votes from the rural repre- sentatives. Thus giving the cities eight to one odds to one vote for the rural area. Glenn English said it was amazing that the rural representation got as many biJis passed as they did. To: sum it up, without the agri-business the nation cannot survive. OG&E says rate increase a must if to continue Oklahoma Gas and Elect- "Energy and its pricing ric Company filed for a $40.5 have become so much of a million rate increase today political issue and topic for with the Oklahoma Corpora- 'emotional debate that much tion Commission. This re- valuable production time is presents an increase of being lost. As a result, our approximately 15 percent and will affect all of OG&E's Oklahoma retail electric customers. Company president James G. Har, Jr: Stated: "If we are to continue providing reliable electric service to our 500,000 customers, rates must be increased to cover all of the costs of providing that service. We simply must have rate relief. "OG&E's average resi- dential customer is presently using 9,673 kilowatt hours annually. If the proposed increase is applied uniformly to all residential customers, the increase would be $35.12 annually, or about 9.6 cents per day. "This past winter a large part of the nation felt the consequences of not having enough energy. These con- sequences are largely the result of regulations which artificially price energy at a lower level than the current cost of production. nation is slipping farther and father behind in developing its own energy resources," Harlow continued. "OG&E's construction program is absolutely vital to the company's customers and to the economic well- being of the OG&E service area which covers much of Oklahoma. The use of electricity is increasing and will continue increasing as a replacement for petroleum and natural gas as they (Continued on Page 2) Mark Anderson School Board reaffirms Two youth are selected to attend Boy's State The American Legion Post 211 announced this week that Mark Anderson and Steve Magee were the outstanding Perkins-Tryon boys chosen for Boy's State honors. Several boys with average and above academic and athletic accomplish ments were selected by the faculty, and from these, two of the most deserving were selected by the local American Legion Post. Both P-T students are Juniors and are 17 years of age. Mark Anderson at- tended his first four years of school at Tryon and has since been attending here in Perkins Steve has been in school in Perkins all his life. Mark is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Anderson who have the Plumbing Shop. They have four other children, three older boys and a daughter, Gladys, who is a Sophomore at P-T High School. Mark helps out at his father's shop plus his other activities. - The Andersons have a daughter, Shelly, who is a freshman at P-T High School. Mark is active in sports and is an FFA member. He lives south of Perkins on a farm where he raised Cham- pion Chester Swine for the last two years, winning first place in their class and championship in their breed. "We raise a few cattle on our 160 acres where I have lived since I was born," Mark said. He added that he enjoys school and his teachers very much. He is especially interested in Vo- undecided as to a career in college. The alternative for a profession would be a pediatrician. Two boys are chosen from each American Legion Post throughout the state. Steve Magee is the son at" Mr. and Mrs. S.D. Magee of Perkins. Steve works part time at the Champlin station here. He is active in track, weight lifting and football. Weight lifting is as much a hobby as it is a school activity Steve says. "Mr. Launer, coach, is great, and I really like weight lifting," the student added. Steve said they "shift me around a lot in football, but I play guard and tackle mostly." He also won first place in Track-220 in his Sophomore year. In his freshman year he was chosen the most improved athlete. Steve is a Junior member Of the local Jaycees. He is also the youngest member and was sposorod by the Jaycees at the Cadet Law Academy in 1976. Mike Huffman was also sponsored at the same time. Mrs. Magee is employed at the local post office, and Mr. McGee is with the Bell Telephone Company. Steve has recently enrolled at the Chaparral with classes in oil painting. "I've always enjoyed drawing but had never had any art training before. I am working on a desert scene," he said. Steve is slightly color blind, but he says this poses no real problem since he is able to determine value, tone, hue and other basics which are Ag education, but is position to fire teacher after a public hearing here by LaVeta Randall "The school board did not turn replied that the Perkins-Tryon School Bo- say I could go or could not "minutes since July 197-5 ard members Monday night go, but that if I went, it had disappeared" and had to voted unanimously to uphold would be without their be reconstructed from the SteveMagee their former decision with blessing," Bunch stated. He Clerk's original notes. It was regard to Eddie Bunch, P-T further agreed that they had reaffirmed that if Bunch coach and teacher. At the approved one day (Friday) "went, it would have to be hearing, Fattest Robinett, however, Bunch left the approvedby an action of the president of the board acted following Monday returning board." as hearing officer with a week later on Monday. it The OEA official at- Donald Worthington, attar- was also brought out that he tempted in his cross exami- hey representing the school, missed a basketball tour- nation to obtain a "cle/ir Jim West, Uniserve Director nament in which the P-T definition of willful neglect Of for the Oklahoma Educa- team played three games in duty" from Wyatt. Mr.' tional Assoc. represented addition to ore scheduled Wyatt refused to comme .Eddie Bunch. One member home game. after which West rephrased of the P-T School Board was The OEA representative's his question. Worthington absent due to conflict in questioning of Bunch re- objected, stating that "evb work schedule. ,reled that Eddie's wife, deuce is what the board i Eddie Bunch was called as iMrs. Bunch, wasreq uiredt acting upon, not whale the first witness. Bunch who !take the trip to Florida as a constitutes a legal definition is in his fifth year at the 'part of her "work". Further of willful neglect of duty." school, was questioned by questioning revealed that the Mr. Wyatt resumed his' the attorney concerning his teacher did acquire a class testimonyunder questioning1 duties as head basketball substitute and asked the saying both teachers were and baseball coach and girl's coach to also fill in for told of the boards approval o4" assistant football coach, him, thus covering all his three days due to th Around thirty parents and activities while gone. uncertainty of flight sche< interested persons were Wyatt, whois finishing his dules in winter. But they present. Several parents second year as P-T School were not told, to exceed thi. showed obvious support for Supt., was sworn in. In would mean they would be. the school board's decision, essence his testimony was discharged. Mcllvain and Bunch identified a docu- that Eddie Bunch was Launer may have been2 merit as a certified letter "essentially correct" in the present at this time, Wyatt Zl from the P-T board of previous statements. It was said. education dated March 7, then revealed that another At this point, Wyatt  1977. This document notified teacher had gone to the same admitted he was directed to'. the defendent his contract Bowl game at the this period tell the teachers that the would not be renewed with returning within the three board approved a maximum the P-T School System. The day leave later approved by of three days, but did not charge was "willful neglect the school board, receive any direction to tell of duty". Wyatt said he called them they would be dis- In the rebuttal, Bunch Bunch into his office on Dec. charged. Mr. Wyatt firmly stated he had been repri- 6, 1976, and told him the implied the boards disap- rounded a "couple of times" matter was before the board, proval of exceeding this by the principal and told not The board's decision had three day leave. Bunch was to leave his class. The been three days leave and reported to have said he was ,teacher added, after further anything exceeding this going as he would "catch questioning, that his family would constitute "willful Hades anyway," according had been offered a free trip neglect of duty". The to Wyatt. to the Tangerine Bowl in Superintendent's words to Florida since his wife was the teacher were that if he secretary to the football did not adhere to the Bunch said he did not have coach at Stillwater. decision he was laying the money to go without The father of three himself "wide open." Wyatt taking the chartered bus in which he and his family were children admitted he had also stated that the high invited to travel to the bowl missed six school days school principal, Ditz Moll- game. during this trip in December vain. had brought the fact to of 1976. He said hc had his attention that Bunch had West then asked the asked permission fro, Sc- been out of his class room "2 school superintendent to haul Superintendent helby or 3 times." read these particular minu, Wyatt who in turn discussed Jim West referred to the tes. Again it was state0 that the matter with the school minutes from the board the original minutes from board, meeting to which Wyatt in (Continued on Back Page) essentially necessary. eXPand his meat market. Wednesday afternoon JYd Price from OG&E was atnding at Cupid's door gging for a rootbeer, so k just flipped a switch and w us a drink. Change in P P | ,,,,m,Rm,,,,.,,,m,,,mm, uNsusnunsnu00 ! 00ounu " ' Postal ,,,,,. s TT [ ,. ElmerSrown. Jr..said. I    * think wheat prices are too ' ' low, the fertilizer too high Want to Sound Off? Regulations | feel that and the weather is too dryl " Mark Youngker is To follow up on the Some farmers Legislation could help on the lfyou have something you _ lots of activityX x x on the honor student " " meeting with Glenn English Carter has. not lived, up to his imnort, and export of beef about,amid "ustlikewdtet sound note offto. .er by Cupid s. The sere - Due to new postal at the Co-up last week, campalgnh smdPrmlses'thls was bUtnot and grain. We need some- l nedournal,-" " J ...... aoxr, rermns," several comments were Englis " ' body who can weigh area of the old Jarvis regulations all rural mail Mark L. Youngker, a I made in regard to this and necessarily so. He was everybody s problems; what Okla. 74059, or caU 547-2411. rVice station is being torn boxes will have box hum- Freshman at Murray State other matters of general figuring in a different benefits the farmer as weU as " and reportedly will be bers. Street numbers will no College, Tishomingo, recei- I interest to farmers and manner which did not the city folks It's all related " " When asked about some of I eanded as the building is longer be used. Due to this red a letter and certificate constituents of the sixth include the cost of the land Organizations of some type ........ reali ve the , me current prooiems mcmg 0deled and will soon be change all box numbers will from Mr. C.R. Kindeli, _ district. One note that and does not Y gi like farmer s wives, etc., or ..... - m . us loony ne commentea, "en for business, be changed. Your new box President, Murray State seemed prevalent m the true cost of productton, somethino of this nature with , x x x number will be given by your College, congratulating him . 'The cure often creates dlscusston was a genume Farmers also expressed 80,000 strong for communi- . ...... iGvernor Boren has de- rural carrier. You will have for earning at least 15 I_ interest on the part of the concern in regard to the cation between the farmers more pro.vie.ms.an " m.e m In ex rt proolem itseiI, that IS, In }red this week as "Private two weeks to get your semester hour credits with congressman to do what he government impos g po and the representatives from ........ ! no graue rower man could while honestly admitt- control on farm commodities, both city and rural areas, hearty eve qanmg ma haS aterprise Week . . _ number on your mail box. I .... an "A" There is something nat,- thank you for your cooper- for the semester. Mark is in ing he obviously did not have A question asked was "What This mioht heln" nappeneu m me last /o a r . ears The pendulum swings Ill  .ning to private enter- tion. the top 3 percent of the total , the answers, at least at the assurance do the farmers Y - Frank S. Cundiff student body that attained  present time, but needed an have they won't do this again from o, ne_ext_raeiomr e cotO. rts?" namer uu maj - rare of.rtse that you should be Post, master this degree of academic I inpUtarmersfromespeciallythe voterSto strung-and Youngkerr increaSerepeatedbeef mpo Quiie- by accident, the cern accoruing' " to" "uarson ..... :ts There is a movement on 40 attended Lmns excellence. He is also a " in arm ' Journal was able to contact a deficit spending and its g" h.op utility companies, member ofPhiThetaKappa, then their case f , fi ms former correspondent for the related mflatton . The de - I  ch are private, stockhold- Club meeting A National Honor Fraternity, proble .... , businesses, from account- English assured the far- paper. Glen Carson, 86 years cat spendmg ts probably the tl 8 for advertising as a legit- The Lions Club met for Mark, a member of the n mers present he would try to old says, "You don't count cause of inflation. Every- I ate business expense, their regular Monday night Murray State Livestock [ Joe Youngker, local resi- prevent this happening, the years unless that's all body's looking for the easy I dinner meeting in the Lion's Judging Team, recently won " dent said he thought the "We feel our elected you've got to count," Carson out. We need to be careful, ][ At first this may not strike Den. A good attendance of honors in the Houston " meetin was very beneficial revresentatives should watch wrote for the Journal over 50 and let up, but they won t m as alarming, but if you 40 persons was reported by Livestock Show, Junior Cob from ts standpoint. It was future proposals and not wait years ago he informed us. He until they have to," Carson [i .delve a little deeper into Bill Sasser, Secretary. well attended and the until restrictions are imposed said he did a column on a said i Uplications of this act, 'iege Livestock Judging con- I " ,, " " 1 Will see that the entire The program consisted of !te Enterprise system a film and short talk by test. Murray State Team program consisted primarily on these items, Youngker part time basis and was a [[ around the farm needs said "The citizens don't trust rural mail carrier since the " _ ....... Ii placed Second High of 37 I considered by Congress, the administration but rely horse and buggy days in meAnflesrt.gli I has allowed our form of Maurice Walch from Tulsa 'teams judging. Mark recei- democracy to operate, on the Oklahoma Mental ved a gold tie clasp for Z suvnort prices for wheat at on Congress to protect the 1918. Actually he began ,,,, ,hunt th increase in II  angered, Retardation Foundation. Fourth High lndivldualofthe  $2.'(0 per bushel--a dollar situation for them" Young- substituting in 1912 as a ""1'i""-''PtCg have 'ust al esses are allowed A report also made on contest. He also received two  below the cost of production, ker added, rural ca er.  n advertising as a the Easter Egg Hunt last silver tie clasp for Frst High i (Continued on Back Page) i expense and a Sunday termed it as success- in Sheep judging and Third (  "nmed" ' on Back Page) fad. High in beef judging, L00mannnanaumman0000uauummnunulnnuuBaH00uInm00nnnnum00nnau0000|minlnn00s000000m000000m00ammmmmu00 f