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April 26, 1984     The Perkins Journal
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April 26, 1984

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F PAGE 2 -- The Perkins Journal Thursday, A HI 19, 1984 THE PERKINS JOURNAL Robert L. and Yvonne M. Evans, Owners-Publishers Published each Thursday at 133 S. Main Street Post Office Bm 665, Perkins, Oklahoma 74059 Telephone: 405.547-2411 USPS 428040 SUBSCRIPTION PRICES Payne, Lincoln, Logan and Noble Counties $9.50 Per yur pltm 6% tax [$I0~P] Elsewhere in Okla. $13.50 par year plus 6% tax [~14.31] Outside Oklahoma $16.50 per your The ]ournal Asks: tax return THE JOURNAL ASKS: Is your tax return already spent7 From the Files 67 Years Ago 52 Years Ago 25 Years . (From The Perkins Jour- hal May 25, 1917 - 67 (From'The Perkins lout- (From The Ped Years Ago) nal May 5, 1932- 52 Years nal April 23, I 8a d,v Bates Uh huh. II1 Pat Starling Oh, let's see. Some students have Ago) failed to complete thePerkins scored enough Years Ago) " Boys and give it all to the bank, I Part of it was my bus- JOURNAL EDITORIAL OPINION gness, band bought new glasses work to be promoted to points at the county track representing with part of it and part of the next grade in Perkins meet to gain permanent the American l Cindy Clark Yep. Along it's in savings. " schools. This is no possession of a large lee- Boys and Girls Z disgrace; often the stone ing cup offered as grand Garry Cundi Was Executive I sent it in early. Paul Evans i diln't get on which we stumble prize. -- . . Gray, Tommy Bath The Savoy Care mow Donna Binfotd Yeah. any return, I had to pay becomes the stone on the Demon's Den) was of- Carole Jo Ch some. , which we stand to do Wanda Sav Session Necessary ? D, Miller Yeah, for great things, andferingcurbA &service.M Ice Cream thebeen FHAelectedpro home improvement Mark Downey It wasn't On and after Monday, Dickey's Meat Market Perkins for The Journal would like to offer some construe- chain link fence, enough to matter. May 28, fare by auto to rive criticism to the Perkins-Tryon Board of Educe- and from the depot will be WaSsteakSellingfor round15, a andpound;loin rM e CowleYN tion about a Thursday night meeting they hold Terri Miller Uh huh. Robert Flinch Yeah. No, it 50 cents round trip and 25 Folgers Coffee, 40". G Talk which went almost immediately into an executive wasn't fun to ap nd, it cents one way. Signed, Bill Sasser fini meeting to discuss with an attorney his possible " was gone befo're I got it. L.C. Shannon. WesternAlbert DixOnBarberatshopthe tingteacherstheon tl tl tn employment to legally guide them in buying and The Midway Care lookslisted the following prices: tary school doo d selling property that has been purchased for, or will very handsome and com- be purchased for construction of a school building IX)C'S COMMENTS fortable since the new fix-oz.HairbottleCUt 25":hairShaveoil 25".15 ; 4 a fine job of tures have been placed Sodowsky should the voters of the district approve a bond . .0 Y ars ,go Easter Wel not ,. and the new decorating p Schmedeman d completed. Mr. Stumbo Mr. and Mrs.t wtt! The Journal, although recognizing it is perhaps has a real race place and the prerogative of the board to go into an oxecutive Weatber predictions are best for Oklahoma and its co d be made self sus-" ( rom The Perkins Jour- risonobservedt hi the service in cold drinks " . 4 wedding anniv q session (a confidential meeting without the public) not favorable for a perfect people. t's not an easy tainin-" g and.said it culd and other refreshments is nal . April. 195 - 30 to discuss employment of legal counsel, wonders Easter weekend, but who task and they certainly be .done with a prison in- , why it was necessary to meet secretly, orconflden- knows?TldsisOldahoma have our sympathy. Rais- dustrypiogram. Well, the just as free. LorettaWalker was 20 YearS tially with this attorney?, and we may have only ing taxes is much liketen years is about gone Dr. R.W. Holbrook, chosen to head the "'L4oe4oe David Saseer, together _.tm' J - death as nature with time without success in the el- " Perkins FHA Chapter as (From The P spotted showers allowing with several other of the .... e."Jl~. - One of the big obstacles of the ill fated bond issue the Earl GihbleCelebra. and patieneo helps to heal fort and we ere sti]l facing prominent stockraisers of P' har'l'es Fulton of hal April 23, last winter is believed to be the way the board put- tion for the kids of the the wounds making it as rious probRsms in finan- Payne County, attended chased the property without awareness of the Cimarron Valley to enjoy little easier to live with as cing and*administration. ' Perkins tied with a Dill YearsBlumerAgO.)s the big stock sales held at school district voters. The opponents of the issue the free picture show and time passes, Threats from the floor are " Aty student for first featuring a fre N h Tulsa last week Dr felt they were left out of the process and the board egg hunt in the park. Less than ten years ago warning of possible pro- place in the state meat oil with each Holbrook bought several md in contest dealt out all the cards without consideration of the We were hoping for ain the year of 1975, state blems in reelection . -o--o ........ change. district. Granted this is a debatable conclusion, but good weekend of rest and prison director Ned Ben- beeanse of certain votes, head of finely pecligTeed Walter Blackwell Was Those runni short horns, among them .e ate it was highly reflective in the flnal ballot count, relaxatien for members of ton, while asking the Such threats should be hi h man m the st __ wereEualGayJ' a splend;d male David . Anytime a board meets in executive session,the Oklahoma legislature legislature for $20 million considered as a low blow asser" nag" " quite" a mrge' poultry judging contests. Tom Steed feral " psychologically, the patrons or votars wondar what to enjoy a little relief from for operation and to carry a point. It is The Shurtzinfant son, Lee Kirk forJPttt is so important about the issue that it can tbedealt the preesums on duty dur- buildings, promised that beneath the dignity of a herd. of young and nine days old, died in sioner; Jewel Pre with in public. They can understand how perhaps aought a number Fowler for the hiring and firing of personnel could get sticky, ing the most pressing and the prison system would politician to use such tac- pedi .g t short horns and Oklahoma City. Commission troublesome session inbe self-supporting andtics. Such is the life of the valuable additions for this Gnffith for so to speak, and the board could feel more condor- memory. They are, in ma- free from appropriations elected state officials and herd. " 1 wil . tve table in their discussions in executive session, but jority, a dedicated group within ten years. Gover- will probably never tatiVe;U.S. it is difficult to understand why employment of an who are giving their best nor David Boron sug- change, 'but time and C NTe Mackensen. i attorney to proceed with preparation for a bond in trying to do what is gested that the systemdiversion of thoughts will No... NO - gressman; issue would have to be undertaken in a meeting cause all these things to BtJYIN6 4AT that excludes the patrons. Many feel that attorney " ' " fade away. Diversion of DOC | IN for State i will be representing the entire district, voters and thought is in most cases WINPOW. and most of ieard members, too, in preparing for the coming a blessing and we will see nent politici chon and selection of property. Most certainly a myriad of things during Monroney, s fee will be paid by the taxpayers, so how does . the next few years cau s- Gary and the board get off using him exclusively for their ing a diversion of minds, were asking; protection? Protection from whom and for whom? , _ _ , Our elected officials turn down From wl at the Journal hears, them has been too recs ve too much negative tional Amen r 409, which much.study, planning, contemplating and hesita- But Didn't publicity, not, always I=D Oklahoma ] tion about building a new school. The patrons, or By Kathryn Tho ne Bowshsr deserved. There s no bet- "- Work Law. at least a majority, are ready to build a much need- ter time than the present --- 1 facility, but they want to be involved very close- Do you eve/- think at close of day to remember and apply l 10 Yea l, w)t.h the process, because they are the ones that Of kindly words you meant to say- the Golden Rule L'J / noia me decision in their hands at the ballot box. But didn't remembering that it is , ~-" ~T C~NT~ (From The Do you over think when day is done much e. .ier to talk about tlO.,. NO1" r" Executive sessions with the district's attorney Of errands kind you could have run- our officmls than it is to BI.NIN6 "rHA ] nal April doesn't seem the right way to proceed with the " But didn't be one DOCilE ) | I L Years Ago.) forthcoming building program. Do You OV~ think at da~'a lsmva " WINI; W. ( ) The Perki The Jourfial repeats that this editorial is alfred Of t owere you meant to" " One thing which is . Department mit[} as constructive criticism. Again, the board was "" - But didn't creating more interest , 7( ed a radar :. ithin their rights to enter an executive session to Do you ever think when skies are red than expected among the I / from the B consider the employment of an attorney. The Jour- Of hungry mouths you could have fed- citizens of the state is the ] patroling hal questions the wisdom of having to talk to the . But didn past and Dr=sent acts and I Seven attorney in private, and hope this is no indication Do you ever think at dawn of night opinions from the office of r ' ' elected to of how the forthcoming bond issue is going to be Of ] tto s kind you meant to.write, the State Attorney ]r--n n Cemetary handled. " But Ldn,,t General An Attorney Board; Friend, do you th/nk at llfe s set of sun General's opinion has the " -- President; rce of law until over _ You'll think of deeds you could have done- fo " . ........ Vice-Presid / urned by the courts or Town Board Learns . __ _ Thor..,. see. ,. t...co.d O t ro. Ca. ,o. s o, Coldsmith, outdated by a new law. Ruby L' ll ' A TRUE FRIEND Sometimes it may be 11 .......... Secretary; i][ 10 By Don Nash changed by inconsisten- Grimm, ties in opinions dmin -^ " h' t,o. ' yr.., and Eliza Occasionally in our life ............. ACROSS t.o so oo l_UlWlJ-lbl-LlfflUl lql l members. f, r nalhllltv So--n. path crosses our succeesmn m omce. ,I; . - 32 Pre,,, town . c n, c does create confusion in ~tre~tet 3~ Me.sore The aM Whose deeds and friendship e'o t regard to who made the v .... huilding is __ M,an more than can .,el" be known, correct decisionandmany ,.I rm o'trees " picture The city board learned not too long ago that down and sl when it cymes todealing with the health of the When things are tough think it is something that ,3: cap,w o,cAff, , commumty, is vest to do it out in the open. If And dreams are shattered deserves a look by the._ No woy . S d I grafitti on th . . from years you re.call, the.town dealt with bad watar samples This special person comes forth to legmlators. Com'umon m Tilts .,~ ~eosont . wr quite some time, thinking they would clear up Show it mattered, showing up in the news D b eok. ~,roSsPe~sren' ~ "0