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April 26, 2012     The Perkins Journal
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April 26, 2012

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C2 - THE JOURNAL, Thursday, April 26, 2012 Entertainment PICKS OF THE WEEK "Joyful Noise" (PG-13) -- Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah go head to head in this high-volume ship- ment of cheese and song. Vi !(Latifah) is the direc- tor of a small-town church choir with dreams of win- ning the National Joyful Noige Competition. Choir vetan G.G. (Parton) thinks it's time the whole chgir thing should go "SiSter Act 2" and get a ne style. Soon, G.G.'s talented bad-boy grand- sod. (Jeremy Jordan) and V i '.s talented-choirgirl datighter (Keke Palmer) start getting too close. [ear those who cannot digest TV's "Glee," steer wile and clear of this one. The songs can be catchy and impressive and even a little uplifting. It's the script and the vacant humor that knock this one off key. "Haywire" (R) -- Some- body at the big, morally ambiguous spy office sure goofed again, because another trained killer has "gone rogue" after a failed backstabbing. This time it's Gina Carano, a mixed-martial arts fighter trying on her first movie role as Mallory Kane, an assassin bent on getting revenge on those who betrayed her. The story is familiar, but well- executed Keke Palmer, Dolly Parton in =Joyful Noise" Director Steven Soderbergh utilizes his female lead well. You can tell it's her in the action sequences, and when she's not fight- ing, she's surrounded by more experienced actors. Carano makes a great action hero because you believe she really could • do that move where she strangles a hitman with her legs while twisting his arm. "Kinyarwanda" -- In this drama, different sto- ries are woven together to give a multidimen- sional perspective on the massacre in Rwanda in 1994. The characters include a young couple and their son -- all three are in danger because the parents are from different ethnic groups. This, how- Ellamay Weuste, Stillwater was Viewer's Choice Award Winner and Show Committee Award Winner for Grandmoth- er's Wedding Ring quilt, Photo provided Cimarron Valley Quilters' Guild to meet The Cimarron Valley Quilters' Guild will meet at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, May 1 at 1023 E. Will Rogers in Stillwater. This is an annual business meeting and induc- tion of new officers. There will also be a show-and-share and a style show with white gloves and crowns. Members are encouraged to come and participate. Winners from the 25th Anniversary Quilt Show are: Ellamay Weuste, Stillwater - Viewer's Choice Award and Show Committee Award for Grandmother's Wed- ding Ring; Charlotte Wright, Stillwater -Vendor's Choice Award; Diana Sargent, Stillwater - Raffle Quilt; Katie Welch, Tulsa - Sewing Machine; Judy Laughrey, Caldwell, KS - Batik Fabrics; April Grove, Tulsa - Civil War Fabrics. FIRST CLAI;S SELF.STORAGE Wednesday- Saturday 7 a.m. -3 p.m. -fat00100.00ou00 aau00 00o00.00ood €=a100 8oar • 1/3 lb Specialty Burgers (Fresh not frozen) • Slow Cooked Brisket • Salad Bar & Much More ever, isn't a story about survival, but of the issues involved before, during and after the genocide. DOG OF THE WEEK "New Year's Eve" (PG- 13) -- What happens when you pack as many stars as you can fit into a roman- tic comedy set around one day? An unlovable lump of cameos and an annoy- ing ad campaign where it's obvious that many of the stars couldn't be paid to do a promo shot. This movie is the toxic runoff created by overpressured medioc- rity. It's the fruitcake of film; a dense, unwanted amalgamation of unused tidbits that forces its way into our lives around the holidays. It stars Hilary Swank, Robert De Niro and a ton of other people who don't mind being left Off the list. Each cluster of stars forms its own little love story that is some- how vaguely connected to the other vignettes. In the end, all the half- baked stories come to a big undeserved climax that unconvincingly demands that you experi- ence tender emotions. TV LISTINGS "Covert Affairs: Season Two" "Suits: Season One" "Kojak: Season Four" "Shazzan: The Com- plete Series" (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc. It was Lief's last supper Our sweet, lit' man chewed down on a pro- tein shake and bananas just prior t.o getting kicked off the island. In his own The women' s alliance held solid. I'm lovin' it! Adffi- tonally Troyzan dug him- self a huge hole, jumped it in, and then ranted enough 00pda00ei ,, By Scout Cloud Lee words, "I essentially gave it my all. I have no regrets". Leif will be remembered for his height and his "givin' it all, every day in every way". He can take pride in knowing that he was deemed more of a physical threat than Tarzan, who, if anyone noticed, "Voted with the women!" At long last Tarzan said something intelligent! To Troyzan after his immu- nity win, he said, "Be noble in your win." Tarzan actually boded very well in the immunity challenge, coming very close to shut- ting out Troyzan. We're down to six woman against two men. Troyzan made a logical argument with members of the old Manana Tribe. He vowed to vote with them if they would take out Kim. Unless hell freezes over before next week, Troyzan lost his last chance to turn the game upside down. to build gigantic stone walls that put him on one side and everyone else on the other. Humility usually bodes well in this game. How- ever, Troyzan has worked himself into a sweaty lather proclaiming "the island to be his!" His lethal tongue just might motivate him to win every challenge, which is exactly what he now must do! "This is my island! You don't beat me !" His first loss is his ticket to loserville! Thumbs under his arm, cocky, bobbing his head, cluckling, preen- ing, and espousing his mag- nificence is gonna' seem really silly when he loses the next challenge. He'll be a "fuggedaboud'im" kinda' guy perched on the Jury bench. Remember Tom the fireman? He also had to win every challenge to make it to the end, and he did it with humility and kindness. As for Chelsea, Kim, and Sabrina, go ahead and beam, gush, and preen. These three women are 'da bomb' in every way! Any of the three deserve to win it. At this point, it best to pick a path with a solid women's alliance, and stick to the plan. One of those women need to find that immunity idol asap! However, no matter how much planning the women do, one tiny miscalculation, one moment of distraction, can end it all in an instant. This game can go south in a heart beat. I'm lovin' Sabrina and her wisdom. At tribal she reminds Troyzan that he needs "to be somewhat likeable"! Ain't that the truth. Let Troyzan rant and rail and leave the ladies slack jawed. As we say in Oklahoma, "us girls just don't cotton to puffed up, humorless, arrogant idiots who's scowl of dis- dain could peel paint off a barn !" Back to Tarzan. The 01d boy spent all his money for a letter from home. He won my heart in that one act. This time of the game is the most vulnerable. Tears come easy when we've been separated from those we love. The game is still afoot and either Tarzan or Troyzan is next to go. Stay tuned! By When you take a pain pill at night to sleep, you get a little nauseous. When you get a little nauseous you swallow some pepto. When you swallow some pepto you want to brush your teeth. When you brush your teeth you remember you should have cleaned the tub last night. When you clean the tub, you want to take another bath. When you take another bath you fall asleep in the tub. When you fall asleep for a while, you wake up a bit rested. When you feel a little rested you check the email before you go to bed. When you check Charlavan the email, you should return a couple . When you return a couple of emails, you go ahead and research something on the internet while you are there. When you research something on the net, you are led to three more things to research. When you read a bit about things you didn't know you even cared about, you start to feel sleepy. When you feel sleepy you head to bed, where your back hurts. When your back hurts you take an aspirin and while that is trying to work, you turn on the television. When you turn on the television at night, you get involved in an old movie. When you get involved in an old movie time gets away. When time gets away you need to get some rest but can't go to sleep because your back hurts so you take another bath to stop the pain and you fall asleep. When you fall asleep again in the tub, you could drown. Do you really want to risk .drown- ing in the tub? Get outand have a glass of milk. If you are having milk you might as well have cookies with it. When you have milk and cookies in the middle of the night you should brush your teeth again. When you have to brush your teeth again, you end up in the bathroom where there are lots of things to do. Don't take a pain pill at night. Nights are exhausting and you look wrinkled. , Computer Controlled Access • Floor to CeilingSleel Partitions i Security Gate, Fence & Lighting • Insulated Roof 24/7 Access Available • VISA, MC & Discover Convenient Rent by Phone • Free Disk Lock w/Unit Rental 417 W. Freeman • Perkins (405) 5474600 irl[ll[irlll Needing a loan? Let us help you accomplish your goals. • Auto • Real Estate • Business • Home Improvement • Recreation • Construction • Agriculture Stop in and visit with a loan officer for details. PaynYOU Can e County. JSank Us! www.paynecountybank.com Main Bank. 202 S. Main M,,b=r Convenience Branch. 417 E. Hwy 33. 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